Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 54

“Du du du du du du”

Under the resounding whistle, the Hunters’ Hayajiro and Aragane Station’s Hayajiro were connected from the head to tail with an intersecting compartment. Under the gradual rumble of the wheels, it gradually started to move to the railroad in front.

Above the Kousetsujou, Fang Li entered the compartment with Yomokawa Ayame and her group.

Perhaps because of Amatori Biba’s statement before, the samurai did not display an undisguised denial to Fang Li’s existence but under Araka Kibito’s leadership dingily returned to their posts.

The people quietly looked at Fang Li as well before keeping silent and returning to their compartment not daring to speak.

Therefore after a while, this compartment only had Fang Li, Yomokawa Ayame and Konochi Kurusu remaining.

At this time, Fang Li suddenly said, “Ayame-san, if I said this you might think it’s strange but I suggest that you don’t keep too close to Amatori Biba.”

Such a remark caused Yomokawa Ayame to remain stupefied on the spot.

“What are you saying?” Konochi Kurusu frowned, looking at Fang Li with a questioning look.

This was actually normal.

In the eyes of all people, Amatori Biba is a Hero, he may be called perfection’s incarnation.

Facing such an existence, Fang Li actually mentioned those few words, one couldn’t help but be questioning.

However, while Konochi Kurusu was questioning, Yomokawa Ayame is actually unexpectedly hesitant, asking, “Fang Li-san what part about Biba sama is suspicious to you?”

“Ayame-sama?” Konochi Kurusu was surprised.

“What’s wrong?” Fang Li was similarly surprised, he didn’t think that this was the response Yomokawa Ayame would give, he could not help asking, “Ayame-san did you discover something unusual about Amatori Biba?”

“No, I have not discovered anything unusual.” Yomokawa Ayame thought carefully when as she said unconfidently, “It’s just that I’m not sure if it’s only my misconception but the general’s son gives me a very dangerous feeling.”

Right now, Fang Li had quite a high esteem regarding Yomokawa Ayame actually.

Who would’ve thought that the Yomokawa Family’s eldest daughter was actually so sensitive?

However, this really shouldn’t be that big of a surprise really. After all, in Aragane Station, Fang Li’s Mystic Eyes of Death Perception had appeared for an instant but Yomokawa Ayame still had a response to it.

Moreover, regarding Fang Li, Mumei and Ikoma these three people, other people only had hostility even Konochi Kurusu was no exception but Yomokawa Ayame had actually helped them.

This was not solely because of his good relationship with Yomokawa Ayame. Perhaps, Yomokawa Ayame felt that Fang Li’s group was not harmful therefore she accepted them subconsciously?

“Since Ayame-san felt it, I’ll explain.” Fang Li nodded, saying to her, “Amatori Biba was not so simple as he seems to appear, perhaps you may not know but this general’s son had already cut off his relationship with the general actually.”

“What?” Yomokawa Ayame and Konochi Kurusu were immediately surprised.

“This regarding some people isn’t really any secret.” Fang Li started to recall the information about Amatori Biba.

It was mentioned before that Amatori Biba was someone with strong abilities and ambitious character.

In the eyes of others, Amatori Biba was the perfect hero.

However, in actuality, Amatori Biba was just an avenger.

When Amatori Biba was small and the Kabane just started to enter the country, the humans did not have an ingrained fear towards the Kabane. The ruling shogunate was divided into the camps of Ignatis and Moderates.

The Ignatis advocated active fighting against the Kabane, attacking was the best defence.

The Moderates meanwhile wanted to stubbornly defend the current human territories and not take any senseless risk.

But the shogunate general was actually partial towards the plan of the moderates.

However, regarding the Ignatis who had managed to build up quite a lot of influence, the general was not actually able to contain all their protests.

In order to cope with the Ignatis, the general let his then only 12 years old eldest son, Amatori Biba lead as the senior general. Amatori Biba lead an army of 400,000 people to fight the Kabane until death.

Then, when Amatori Biba and the Kabane fought, the general cut off all support immediately.


Since the start, the general had not planned for Amatori Biba and his army to win.

Therefore, after being cut off from all support, the isolated Amatori Biba and the 400,000 army of people were rapidly eliminated by the Kabane.

Using this excuseexucse, the moderates propagandised the fear and invincibility of the Kabane until they became the dominant influence thus humans then started to just defend their station cities and aimed to just not lose whatever territory they had.

But Amatori Biba, actually survived by luck.

Amatori Biba was actually unjustly discredited with the failure and had to bear all the responsibility of becoming the sacrificial victim of politics and even being cut from the relationship between father and son.

However, after that Amatori Biba actually rapidly stared to recruit talented people and formed the Hunters. An independent fighting unit that would fight in the forefront with the Kabane and turning into the so called Hero in people’s mouths.

Therefore, Amatori Biba did not hesitate to study the Kabane ecology and even used surgery to attempt to merge the Kabane virus into the human body thus creating Kabaneris.

Mumei was made like this.

“Unexpectedly… that’s the case…” Yomokawa could not believe what she heard, covering her small mouth.

“Could that fellow be insane?”, Konochi Kurusu’s face turned ugly.

“Therefore, I don’t think a person who can use another human as a test piece and experiment on them can possibly be any sort of hero, I definitely don’t think that this person under such a betrayal could still remain a hero fighting the Kabane while pointing a knife at the shogun’s head.”

Fang Li’s sound softened, “Ayame-sama, Amatori Biba lead the Hunters’ people to suddenly appear is definitely not accidental, in fact I suspect…”

Fang Li didn’t mention the following words.


To be more precise, Fang Li didn’t have the opportunity to say it.

Because a petite form suddenly entered the compartment.

“You’re really here?” Mumei small face was depressed.

“Come with me, Ani-sama wants to talk to you.”

Hearing Mumei’s words, Yomokawa Ayame’s and Konochi Kurusu’s expression changed.

Fang Li narrowed his eyes, in his eyes there was a flash of inexplicability.

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