Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 68


With the sounds of steel and steel being hit, the bolt connecting the two Hayjiro’s was immediately cut in two by Fang Li with the Katana.

*du du du du du*

The sound of the Kousetsujou moving forward could immediately be heard as it made distance with the Hunters’ Hayajiro as fast as possible.


However, the giant monster on the Hunters’ Hayajiro roared loudly and continued dashing on the roof of the Hayajiro, stepping hard on it and destroying it entirely before leaping up on the track to continue chasing by foot.

Immediately, it started to quickly pursue the Kousetsujou with its’ giant build looking like an unstoppable charging monster.

“You…you’ve got to be kidding me?!!”

Ikoma, Yomokawa Ayame and Konochi Kurusu could only helplessly look at this as they digested the shock of seeing the monster.

The monster was actually not in any way slower than the Hayajiro as it went all out to dash forward, the speed of it was quite shocking.

No, actually that’s not right.

The speed of the giant was actually faster than the Hayajiro!

The distance between both of them was gradually growing smaller and smaller… Overtaking would only be a sooner or later matter.

“You…” Konochi Kurusu couldn’t help shouting to Fang Li, “What monster did you bring with you?!”

“I actually want to ask you, why are you guys still here?”, Fang Li gave him a forced smile and said, “Didn’t I tell you guys to immediately get away from the Hunters’ Hayajiro if you heard any big sounds?”

“Sorry, I really can’t do such a thing.” Ikoma couldn’t help but say in a low voice but he looked at Fang Li with a firm look in his eyes. “I can’t just leave you behind no matter what, even Ayame sama agreed.”

“Biba-sama’s goal was me, to make Fang Li-san take all the risk and escape on my own, I definitely can’t do that”, Yomokawa Ayame looked at that pursuing Fused Colony saying, “It’s just that… I didn’t think that such a monster also existed.”

“You…” Fang Li’s forced smile grew wider as he said, “You idiots that can’t be saved…”

“Now’s not the time to talk about this”,  Konochi Kurusu interrupted Fang Li’s words, his expression turned serious, “How do we get rid of that monster? If this continues it’s going to overtake us sooner or later!”

When the time comes, not only they but everyone on the Kousetsujou will turn into that monsters’ food, they might not even turn into Kabane…

This fact, caused Ikoma and Yomokawa Ayame to also be anxious.

Only Fang Li, sighed, giving Yomokawa Ayame the unconscious Mumei in his bosom.

“Ayame-san, can I ask you for a favour?”, Fang Li looked straight at   Yomokawa Ayame and said, “Please allow Mumei to remain on the Kousetsujou, let her become one of your companions.”

“Eh?” Yomokawa Ayame was startled.

“This child, although she’s quite pure and she has her own way of doing things she’s definitely not a dangerous person or a villain, I hope that you can accept her.”

Fang Li looked at Mumei’s body and said, “Also her battle efficiency is quite high, keeping her on the Kousetsujou would definitely be helpful so please accept my request.” 

Fang Li’s words, caused everyone to feel a somewhat ominous premonition.

“Fang Li.” Ikoma started, “It can’t be that you…”

Fang Li looked back at Ikoma and nodded.

“I will remain and block that monster, you guys should take advantage of that to run away as far as possible.”


Everyone was startled.

“Relax, I won’t die.”, Fang Li immediately said.

“Don’t forget, I’m a wanderer, one of the mysterious beings out there that still hasn’t died if it’s just me I can definitely go on living but if we continue like this none of us will live.”

Everyone was immediately speechless.

“But…”, Yomokawa Ayame wanted to say something.

But of course, Fang Li immediately interrupted her.

“No buts, this is the only way, either we bet on this and live or we die, which way do you think we should go?”

Yomokawa Ayame turned silent.

Ikoma and Konochi Kurusu were also silent, their expressions seemed to be in pain as they slowly closed their eyes and didn’t say a word.

Sees that, Fang Li smiled and said,” Alright, I know all of you people are very good people there’s no need to make such a sad face, I definitely won’t die so easily, therefore, we’ll say goodbye here.”

Then, Fang Li simply turned around but just as he was about to move, a hand suddenly held onto him.

Fang Li was startled for a bit, turning back and seeing that it was Mumei that was in Yomokawa Ayame’s bosom.

At this time, the wound on Mumei’s abdomen was recovering extremely quickly.

As a Kabaneri, so long as she wasn’t stabbed through the heart or had her head blown off, she can restore other injuries extremely quickly.

Before long, Mumei wound would probably be fully healed.

That being the case, Mumei immediately regained consciousness and managed to hear Fang Li’s words.


Mumei’s sound was somewhat weak, but her line of sight was still focused on Fang Li as she asked again.

“Why did you want to help me?”

At this moment, Mumei understood.

Fang Li was trying to help her.

Therefore, Fang Li remained to face Amatori Biba rather than run away with everyone else.

Naturally, Fang Li didn’t only want to help her, he also wanted to help Yomokawa Ayame and the rest.

Mumei didn’t understand.

She‘d only known this person several days ago, why would he help her like this?

“Don’t give me the excuse of returning a favour”, Mumei said with difficulty.

“The favour you owed me was already paid off when you helped me remain on the Kousetsujou.”

Fang Li’s expression fluctuated a bit and he remained silent. After a while he turned around and held Mumei’s hand touching her palm as he showed a faint smile.

That smiling face had some helplessness in it. 

“Actually, the reason I helped you is quite simple.”

Fang Li’s sound clearly sounded out.

“Because I like you a lot.”

Then the sound vanished completely.

Mumei was shocked.

Yomokawa Ayame was shocked.

Ikoma was shocked.

Similarly even Konochi Kurusu was shocked.

But, this was actually the most truthful answer Fang Li could give.

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