Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 58


While waiting for a silent instant kill opportunity, Fang Li felt a chill from his back.

That chill was like a poisonous snake climbing up to Fang Li’s neck and causing alarm bells to ring throughout Fang Li’s body.

Without any hesitation, Fang Li gave up fending and fierecely dodged to the side.


In that exact moment, a loud gunshot was heard as a bullet cut through the air faster than the naked eye could see scratching Fang Li’s cheek before hitting a farther area.

Only now did Fang Li notice that at the entrance of the cabin, several samurais wearing tight clothing similar to female ninjas were holding up their steam guns and aiming it at Fang Li.

It was impressively the Hunters’ Samurais.

Fang Li was a bit taken aback at that moment.

“This is the enemy’s supreme headquarters, I don’t need to fight here.”

Let alone, with Amatori Biba’s personality, sneak attacks and any other attacks that were, by all means, necessary in the name of revenge wasn’t out of the question for the revenge-hungry ghost.

Moreover, that wasn’t the end of it.

“Da da da da da da da”

With a resounding of beat of footsteps one crowd of samurais crowded into the cabin.

Mumei was also present in the ranks.


Seeing that Fang Li and Amatori Biba were in a confrontational position moreover they seemed to be obviously fighting, Mumei was at a loss.

“You… You…”

Mumei hadn’t finished speaking before Amatori Biba then directly ordered.

“Open fire!”

That order with no hesitation caused Mumei’s heart to shake.

“Wait!”, Mumei shouted. However, regarding the Hunters, the order of Amatori Biba was absolute.

Therefore, despite Mumei’s shout, each of the samurais held up their steam guns and aimed at Fang Li.

Under the aiming of so many steam guns, there were no more areas to dodge in the small cabin.

Fang Li was definitely not able to dodge this time.

“No! I still have an escape route!”

At that moment, Fang Li’s foot spun tightly, his figure was like electricity rapidly going towards Amatori Biba’s back.

“What?!”, Amatori Biba knew what Fang Li wanted to do immediately.

But the Hunters who were aiming at Fang Li seeing Fang Li move behind Amatori Biba subconsciously followed him and move their muzzles as well.

Finally, all those shiny black muzzles were naturally then aimed at Amatori Biba.

At that moment, the samurais were startled and then started to hastily lower their guns.

But Amatori Biba actually fiercely turned around, the long sword in his hand was like a crescent moon that had just come out at night, cutting resolutely.

The slash caused a roaring wind to blow.

That fresh breeze was an ice cold just like the long sword, cutting towards the other executioner grasping his own sharp weapon.

However, the next second, even Amatori Biba was shocked.

He saw that not only did Fang Li not dodge but he had opened his pair of calm Mystic Eyes and rapidly approached Amatori Biba.

Therefore, that fierce cut fell heavily on Fang Li’s body.

“Pu Chii”

With that sound of flesh being torn, some dark red blood splashed on the ground.

Fang Li’s body was cut deeply, leaving a gaping wound.

That wound had almost cut Fang Li, into two halves, even his bones could be seen causing a massive amount of blood to flow out on the ground and even on Amatori Biba’s face.

A severe pain that was too hard to imagine immediately flooded Fang Li’s mind.

This wound was by far worse than the one he got before when he was hit by the car at the start (very start of novel how he died).

If not for Fang Li’s high VIT stat, he would definitely have been cut in two dying from the severe wound immediately.

“You…?!” The Amatori Biba shock makes noise.

In that flash, the bloody dagger in Fang Li’s hand cut through the air as well.

“Pu chi”

Another sound of flesh being torn could be heard.

Naturally, the same dark red blood also unavoidable started sputtering in midair.

Just, at this moment, besides the blood, an arm was also flying in midair…

That was the arm of Amatori Biba.


Amatori Biba covered his cut off arm with blood splashing out roaring in pain.


The Hunters immediately got mad, simultaneously yelling.

Only Mumei, had her small hands covering her own small mouth, looking at both the severely wounded Fang Li and Amatori Biba, she couldn’t help but retreat step by step.

At the same time, Fang Li and Amatori Biba immediately retreated and spread out from each other.

While doing so, Fang Li endured the unprecedented pain and fished out the remaining one quarter of Injury Recovery Potion from his leg bag, clenching his teeth and pulling the stopper open he poured all of it on his body.

Fang Li’s body’s wound immediately started to show azure coloured smoke coming out as it gradually recovered. Fang Li swallowed down the spurt of blood that was about to come out of his throat and with his ice blue Mystic Eyes stubbornly staring at Amatori Biba hugging his severed arm, he smiled coldly.

“Amatori Biba, I’ll remember this.”

“Next time, I definitely will kill you.”

Leaving behind those words, Fang Li moved his severely wounded body and ignoring the blood splashing out from the wound, jumped into the nearby glass window.


The glass was immediately shattered and sprinkled about, as for Fang Li, he had already jumped through the glass and disappeared without a trace.

Amatori Biba could only helplessly look at this happening as he covered his severed arm that was still dripping blood not able to help kneeling at the spot.

“Chief!”, the Hunters noisily welled up and wanted to go forward.

Amatori Biba looked at his subordinates and clenched his teeth, “Pursue him! He definitely did not jump from the Hayajiro, he must be here somewhere! Find him!”

“Yes!”, the Hunters simultaneously held up their steam guns and started to pursue.

In a while, the entire cabin only remained with Amatori Biba who had lost an arm and Mumei who was standing there dull faced.

Amatori Biba looked at his severed arm on the ground and feeling the pain coming out of the shoulder, his handsome face was gloomy and in his heart there was a constant trembling.

Only he himself knew what sort of danger he had just experienced.

Because… Fang Li’s strike before wasn’t aimed at his hand but his heart…

If at that last minute, his instinct out of a sense of crisis hadn’t caused him to crazily dodge at all costs, lying down on the ground wouldn’t just be his arm but his corpse…

Recalling that instant kill attack, as well as those ice cold blue eyes, the body of Amatori Biba started to shiver.

“I… I’m afraid?”

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