Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 66

Chapter 66

The dark red blood sprinkled like raindrops on Fang Li’s face.

At this moment…time stopped.


That was the sound of Fang Li groaning. Hearing this groan Mumei suddenly responded from her current frozen state.

*pit pat pit pat*

Blood dripped drop by drop on Fang Li’s face. Seeing Fang Li’s face that was in pain Mumei lowered her head and looked down at her own body.

What she could see was a jet black blade piercing her tender body bringing a lot of blood with it. The blood from Mumei’s mouth dripped out from the corners and fell onto Fang Li’s face.

As for why Fang Li had a painful expression on his face, the reason was simple. The blade had not only pierced Mumei’s body, the jet black blade had also pierced into the side of Fang Li’s stomach.

The severe pain following it finally reached Mumei’s brain. Mumei was actually more startled from this pain than anything else as she turned her head slowly and looked behind…

There she saw a figure that was incredibly familiar to her. A straight and tall male form. A man with the air of a general.

Amatori Biba was standing like that as he stood behind Mumei with his long sword in Mumei’s body, his expression didn’t even change being as indifferent as ever.


Mumei muttered the nickname she had for the opposite party. Amatori Biba ignored her, however, his eyes were not even focused on her body but looking at what was under her…at Fang Li who was also pierced along with her.

“To be able to grab Mumei and avoid a fatal stab in the heart, should I say as expected of you?”

While saying so, Amatori Biba pulled out his long sword. Mumei’s body lost the support and fell into Fang Li’s bosom.

Amatori Biba seemed to want to give both of them a final strike as he held up his weapon above his head.


However, a sharp dagger tore through the air like a bullet and shot towards Amatori Biba’s eye. Amatori Biba’s eyes shrunk as he reflexively pulled back his weapon to keep off the attack.


As the two weapons collided, the dagger was knocked away, down the Hayajiro and fell off. But at the same moment, the dagger was knocked away, a foot suddenly trampled on Amatori Biba’s chest.


With a loud bang, Amatori Biba was hit hard, his whole body flew in the air and slammed on the roof not far away, rolling for awhile before stopping.

*cough cough*

Fang Li coughed out some blood as he held up Mumei and struggled to get away from the roof.

*cough cough*

Mumei similarly coughed out some blood as the injury she suffered was far more serious than Fang Li’s. Fang Li was only pierced a little at the side of his stomach so he could still stand. As for Mumei, she was pierced fully through so her injury was far worse.

If Fang Li hadn’t realised that Amatori Biba had arrived and ignored the kunai on his neck then grabbing her and rolling to the side, both of them would’ve died here.

After all, Amatori Biba was aiming for their hearts.

Fang Li ignored the pain and stared in front of him, saying in a taunting voice, “How worthy it is for sir Hero to not feel any hesitation as he stabs someone else in the back, not to mention one of your own subordinates, you truly are shameless.”

Amatori Biba didn’t care about Fang Li’s taunt as he slowly stood up. Seeing Mumei held in Fang Li’s arms, Amatori Biba didn’t show any emotion at all but his eyes did become slightly absent-minded.

“Do you know?”, Amatori Biba said in an absent-minded voice, “Do you know that you’ve gotten in the way of my plan?”

Chapter 66


“So?”, Fang Li managed to calm his breathing. saying, “Do you want to add a wanderer like me on your list of people to take revenge on?”

“No, I’m just a bit emotional”, Amatori Biba looked at Fang Li and said something quite unexpected, “The Hunters are now doomed to perish, this Hayajiro has also been taken over by the Kabane, it probably won’t be able to even arrive at Kongoukaku, I perhaps won’t be able to take my revenge again.”

“Do you regret it then?”, Fang Li spoke as if speaking to a stranger, “Regret inviting me to travel with you?”

“No, I don’t regret it, in fact I’m actually very happy to know someone like you”, Amatori Biba shook his head not showing anything he thought in his heart, “In my childhood I was forced to realise the brutality of this world, to understand the brutality of the world and the heart of human beings.”

“My father thought of me as a useful tool, he chose not to take any risk in the battle against the Kabane and chose the procedure of the moderates, he was selfish and timid.”

“In the past, those senior officials who praised me for being the general’s son also thought of me as a strange person who fought on the front lines, they all kept themselves at a distance from me.”

“Those people did not think about fighting with the Kabane, they merely wanted to survive in their tiny spaces, defending their cage of steel…”

“Therefore, this world had already turned into this extremely bad situation.”

“This is because they’re frightened.”

“People fear Kabane.”

“People fear the future.”

“People fear to fight.”

“People fear others, they even fear themselves.”

While relating this to Fang Li, his eyes finally looked straight at Fang Li.

“But you’re an unusual existence.”

“You do not understand the concept of fear.”

“You also don’t understand the concept of death.”

“For whatever you want to do, you can do it without any hesitation, no matter if it’s facing me or facing all the Hunters, you remained fearless and finally even managed to defeat us.”

“Therefore, I really do appreciate you, I’m not annoyed because of what you did, but actually happy.”

While saying so, Amatori Biba’s eyes closed and his face seemed to lose colour.

“It’s just a pity that I’m not like you, the only purpose of my existence is to take revenge.”

“Now that that was taken away from me, I can only walk down this remaining road.”

Amatori Biba took out a syringe from his bosom. There was a jet black fluid inside it.

Seeing that syringe, Fang Li’s complexion changed.

And under Fang Li’s gaze, Amatori Biba injected the syringe into his own heart…

Chapter 66

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