Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 55

Compared to the Koutetsujou, the Hunters’ Hayajiro was completely different.

Inside the Koutetsujou, there were still some traces of liveliness but in the Hunters’ Hayajiro all that remained were machines giving people an icy cold feeling.

Under the guidance of Mumei, Fang Li entered this Hayajiro, walking in the somewhat dim compartment and gradually heading forward.

An exceptionally silent atmosphere filled the surrounding air.

On the way, Fang Li met many Hunter Samurais, but neither of them exchanged so much as a hello.

Even Mumei herself did not greet any of the samurais whilst walking treating them as people working on the side of a road, she just brought along Fang Li as she unceasingly went forward.

Naturally, between Fang Li and Mumei there was also no conversation going on.

After all, yesterday evening, these two talented people had a pretty big argument, making the air between them somewhat stiff.

That being the case, Fang Li didn’t bother doing anything and just let the atmosphere continue.

After a while, they arrived at a leafed door.

“…… We’re here.” Mumei stopped her footsteps, not turning around she said in a low voice, “Ani-sama is inside, go in.”

Fang Li did not reply and just nodded, going forward, he placed his hand on the doorknob.

At this time, Mumei after hesitating for a bit couldn’t help but open her mouth, “Don’t say anything that would make other people angry next time” Mumei depressedly continued, “I don’t know why Ani-sama seems to care so much about you and have no idea how Ani-sama thinks but he isn’t like Ayame-sama, if someone makes a mistake he will definitely punish that person….”

Hearing this, Fang Li stopped and turned around.

Turning his head he saw Mumei’s somewhat immature face and couldn’t help but laugh, “So you actually did know that your Ani-sama isn’t really any good person”

“…… You’re really annoying”, Mumei turned around as if not wanting to see Fang Li’s face and said, “In short, don’t say things that’ll make people hate you.”

Leaving behind those words, Mumei directly left.

Helplessly looking at Mumei leaving, Fang Li did not say anything again but just chuckled.

“Really, how could the female main character not be cute?”

Let alone this was also a tsundere main character, one couldn’t help but love her.

Not realising that this idea of Fang Li’s would make Mumei immediately throw a fit he opened the door and confidently walked in.

Compared to the compartment before, the light inside this compartment was quite dim.

Within the compartment, Amatori Biba stood with his back to the door, grasping a long sword in hand and cleaning it gently with a cloth, he seemed to be maintaining his weapon.

Until after hearing the sound behind, Amatori Biba stopped and turned around looking at Fang Li.

Maybe because the light in the room was dim but Amatori Biba’s face was no longer full of closeness like before but rather gave off a terrifying feeling that would make other people afraid.

However, despite giving the appearance of that sort of face, Amatori Biba was actually smiling.

“You came, Fang Li-kun.” Amatori Biba nodded towards Fang Li, ” Sorry for making you come at this time.”

“Then make the long story short”, Fang Li directly went straight to the core issue, “What does the general’s son want to ask me?”

“…… Although there truly is something I want to ask, I didn’t think you’d ask from the start, such being the case I’ll just directly ask you”, Amatori Biba sighed and then smiled, “Fang Li-kun you have quite a special ability right? Would you be able to tell me more about it?”

“Special ability?”Fang Li’s heart moved, but on his face was just one filled with doubt, “What’re you talking about?”

Seeing Fang Li so openly talk nonsense, Amatori Biba didn’t respond but just unintentionally said, “I head from Mumei that all you relied on was an ordinary dagger to pierce a Kabane’s heart protection membrane and even did something more inconceivable like killing the Kabane Virus and so on… I’m just quite curious about that.”

However, this performance of Amatori Biba’s told Fang Li, that what he felt was not only curiousity.

At least, if it were just curiosity, he wouldn’t stare at him with such a stubborn look as if he was some sort of game to be hunted…

“I’m very curious, can you really kill anything?”, Amatori Biba showed a faint smile saying, “For example, the steel wall that people use to protect themselves at the relay stations, could you kill those?”

Fang Li’s eyes suddenly contracted.

At this moment, Fang Li’s heart suddenly remembered an issue that he neglected before.

That issue was, why was Mumei at Aragane Station.

No matter in the original plot or right now, Mumei seemed to somehow naturally be there in Aragane Station during the start of the plot lifting up the curtain for the start of the plot with her appearance.

But actually, thinking carefully since Mumei was one of the Hunters, there was no reason for her to leave alone and go to Aragane Station.

That being the case, Mumei going to Aragane Station seemed to be an inevitable event?

One of the reasons was probably under the orders of Amatori Biba.

But what was Amatori Biba’s goal?

Perhaps others had no idea but Fang Li actually knew that Amatori Biba only had one goal.


To take revenge on the high levels of the shogunate that betrayed him!

But for someone that had been cut off from the general and even become enemies with the shogunate, to enter Kongoukaku and take revenge would be impossible.

With that scenario, Amatori Biba needed some people to help him.

What help? Help to open up the door!

Open up the front door of Kongoukaku!

In the original plot, Amatori Biba smoothly entered Kongoukaku through the Koutetsujou.

However, if Aragane Station had not fallen to the enemy, the Koutetsujou was naturally not going to go to Kongoukaku.

In other words, without the Koutetsujou, Amatori Biba would not be able to enter Kongoukaku.

Then, probably for this purpose, Amatori Biba already planned to use Yomokawa Ayame and her relationship with the shogunate Elder, to smoothly infiltrate Kongoukaku. Therefore Mumei showing up at Aragane station was probably planned beforehand?

To make a bolder suspicion, the Kabane’s aggressive entry and the fall of Aragane Station through the Fusoujou was possibly all part of Amatori Biba’s plan?

Thinks of this, Fang Li’s look changed as he looked at Amatori Biba.


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