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MIWW Chapter 104 Part 1

Recap of previous chapter – Minghui witnessed the downfall of the elves and found the sacred tree of the elves. She leaned against it for a nap and then… she woke up back in the modern world?! What’s in store for our dear Minghui? 😉

As soon as Qian Wanyu entered the cold pool, she separated with everyone.

“Bai Ruo! Situ Hao! Li Yunan!”

She shouted three times but there was no one beside her.

She turned around and found herself on top of a peak full of lofty mountains, the clouds in the sky floating right in front of her, within reach, and with her water thunder whip in hand, she climbed to the top of the highest mountain looking down on the beings below the clouds. She saw a crowd of people as dense as ants on the ground.

“Qing Mo?”

The barrier in the sea of souls was gone but the person did not respond at all. She tried to sense the location of the little white tiger but found that the link between her and the tiger’s blood contract had been severed. The surrounding area was an expanse of white as if blocking her vision, she remembered Qing Mo saying that this was the three lives mirror, three lifetimes… judging from the name this was likely a scene from her present life, her future life or her past. The three lives mirror were indistinct and constantly changing, no one would be able to guess what would happen.

She found herself in a strange place above a mountain peak with just a piece of land below and a cliff of unknown depth. The peak was surrounded by white mist which she couldn’t see the bottom of. She looked into the distance and saw the outline of the entire seven-colored continent as if it were a part of the map.

In addition to the seven-colored continent, there was an ocean in between and several separated continents across the ocean, thus showing that the world was even wider than she had imagined.

Just after she sighed about how her horizons had expanded again, the white fog lifted and she saw the light again, she saw a person who looked almost exactly like her climbing up the mountain peak. At some point without knowing when, she stood on top of the lofty peak, standing with her arms folded and doing nothing yet the powerful aura intimidated all the creatures present. Even she herself was suppressed by the aura from the other side, she didn’t dare to approach easily. She saw her other point a finger to the sky and a five-colored light shout straight to the point she pointed at. The clear sky was suddenly full of coloured lights.

This light was exceptionally familiar, it was the product of her blending of five spiritual forces together. This light however seemed more refined than what she currently had, the power contained was more than a hundred times the strength of what she had in her body right now.

The one she used was still rough and needed improvement, comparing it to this light it was like the difference between heaven and earth like a mountain and an ant.


The other Qian Wanyu’s bright red lips lightly spoke.

In the sky which had been clear before, it seemed to change colours entirely. It was slowly turning black, black as if a plague swallowing the entire sky itself. Soon a small crack formed in the sky and she saw as that other her grabbed into the crack with her hands and tore it open making it larger and larger.

Sand and rocks flew up in the air, thunder and lightning flashed constantly. The ground around the mountain shook endlessly.

One after another lightning bolts shot down onto that incarnation of her as if wanting to swallow her whole. Qian Wanyu stood still, she was shocked by the surrounding pressure and couldn’t move she could only be anxious about the fate of that version of her.

Qian Wanyu saw her flick a sleeve and the thick lightning was easily flung aside.

“Quickly hide, God is angry.”

“It’s a lightning strike, we’re all going to die, go back, go back!”

“Owwww – mother.”

“No, please don’t step on him, that’s my baby!”

Qian Wanyu watched the world beneath her feet in chaos, the beings on the ground showed their fear, these ordinary people only saw the thunder rolling down and thought it was the anger of heaven and earth, but they did not know that it was all because of one person.

Qian Wanyu’s heart thumped, she frowned looking down from this place and could still see the shadow of the seven-colored continent. If that place still exists pondering over the words Qing Mo left behind as well as what she was seeing now, could it be that this version of her represented her future?

She wanted to go up to verify something but the world in front of her suddenly swayed and the picture became distorted, a blinding light flashed and she only had time to use her hand to slightly block the bright light. When she opened her eyes again, she found herself in an unfamiliar place again and it was inside a room.

It looked like an ancient house with old architecture that seemed quite rich or expensive. The room had a strong smell of sandalwood and the windows were tightly closed, a certain fragrance seemed to always be flowing in this small place. Qian Wanyu wasn’t used to this weird smell and she thought it was quite pungent.


There seemed to be another person behind a curtain.

Qian Wanyu walked over softly and saw a woman lying weakly on the bed on her side. The woman coughed lightly from time to time, she could not see the person’s featured but from the other side’s thin bony hands and clearly visible veins, she could guess that this person was sick.

Qian Wanyu walked closer and found that the room not only had a sandalwood scent, there seemed to be a very pungent and unpleasant smell of medicine. There was a handkerchief with blood stains thrown helplessly on the ground. The small table top on the side had a lot of accumulated dust and even some dried up bloodstains. There was a porcelain bowl on the table filled with a black medicinal juice, but like the bloody handkerchief on the ground, most of the contents were on the floor.

