Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 60

“Haaah… haaah…”

A somewhat fierce panting sound could be heard. In the Hunters’ Hayajiro, in a cabin, everywhere than Fang Li visited he left behind very obvious bloodstains.

With all the blood loss, Fang Li’s steps started to slow down and his vision was also turning more and more blurry.


“I can still go on…”

It’s lucky that his VIT stat was promoted, now Fang Li’s ability to withstand injury was high enough that even this sort of possibly lethal wound didn’t make him faint immediately.

To more easily explain, Fang Li’s life force had turned stronger. Moreover the promotion of VIT also promotes his recovery to a certain extent. Of course that’s only if there’s enough time to rest.

“Therefore, so long as I can find a place to heal…”

Although his injury probably won’t fully restore but he’d at least be able to move.

“Only…this was Amatori Biba’s Hayajiro, where can I hide?”

Fang Li couldn’t help but be somewhat helpless.

Actually, to escape, he could just jump down from this Hayajiro, although it was somewhat dangerous it was worth trying.

So long as he jumped, Fang Li could escape the pursuing troops.

“It’s a pity that the outside isn’t really safe either…”

After all, Fang Li could not confirm that the Kabanes wouldn’t suddenly appear and attack him while he was injured.

With Fang Li’s current injury, his only fate under a Kabane siege would be death.

Therefore, Fang Li must take this risk.

This risk of being found by the pursuing enemies while finding a safe place to hide.

While Fang Li was calmly analyzing, a disorderly sound of footsteps could be heard again.

“They’ve pursued?”

Fang Li cursed, his hands and feet did not stop at all as he moved sideways and hid in a nearby corner.

In a short while, a bunch of samurai holding steam guns spilled into the cabin.

Different from the start, the current state of these samurais seemed somewhat distressed and they all had various degrees of injuries on their bodies. There were less of them as well…

This distressed appearance caused the samurais faces to be full of anger.

“Bloodstains on the ground!”

The samurais immediately noted the situation.

“Search this cabin!”

Another Samurai that seemed to be the team leader ordered out in a low voice.

“Since there are bloodstains the enemy may very well be nearby!”

These words, caused each samurai’s to get serious, shaking their steam guns and gripping the triggers tightly.

After being played by Fang Li before, these samurai were anxious to get their revenge.

As the main fighters in the forefront, the heroes that battle with Kabane, when had these samurais ever been played a fool with like that?

Therefore, in the heart of each samurai was pure anger. Naturally, besides anger there was also a feeling of dread inside their innermost feelings.

“Be careful everyone! The enemy is a lunatic that managed to kill several of us even while severely wounded!”

These words struck a nerve in the samurai.



In the confusion before, although his goal was only to harass the samurais when he attacked he wasn’t forgiving at all directly killing two samurais.

Since entering the Chief God’s Dimension, Fang Li hadn’t killed anything except for the Kabane.

But since the opposite party wanted to kill him then Fang Li didn’t have any reason to show mercy either.

Also precisely because of this, the samurais felt feat inside their hearts.

In a situation where he had a fatal injury, Fang Li could still kill two people without hesitation then harass them and run away, to face such a match, underestimating him was definitely stupid.

“Therefore, we must find him, otherwise sooner or later this person will become the Chief’s archenemy!”

Under the team leader’s order, the samurais started to search.

Each Samurai maintained full vigilance, holding up the steam guns in their hands.

If they met any obstacle they kicked and overturned it directly.

If they meet a corner, then a group of them will rush at it aiming with their steam guns.

If they saw even a hint of a person’s shadow the samurais would definitely shoot without hesitation.

That being the case, several samurais approached a corner gradually.

In the corner, Fang Li was sliding right up against a wall his chest fluctuating repeatedly as he tried to control his breath.

But even with that, the samurais were still approaching his position as before…

At this moment, Fang Li’s heartbeat started to accelerate.

This was not because of fear but rather anxiety.

This was because there was going to be an inevitable fight.

Listening to the sound of footsteps approaching, Fang Li opened his eyes slowly. The ice-cold mystic eyes appeared once again.

The dagger in his hand was also gripped tightly.

Meanwhile, the several samurais had already arrived at the corner’s edge and their steam guns were in Fang Li’s field of view.

Before Fang Li prepared to rush, however, a hand reached out from the darkness behind him…

Back at the samurai’s side, after searching the samurais actually found nothing.
“Could he have run away?”

“Did he jump down the Hayajiro?”

“Impossible, he’s not a Kabaneri, with that sort of injury if he jumped out again he’s definitely going to die.”

“Moreover, with all the Kabane outside, he’s probably not much safer than being in the Hayajiro”

“Could he have run away to the front?”

“Why is there no more bloodstains then?”

“Finding a method to seal the wound isn’t really too strange”

Listening to his colleagues’ discussion, the samurai team leader wrinkled his brow and spoke.

“Continue to chase him! The enemy is definitely still on the Hayajiro!”

Therefore, this crowd of samurais continued to go forward and passed by this cabin.

The cabin immediately turned quiet again.

Until this moment, in a corner, a ventilation vent in the roof with an inconspicuous cover was opened.

But the person poking his head out of the vent was unexpected, it was Ikoma.

“Come out slowly…”

Ikoma held onto Fang Li and leaned him against the nearby wall.

“Haaah”, Fang Li relaxed and took a deep breath, saying to Ikoma, “Why are you here?”

“I heard your conversation with Ayame sama and saw you get carried off by Mumei, I was worried about you so I followed you secretly.”

Ikoma lowered his sound as he said, “This place is very dangerous, I’ll bring you back to the Kousetsujou”

As Ikoma was about to help Fang Li get up, Fang Li actually rejected his suggestion saying, “No, I’ll remain here!”

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