Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 101

The next day, the day was bright and in the Russian Branch many people were walking towards the central area where the main facility was housed.

Within the group of people, some were the Russian Branch’s God Eaters, some were researchers and there were also various senior millitary officials, it was definitely quite lively.

Only, everyone’s face had a serious expression. That’s because they all knew what sort of enemy the Russian Branch was up against.

In the crowd, the people from the Far East Branch were also mixed in, following the street towards the main facility.

The personnel included the main battle force of Rindou Amamiya, Sakuya Tachibana and Soma as well as Fang Li.

Walking on the street, Fang Li’s vision was focused in front but his attention was actually on the chatter in his surroundings.

“Did you hear? The main facility was invaded yesterday!”

“Naturally I heard about it, there was such a big hooha who wouldn’t know?”

“Who would dare to invade the Russian Branch?”

“That’s not the real issue, plenty of people here with various goals would want to invade the main facility, the real question is how could such a strategic location be so easily invaded?”

“Perhaps it was a God Eater from another branch?”

“That’s what everyone thinks, but if it’s a God Eater then the electric signal from the bangle would show where they were so who knows who actually invaded?”

“That’s true, what to do?”

“It’s all because those higher ups wanted to look for the person throughout the night that we lost so much sleep.”

“I hope that there won’t be anymore issues now.”

Similar words were being exchanged everywhere in whispers. The whispers were also accompanied by vague glances at Fang Li’s group.

Withstanding all the scrutinising eyeballs, Fang Li the main culprit didn’t care much but other people had some thoughts.

“Aiya aiya.” Rindou Amamiya spread out his hands and said, “It seems like we’re the key suspects.”

“There’s no helping it.” Sakuya Tachibana was helpless as she said, “Like you mentioned, we’re outsiders so being suspected is natural.”

“Really annoying.” Soma cursed.

Fang Li actually thought that the Russian Branch’s response wasn’t strange. After all, the commotion yesterday was quite big. Naturally, he didn’t think he was wrong.

When the Far East Branch ordered an investigation of the Russian Branch, this situation would’ve happened sooner or later. If not for the fact that Fang Li didn’t manage to take a Russian Branch minister hostage, the clamour would definitely be even bigger.

Therefore, Fang Li was still quite confident.

With that situation, everyone arrived at the main facility and entered. Different from yesterday, this time Fang Li entered normally. Entering the main facility, the people responsible issued them keycards allowing them to pass through.

However, this keycard was able to let them go to those important places as before, the jurisdiction was even smaller than the patrolling soldiers in fact.

Compared to inflitrating, using the keycard was much more convenient.

Therefore, Fang Li’s entire group headed towards the conference room.

At that moment, there was a commotion in the crowd.


Fang Li’s group all raised their heads and looked at the commotion. Everyone was immediately stupefied including Fang Li.

Shortly after, Fang Li was helpless.

“Is this the saying that enemies often cross each other’s paths?”

He could see that in the corridor, a young girl was walking in this direction.

She had silvery long hair.

A stature full of charm.

She also had an indifferent beautiful face.

Impressively, it was the chief criminal behind Fang Li’s failure, the young girl he confronted yesterday.

The people near the young girl were whispering in hushed voices.

“Is that the New Type in rumours?”

“I heard that the higher ups have a lot of expectations of her.”

“After all, a New Type is scarce…”

“Generally a God Eater needs a certain suitability to fuse with Oracle cells, not everyone can become a normal God Eater let alone a New Type.”

“I hope this New Type can give us some good data.”

Hearing the surrounding whispers, Rindou Amamiya, Sakuya Tachibana and Soma looked at each other and they were astonished.

“Didn’t think that there would actually be a New Type here.” Rindou Amamiya looked at the young girl and said, “No wonder she’s so popular.”

“I heard that the Russian Branch had a New Type.” Sakuya Tachibana said in a low voice, “It’s actually her?”

Even Soma looked at the young girl before taking back his vision.

Obviosly everyone was surprised about this girl’s existence.

Fang Li naturally knew why.

There were two classifications of God Eaters.

One type used close combat God Arcs such as the Greatsword, longsword or shortsword.

Rindou Amamiya was this type, using a long sword to God Arc, Soma was also this type using a Greatsword.

Another type used long range God Arcs, they were usually responsible for cover and support.

Sakuya Tachibana was this type, this allowed her to coordinate so well with Rindou Amamiya and Soma, creating an ideal team.

But recently, no matter if they were close combat or long range God Eaters, they were both called Old Types.

That’s because, Fenrir had recently developed a God Arc capable of changing shape at will allowing a God Arc to be both long and short range.

This God Arc was named the New Type God Arc.

Compared to the Old Type, the New Types were much more scarce. At least, there were none in the Far East Branch now.

But there was one here.

That’s this young girl.

Thought of as important by the Russian Branch’s higher ups, a scarce New Type God Eater.

Seeing the unemotional young girl giving off an air of indifference, Fang Li whispered in a sound that only he could hear, “Alisa Illinichina Amiella…”


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