Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 59 || ||

“Drip drip drip”

Dark red blood beads dropped on the floor staining it with red.

Fang Li covered his wound and slowly took a breath, unsteadily walking on the dark red Hayajiro while leaving behind blood stains.

His body felt hot. He could feel the pain. His stamina was draining. His strength was weakening.

All these feeling made it seem as if Fang Li had reached the end of his road and he could do was suffer until death. However, even with all of that, Fang Li was still grasping his dagger tightly as before, his calm expression was to the point where other people would be scared.

No, this sort of condition couldn’t really be called calm. This was more like Fang Li had no real feelings towards his life slowly ending.

Even if there was a severe pain telling Fang Li that his current situation was not too good, he didn’t wink an eyelid, His feelings towards the concept of Death were as aloof as ever.

Therefore, Fang Li could still calmly assess his current condition.

“Hmm this wound… It probably won’t heal completely…”

That was his current condition. That really wasn’t a surprise, to be honest. Even though the Injury Recovery Potion can restore injuries, it’s limited to minor wounds and would definitely struggle to cure his body that was almost cut into two halves. Not to mention, he had already used up three-quarters of it. The remaining quantity was less than one quarter so it stopped functioning after curing part of his wound.

Therefore, Fang Li’s injury, although it was no longer as serious as before, he still had a deep wound across his chest.

“Seems there’s no way I can stop the blood leaking out?”

Fang Li stubbornly covered his wound with his palm that was already dyed red.

The massive blood loss caused Fang Li’s field of vision to start turning blurry.

Naturally, that wasn’t the worst part.

“Look! There are bloodstains on the ground!”

“Over there?!”

“Quick! Chase him!”

“Be careful! The enemy is a monster that can even wound the Chief!”

With such a disturbance, the sound of footsteps also started nearing.

Fang Li barely responded before the gun toting samurais appeared and saw Fang Li’s whole body bathed in blood.


The samurais immediately raised up the steam guns in their hands.

“Tch!”, Fang Li couldn’t help but click his tongue and kicked the ground hard, dodging behind the nearby steam boiler.

“Bang bang bang bang”

At the next moment, a continuous sound of gunshots resounded.

“Clang clang clang clang clang!”

There was an eruption of sparks as the bullets hit the steam boilers. The steam gun bullets were like a curtain of rain falling from above leaving behind bullet holes everywhere on the steel. This was not too strange.

Since Mumei’s steam pistols could pass through a Kabane’s protective heart membrane it showed that the Hunters had a method of coping with the Kabane.

Therefore, each of the Hunters’ steam guns had a certain strength that was enough to penetrate a Kabane’s heart. Steam guns like this being constantly fired, one could only imagine the might of them.

“Bang bang bang bang bang!”

Under the barrage of gunshots, the boilers’ steel started to become tattered and torn

“Thinking of shooting apart the boiler and me along with it?”

Fang Li who was hiding behind the tattered and torn boiler was not worried at all instead he smiled, “Then let me give you a helping hand!”

Then, Fang Li turned around, his ice blue Mystic Eyes appeared as his dagger cut through the air and onto the steel boiler.

Under his Mystic Eyes of Death Perception’s ability, even steel was as frail as paper.

Therefore, with a “Pu-chi” sound, Fang Li’s dagger cut through it as if cutting fur, severing the whole front of the boiler directly.


The entire steam boiler exploded immediately.

The steam in the boiler was finally allowed to be released in an explosive wave. Therefore, the next moment, a massive amount of steam like a volcanic eruption exploded out and covered the entire area, swallowing up all the Hunters.



“He-he disappeared!” || ||

The Hunters were immediately flustered. Their field of vision was gone thanks to the steam. Within this white space, they couldn’t aim properly causing them to stop shooting.

“Damn it!”

“Don’t shoot!

“Be careful of friendly fire!”

Within the steam, there were unceasing shouting sounds from the samurais.

Nobody thought that…an injured beast would not only not lose its threat but it would become even more fearful.


Suddenly, within the white steam, a sky-splitting sound could be heard.

“Pu chi!”

The sound of a body being torn followed soon after.


Shortly afterwards, a sad and shrill yell could be heard reverberating. That pitiful yell was like a steel plate striking the heart of each samurai.


“Who called?!”

“What happened?!”


The samurais could not stop the creepy feeling in their heart yelling out one after another.

But, what they got in response was not their companion’s sound…

“Pu Chi!”

Another sound of tearing could be heard.


That was followed by yet another pitiful yell of a second samurai…

Right now, even if these samurais were stupid, they could tell what was going on.

Obviously, Fang Li had started to counter-attack.

“S-shoot!! Start shooting!!”

That pitiful yell caused the fear in the Hunters’ hearts to erupt.

“Bang bang bang bang!”

At the next moment, in the white steam, the sounds of gunshots could be heard yet again.

But under these gunshot sounds, there were also the sounds of samurais that got hit.

Naturally, this time, those pitiful yells were not because of Fang Li’s counter-attack but because these samurais were shooting each other.

When there was nowhere to aim and they could only spray bullets naturally they’d shoot each other as well.

But this was precisely Fang Li’s goal.

“You guys can remain here and fight each other like dogs….”

Leaving behind those few words, at the exit of the cabin, a form plunged out and vanished in the boiling steam… || ||

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