Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 102

Under the scrutiny of everyone, Alisa seemed to have not realised anything and her charming face was still emotionless as before as if not being interested in anything while also being familiar with it. Each of her steps were steady as she walked in the direction of the meeting room at the end of the corridor.

That was the direction of Fang Li’s group.

“Will this New Type also be fighting?” Sakuya Tachibana was astonished and said, “Hasn’t it only been a short time since she joined the Russian Branch?”

This upcoming fight not only against thousands of Aragami but also against the Deusphage type Aphrodite. Facing these powerful enemies, the level of danger could only be imagined.

But Alisa was only a recently joined Russian Branch God Eater as well as a rare New Type. Normally, such a good candidate should be protected by the Russian Branch as much as possible not shoved into the front lines of the battlefield.

“She is the Russian Branch’s nova, after all, our Far East Branch may protect the rookies but others may have different ideas or methods that we don’t know about, anyway it’s not our problem.” Amamiya Rindou said while continuing, “Therefore, we should instead think of our issues.”

Rindou Amamiya then started walking towards the meeting room. Sakuya Tachibana and Soma followed as well. Seeing them, Fang Li could also only follow.

As the distance between Fang Li and Alisa closed they both arrived at the door to the meeting room and brushed past each other.

At this split second, the indifferent Alisa shot a look at Fang Li. Fang Li’s facial features made her eyes focus. Alisa seemed to have seen this before.

Although during the fight, the enemy had hidden his facial features under an army cap but from the silhouette and shape, Alisa truly has seen it.

Without any hesitation, Alisa fiercely extended her hand and held onto Fang Li.


With a clear sound, Fang Li’s hand that was about to pass through was held onto by Alisa. At this moment, Fang Li’s heart was tied tightly.

“Eh?” Rindou Amamiya, Sakuya Tachibana and Soma turned around and were startled at the scene. The surrounding people were also astonished.

“What happened?”

“What happened?”

“Did that soldier offend our New Type?”

The chatter was suddenly filling the entire corridor. However the two main characters didn’t pay attention to it.

Alisa was tightly grabbing Fang Li’s hand and staring at Fang Li’s face.

Fang Li looked straight back at Alisa. At this moment it was like there were only two of them in the world…

Both sides staring at each other and neither speaking.

When Rindou Amamiya, Sakuya Tachibana and Soma finally responded Fang Li finally uttered out uncertainly, “Excuse me, is there something wrong?”

Alisa didn’t reply but continued staring at Fang Li’s face.

After that she opened her mouth and asked in a low voice, “Is it you?”

These words made everyone confused and also cooled down Fang Li’s beating heart.

He thought he was exposed but it seems like the opposite party hadn’t confirmed that the trespasser yesterday was him, she just had a suspicion.

That was normal. After all, Alisa hadn’t managed to clearly see Fang Li’s full face and only remembered the outline. Even if the profile was similar there could only be some degree of suspicion.

Understanding this, Fang Li was certain and scrathed his head as his expression turned doubtful asking, “Do you know me?”

Hearing this, Alisa wrinkled her brows and sharply stared once more at Fang Li as if trying to make something out. The hand holding Fang Li’s was also getting tighter and tighter.

With that situation, Fang Li frowned and the people talking around them also started to get noisier.

“Rindou.” Sakuya Tachibana lowered her voice and said to Rindou Amamiya, “That New Type should be the rookie God Eater that encountered Fang Li yesterday?”

Rindou Amamiya didn’t reply, he’d also guessed this.

“That’s a little troublesome.”

It truly was troublesome.

Fang Li had only just shown his skills yesterday but there were no real faults yesterday with the infiltration it could almost have been said to be perfect. However, there was now an issue.

It’s not because Fang Li made a mistake, it’s just that his luck was not good that he bumped into such a thorny person like Alisa that managed to discover him.

But, Fang Li hadn’t shown any flaws after all. Therefore, it was only a small bit of trouble.

Rindou Amamiya was about to go forward to break them apart but Fang Li then said to Alisa, “Beautiful young lady, I don’t know what happened but if you want to have a chat then I’d be glad to keep you company.”

“But before that, can you loosen your hand, for average people like me a God Eater’s strength is pretty big…”

Hearing this, Alisa suddenly realised what she was doing and loosened her hand subconciously.

“Thanks.” Fang Li rubbed his hand and made the impression that it was really painful.

Seeing Fang Li like that, Alisa’s brow wrinkled even more as her look turned indifferent.

Finally, she turned around and not saying anything, she entered the meeting room.

The whispers in the surroundings blew up.

Rindou Amamiya, Sakuya Tachibana and Soma approached Fang Li.

“How are you?” Rindou Amamiya asked, “Alright?”

“Alright.” Fang Li shook his head and his expression was calm, “The girl hadn’t determined my status so it’s unimportant.”

“But were you suspected by her?” Rindou Amamiya continued asking, “Are there any issues?”

“No isses.” Fang Li showed a faint smile and looked into the meeting room muttering, “Only, it seems my luck isn’t quite good.”

But then again, this did conform the A Rank difficulty of this side quest.

“It seems I’ll need to consider what to do next.”


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