Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 63

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With each pitiful yell of a samurai, a sharp dagger fell and blood splashed all over. Each samurai was slashed at the throat or stabbed through the heart, the dagger was piercing through their skin like frail paper, gently cutting through their skin and muscles and taking their lives.

At this moment, Fang Li was like an ominous wolf that just jumped into a flock of sheep. His dagger was like a death god’s sickle as his figured turned into a gust of wind unceasingly moving between each samurai and killing them.

In a short while, the entire cabin was full of the resounding yells of the samurai. But also right now, the samurais behind had finally caught up and witnessed the present scene. It was a fearful scene of murder…

“Look… we found him!”


“He actually killed these many people!”

The samurai looked like they had been stimulated heavily as they held up their steam guns and started shooting.

“Bang bang bang bang bang!”

The shooting sounds started according. The entire compartment was bathed in a hail of bullets, suffering under their barrage.

But, before that, Fang Li had already killed the last samurai…

“It’s too bad, you’re all late!”

As his words fell, Fang Li’s figured moved sideways as he crashed into the next cabin and kicked the front door of the cabin behind him.


With a loud slam, the cabin’s door was closed tightly.

“clang clang clang clang clang”

The barrage of bullets fell on the steel door causing intense sparks to fly off and leaving behind bullet holes.

“He ran away?!”

“Chase him!”

“Don’t let him get away!”

The samurais pursued without any hesitation.

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The size of the Hunters’ Hayajiro was not small at all. Each cabin was quite large.

Within such a large cabin, Fang Li was like an arrow charging forward to the last cabin.

“Bang bang bang bang bang!”

Behind him, a group of samurai were shooting at him without stop causing bullets to fly all around Fang Li leaving behind bullet marks everywhere.

Only, these bullets were too slow for the current Fang Li. Or rather the bullets were not slow, if it’s just from the speed of the bullet then that would be faster than Fang Li for sure. The samurais were the slow ones in this case…

From the time it takes them to lift up their guns, to the time it takes to aim then to the time it takes to shoot. With Fang Li’s speed, he could do too many things in these small moments of time.

Therefore, the samurais’ shooting was totally ineffective, Fang Li kept vanishing from the position they aimed at so of course, they couldn’t hit him.

On top of that, Fang Li’s speed was vastly superior compared to the average samurai, even Kabaneri such as Amatori Biba and Mumei were inferior to him in this aspect so this crowd of samurais was quickly left behind in the dust.

Of course, just becuase the samurais couldn’t overtake him didn’t mean they couldn’t intercept him. This was the Hunters’ Hayajiro after all, there were samurai everywhere.

Therefore despite Fang Li unceasingly charging forward, samurais showed up everywhere.

“Over there!”

“Block him!”

The samurais raised their guns. It was such a pity that by the time they lifted it up it was too late.

Opening his pair of ice blue mystic eyes, Fang Li curled his lip as a dagger appeared in his hand and he turned into a tornado like figure, slamming into the crowd of samurai.

“Pu chi pu chi pu chi pu chi!”

Everywhere the sharp dagger was swung, the sound of flesh being torn accompanied it. Regarding the current Fang Li, these ordinary samurais were not his match.

Therefore, the Hunters were unable to block Fang Li. They just became victims under his dagger…

As more samurai caught up, they saw all these corpses…

Fang Li then continued like this, dodging the shooting of pursuing samurais while conveniently killing the ones in front of him, he didn’t stop at all as he crashed into the last cabin in the Hayajiro.

This seemed quite heroic but Fang Li’s current situation wasn’t really that great…

“This wound is starting to hurt…”

That’s normal after all. Fang Li’s injury hadn’t fully healed. If it wasn’t painful after moving around so much that would be an issue.

“I have to go do what I need to do before the true elites in the Hunters get here”

Within the Hunters, there were not only normal samurais. There were experts within the Hunters. This was similar to Konochi Kurusu that was a superior samurai in Aragane Station compared to all other samurais, the Hunters too had experts like that.

Were these elites strong?

Well let’s take Mumei as an example. Mumei is one of those elites. Using this as a base, if those elites really did catch up then Fang Li would truly be in danger.

Fortunately, God really did care about Fang Li’s.

Fang Li crashed into the next cabin and saw the scene in front of him.

Not only were the surroundings dimmer than the other cabins, there seemed to be other things lying here…

Steel cages.

This cabin, in all places besides the middle, steel cages lined the walls.

But there also seemed to be some forms imprisoned in these cages. Their skin was a morbid grey and their pupils were fully white, you could clearly see their bright red hearts.


Massive amounts of Kabane were imprisoned in these cages, roaring at Fang Li who had stepped in the cabin, they were like ferocious beasts that had been robbed of their freedom looking extremely terrifying.

Inside the Hunters’ Hayajiro they were unexpectedly holding so many Kabane captive…

No this wasn’t captivity. To Amatori Biba, these Kabane were objects to be studied and even used as weapons to attack cities, he was raising them as such.

These monsters were exactly the goal Fang Li was looking for.

“Finally found it!”

Fang Li heaved a sigh of relief as he stepped towards a cage.

The samurai pursuing him also finally caught up as they gathered in formation at the entrance.

“We finally found him”

“He ran here unexpectedly?”

“What a pity, there’s nowhere to run now!”

“Get ready to die!”

Under the samurais’ loud shouting, rows of steam guns started to be raised….


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