It was clear to her that whoever this person was she was not very favoured.

Without going up to check herself, she could feel that the person on the bed was losing her life force and would soon be dead. The reason why she was not dead yet was probably because of some obsession or she was still waiting for something.

She walked to the other side and saw some words on the desk, the words seemed unusual and she was about to lift it up to check but her hand went straight through.

“Fifth Aunt.”

“Fifth Aunt, are you there?”

“Fifth Aunt.”

A person outside probably saw that no one answered, so she took it upon herself to push open the door and poke her head in, “Fifth Aunt, it’s Ping’er, I’m here to see you, if you’re here answer me?”

“Ugh, cough cough cough.”

The person on the bed moved twice trying to support herself to sit up, but her thin and bony hands had no strength at all, she couldn’t do it even after trying twice in a row.

“Fifth Aunt, how is your body?”

“Cough, it’s… fine.”

The person on the bed was helped up by this girl called Ping’er, and only then did Qian Wanyu get a good look at the other party.

Before she had seen what appeared to be her future self and now it seemed like she was seeing another person who had some very similar features to her… Qian Wanyu’s face was calm, this person in front of her was very weak even talking seemed to be very hard, her lips were purple and under her eyes were heavy bruises, her concave cheeks were sunken and unhealthy overall the combined image didn’t make for a healthy image.

Qian Wanyu could tell at a glance that the other party had been poisoned.

“Fifth Aunt, you’ve become like this, why didn’t Master send someone to take care of you?”

The so called Fifth Aunt smiled weakly and coughed dryly two more times.

Throuh this conversation she could hear Ping’er talking recklessly about something, she revealed quite a bit of information about this place to her, especially about how two days later, it was the time for the master to welcome that young lady from the Bai family into the house.

When she heard this name, Qian Wanyu’s face sank. She obviously only likes Ninth Sister, when did she become what nonsense fifth aunt, this damned mirror, even if she was blind she wouldn’t marry such a pig.

Qian Wanyu waited until Ping’er went out and followed her out.

After turning a few corners and walking down a long road, Qian Wanyu saw a large garden with a rock formation and a woman dressed in a flowery dress was waiting at the corner, beckoning as soon as she saw Ping’er passing by.

“Ping’er, come here.”

“Third Miss.”

Qian Wanyu followed behind this Ping’er and saw Ping’er going up to that woman with heavy make up as they huddled behind the rock formation in the garden whispering in low voices.

“How is the matter I told you to do going?”

“Madam, the condition of fifth aunt is really bad, there shouldn’t be many days left.”

“How many days is a few days? In two days, the master will marry that so called fairy… We can’t do anything about this bitch now, but we can’t let her die too fast. If we can have a funeral and a happy event at the time, I’ll see the look on her face after that…”

Qian Wanyu soon understood what they were trying to scheme.

At midnight, Ping’er went to the remote small courtyard of the fifth aunt, she carefully pushed open the door but the house was dark, she carried a wet handkerchief along the way and went to the bed, “Fifth aunt?”

The person on the bed didn’t move at all.

Ping’er then boldly went to the edge of the bed, the person on the bed turned over uncomfortably and her eyes slightly narrowed half-opened.

“Fifth Aunt.”


“Fifth Aunt, don’t blame me, blame it on your unlucky life.”

Qian Wanyu stood in the corner of the room, looking at Ping’er immediately covering her with the handkerchief and forcefully pressing it against her face with a fierce look as she cried out, “If you want to blame someone for the injustice then just blame the master.”

She couldn’t help it…if Fifth Aunt did not die then she would be the one to die.

The person on the bed was already at the end of her life, plus she had been sick for a long time, after struggling in pain for a bit she gradually struggled no more, even the handkerchief that covered her face stopped moving.

Qian Wanyu seemed to be able to feel the suffocating breath and she slowly clenched her fist, a thick orb of spiritual energy gathered from on her hand and she wanted to just to destroy everything in front of her. Then, the picture in front of her quickly changed again…

The fatal blow she was about to make instantly evaporated as if she had punched cotton. She had obviously wanted to just instantly destroy the room but soon when she came back to her senses she found herself in another place yet again.

It was the side of a road in the modern-day filled with traffic, a four-way road with all kinds of luxury cars flowing to and fro rushing away from her. The sky above was gray and overcast very unlike the blue skies she was used to it looked as if it was about to rain.

It had to be said this was truly a very strange environment for her.

On a big screen in front there were figures scurrying around and loud flashes of light. They were speaking words she could not understand and making gestures she could not comprehend.

Qian Wanyu retreated to a greenish area with trees in the surroundings and saw a sneaky man with his hands in his coat pockets. His tiny eyes seemed fixed on a woman who was burying her head into a bag, she was holding a strange object in one hand and her mouth was moving as if she was speaking but she didn’t know what this woman was saying.

