Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 82

In the following few days, Fang Li put in all his energy into the Training Grounds, besides sleeping as well as eating and drinking all his time was spent on training.

To be more accurate, all of it was spent battling Shiki Tohno.

After experiencing the first disastrous defeat, Fang Li spent the evening calming down and contemplating his mistakes.

“Training ground… The training ground’s goal is to train me and not find me, someone, to kill, so if I want to beat Shiki Tohno just fighting him is insufficient.”

“Our Physical Ability is quite similar and our ability is the same, only combat skills are different.”

“Therefore, to defeat Shiki Tohno, I need to make progress on my combat skills.”

Then, how to make progress?

Very simple, through observation.

“The Nanaya Assassination Arts are martial arts that break through the human body’s limit, even though Shiki Tohno only studied the foundational parts, after specialised training, it’s still worth me learning.”

Therefore from that day onwards, when Fang Li and Shiki Tohno were fighting, he would observe the movements of Shiki Tohno.

“Originally I can also parry in this way.”

“This movement seems a little difficult, but since Shiki Tohno can do it then with my similar Physical Ability I should also be able to do it.”

“Right, my steps need to be more flexible.”

“Right now I should ignore my instincts and move subconsciously, allowing my body to move freely and with greater effectiveness.”

Fang Li is currently a Chief God’s Envoy focusing on physical attacks.

Even if the physical strength was the same if the manoeuvrability, accuracy and muscle movement was different or even the posture was different then the strength that could be shown would be totally different.

Smooth movement can help conserve stamina and allow for flexibility.

The difference would be being able to deliver a swifter and more violent attack as well as more flexible movement.

It was exactly because Fang Li lacked this that he could never beat Shiki Tohno.

Therefore, Fang Li’s goal currently is to study all these skills and use it for himself as his own.

It had to be said that for Fang Li, choosing Shiki Tohno as his match was truly the right choice. Shiki Tohno only knew the most basic foundation of the Nanaya Assassination Arts, he hadn’t learned the truly profound and exquisite styles within so naturally, the skill he showed was only the foundational level.

Since it was just the foundational level, it was easier to learn.

As a beginner in combat fighting, if Fang Li was directly shown those high-level exquisite techniques, let alone understanding, he’ll likely just be dazzled by them.

But, if it was just the foundational level, then it was uncertain.

As the matter stands, Fang Li could act according to Shiki Tohno’s movement and improve his own combat skills so he could build himself a thick foundation.

“This part should be like this.”

“Right, right, this.”

Fang Li completely immersed himself.

Also who knew if it was because Fang Li was constantly immersed or after the constant battling, Fang Li managed to get accustomed to it, Fang Li’s movement started to show signs of having some combat experience.

But there wasn’t any sort of magic, after renting the training ground for three days, Fang Li finally managed to see through Shiki Tohno’s movement by luck and took the opportunity to kill Shiki Tohno.

With the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, life and death was just a split second.

Naturally, when the enemy was human, the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception’s effects were not actually that prominent. After all the most major function of the Mystic Eyes was the ability to ignore defences and disregard the process, allowing for death directly even if the match had self-healing, strong resistance or even immortality, it was all useless.

However, humans were frail existences from the beginning. With the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, if the blade hit a death line then the match even they didn’t die they’d be seriously injured. Without the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, the enemy would still be injured seriously if they didn’t die.

Therefore, if the enemy was also a human, the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception’s effects were not too prominent, hitting the Death Lines was easy and not much effort was needed to cause serious damage.

Therefore, only when faced with inhuman existences can the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception show its formidable effects.

For example with the Kabane, they had a steel membrane protecting their heart, if their heart was not crushed they wouldn’t die, but in front of the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception those defences were non-existent, their strong life force was also wasted, so long as the death line was cut, they’ll die.

For example with a Vampire, even if they had an undying body, in front of the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, if their hands and feet were chopped they couldn’t heal it, their wounds would not close, they’d still end up dying under any ordinary blade.

Naturally, the application of the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception was not just limited to this.

For example, Fang Li could kill the Kabane virus with the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception.

For example, Shiki Ryougi could kill diseases and even concepts with the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception.

For example, Shiki Tohno could kill any existence with the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception.

One could only say that even with the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, there were many aspects that Fang Li had to develop as well.

But, just facing the average mortal, the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception was truly not that prominent.

Taking this into consideration, besides simulating Shiki Tohno in the training ground like before, he also simulated another user of the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, Shiki Ryougi to fight.

Finally, he was oppressed brutally.

The Ryougi Family that Shiki Ryougi is from is also one of the Four Great Demon Hunter Families.

Moreover, compared to the only assassination Nanaya Clan, the Ryougi Family’s development was more all rounded.

Compared to Shiki Tohno that had only studied the foundational Assassination Techniques, Shiki Ryougi was taught martial arts from childhood and was skilled in multiple martial arts not to mention sword techniques as well.

If Shiki Ryougi was just using a dagger then Fang Li could still fight her, but if she threw away the dagger and used a Katana then Fang Li would be miserably suppressed…

That being the case, Fang Li had not only not been able to win against Shiki Tohno again, he could never win against Shiki Ryougi even once which made him quite depressed.

Time passed by bit by bit as Fang Li immersed himself in the fights with the two similar ability users.

The renting time of the training ground would finally end, Fang Li had used it all up.

Ten days passed by just like that.

But on this day, Fang Li would set off on a journey once more, it was time to enter the second Dungeon World!

“Ten days passed by so quickly?”

Looking at the door of the Training Ground turning from red to gray, Fang Li sighed and walked in the direction of his residence.

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