Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 100

Gazing at the captain hastily retreating with the other soldiers, Fang Li’s group relaxed secretly.

“For the time being, be honest.” Sakuya Tachibana looked at Fang Li and asked with a smile, “Tell us, how did you destroy the wall of the training ground?”

Soma and Hibari also looked at Fang Li, clearly, they were also curious about this issue.

It’s a pity that Fang Li had no idea how to explain. The Mystic Eyes of Death, even if Fang Li told them about it, they wouldn’t know what it was right?

Compared to the inconceivable God Eaters, the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception were clearly even more inconceivable.

After all, to be precise, the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception was more like a superpower that couldn’t be explained with science therefore it wasn’t easy for others to understand.

Even if they could understand, Fang Li wouldn’t want to disclose the true power of the Mystic Eyes.

Otherwise, perhaps Fang Li would be captured by all the crazy scientists in the world to be studied…

This wasn’t a stange matter. It had to be known that during the current period, all humans long for methods to overthrow the Aragami and get back control over the Earth.

Therefore, in order to overthrow them no one would dislike having too many test pieces. Fang Li could affirm that his Mystic Eyes of Death Perception could make all these people frantic. Therefore, he didn’t want to casually disclose his ability.

Fang Li then said, “If you could just treat this as one of my techniques I’d be grateful.”

In other words, no comment.

“Then we won’t ask.” Rindou Amamiya lit up another ciggarrete and smoking like a chimney again he forced a smile and said, “only, if you dare to still call yourself an ordinary soldier, I can’t guarantee I won’t punch you…”

At least, Rindou Amamiya had never seen such a fierce soldier!

“Fang Li san is really an inconceivable person.” Hibari forced out a smile as well.

“Snort…” Soma lost all interest.

“No matter what, it’s good that you weren’t exposed.” Sakuya Tachibana smiled at Fang Li.

“Thanks for the trouble.”

“Trouble is unimportant.” Fang Li was not talking cockily like before and sighed softly, “Only it’s a pity that all that trouble didn’t provide any harvests.”

“Is that so?” Rindou Amamiya sat on the sofa and continued smoking as he said, “In other words, you really had no harvest?”

Hearing this Fang Li’s brow wrinkled.

Seeing Fang Li’s appearance, Sakuya Tachibana asked, “What’s wrong? Did you think of something?”

Everyone’s vision immediately focused on Fang Li’s body.

With that being the case, Fang Li then under everyone’s vision remembered when he was withdrawing he heard something. At that moment he jumped out from the facility, he remembered the captain issue a fuzzy order.

The captain only had a few words to say.

“Confirm the condition of That“, Fang Li said, “That’s what I heard the captain say at the time.”

“That?” Sakuya Tachibana and Soma were startled.

“That?” Hibari blinked with a confused look.

“That…” Rindou Amamiya was the same as Fang Li frowning and actually not smoking he muttered, “What exactly is That?”

This issue was naturally unable to be answered. However they could determine one thing. There was some secret in the Russian Branch. This secret was likely what brought in Aphrodite.

“What about it? Need me to inflitrate the place again?” Fang Li asked Rindou Amamiya, “Although, moving at this time would be troublesome, but I have the confidence to go back in and have no accidents this time.”

No matter what, so long as he doesn’t manage to investigate the Russian Branch’s secret Fang Li’s side quest couldn’t be completed!

That’s an A Rank side quest. The difficulty was high but so was the reward.

If he didn’t complete this quest then wanting to gain 5000 Exchange Points for Main Quest 3 would be really troublesome.

There’s no punishment for failure anyway, why not try?

Naturally no punishment didn’t mean that he could fail it and nothing would happen. If Fang Li invading the Russian Branch was exposed, he’d probably be eaten until even bones weren’t left by Fenrir.

But Fang Li was never afraid of danger after all.

Who knows if it’s because he saw Fang Li’s expression, Rindou Amamiya hesitated for a bit before saying, “Infiltrating now would be impossible, how about you go to the Russian Branch’s operation conference tomorrow with us?”

“Operational conference?” Fang Li asked, “Is this about Aphordite?”

“To be more precise it’s for the Aragami army.” Rindou Amami said, “We’re getting closer and closer to the time when the Aragami army will launch a large scale attack, according to the computations, they will arrive the Russian Branch the day after tomorrow, when they attack, this branch would pretty much be finished.”

“Therefore, we need to attack them before they arrive and stop them, annihilating them if possible.” Rindou Amamiya gazed at Fang Li and said, “When the time comes, we’ll carry out a conference and you can seize the chance to investigate to see if you can find anything.”

Fang Li hesitated.

The battle was tomorrow?

Then, was Fang Li going to attack as well?

Otherwise both Main quests 1 and 2 could not be completed.

Investigation and combat.

Tomorrow, Fang Li had to do both.

“I understand.” Fang Li nodded and said, “Tomorrow I’ll find a way to complete the mission.”

Rindou Amamiya smiled and said, “Then, I anticipate your performance.”

It seems like tomorrow was going to be a long day.


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