Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 99

Properly speaking, since Fang Li was able to retreat without any issues than to avoid the Russian Branch’s searching he should be low key and hold back rather than to directly attract hostility.

However like mentioned before, the Russian Branch would definitely look towards the Far East Branch’s people. They would definitely be the biggest suspects to the Russian Branch.

That being the case, Fang Li just did the opposite of common sense and instead of being low key directly enraged the captain. With that, although the captain will still target Fang Li and create obstacles however by mentioning him using his position to address a grievance, his suspicion will actually reduce instead.

Having this idea, Fang Li just put on a careless expression and directly enraged the captain.

Seeing the performance of the enraged captain, Fang Li’s mouth raised as he asked, “Then captain, can I trouble you to tell this sloppy soldier that never responded to the alarm about what happened?”

“Good!” The captain was so angry he laughed and said, “I want to see exactly what you think!”

Although the captain was angry, he was definitely not going to explain to Fang Li personally.

Therefore, the captain ordered a soldier to tell him the entire matter and explain to the rest of the Far East Branch’s people.

Hearing that a trespasser had managed to hide from everyone and infiltrate the main facility, everyone showed no response. After all, regarding Fang Li’s ability, although Rindou Amamiya and the rest didn’t understand it they had a basic idea.

He could even suppress a medium sized Aragami and had such flexible movement and footwork, even if they couldn’t understand everything, infiltrating the Russian Branch’s main facilities wasn’t too unbelievable.

However, when they heard that when the trespasser was discovered he had captured a God Eater then had actually destroyed the wall of the training ground and escaped, Rindou Amamiya, Sakuya Tachibana, Soma and Hibari’s faces all changed as they shot a look at Fang Li.

Rindou Amamiya then thought for a while and raised his hand to speak.

“We understand now, sorry but no one here could have been the trespasser right?”

Those words caused all the soldiers to be startled.

“Why is it impossible?” The captain coldly asked and said, “Captain Amamiya, I hope you can give us an explanation.”

“Simple.” Rindou Amamiya continued, “According to what you said, the trespasser has the ability to capture a a God Eater so he should at least be a God Eater.”

Rindou Amamiya held up Fang Li’s hand and lifted it, allowing everyone to see as he said, “However as you can see here, this soldier is just an average person, not a God Eater, how could he be a suspect?”

To identify a God Eater was quite simple. If one carefully looked, on the wrists of Rindou Amamiya, Sakuya Tachibana and Soma, they all had a clumsy screw like bangle. This was a special purpose bangle for God Eaters.

This bangle was merged with the God Eater’s wrist so only if their hand was chopped off else it wasn’t possible to remove it.

Using the bangle was quite simple, it was connected to the God Eater’s God Arc and used nerves to control it, this allowed the God Eaters to use this biological weapon.

Meanwhile, the bias factor that God Eaters needed was also poured into from this bangle.

Furthermore, this bangle had other uses as well such as being able to transmit electronic waves allowing it to connect to the God Eater terminals as well as functioning as ID.

Therefore, it was impossible for God Eaters in this world to have no bangle. Naturally, since Fang Li hadn’t transitioned into a God Eater he didn’t have such a bangle.

Therefore, Fang Li couldn’t have been a God Eater. As a Fenrir member, the captain couldn’t deny this truth.

However, the captain continued to argue and say, “Although it ws a God Eater that was captured, the other party was just a rookie with no combat experience, even if she had formidable physical ability she could lose to a soldier that was good at fighting let alone she had no God Arc she could definitely have lost to a normal person.”

Those words weren’t exacltly wrong actually. For example, Fang Li when he was at the Chief God’s Dimension, wasn’t he instantly killed by Shiki Tohno who had the same physical ability at the time?

If it was just a rookie, then even a God Eater could lose to a brave soldier. Therefore this wasn’t really an impossible occurence.

“Then what about the issue of the wall that was destroyed?” Rindou Amamiya shrugged and said, “Although I have no idea how thick the Russian Branch’s walls are, it’s impossible for them to be so thin that an average person could cut through it right?”

Right now the captain was at a loss.

This was something the captain couldn’t refute at all. At that moment, the captain could only say, “Even if it wasn’t him, the Far East Branch still has suspects, you have three God Eaters here, if it were you then you could do it.”

Hearing these words, regardless of anyone else’s response, Fang Li smiled. Such a smile instantly made the captain flare up and shout, “Am I wrong?!”

“No I didn’t say you’re not right captain.” Fang Li innocently said, “Only, we all know that the God Eater’s bangles can send out a signal showing their position and the bangles can’t be removed, so if you just look up the electric signals of the three God Eaters then wouldn’t you know if they invaded the facility?”

“This…” The captain was speechless.

Since it wasn’t Fang Li, it wasn’t the other God Eaters, it’s impossible for Hibari an operator right?

Finally, the captain could only angrily leave with his army…


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