Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 79

Fang Li left the auction area immediately and returned back to his residence at the number 『11273』 stone pillar. Shoving open the door that could only be opened by him, he entered.

Since the residence had not undergone any development, Fang Li’s space was bleak and open with nothing at all it didn’t look like a place that someone could live in even a wild beast wouldn’t live here!

However, the Chief God’s Dimension did allow for Envoys to design their residence as long as they spent the appropriate amount of Exchange Points they could change it immediately. Naturally, the more luxurious a residence would be the more expensive it was.

Fang Li definitely could not let his residence which would follow him till the end be so bleak and dreary, he had to design it so although it wasn’t luxurious it at least would be comfortable.

However, right now Fang Li couldn’t care about this minor matter since he saw a pile of items in the centre of the room. It was all the equipment Fang Li had purchased as well as a rainbow glowing crystal. Seeing the crystal Fang Li took a deep breath and held it up. At this time, a System Notification rang out in his head.

“Skill Crystal identified, containing a stored skill, the user has a choice of studying this skill, if conditions are not met then the skill crystal will be invalidated.”

“The skill that Serial Number 11273, you have obtained has a harsh request on the individual’s soul, if you cannot meet the conditions then you cannot learn this skill, please be cautious and choose.”

This notification caused Fang Li’s excitement to get extinguished like someone pouring cold water on him lowering it by half…

“A skill with a request towards the soul?”

Fang Li was stunned, and then he felt like hitting a wall. This divine skill has such an unexpected condition?!

“No wonder the Envoy that got this skill auctioned it, it’s not that he’s stupid but he’s worried that he couldn’t meet the conditions of the skill, therefore, he gave it up.”

Fang Li thought if someone could enter the Chief God’s Dimension and be able to obtain such a formidable skill, they shouldn’t not know how precious this skill was.

Furthermore, the auction itself had some clues, if the opposite party wanted a high price then it’d be best to notify the entire auction room. So long as he spent 1000 Exchange Points he would be able to apply for the notification and all the Envoys will receive it.

Even if he didn’t have 1000 Exchange Points, the Envoy could have propagandised it himself before the auction so the person buying it would benefit and he would benefit as well.

But finally, the Envoy auctioning the skill didn’t notify the other Envoys and didn’t propagandise it himself, just silently auctioning such a formidable skill.

With that being the case, there would be Envoys that only saw the effects and not the study conditions.

For example, Fang Li, since he was worried about those high-rank big shots that would participate he didn’t pay attention to the study conditions before bidding on it.

The other Envoys probably didn’t note this as well or maybe it was publicised so people thought that the person who got the skill got a huge bargain?

However, facts show that it wasn’t a bargain…

“25,000 Exchange Points…”

Fang Li couldn’t help but smile bitterly. Considering the skill’s formidable effect, although the harsh conditions caused its value to fall by a large amount it was still acceptable.

“If I can learn it then it’ll truly be a bargain.”

“If I can’t learn it then I’d have lost out!”

“Should I study it…?”

Fang Li hesitated. If he chose to study it and couldn’t meet the conditions then the skill crystal will be invalidated and he’d have thrown away 25,000 Exchange Points. If he didn’t choose to study and threw it back into the auction room for other Envoys to bid on he might earn more than 25,000 Exchange Points…

Which option to choose all depended on Fang Li. After a while he made a decision…

“If I don’t have Exchange Points I can earn them again!”

“But if I miss out on the chance to learn this skill because I’m scared I won’t be able to choose again.”

“Receive an opportunity in exchange for some wealth, that’s quite a bargain!”

“I have a reason to brave this danger.”

Perhaps the Envoy that obtained this skill wasn’t willing to bet and therefore gave it up to get Exchange Points and use that to buy a more suitable skill. Such a consideration was faultless. However Fang Li was different, Fang Li was originally someone that wasn’t fussed about uncertainty. He needed to make a decision so he made one. Risk and opportunity coexist. If you take into account the risk then the opportunity will come to you.

Therefore, Fang Li was resolute.


The rainbow glowing crystal burst and turned into powder.


The massive amounts of powder trembled and turned into small luminous spots covering Fang Li’s body. Shortly after, Fang Li’s body started glowing.

Fang Li was seeing things, he felt as if he was completely exposed and being researched! At this time a dazzling ray bloomed within Fang Li’s body.

Soon, the System Notification resounded.

“Serial number 11273 has satisfied the skill’s study condition and obtained the skill Stigma.”

As the sound faded out, the ray disappeared and Fang Li’s body appeared. On Fang Li’s right hand, a pure white tattoo was glowing there.

This tattoo looked like a magic array, six-pointed star.

The rune was surrounded by six radiant stars surrounding it, with all of them being connected with a ring.

Seeing this tattoo, Fang Li smiled. He laughed.

Laughter resounded throughout the open space for quite a long time before subsiding.

Courtesy image of the tattoo or what I think it looks like.

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What BS like hell anyone will give up on such an opportunity. At most he will lost the skill but if he succeed he will earn big.

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