Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 65

Chapter 65

The strong winds howled on the high-speed Hayajiro turning the roof into a situation similar to being in a storm.

On the roof, Mumei was on top of Fang Li’s body, her hand gripping a kunai against his neck looking at him with an angry look.

This situation seemed to have frozen this small space causing other sounds to vanish. All that remained were Fang Li and Mumei, one on top and one below gazing at each other, one that was extremely angry and one that was tranquil.

The pain caused by the sudden attack was weakening and what replaced it was the cold touch of the sharp weapon on his neck.

Seeing that charming face in front of him, Fang Li pretended to not notice the very angry Mumei and smiled faintly, “I didn’t think you would run up here to look for me, you’ve saved me a lot of time actually.”

These words were as if he was greeting a friend he was about to meet, it appeared quite out of place with the current situation. Naturally, Fang Li’s current attitude just made Mumei angrier.

“Answer me!”, Mumei loudly shouted, “Why did you do it?!”

“What exactly are you referring to?”, Fang Li’s expression didn’t change, it was still as tranquil as before, “Are you talking about becoming enemies with that so-called Ani-sama? Or are you talking about me causing all the Hunters to die?”

“BOTH!”, Mumei tightened her grip on the kunai in her hand as she leaned into Fang Li and said in a low voice, “Just tell me why…”

“There is no big reason.”, Fang Li replied briefly and straight to the point, “It’s because they wanted to kill me so I simply retaliated and kill them, could this reason not be enough?”

“You…”, Mumei’s face distorted. She couldn’t control her anger anymore.

Trying to control her anger she said, “Because of you…everyone is dead…why are you still so calm?!”

Hearing this, Fang Li remained silent. It was true, no matter the reason many people died because of Fang Li.

Even if it was because these people wanted to kill him, the fact is that Fang Li had killed off everyone.

But that’s just Fang Li.

That’s the normal emotionless to death Fang Li.

Therefore, regarding Mumei’s words, Fang Li merely replied, “They’re only dead it’s not such a big deal.” Fang Li’s indifferent words reached Mumei’s ears…

“I’m sure the number of people that they’ve killed would only be more not less, you should be clearer about this than me?”

“To kill an innocent person is perhaps a crime to the world’s people.”

“But to kill people like these? I don’t think it’s evil at all.”

“That’s because the blood on their hands is definitely more than me not less. This includes your Ani-sama.”

Mumei’s heart jumped. Fang Li’s relentlessness was shaking her to the core.

“Actually…you already know what sort of person Amatori Biba is, you’re the only one that thinks of him as a respected Ani-sama and are therefore not willing to acknowledge his sins.”

Fang Li looked straight into Mumei’s eyes and said, “But that’s really not unexpected, you’re just a child that can’t differentiate between right and wrong, but no matter what isn’t it about time you wake up and face the truth?”

“That’s not true!”, Mumei shouted, “Ani-sama is a hero! He doesn’t have any sins!”

“Is that what you really think?”, Fang Li’s lips curled up into a smile as if he could see right through her innermost feelings. He said each word slowly, “I truly don’t believe that you’ve never once questioned anything Amatori Biba has done.”

“For example the time when he killed his own companion.”

Mumei’s chest tightened.

This was a natural reaction to a secret in her inner feelings being exposed.

“If you’re not willing to acknowledge the truth then I’ll tell you.” Fang Li remained calm and said, “Amatori Biba is no hero, a hero would not kill his own companions and yet Amatori Biba did so and without any hesitation for no reason other than them being not useful enough and dragging him down.”

Since Fang Li was familiar with the original plot, he knew that Mumei kept on thinking about this event.

This was during one of the crusades of the Hunters against the Kabane. At that time one of Mumei’s companions, a fellow hunter asked Mumei for help because he was severely injured. However, the response he got was a bullet from his fellow samurai through his heart.

This was a past event that no one knew about. But this event

That is the past events that a not many knew about. But this event kept on replaying within Mumei’s heart. This encounter was what caused Mumei to directly experience the true values of Amatori Biba.

Chapter 65

“B-because those people were too weak.” Mumei clenched her teeth and whispered, “Ani-sama said that the world follows the laws of the jungle, the weak do not have the privilege to survive in this time, only the strong can go on living.”

Therefore Mumei kept on rigidly fighting against the Kabane. This young girl did not want to get thrown away for being too weak…

Even if she had some small thoughts in her heart about this, it was substituted by this value.

“Right, that’s because that person was too weak!” Mumei seemed to be trying to convince herself of that case as she stubbornly stared at Fang Li.

“Just because they were too weak therefore they should die…is that so?”

Fang Li smiled. It was a smile full of sarcasm.

Then he said, “I didn’t make any mistake then, your so-called companions died at my hand because they were too weak, they shouldn’t be complaining so why are you interrogating me?”

Mumei was thoroughly shocked.

“To have faith is a good thing.” Fang Li looked at her.

“But if that faith can’t even convince you, then how are you going to convince other people with it?”

With Fang Li’s words, Mumei was unable to speak any longer, the kunai at his neck was also moving away bit by bit.

However, at this moment, Fang Li’s pupil shrunk. He could see behind Mumei a form was quietly getting closer and closer.

*pu chi*

A tearing sound could be heard in the air….

Chapter 65

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