Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 67

“Du du du du”

That was the sound of a heartbeat….a very powerful heartbeat.

When Amatori Biba stabbed the syringe in his heart and injected that black coloured blood into it, his heartbeat started to pound harder and harder as if according to a rhythm, it could be clearly heard in the whole Hayajiro.

Soon, Fang Li saw it… he saw that on the chest of Amatori Biba there was a glowing heart that was mutating slowly.

For both the Kabane and the Kabaneri, their hearts’ glow was a gold-ish colour, extremely radiant to the eye.

However, at this moment, the colour of Amatori Biba’s heart was actually changing, it was slowly turning into a blue-ish colour.


The empty syringe fell on the ground and caused an audible sound.

Amatori Biba’s head was faced down, his body was also hanging forwards like a doll being manipulated by a puppeteer. Suddenly his body twitched…


Like a balloon being popped, numerous iron rod like extensions shot out from his body like the legs of a spider shooting towards a direction.

There were numerous Kabane crawling where the extensions shot towards..the only lives left inside the Hayajiro.

*pu chi*

The iron rods pierced the bodies of the Kabane that were fleeing. 

*pu chi pu chi pu chi*

With the sound of numerous bodies being pierced, each Kabane was stabbed through by the iron rods and turned into something like skewers of meat.

The iron rods then retracted back with all the Kabane on it back to Amatori Biba. With that being the case, numerous Kabane’s then covered Amatori Biba’s body turning him into a sort of blob of flesh that was changing shape every so often.

After a while, that blue coloured glow from his heart disappeared…

What replaced it was a monster made up of innumerable Kabane.

Grotesquely shaped hands.

Grotesquely shaped feet.

Grotesquely shaped body.

Grotesquely shaped build.

This thing was like something that had crawled out of Hell, it was like black smoke but for now, calling it a giant monster would do.


Like a newborn baby, this giant monster let out a loud cry that was like the screams of multiple Kabane.

Bathing under that fearful cry, Fang Li’s eyes fluctuated slightly before finally muttering, “That’s…a fused colony…”

Fused Colony.

This was a monster that had a Kabane as its core and turned into a giant monster from the accumulation of dozes of other Kabane. It would keep absorbing both humans and Kabane to grow stronger and larger…

In brief, it was basically a giant monster made of numerous corpses.

People who knew this monster called it the Black Smoke.

That’s because from a distance, it looked like a bunch of black smoke that constantly changed shapes.

This was without any doubt, the most fearsome monster in this world.

It was made up of innumerable Kabane with its only goal being destruction.

Now, Amatori Biba had turned into this monster. Just because of that injection…

To transform his own body into the Fused Colony’s core through the black coloured blood, Amatori Biba had completely lost his human intelligence and turned into a being that only understood destruction roaring at the sky.

Facing such a monster, Fang Li only had one choice….

Run away!!!!!”

Towards such a monster he definitely had very little odds of success fighting it. Therefore, without any hesitation at all, Fang Li hugged the unconscious Mumei and ran at his quickest speed towards the opposite direction.


That giant monster immediately let out a roar causing shockwaves in the air as it started dashing wildly. 

*Dong dong dong dong BOOM!*

Footsteps that caused the entire Hayajiro to vibrate started to sound out.

Fang Li sprinted quickly while turning his head and the scene he saw couldn’t help but make even him terrified.

That monster called the Black Smoke was like a spider dashing wildly on the roof of the Hayajiro, roaring while trying to overtake Fang Li.

“How the hell am I supposed to kill something like that!?”

After all, a Fused Colony was not made of only one being, it was made of many Kabane joined together.

Only though destroying the core of the Fused Colony can it be killed. If any other part besides the core was killed it would never die. After all, the fused colony itself was made of dead corpses that were swallowed to create its’ body.

Even Fang Li had his Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, if he just rushed towards it he’d die pretty fast.

“Regardless of whether or not I can even get close, since Amaotir Biba is wrapped up in all those Kabane I wouldn’t even be able to kill him!!!”

Right now, Fang Li just continued to dash forward. His wounds were dripping a lot of blood, he felt a lot of pain, but Fang Li had to ignore all this and continue running while holding Mumei.

But this Hayajiro had an end to its length after all. Fang Li was approaching that end…

But suddenly Fang Li saw something surprising. 

“Fang Li!”

“Fang Li san!”

At the end of the Hayajiro, the Kousetsujou was still connected to it unexpectedly with Ikoma standing at the door of the cabin in front.

Yomokawa Ayame and Konochi Kurusu were there as well. For Ikoma and Yomokawa Ayame who were waving at Fang Li, the moment they saw the dashing Black Smoke behind him their pleasantly surprised expressions froze…

“That… what monster is that?!”, Konochi Kurusu was shocked.

“Fang Li!”, Ikoma was anxiously shouting, “Run faster!”

“Idiot!”, Fang Li couldn’t help cursing as he stepped hard on the ground and shot forward like an arrow suddenly leaping and falling in front of Ikoma and the others.

Fang Li didn’t greet them but instead grabbed Konochi Kurusu’s blade and turned around towards the approaching monster.

His ice blue mystic eyes glowed quietly…

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