Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 80

After solving the matter regarding the skill, Fang Li quickly wore the Equipment. This made his Attributes promote by a large value which also caused his strength to soar.

“If I fight with Amatori Biba again, I can’t say I can definitely win but I definitely won’t be suppressed like last time for sure!”

When Fang Li fought with Amatori Biba before, besides surpassing him in speed, he was suppressed in every other aspect.

Suppressed in the Attribute aspect.

Suppressed in the Skill aspect.

Being suppressed in every possible way, Fang Li could only try his best to find a flaw in the enemy and use the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception to score a one-hit kill.

It’s a pity that before the opportunity appeared, the Hunters’ arrived and ganged up on Fang Li.

Currently, Fang Li’s strength had increased by a large scale so he won’t be easily suppressed by Amatori Biba again.

“If I could promote my skills as well then I could easily beat Amatori Biba…”

Fang Li always kept in mind his weakness. His lack of combat skills. In this aspect he was a thorough beginner, it was only because he didn’t fear death and his Innate Skill that he managed to create his self-taught murder technique unlike the other rookies entering for the first time that needed to experience various bitter dangers and survive. Surviving in the first world was not only an issue of willpower but luck.

Even when Fang Li fought against the Fused Colony, luck was a very important aspect. Fang Li, however, didn’t want to pin his safety down to some illusory luck.

“Since the Attribute, Skill and Equipment aspects have been solved I should consider improving my combat skills.”

This issue was quite simple to solve actually. The Chief God’s Dimension had a region for training specially built for that purpose.

Chief God’s Dimension, Training Region

Compared to the grand stone pillars in the community area and the various stalls in the trading area, the training region looked very different.

There were no pillars that reached the sky but houses that made it look like a community where people were living. The landscape here was unusual as well. There was a huge white tower in the centre and there were buildings surrounding it.

After leaving the transmission gate, Fang Li arrived at the training region and the huge white tower caught his eye.

Seeing the white tower that reached into the clouds, Fang Li muttered, “Is that the Tower of Trials?”

Tower of Trials.

This was the most special existence in the whole of the Chief God’s Dimension. Why was it so special?

That’s because at the peak of this tower lived the most high-end existence here, the Chief God.

The Chief God lives in the topmost layer of the Tower of Trials. But the Tower had 100 floors each with a different trial meant to challenge all the Envoys.

It’s said that an Envoy that can complete all the trials can see the Chief God…

At that time, the Chief God will fulfil a desire for the Envoy.

That being the case, for the past trillion years, innumerable Envoys were like sharks that smelled meat as they unceasingly challenged the Tower of Trials, trying to reach the top floor where the Chief God was.

What a pity that until now, the number of Envoys that have managed to clear all the trials…Well, it can’t be said that there weren’t any. Just no one knew if people who passed the trial had seen the Chief God. At least, there was no news on it.

Therefore, the Tower of Trials is one of the main topics of discussion in the Chief God’s Dimension.

“Really makes me want to go there to take a look…”

Although Fang Li said that he held back. Participating in the trial had no conditions or requests but for someone that had just entered the Chief God’s Dimension like Fang LI he definitely wouldn’t be able to get any sort of outcome from it.

“Without even knowing any combat skills, wanting to challenge the Tower of Trials is too arrogant…”

Therefore, the matter that Fang Li needed to handle urgently now was to promote his combat skills.

While thinking so, Fang Li observed the surrounding buildings. Each of the buildings were different sizes and colours. Some had front doors and some had grey doors.

“Red means it’s occupied and grey means it’s not, so I should be able to rent one easily?”

Fang Li recalled the knowledge given to him and looked at a building, he touched the door.

A System Notification resounded in his head.

“You have chosen the Fifth Rank Training ground, enter now?


“The Fifth Rank training ground costs 500 Exchange Points a day, 1000 for three days and 2000 for ten days, please choose.”

“Ten days.”

“Successfully rented, 2000 Exchange Points consumed, you have the right to use this training ground for ten days.”

After the notification finished, the door in front of Fang Li turned red and the number 『11273』appeared on it to let people know who was using it.

Fang Li entered the door and appeared in the training ground. What he saw was a pure white stainless room with no furniture or decorations.

The door behind him closed automatically. Fang Li took a step into the pure white training ground. When he stopped in the middle, an interface similar to the one shown in the auction room appeared in front of Fang Li.

Seeing this interface, Fang Li nodded.

“It was mentioned that this training ground can be given various settings and training as well as simulate training programs to help Envoys train.”

Fang Li hesitated before clicking on the settings interface. Fang Li chose the Battle setting.

He then set the object he will be fighting in the setting. After finishing, the surroundings changed and turned into a gloomy alley.

In front of Fang Li there was a person. This person wore a student uniform and had a slim figure, in his hand he was gripping a dagger tightly.

Fang Li stared at the opposite party. At the next moment, the youth raised his head and exposed a pair of eyes.

A pair of Ice Blue Mystic Eyes.

Mystic Eyes of Death Perception.

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