Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 103

Fang Li did not participate in the meeting. Or rather, Fang Li wasn’t qualified to participate. Only the senior officials and combat experts could participate in this meeting deciding the Russian Branch’s life or death.

For a general soldier like Fang Li, he had no right to participate.

Originally, Fang Li coming was not the participate in the meeting but to investigate the source of the Aragami attack. Therefore, he started to look here and there and find a Russian Branch soldier to ask around. It’s a pity that the Russian Branch’s soldiers were all very vigilant towards Fang Li’s group, no matter how much he asked he couldn’t find anything.

Actually, that’s a misunderstanding. Rather than saying he couldn’t find anything, these soldiers simply didn’t know any important secret.

Naturally, they wouldn’t be able to speak about it. But Fang Li did manage to get some information from a soldier, it was about『That』which the captain mentioned before.

“There truly is something special here, but we don’t know what it is, all we know is the captain thinks it’s important and there’s massive military personnel guarding it, he also told us that without his permission no one can enter, after the trespasser appeared yesterday the captain personally went to check it.”

But this seemed to have been like this for a long time. Therefore, the 『That』hidden and protected by the military gradually caused some rumours to appear.

“Perhaps that thing can save the world.”

That was the content of the rumour.

Precisely because of that, even if the soldiers were curious about 『That』they wouldn’t violate their orders just to see it.

Regarding this, Fang Li only had on thing to say.

“Suspicious, way too suspicious!”

No matter how he interpreted it, this was extremely suspicious.

“Furthermore, it’s too convenient.”

Although he didn’t know what 『That』was, the captain arranging all these things was openly telling people that this thing was very important.

“Could the rumour be intentional?”

In other words, rather than secretly doing everything, might as well let out some false news to make people keep away.

It’s like a haunted house where everyone knows that there are secrets inside but even if it was truly haunted, few would dare to find out.

In addition, the military commands here were strictly followed and they were all well-trained soldier so the probability of exposure was further reduced.

“Is the captain building that sort of haunted house scenario?”

But this was a secret worth investigating.

Therefore, Fang Li wanted to ask about the location of 『That』

However, before he could take the opportunity to ask, someone who shouldn’t be here appeared.

“What are you doing here?”

When this loud shout was heard, Fang Li’s eyes flickered and he closed his mouth immediately.

The soldier looked at the oncoming person and saluted shouting, “Captain!”

The person who came was exactly the captain.

The captain walked forward and shot a look at Fang Li before immediately scolding the soldier, “Our Russian Branch is in a critical situation now, being absent without authorisation won’t be solved with a mere scolding, pay attention!”

“Yes!” The soldier responded immediately and marched away.

At this moment the captain turned his head and looked at Fang Li dangerously.

A tense atmosphere filled the air. Fang Li raised his head and looked at the captain with the same frivolous look as before asking, “Do you have anything to tell me, captain?”

The captain was immediately enraged like yesterday.

As if recognising something, the captain asked seriously, “Was it Rindou Amamiya that made you gather information?”

Fang Li’s brow raised up. The general suspected the trespasser to be from the Far East Branch. But after yesterday’s confrontation, the captain thought it’d be impossible to be an ordinary soldier like Fang Li and would more likely be the God Eaters like Rindou Amamiya.

As for Fang Li, it seemed to be a subordinate Rindou Amamiya sent out to gather information.

Fang Li didn’t correct him and intentionally asked in an ignorant way, “What are you saying, captain? I don’t understand.”

Seeing Fang Li play dumb, the captain’s eyes narrowed.

At this moment, Fang Li could clearly see. He saw a flash of viciousness in the captain’s eyes.

But the captain actually smiled.

“No matter if you understand or not, you better remember that things that you shouldn’t know don’t ask about.” Saying this, the captain also said sincerely, “Otherwise, to protect himself, your boss wouldn’t mind sacrificing you.”

Leaving behind those words, the captain patted Fang Li’s shoulder and turned around to leave.

Seeing the captain going further away, Fang Li’s expression was quite weird.

“Is this to create conflict?”

At least he thought so.

The idea should be the captain wanting Fang Li to not trust Rindou Amamiya’s group and stop asking about information on 『That』

It had to be said that this was actually quite a smart move. It’s a pity that the captain was mistaken.

“I’m not helping Rindou Amamiya, I’m just finishing my quest, for everything else, could it be that you understand more than me about the plot?”

Fang Li laughed and shook his head, turning around and heading towards the conference room.

Since the captain appeared, the operation meeting should have ended?

Indeed, the meeting did end.

Furthermore, everything had been arranged. However, this wasn’t a good thing for the Far East Branch.

Rindou Amamiya came out of the conference room and said, “We won a big award.”


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