She looked at the sneaky man looking at the surroundings pretending not to care but just when he walked close enough to the woman, he rushed over at lightning speed and snatched the woman’s bag!

To Qian Wanyu however, all his movements were extremely slow, compared to the skill of Xuan Zhu, it was simply a difference of heaven and earth. Yet, this woman had actually fallen for it…?

“Ah, catch him it’s a thief! Catch this thief!”

Qian Wanyu stood thoughtfully watching the other side being shocked for three seconds before shouting. The water thunder whip in her hand was drawn and flung out, the tip of the water thunder whip partially touched the thief’s back, only to penetrate straight through his back instead.

She watched as the thief jumped twice in a row from the green grass, turned a corner and disappeared. The woman who was just chasing after him with a strange pair shoes on her feet had only managed to run halfway before tripping and falling scraping her knees and bruising her feet and palms.

“How weak…”

After experiencing two strange worlds in a row, Qian Wanyu saw that this woman seemed extremely unbearable and weak. With a familiar tyrannical aura flowing around in her heart, she walked with a grim face to the place where her water thunder whip had fallen and squatted down to pick it up.

Wee woo wee woo wee woo

A strange box like thing stopped in the distance, outside of it came out four people dressed in white carrying a stretcher. Those four people carried away the woman who had fallen to the ground before and got into the car.

Qian Wanyu has figured out a certain pattern, following the first person version of her she had met she seemed to always be shown various strange things that she wanted to check clearly in these worlds.

“This place is really strange.”

Not only the clothing of the people but all these strange things made Qian Wanyu feel uncomfortable. She wanted to grab someone to ask for some clarification but her hands couldn’t touch anyone. It was like she was a bystander in the world and no one could see her. As she had no real goal or destination she followed the woman and the four people on the strange box.

“This lady has injuries on her palms and ankles, send her to Dr Jane for a look.”

“Also call the police for this lady, her bag was snatched.”

Qian Wanyu could not understand the words in their mouths but she could probably deduce what they meant from what had just happened. When they got off she followed them as they pushed the lady in the stretcher up on an elevator to the third floor. When the elevator moved, she stood motionless prepared for any eventuality until it stopped on the third floor. Only then did she let out a sigh of relief.

“Dr Jane is on the early shift today and will soon be off duty.”

The head nurse briefly went through the other party’s case and found that it was just a minor abrasion, not a difficult case. She immediately instructed them to push the person in.

Qian Wanyu naturally followed them all the way in and then she heard a familiar word… doctor.

She frowned and searched her brain for a moment to make sure of where she had heard this word before and then remembered it seemed to be something Wei Junlan had mentioned before.

Soon, she met the Dr Jane that the head nurse had just spoken of. The other party was wearing a mask covering half her face and a white coat. She had gloves on her hands and seemed very familiar with handling wounds, in a matter of minutes, the wounds of the lady just now were all dressed up and bandaged by her.

“Okay, try not to get water on the wound when you go home and check on it once every three days.” Jane Tong Yao spoke to the lady and quickly scribbled down the patient’s specific situation on some paper. Then after handling the situation, she handed it to her.

Qian Wanyu stood behind her from the beginning to the end, quietly looking at the handwriting on the paper, the familiarity she felt from this Dr Jane when treating that lady’s wound made her curious. She watched as the group of people left the room again.

Dongfang Minghui saw the moment the door closed and immediately took off her mask and ripped off the gloves. The one just now should be the last patient for today. She could finally leave work early, thinking of how there was still a pregnant woman waiting for her at home, she hurriedly put back her doctor’s coat and changed her own clothes, carrying a handbag as she left the hospital.

Qian Wanyu watched her run to a vegetable market to carry a large fish, and then run into the supermarket to buy a variety of food, she followed this doctor all the way back to her residence. Seeing someone who looked identical to her opening the door she was really shocked, what was even more alarming was when she heard this Dr Jane happily entering the door and the first sentence she said was… Seventh sister.

“Tong Yao?”

The other person held her up and moved away from the door, with a faint smile on her face, “What did you buy today?”

Tong Yao took off her shoes and put all the vegetables she bought at the market just now into the kitchen, especially the big fish. She put a little water in the sink and afterwards stuffed all the yogurt and things she bought from the supermarket into the refrigerator.

“Just a little bit of your favorite yogurt and some other stuff, tonight we’ll boil fish head tofu soup, and make a scrambled tomato egg, I’ll get it ready soon.”

After she finished, she put an apron on and helped Seventh sister to sit on the sofa, she quickly handed her another cup of hot milk, “Seventh sister, sit down for a while, it’ll be ready soon.”

