Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 81

When Fang Li saw those ice blue Mystic Eyes reflected in his own eyes, his heart tightened. Facing a user of the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception…Now Fang Li knew what it felt like to face one.

His whole body’s temperature dropped as if a Death God was breathing in his ear making his heart want to stop at any time, giving him the feeling that his life could be taken at any time. This was a nightmarish feeling for an ordinary person.

However, this couldn’t be helped…Since anyone and anything in front of these Mystic Eyes is so very frail and can die easily.

With such a feeling pressing on him, Fang Li’s own Mystic Eyes appeared subconsciously.

Within the dim alley, two pairs of identical Mystic Eyes were looking at each other causing the surrounding temperature to instantly drop.

Fang Li ignored this atmosphere and looked straight at the youth in front of him.

“Shiki Tohno…”

This youth was named Shiki Tohno. Within the TYPE-MOON series, he is the main character of «Tsukihime»

He’s a youth that has the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception like Fang Li. Right now with the training ground’s simulation, this plot character that shouldn’t exist was standing in front of Fang Li.

There was only one goal for his existence.

To fight.


Like a switch being flipped, the knife in Shiki Tohno’s hand was flipped, showing the glittering ice cold blade. Seeing this Fang Li focused his eyes and similarly a moonlight dagger appeared in his palm.

But before Fang Li could do anything…

*Pu Chi*

A sharp noise tore through the air. Blood splashed all over the sky. Fang Li’s pupil’s shrunk. All he saw was the previously standing in front of him Shiki Tohno had instantaneously appeared in front of him, indifferently staring at him with those ice blue mystic eyes.

In his hand, the dagger had turned into a streak of light that sliced off Fang Li’s arm holding the dagger. Fang Li couldn’t even feel the pain before the youth with the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception plunged the dagger into Fang Li’s heart.


The image of the dim valley vanished and turned back into the original space. In the centre of the space, Fang Li was standing there with a dull expression, his hand was holding a dagger while another covered his heart. He was speechless for quite a while.

Perhaps for someone who had no idea what happened, they’d think it was all just an illusion. However Fang Li knew that what just happened could have been reality in some sense.

The training and fights in the training ground is only a simulation however the feelings felt is real.

In other words, although that was merely a simulation, just now Fang Li was truly killed.

He was insta-killed by a youth with the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception…

“Is this the disparity…”

Recalling that un-suspenseful fight, Fang Li couldn’t speak. Within Fang Li’s settings, Shiki Tohno’s attributes were completely similar to Fang Li’s. In other words, even in terms of physical ability, Fang Li was completely on par with Shiki Tohno. In addition, they both had the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception. The two of them were almost indistinguishable.

But the end result was Fang Li getting insta-killed…

“Is this because of combat skills?”


Because of combat skill.

Shiki Tohno’s old name is Shiki Nanaya. Within the TYPE-MOON world, he’s the descendant of one of the Four Great Demon Hunter Clans, the Nanaya Clan.

Although the Nanaya Family is a Demon Hunter Family, the clan’s speciality is actually Assassination. Within the Demon Hunter circles, the people from this clan are known for their Martial Arts that break through the human limits.

They can move in a unique way using the surrounding environment, using a strange way to walk that allows them to surmount the peak speed of a human being and act like a spider with their strange footwork which allows them to suddenly accelerate then suddenly stop at high speed. They can also use their Nanaya Assassination arts extremely quickly on a target in their field of view.

The main characteristics of their skills are in speed and movement technique.

By using these peak Assassination techniques with the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception. This allows Shiki Tohno to kill off any number of inhuman existences, even a Vampire that ranked amongst the best…He was simply tyranical to the point of causing dread.

Under the pretext of having completely equal physical abilities and attributes, Fang Li was still insta-killed by his Assassination Techniques.

“However as I recall, Shiki Tohno only learned the most basic self-defence skills within the Nanaya Assassination arts…”

Fang Li had no idea what to say. Even the most basic self-defence techniques were so fearful…?

Although there was a factor of negligence on Fang Li’s part for being in a daze for awhile but no matter what that shouldn’t have caused an insta-kill right?

Shiki Tohno could only use the most basic foundation of the Nanaya Assassination Arts and he was already this fearful, if someone could use all of it wouldn’t they be even more fearful?

Thinking of this, Fang Li’s relaxed mentality tightened once again.


At that moment, Fang Li clicked on the interface and entered the simulation again.

The match was naturally, Shiki Tohno.

This time, Fang Li was paying complete attention and focusing on the battle.

With that being the case, Fang Li finally noted that Shiki Tohno was moving sideways and stopping allowing him to counter.

However, this instant acceleration then stopping and moving sideways was only part of the Nanaya Assassination Arts.

The Nanaya Assassination Arts’ genuine fearfulness was in its ability to use the surroundings to move in a unique way, the rapid movement and footwork caused a unique effect.

Within the Nanaya Assassination Arts, there were『Attacking』 and 『Movement』 styles.

The first style was named Flashing Scabbard.

The second style was named Flashing Dash.

Shiki Tohono only studied the foundational techniques so he had no magnificent and splendid styles but during the fight, his movement was like a spider. Sometimes he was on the ground, sometimes he was on the wall, sometimes he was head to head, sometimes he retreated, this swift and violent movement made Fang Li only able to barely resist.

When Shiki Tohno’s blade movement turned strange as well, Fang Li could no longer resist.

*Pu Chi!*

By being a bit careless, Fang Li’s neck was sliced directly, causing it to spurt out massive amounts of blood.

The training ground once more turned into its original appearance.

Right now, Fang Li was really excited.


The dim alley appeared yet again and the youth immediately shot in front of Fang Li.

Fang Li’s training has begun.

More explanation for the Nanaya Assassination Arts
Flashing Scabbard (閃鞘, Sensa?), the ability to attack extraordinarily quickly, and Flashing Dash (閃走, Sensō?), the ability to move so quickly as to appear to teleport, the Nanaya were able to move like spiders to use walls and ceilings as their footholds, and use unpredictable movements to confuse the opponent.

Key features 
– Instant Acceleration and deceleration
– Random rapid movement of the body
– Using the environment to attack from any direction like a spider
– Instant attacks from any direction

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