Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 64

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The place that they were currently at…Fang Li had no chance at all to escape.

The surroundings were only cages imprisoning Kabanes while the only door was occupied by the Hunters.

They all had their steam guns raised and aimed at Fang Li not giving him any leeway to hide. But at this time, Fang Li actually smiled.

“I heard that you Hunters are good at fighting Kabane, that every place you visit the Kabanes would be swept away.”

Fang Li’s smiling expression under the aim of all the samurais’ muzzles gradually turned faint.

“That being the case, please allow me to witness your skills!”

As his words fell, Fang Li fiercely turned around with his ice blue mystic eyes and approached a cage.


The Kabanes in the cages extended their hands trying to reach Fang Li but in his eyes, these Kabanes didn’t exist. All Fang Li could see right now was the death line…of the cages in front of him.


Then, the dagger in Fang Li’s hand slashed forward at the death lines…At the next moment, a *puu* sound could be heard as the cages imprisoning the Kabane were neatly cut off.

It was like rubbish inside a trash can that spilled out…


The Kabane that had finally gotten their freedom back couldn’t help but roar in joy.


Meanwhile, those samurai preparing to shoot at Fang Li suddenly turned panic-stricken.

In this instant, Fang Li was like a bat as he jumped and flew over all the samurais’ heads and ran out the door of the cabin. The samurais responded immediately however it was too late.


With a scream similar to wild beats, each Kabane jumped out of the broken cage and rushed to the samurais.


The sounds of pitiful yells from the samurais, resounding throughout the Hayajiro could be heard for a long time…

Today was without a doubt, the day the prestigious Hunters would be exterminated.

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“Bang bang bang bang bang!”

The sounds of gunshots constantly rang out. The yells of both the samurais and the monsters fell into a rhythm that resounded in each cabin.

The samurais and Kabane were all fighting in the last cabin turning it into an all-out battlefield. The Hunters were relying on their steam guns to fight while the bloodthirsty Kabane were like ferocious beasts gushing out of the cabin rushing towards them.


Sometimes a bullet in the samurais’ steam guns was able to pierce a Kabane’s heart and cause the undying monster to drop down reducing one of the enemies. Sometimes the fang of the Kabane pierced through a samurai’s skin, eating their flesh and drinking their blood causing the samurai to die.

Thanks to Fang Li’s killing from before and the addition of the Kabane in the narrow cabin, even the Hunters who had experience fighting with the Kabane kept falling back in defeat under their aggressiveness.

In less than ten minutes, the samurais in the Hayajiro had already died for the most part. Even those elite Hunters who managed to get there in time only managed to struggle for a while before being submerged by the massive amounts of Kabane in the narrow space and then dying.

This scene looked like something straight from hell.

The Hunters naturally all knew about the matter of raising the Kabane. But to them, these Kabanes were merely testing pieces, they had simply never thought about the fact that even raising tigers was dangerous let alone Kabane?

This time, all the Hunters encountered their retribution.

Even if they all had a lot of experience fighting the enemy, in a situation where they had lost their companions and were being constantly attacked, each of the Hunters dropped down one by one.

To add salt to the wound, after those samurais died, it wasn’t too long before they stood up again as Kabane. Therefore the Hunters’ demise was inevitable.

They hadn’t perished because of the Kabane. The true reason they perished was from their own mistake.

But at this time, Fang Li had gone far away from the Hayajiro’s cabin and used the access point Ikoma used before to get on the roof.


The piercing wind could be felt on Fang Li’s body. If this was the Fang Li from before, perhaps he wouldn’t even have been able to open his eyes?

For the current Fang Li, however, this was not really anything to shout about.

As he was about to take action he let out a gasp of surprise. A form had suddenly jumped behind him and fired itself at Fang Li.


After about half, a second Fang Li realised that there was something wrong and turned around. However, this form’s speed was too fast so Fang Li turned and collided with this form directly.


With a muffled sound, the two forms lost their standing and fell on the roof of the Hayajiro and rolled around in the strong wind.


Fang Li could only feel the pain of the severe impact on his chest as his field of view turned dizzy. He couldn’t help but be surprised and tried to stabilise himself.

With great difficulty, Fang Li tried to stand up. However, that form that had run into Fang Li sat on top of him pinning him against the roof.

Shortly afterwards, a sharp kunai pressed up against Fang Li’s neck. Fang Li could feel its ice cold touch. He breathed in and stopped moving. Looking up Fang Li saw a charming face.

It was a doll-like face that looked extremely angry.


A depressed, angry and endlessly sad sound could be heard from the opposite party’s small mouth.

“Why did you do such a thing..?”

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