When she left, she also turned on the TV and searched for a very amusing cartoon, Tom and Jerry for Seventh sister to watch.

Dongfang Minghui, also known as Jane Tong Yao, her father’s surname was Jane and her mother’s surname was Tong, she was born with a combination of both their surnames and ended up with the name Jane Tong Yao. Later, the couple divorced, her father ran away to marry another woman and didn’t intend to take her. She followed her mother and enrolled in a medical university, becoming a surgeon but the name on her ID card has never changed.

The last time she met Seventh sister in the hospital, she found out that Seventh sister was not only pregnant, but also seemed to have lost her memory. In the words of doctors, it was caused by the concussion from the accident and she would probably recover in a few months.

Seventh sister was brought to the hospital with nothing on her body without any identification or documents.

But this is exactly how Dongfang Minghui preferred it. Dongfang Minghui spent a little effort to set things straight and spent some money to get a copy of all of Seventh sister’s ID cards, fake ones, of course.

“Pregnant women can’t eat food that is too salty.”

She carefully made a few dishes, not too many but it still took over an hour to make the soup. Every now and then she poked a head out of the kitchen to look down the hall at Seventh sister who was sitting with a serious face watching a cartoon on TV.

“Even that serious expression is the same. If anyone says you’re not seventh sister I’m the first to call that person a liar!”

At first she also actually doubted whether the person in front of her was Seventh sister, a similar face can deceive however a person’s small movements and expressions were not so easy to mimic. After Dongfang Minghui took her back, it didn’t take long for her to accept this Seventh Sister.

Qian Wanyu stayed close behind her and listened to her murmurings.

Since the shock of entering the house to everything now, Qian Wanyu was sure of one thing, this Dr. Jane in front of her was the Ninth Sister she had been longing for. Her appearance had changed but she was sure that this was her Ninth Sister, she reached out her hand to touch her but her hand ended up penetrating through the other side’s body.

Dongfang Minghui secretly looked at the person in the sofa for a while, then went back to her kitchen to continue watching the soup, not knowing that all her actions were also seen in the eyes of Qian Wanyu.

Qian Wanyu followed her in and out, she kept asking herself the question, why isn’t she the one sitting next to her right now? No, well it was technically her as well… She tried to touch her for the first time and could only feel the pain of seeing but not touching.

After having dinner and sending Seventh sister back to her room, Dongfang Minghui went back to her own room.

She changed into a set of pajamas and sat cross-legged, trying to cultivate and practice to see if there were any changes.

Qian Wanyu stood on the side watching her toss and turn, then she realized a bigger problem. Was this… their future?

But, she had just experienced her future self?

Qian Wanyu had no clue what was going on, all she could do was follow Ninth sister every day, watching her leave early and return late. Sometimes she would work overtime and do one more surgery. When Ninth Sister was exhausted, she has to drag her tired body to buy food and cook for this other self.

For the first time in her life, Qian Wanyu hated how useless she was…

In the blink of an eye, half a year passed by like this.

“Wow, Seventh sister, take it easy.” Dongfang Minghui watched Seventh sister’s belly turn into a round ball, she was like an old mother worried about her 24 year old daughter. As soon as she came back from the hospital, she took Seventh sister for a walk downstairs.

In the room upstairs, she bought a lot of books on precautions for pregnant women. She had made sure to take care of various situations pregnant women might encounter in the past ten months. She was also a doctor anyway so the books were fairly easy to absorb. In addition, she also consulted some doctors in the gynecology department of the hospital to get the best knowledge on anything she was unclear of in the books.

“Little nine, you do not worry.”

“Look, your feet are swollen.”

Dongfang Minghui muttered in a small voice, although there was a small gap between this big-bellied Seventh sister in front of her and the handsome and cool Seventh sister in her mind, she could still accept it, when the baby was born, their family of three could live a peaceful life.

“Aren’t all pregnant people like that?”

“That’s true.”

Dongfang Minghui had imagined in the past that if she could go back to modern times, she and Seventh sister would go to an orphanage to adopt a beautiful girl, but she didn’t expect that this wish would come true soon.

Qian Wanyu was standing beside them, quietly watching them trying to support each other, a little jealous of this version of herself in front of her.

TN: AHAHAH Qian Wanyu is jealous of herself how cute can she get >///<

After another half month, Dongfang Minghui was tapped to wake up while sleeping, and as soon as she opened her eyes, she saw Seventh sister’s frail smiling face.

“Seventh sister?”

“I’m going to give birth.”

Dongfang Minghui took a look and her face changed, holy shit! She hurriedly rummaged under her pillow to find her cell phone and dialed 120.

TN: 120 is the ambulance number in china good to keep in mind if you ever travel there haha

Whew what a rollercoaster, even I got a bit mad at our Wanyu getting bullied by the mirror! 😉

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