Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 62

Chapter 62

*Rumble*   *Rumble*

After who knew how long, Fang Li finally woke up to the sound of the wheels tumbling across the rail tracks.

Slowly opening his eyes, Fang Li looked at the wall in front of him and muttered, “I haven’t been found?”

This be some extremely great fortune?

“Wonder how much time has passed”

“Serial Number 11273 you have less than one hour left remaining, please finish up anything you need to do.”

Hearing this notification sound, Fang Li realized how much time had passed.

“One day and one night?”

This resting time was quite long…

If not for him waking up now, Fang Li might have gone back to the Chief God’s Dimension whilst asleep even…

His remaining time in this world was less than one hour…

“Then I guess I’ll finish off everything at once.”

While thinking so, Fang Li moved his body slightly.

A faint prickling sensation started to spread across Fang Li’s whole body. This was from the injury on Fang Li’s chest.

With only just one day and one-night passing, Fang Li was naturally not able to fully heal his injuries. It’s just that he had promoted his VIT that Fang Li was more tenacious and could withstand the injury better so it wouldn’t affect his movement.

Therefore, Fang Li stood up from the ground.

In his hand, that dagger that had been contaminated with the blood of many people still had some bloodstains on it.

Fang Li flung the bloodstains off his dagger as his ice blue mystic eyes appeared out of nowhere.

“Now to start off…”

After Fang Li’s matter, although the Hunters had not managed to find Fang Li’s whereabouts they had actually strengthened their vigilance.

Different from their Kousetsujou, the Hunters did not have any ordinary people, all the people were experienced warriors.

Therefore, each samurai was walking about in pairs inspecting each of the compartments.

At this time, two samurais were inspecting the cabin in front.

While inspecting, the two samurais chatted.

“I wonder why that wanderer has such strong skills.”

“Not only did the Chief suffer a loss at his hands but we even lost, two people!”

“What’s even worse is that this kind of dangerous character is still somewhere here…”

“If not for him being seriously injured, I’m afraid that if someone like him were to slaughter about in the Hayajiro, we’d suffer a serious loss.”

These samurais were just talking as they walked down to the cabin in front.

After passing through a corner…

Suddenly, the hiding Death God attacked!

“Pu chi!”

With a clear sound of flesh being torn, the head of the samurai that was just talking, flew away as his neck spurted out massive amounts of blood.

That blood, immediately covered the samurai next to him causing that samurai’s eyes to shrink to the size of a needle as his expression turned panic-stricken.

Even for an experienced samurai, seeing such a cruel and bloody scene so close-by and from someone, he was just talking to, even he couldn’t bear but be filled with panic?

However, before the samurai screamed, a hand then reached out and covered his mouth.

“Pu chi!”

A dagger then cut into the throat of that samurai.

Two Samurai that had fought many battles, under the attack of this assassination death god couldn’t even comprehend what had happened before losing their lives.

At once, those two corpses then fell on the ground as blood dyed it red.

At this time, Fang Li’s form appeared from the darkness.

Looking at those two corpses on the ground, Fang Li’s expression didn’t fluctuate, only his mystic eyes glowed with a glittery rainbow light in the darkness.

Then, Fang Li looked at the other side of the cabin.

“I hope that that thing in the original plot is still here…”

Leaving behind those words, Fang Li hid in the darkness again and rushed into the cabin in front of him. Not too long after he left, another team of samurais inspected the cabin and found the two corpses.

Alarmed angry sounds immediately resounded a second later, it could be heard all over Hayajiro.

“The enemy appeared!”

Chapter 62

The Hunters’ Hayajiro was in a huge tumult.

“Quick! Chase him!”

“He definitely hadn’t left for too long!”

“He’s unexpectedly really been hiding until now?”

“Damn wanderer!”

Each samurai started rushing to the cabin in front. Since they found the corpses here and hadn’t found Fang Li in the previous cabins he must be in the cabins in front.

In fact, the samurais’ guess was not wrong.

When the samurais entered the cabin in front, what they saw were more corpses on the ground.

These corpses either had their throats cut off or their hearts pierced, but they were all killed quite violently.

Furthermore, these people obviously hadn’t even discovered the enemy before they died, their expressions remained frozen in a state of loss.

That scene, caused each samurai to tremble.

“He’s simply like an inborn executioner…”

To allow such a person to hide in the Hayajiro…that was too scary!

“Do not hesitate at all, we must find him at all costs!”

Therefore, the samurais stepped past the corpses of their companions and continued to rush forward towards the enemy.

When these samurais finally caught up to the cabins in front, they finally discovered this assassin’ss trail.

“Open… Open fire!”

Amid the hysterical cries, each samurai held up their steam guns and pressed on the trigger.

“Bang bang bang bang bang!”

The gunshot sounds were like firecrackers spraying everywhere.

Bullets tore through the air and rushed forward… In front, Fang Li was holding his dagger standing over two corpses.

Facing these bullets, Fang Li with his pair of mystic blue eyes rushed forward instead of retreating unexpectedly.


His astonishing speed caused him to appear as a fuzzy shadow as he drifted from place to place. With such a condition, those bullets suddenly lost their target!

“clang clang clang clang clang!”

Immediately, thos bullets fell on the ground causing sparks to fly.


Turning into a gust of wind, Fang Li crashed into the group of samurais and his dagger turned into a cold glow as he cut into the bodies of each of the samurais.

“Pu chi pu chi pu chi pu chi”

The sharp tearing noise of flesh being torn could be heard resounding…


Chapter 62


This arc getting closer and closer to ending! Hope you guys are hyped for the next arc! I’ll try to rush out as many chapters as I can whilst finishing my assignments ;D

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