Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 61

Chapter 61


Ikoma felt somewhat helpless.

Remain here?

In his current state, Fang Li still wanted to stay here? Was he insane?

Seeing Ikoma’s helplessness, Fang Li could see what he was thinking in his heart and said with a smile, “Relax, I’m not insane, it’s just that I absolutely cannot leave this Hayajiro now”.

“Why?” Ikoma blurted out the question in his heart, “Compared with this Hayajiro, isn’t the Kousetsujou safer?”

“That’s only for now”, Fang Li’s tone was exceptionally tranquil as he said, “If Amatori Biba cannot find me in this Hayajiro then he’ll absolutely turn his focus to the Kousetsujou, when the time comes he’ll only need to put the charge of attacking the general’s son to me to openly search the Kousetsujou.”

“But, there’s still Ayame-sama?” Ikoma mentioned, “Ayame sama will definitely help you!”

“Ayame-san may help me, but that doesn’t mean that I can hide”, Fang Li shook his head, “The Kousetsujou is only so big when the time comes and the hunters search the whole place, even Ayame sama will have difficulties.”

One must know that Amatori Biba’s original goal was actually Yomokawa Ayame.

He wanted to use Yomokawa Ayame to enter Kongoukaku to take revenge so sooner or later he’d make a move on Yomokawa Ayame.

Therefore, if Yomokawa Ayame was caught by Amatori Biba, he’d definitely be quite happy.

“That being the case, compared with hiding in the Kousetsujou I might as well hide here”, Fang Li said, “At least over here the samurai’s have already  searched the area so they’d be less vigilant, also the more dangerous the place the safer it is, compared to the Kousetsujou it’s going to be harder to find me here.”

Ikoma hesitated immediately.

Even without saying anything, Fang Li knew Ikoma was still worried about himself.

“You really are a softy.”

Fang Li could not help but smile bitterly and then show a sincere smile as he said, “Here I thought I’d repaid the favour but it seems my life’s been saved by you again.”

“What are you saying?”, Ikoma said without hesitation, “I actually owe you a favour, if not for you how would I turn back into a human?”

“That was to repay your favour from before so now I’m currently owing you another”, Fang Li shrugged but he accidentally moved his wound causing him to suck in a deep breath.

“You…are you really fine like this?”

Ikoma could not bear to say, “After getting such a heavy wound, isn’t it too dangerous to stay here?”

“Relax, I have my own discretion, although I don’t fear death I’m also far from the point of wanting to commit suicide, rest assured”, Fang Li waved and looked straight at Ikoma saying, “Ikoma can you help pass on a message to Ayame san for me?”

“Pass a message?” Ikoma immediately became happier and his expression turned serious.

“Help me tell Ayame san to make someone keep a lookout for any news from the Hunters’ Hayajiro”, Fang Li said, “If there’s a big tumult going on then do not hesitate to cut off any and all connections with this Hayajiro immediately.”

“Close the connection with this Hayajiro?”, Ikoma was astonished, “Why?”

“Don’t ask too much, just do what I told you to do and it’ll be fine”, Fang Li directly said to him, “Just pass on those words to Ayame san for me, this is perhaps the only opportunity to get away from Amatori Biba’s control.”

Ikoma stayed silent.

Although he didn’t know why Fang Li would say that he knew that Fang Li definitely wanted to do something.

But that something will definitely be full of danger.

“I…” Ikoma wanted to say the idea in his head.

But, this idea, was immediately strangled by Fang Li.

“Don’t stay and help me”, Fang Li said relentlessly, “Not to mention it’s easier to hide one person’s tracks than two, now that you’re human again you’re no longer a Kabaneri and your Tsuranuki Zutsu isn’t a match for the Hunters, you’ll only be holding me back!”

“But what about you?”, Ikoma’s expression turned anxious, “You can’t expect me to just leave you like this?”

“Therefore I said that you’re a softy, I’m not your friend why can’t you leave me here?, Fang Li said with a forced smile, “Relax I won’t die so easily.”

Ikoma’s mouth moved but he couldn’t utter any words.

Finally, Ikoma could only say,”You definitely can’t die alright?”

Fang Li showed a faint smile and nodded.

Ikoma then started to set out, he looked around the corner before turning over the roof of the cabin and under Fang Li’s gaze he snuck out immediately.

The sound of the roof cover dropping back in place resounded in the cabin as it became dim and silent yet again.

Fang Li then remained sitting in the corner, tracing the wound that Ikoma helped in wrap up and closed his eyes slowly falling into a deep sleep.

Now, Fang Li only needed to rest.

That’s all.

Like Fang Li expected, when the Hunters could not find Fang Li, they immediately went to the Kousetsujou to look for Yomokawa Ayame.

But Yomokawa Ayame had already heard the news from Ikoma and despite being anxious she was still the Yomokawa family’s eldest daughter. She strongly declared, “My Hayajiro isn’t harbouring any criminal!”

Despite that declaration, the Hunters started to search.

Naturally, despite searching the entire day, the Hunters did not have any new findings, they couldn’t even find a single bloodstain or hair.

Fang Li’s trail in the two Hayajiro was totally gone unexpectedly, this made the Hunters not able to bear speculating.

“Could he really have jumped down the Hayajiro and escaped?”

Regarding this, Amatori Biba also suspected the same but finally cancelled the thought.

“No, that person is definitely still on the Hayajiro.”

Within the Hunters’ Hayajiro, in the cabin, Amatori Biba recalled those frightening Mystic Eyes as he clenched his fists.

“He said that he’ll come and kill me.”

“Therefore, he’s definitely still here.”


Seeing such an Amatori Biba, within the Hunters’ ranks Mumei lowered her head, her face was full of a complex mood.

Chapter 61

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