Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 53

With the gradual nearness of the Hunters, the cheers of the surrounding people also started to gradually weaken.

Because from the Hunters’ body, a very rich smell of blood started to fill the open air. Smelling the choking smell of blood through their nose, the voices of the people couldn’t help but weaken.

Until this time, the people discovered that each Hunters’ body was more or less covered with bloodstains.

This was not the Hunters’ own blood but the blood of Kabanes.

Within the crowd, Fang Li suddenly realised something.

“No wonder after arriving here I didn’t see anyone, it seems that after meeting Mumei, these people had directly gone into the forest to hunt the Kabane and it’s also why the Koutetsujou’s people are staying here calmly.”

After all, rather than braving the danger of having a Kabane attacking and encountering danger, they might as well just move along with the Hunters that would be far safer.

While Fang Li was thinking this, Yomokawa Ayame brought Konochi Kurusu to meet everyone.

“Thank you, Biba-sama.” Yomokawa Ayame bowed towards Amatori Biba.

“Not only have you protected us, but you also went out to fight the Kabane on your own initiative”

Hearing this, Amatori Biba showed a faint smile, his handsome facial features coordinated with that elegant smiling face, had a closeness that couldn’t be stated.

“Since we accidentally met each other, we should definitely help any person with difficulties, let alone fighting with the Kabanes was the Hunters’ own reason for existence, Ayame Sama has no need to express gratitude for this reason.”

While saying so, Amatori Biba changed his vision to Fang Li inquiring while looking pensive, “I probably hadn’t seen you before yesterday?”

Amatori Biba’s words directed the attention of the people to Fang Li’s body.

This caused the feeling in Fang Li’s heart to wonder somewhat. He had decreased his feeling of existence to other people by so much but why had he still been noted.

However, Fang Li merely shrugged and replied to Amatori Biba, “I’m just a wanderer, the shogun’s son doesn’t need to care about me.”

“Wanderer?” Amatori Biba muttered.

At this time, Mumei started to make noise.

“Don’t get fooled by him Ani sama, he’s no ordinary wanderer”, Mumei shot a look at Fang Li, betraying him without hesitation, “Although he’s a hateful fellow, his battle skill is not too bad, he’s killed quite a number of Kabane by now.”

“Oh?” Amatori Biba was actually surprised, even saying in appreciation, “To be unfearful of fighting with Kabane and fighting them on your own initiative, that’s quite rare, only with this point you should be respected more than the general samurai.”

Such remarks caused the surrounding samurai listening silently to suddenly show some interesting expressions.

Everyone should know perfectly well who the so-called led general samurais Amatori Biba was referring to were.

Besides these samurais that only dared to hide and act like cowards rather than fight with the Kabane outside, no one could think of a second type of samurai.

This caused the samurais that refused to accept Fang Li in the past, who had hoped to see the Hunters treat Fang Li the same as the Koutetsujou’s samurais to feel as if they had been slapped in the face, causing their hearts to feel very complex

Conversely, Fang Li himself had no joy at all regarding the appreciation of Amatori Biba.

Lifting up his head and looking at Amatori Biba, Fang Li suddenly smiled.

“It’s not much, my only merit is that I don’t fear death, please don’t make fun of me”

These few words caused Amatori Biba to not know how to reply, only able to smile bitterly and say, “No matter what, you’re a rare talented person.”

Then, Amatori Biba extended his hand to Fang Li bringing along with it his possibly perfect smiling face.

“I am Amatori Biba.”

Hearing Amatori Biba’s words, Fang Li looked at the opposite party and decided to similarly extend his hand.

“I’m Fang Li.”

Under this seemingly harmonious introduction, Fang Li and Amatori Biba’s hands both tightly grasped one another in a handshake.

But their lines of sight were also firmly connected, as if to see a clue of anything from the opposite party’s eyes, their eyes couldn’t be diverted for quite awhile.

“Ok, Ani-sama.” Mumei seemed to be spiteful, forcefully breaking them up and saying impatiently, “Nearly all the Kabane around have been cleared up, we should also move on?”

Amatori Biba then responded, looking at the weather, he nodded.

“Although if possible I want to allow everyone to rest, the nearby Kabanes have been cleaned up, the following time we shouldn’t be attacked immediately, we should return to the Hayajiros to rest.”

While saying that, Amatori Biba looked at Yomokawa Ayame, asking, “Does Ayame-sama want to go to Kongoukaku?”

“Yes.” Yomokawa Ayame replied in a low voice, “Aragane Station that was managed by the Yomokawa Family has fallen to the enemy, we need to find a new place to stake shelter so regarding us Kongoukaku is a good shelter.

Then Amatori Biba’s look glittered as he said, “That being the case, we might as well escort Ayame sama to Kongoukaku.”

“That…like that?” Yomokawa Ayame was somewhat helpless. “We’d unexpectedly exhausted the shogun’s son to escort us…”

“Please do not mind, in any case, our destinations are also Kongoukaku.” Amatori Biba’s expression was unchanged throughout but his vision changed to Fang Li as he asked, “Will Fang Li Kun come along as well?”

Right now, Fang Li hesitated.

To be honest, regarding him who had completed all his Main Quests and is only waiting for the end of the remaining time to return to the Chief God’s Dimension, there was no real advantage to being involved with these plot characters and getting involved in an insignificant vortex.

Therefore, the sanest procedure for Fang Li should be to reject the invitation of Amatori Biba.

But, looking at the nearby Yomokawa Ayame and then looking at the spiteful Mumei, Fang Li sighed.

“Starting from meeting these plot characters perhaps I couldn’t hide from this vortex?”

At least, Fang Li himself didn’t have the means to only consider everything through benefits.

The people here were perhaps just some plot characters. However when these plot characters suddenly turned into vivid real people, who could purely regard them as characters from a screen?

Perhaps other Chief God’s Envoys could do it. What a pity, Fang Li wasn’t one of them.

“No matter about what happens to the other people, I at least owe Mumei and Yomokawa Ayame something that should be paid back”

While having such an idea, Fang Li made his decision.

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