Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 56

Actually, Fang Li’s idea was just his guess but it wasn’t impossible that that was the case.

If that were the case, then the reason of why Amatori Biba was able to lead the Hunters’ Hayajiro to follow the Kousetsujou could be explained.

In the original plot, because the Kousetsujou encountered the attack of the Kabane sometime at midnight forcing them to leave, they hadn’t encountered the Hunters.

But this time, perhaps because of Fang Li’s actions before, the Kabane did not attack the Kousetsujou and Ikoma also changed into a human. Therefore the restless people hadn’t run away and they finally met with the Hunters.

Now that Amatori Biba and Yomokawa Ayame have met, it was naturally impossible for him to give up the chance of taking advantage of her to enter Koungoukaku. He would definitely suggest traveling along with her.

Moreover, Amatori Biba was even keeping an eye on Fang Li, he seemed to have quite a liking for Fang Li’s special abilities.

Right now, however, Fang Li subdued the suspicions inside his heart and deeply looked at Amatori Biba carefreely mentioning, “Sir you must be joking, since it’s meant to be a barrier to protect the humans it should be inconceivable to want the wall to be broken, isn’t that something only a Kabane would want?”

Amatori Biba was silent, the smile on his face also started to slowly vanish.

“Something that only the Kabane can want…?” Amatori Biba unemotionally said, “But, humans themselves are contradictory existences, we will do whatever it takes for whatever goal we want to achieve, isn’t that right?”

“That’s true.” Fang Li shot a look at Amatori Biba, suddenly asked with a faint smile, “But, what does that have to do with us?”

“…… That’s quite a strange thing to ask?” Amatori Biba looked straight ahead at Fang Li and said with a smile, “Could it be that we aren’t human?”

These words, if they were heard by others would probably only be treated as a cold joke?

But, Fang Li actually confidently nodded.

“As a human, I lack a very important part, therefore to be able to call myself human, for the time being, I can’t comment on it”

Fang Li then looked back at Amatori Biba vision, the corners his mouth raising slowly, saying, “As for you….you’re definitely not human?”

The temperature in the air dropped to freezing point instantly.

On Amatori Biba’s face, there was no longer any expression.

But Fang Li’s, pair of dark-coloured eyes changed to the ice blue Mystic Eyes instantly.

“I can very clearly see…”

Fang Li lifted up his pair of ice blue Mystic Eyes, that line of sight that was similar to the Death God’s scythe immediately focused on Amatori Biba’s heart.

“Your body’s most fatal weakness was the heart, in addition to that you lack about 80% of the weaknesses normal humans have.”

“These 80% weaknesses that you lack, for an ordinary human would instantly kill them.”

“But, they actually can’t kill you.”

“Therefore, you’re already not a human.”

Fang Li’s sound reverberated clearly in the entire cabin, causing the temperature in the air to continuously drop.

The surrounding atmosphere changed…

This couldn’t only be described with the words anxious and heavy.

At this moment, the air in the cabin was similar to a thick murderous aura.

Fang Li and Amatori Biba then remained like this looking at each other from a distance with an emotionless expression.

“…… You really surprised me Fang Li-kun.” Amatori Biba started to slowly say, “It seems like Mumei was right, you’re not just an ordinary wanderer…”

“Although you aren’t willing to acknowledge it that eye makes me quite fearful”, Amatori Biba directly stared at Fang Li’s mystic eyes, “Moreover you seem to know quite a lot, I’m quite curious about how much you know…”

While saying so, Amatori Biba moved forward without a trace.

In his hand, a sparkling jet black long sword was held.

“You’re right, Fang Li-kun, I’m already not a human”, Amatori Biba walked in Fang Li’s direction and started to quietly say, “But this shouldn’t be strange, Mumei isn’t human and the youth that had his Kabane virus killed by you was also not human, even you too claimed that you lack an important part of a human, therefore aren’t we both the same?”

“No, you’re wrong.” Fang Li ignored the fact that Amatori Biba was moving closer and closer to him, remaining standing at his spot,
“Only going by my body, I’m human without doubt, what i said was that I’m not sure if I do not know if I am human.”

“Because the trait that distinguishes a human the most is their emotions.”

“My heart lacks one of them, therefore I can’t really be called a human.”

“However for you, it’s not just your body, even your heart isn’t human…”

“You’re only a monster that lives to take revenge”

“Amatori Biba”

In the split second that Fang Li’s voice dropped, the ice cold atmosphere in the air seemed to detonate at once.


With steps that sounded like earthquakes, Amatori Biba rushed forward, his look seemed to contain coldness and indifference.

That strength and that speed could simply be called a storm…

However, if Amatori Biba was a storm, then Fang Li was a tornado.

In the instant that Amatori Biba rushed towards Fang Li, Fang Li responded in a flash and advanced instead of retreating, turning into a shadow that flew straight at Amatori Biba.

The ice blue Mystic Eyes shined a bright ray

In his hand, he was all of a sudden holding a sharp and lethal weapon.

Fang Li then suddenly leapt and got right in front of Amatori Biba, his dagger was like the fang of a poisonous snake, puncturing the air like lighting.

Immediately, a wisp of cold light went straight for Amatori Biba’s heart.

“So fast!” Amatori Biba’s vision narrowed.

After the amplification of the title, Fang Li’s speed even gave Mumei a faint feeling of not being able to overtake him.

But AGI did not only mean movement speed, it was all types of speed such as attack speed, reflex speed, jumping speed, motor nerve speed and so on.

Therefore, Fang Li’s stab even if it couldn’t be called as fast as lighting it was still not something that could be easily responded to by an enemy.

Even if the enemy was not human, that was still the same.

Therefore, when Fang Li’s dagger approached his heart and let his skin feel a bit of stabbing pain, Amatori Biba finally responded.

At that moment, Amatori Biba heavily kicked the ground and stopped immediately.


A sharp tearing noise could immediately be heard.

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