Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 57

Immediately, the cotton materials flew in midair. This was a fragment of Amatori Biba’s clothes.

One could see that a large portion of Amatori Biba’s clothes was sheared off exposing the skin underneath and exposing his chest to the air.


Amatori Biba’s complexion changed and he fiercely withdrew one step without hesitation to spread out the distance between him and Fang Li covering his heart with his hand.

Seeing this, Fang Li sarcastically asked him, “There’s no need to cover it up, could it be that you think there’s any point hiding it from me?”

Hearing this, Amatori Biba went silent and shortly after relaxed his hand slowly.

The next second, a glowing heart was shown in Fang Li’s vision.

“I thought I’d already overestimated your skill but it seems that finally, I underestimated you instead?”, Amatori Biba closed his eyes and opened his mouth saying, “Fang Li-kun you truly are an inconceivable human.”

“Saying all these things now, is there even a point?”, Fang Li moved the dagger in his hand and aimed at Amatori Biba his ice blue Mystic Eyes were full of a cold and fearful colour.

“There are only two things that will happen now.”

“One… I kill you.”

“Two… you kill me.”

“Let’s just see who will be the first to be killed.”

As those words fell, Fang Li rushed forward as before his whole body was like a poisonous snake in a rainstorm, the dagger in his hand was like the fangs of the snake going in for the kill straight for Amatori Biba’s head.


A clear sky splitting sharp sound resounded in the air.

“Retreat!”, Amatori Biba immediately responded not attacking with force like before but retreating backwards.

But, while he drew back the long sword in his hand turned into a jet black light that suddenly slashed forward.

That blade light seemed especially conspicuous in the dim cabin environment.

The Kabaneri, Amatori Biba’s strength fully erupted as the jet black blade turned into a beast’s sharp claws, slashing straight at Fang Li who was rushing towards him.

One side stabbed out of nowhere.

The other side slashed.

The dagger and longsword then collided in the next second…


This strike caused a sound like a gong being struck to echo in the entire cabin.

At that moment both Fang Li and Amatori Biba appeared to have been hit hard both drawing back.

If it were before with Fang Li’s trash attributes, meeting head to head in terms of strength with a Kabaneri like this would probably shatter his bones…

However, right now, Fang Li’s attributes was already not weak compared to a normal Kabane even surpassing them in speed so he only stepped back by two or three steps before standing firm.

Naturally, the similarly not weak in terms of attributes, Amatori Biba also stood firm.

It should be noted actually that Fang Li actually stepped back by two or three steps however Amatori Biba merely stepped back one step this showed that Amatori Biba’s physical ability was still above Fang Li as before.

“Should I say, as expected of a Kabaneri?”

Fang Li tightly gripped his dagger in a handshake grip.

“That being the case, I’ll use my speed to suppress you!”

Fang Li then rushed forward again like an arrow on a string, the dazzling speed caused him to turn into a blur violently shooting towards Amatori Biba.

However, while Fang Li clearly recognized his superiority, Amatori Biba also clearly recognized his own superiority.

“So that’s how it is, although his physical ability is quite strong, even being able to fight head-on with a Kabane his skill is actually quite weak meaning he has no martial arts foundation.”

After all, Fang Li’s charge seemed quite brute-like seemingly only showing that all he knew was to attack head-on which directly exposed his weakness in skill.

“I’ll suppress you with skill!”

As the Chief Head of the Hunters, the son of the ruling shogunate and an existence that once led an army of 400,000 men as well as being the source of Mumei’s skill, Amatori Biba’s own skill could only be imagined.

Therefore in the next instance, Amatori Biba lifted up his jet black long sword and stabbed forward.

In that instant, an array of blade light from the jet black sword rapidly showered everywhere like a shower of rain covering the oncoming Fang Li.

The dazzling sword technique caused Fang Li to suddenly get blinded before a fatal slash then advanced towards him cutting off all of his escape routes.

Fang Li was startled, his whole body tightened up and his focus was at maximum, his ice blue Mystic Eyes tried to catch the death line of that longsword and finally, he reluctantly managed to finally see the path of the blade, lifting up the dagger in his hand.


The dagger and longsword collided out of nowhere.

“Clang clang clang clang clang!”

The lingering sound of collisions constantly ringed around the cabin. At this moment, Amatori Biba was like a war god standing erect at his position and creating a rainstorm-like array of sword attacks causing the surroundings to even be filled with piercing air, his speed right now was truly quite scary.

But Fang Li was like the wind, seemingly like a leaf within a storm flying about and dodging the rainstorm of attacks, if he couldn’t dodge it then he’d use his dagger to parry and keep off the attacks that came from all directions.

One side violently attacked.

One side flexibly defended.

In that split second there were multiple blade lights flashing all around the cabin, the scene was quite astonishing indeed.

Amatori Biba’s sword techniques were truly quite extraordinary.

Perhaps even Konochi Kurusu would admit defeat in front of Amatori Biba?

Like Mumei said before, a skilled match truly was Fang Li’s biggest weakness.

if this continued, this sword technique that attacked from time to time and came from all directions would truly be quite hard to deal with.

However, Fang Li had experience dealing with these sword techniques and flexibly applied his experience using his Mystic Eyes of Death Perception to see the death line of the sword ignoring the dazzling slashes which allowed him to parry all the attack and keep them off.

With Fang Li’s current attributes, even if the present enemy was a Kabaneri, it wouldn’t be like the previous time where he was shaken and had to retreat constantly because of the formidable strength of the enemy even not being able to hold onto his dagger properly.

Therefore, Fang Li truly did get stronger.

Even now, if faced with Mumei’s Ani-sama he was able to hold his ground.

If this continued on then the victory and defeat of either side would be quite hard to decide.

At first glance it seemed that Fang Li was losing, however, Fang Li had a one-hit kill ability along with his weapon of choice a dagger, this short dagger, if Amatori Biba wasn’t careful would instantly kill him…

Only Fang Li didn’t discover one detail.

While Amatori Biba was carrying on these violent slashes, his vision moved towards the entrance of the cabin.

Over there, a few forms were quietly moving…

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