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MIWW Chapter 103 Part 2

“Run! The dark elves are coming again!”

A loud shout came from afar, those miserable screams seemed to be ringing and screaming right next to her ears. She noticed that this place was different from the first few peaks she had been in before, this place was surrounded by trees, it seemed to be a really big forest without the Qian Family’s tall peaks.

She woke up from her sleep and it seems Uncle Wood and Seventh sister’s mother were gone.

The important thing was that she seemed to have heard something about elves.

“Little white, let’s go check it out.”

She walked forward, followed by a big powerful tiger. The big tiger walked alongside her and rubbed her thighs, lying down on its forelimbs, signalling her to sit on it. After some hesitation and refusal, eventually, Dongfang Minghui could not resist and climb up on the back of the little white tiger.


Little white roared up to the sky, she seemed to hear the birds and animals scared enough to fly away. She lightly patted the little white tiger’s head, “Quickly follow the sound to see what happened.”

Little white immediately rushed forward, Dongfang Minghui fell backwards and almost rolled off the tiger’s back from the huge force. Fortunately, the tiger’s back was big enough.

The road was still far away but passed by quickly with little white’s speedy running, they soon reached a forest. Grass and trees were withered, many large tree trunks hung down powerlessly, many seemed to have been broken and some seemed sickly to the point that the branches and leaves lost their lustre.

In the woods, the ground was not wide enough so they bumped into some trees here and there. Running around inside it seemed as if even the sunlight had gotten cut off and the air seemed to have a damp smell.

As soon as she walked in she felt uncomfortable all over her body, she patted Little white, which bent down. As she stepped on the ground she could still feel the ground full of sadness she could not communicate with these plants but somehow a sense of unbearable difficulty arose in her heart.


A person and a tiger quietly walked in this gloomy forest. After walking for almost an hour, she saw a dead forest, the trees in the forest had turned into deadwood, the empty and desolate ground was full of corpses and they had incomparably white wings as well as long hair that was so long that it touched their feet. Most of all they all had a pair of unique ears, she heard Lu Xing say that the ears of the elves were used to catch information from the wind, and the wings could replace their legs to improve speed along with allowing them to fly in the air.

She squatted down and carefully probed the bodies of the elves but her hand went straight through their bodies, “It’s the same thing again.”

Just like what she saw before with Uncle Wood and Seventh sister’s mother, she was a bystander in this world and could only watch these painful things happen from the sidelines yet could do nothing about it. She heard the sound of an arrow whiz past her ear, and she instinctively dodged before realizing that whether she dodged or not, the arrow couldn’t hurt her.

The arrow that shot at her finally fell into the corpse below her, and she heard a snort. It seemed an elf who hadn’t died couldn’t escape the fate of being killed.

“Black wings?”

She slowly stood up, several black elves were flying in mid-air appearing out of nowhere, they looked a little different from the elves, aside from the different colours of their wings, even their hair and skin colour were different.

Their hair was between white and silver, lifting and swaying with the wind, plus there was a hint of disdain as their cold eyes scanned over the corpses. A figure suddenly flashed in her mind as these eyes seemed very familiar.

“Meng Yixiao…”

If Meng Yixiao had a pair of black wings as well as those pointy ears… there would be no difference at all from these people in front of her!

She did not have time to think more, she watched as several black elves flew in one direction, she immediately climbed on the back of the little white tiger, “Little white, catch up with them.”

She wanted to see what they wanted to do.

“The tree of life has been infected but you people still expect a tree to save the elves, simply ridiculous, just obediently surrender and we may keep your lives.”

Dongfang Minghui sat on the back of Little white, watching the two armies fighting, one side was the elven people, the other side the dark elven people, the two tribes numbered about a hundred or so, they each held their bows and arrows pointed at each other. It seemed like a battle would break out at any moment.

“Lu Qi, you traitor of the elves, the queen will never let you go!”

“Could it be that I have come to the land of the elves?”

Listening to all these elves and the mention of the Queen, Dongfang Minghui touched her nose, she felt like she was dreaming, maybe the script gods wanted her to know more about the plot and decided to play out this drama for her?

This joke was not funny at all, since she wanted to live in the seven coloured continent, she could not ignore these dangerous things that may endanger her Seventh sister and even other people.

She stood in place and watched as the elves and the dark elves waged a battle that lasted all day and night. The elves were dying but the dark elves didn’t feel better, she eventually saw the elves retreat to their so-called safe area.

“Grand Elder, this time we have more than a hundred dead and a dozen others were wounded by the bows and arrows in the hands of that damn Lu Qi, those bows and arrows have poison on them.”

When the people below came to report, the elder stood aside and listened.


Dongfang Minghui looked at the wounds of the injured elves, the wounds seemed to contain a dissipating black mist which looked very similar to what Toothless stepped on last time. Unfortunately, she couldn’t touch it, so there was no way to be sure.

“Quickly send the injured clansmen to the Tree of Life!”


As soon as she heard the words Tree of Life, she immediately followed the group back with Little white. The closer she got to the elven land Lu Xing had mentioned, those past expectations seemed to collapse. All she saw was a scene full of desolation.

Many of the elves’ tree houses were destroyed and many elves were wailing from their wounds.

From a distance, she saw a large tree standing tall, the vines of the tree enveloped the entire ground of the elves for a few hundred miles, she could not see the top of the tree even when she tilted her head.

It looked as if it was connected to the entire sky.

This should be the legendary Tree of Life.

It was also a symbol of the longevity of the elves that Lu Xing once mentioned, as long as this tree did not fall, the elves would never be destroyed.

But even from far away, despite being separated in another world she could feel the tree’s life force seemed to be draining. That seemingly robust trunk was in fact hollow as if the insides had disappeared. She could even seem to feel it mourning perhaps for itself or maybe for the entire elven race.

Dongfang Minghui’s tears inexplicably fell from her eyes, even when she heard that the Dongfang family was destroyed she did not cry. Even when her mother disappeared she also held back tears. But why was it that in the face of an old tree that was about to die she couldn’t help crying out the sadness in her heart?

“Too evil.”

She searched around and did not see Lu Xing. she then slapped her head, Lu Xing was with her, how could he suddenly return to the elves now? She was really stupid.

After looking at the tragic state of the elves, she also walked to the Tree of Life itself, she couldn’t help but reach out her hand to soothe its heart which was already full of holes.

“Alas, it’s useless even if I touch it.”

“Little white, when do you think we can leave this damn place?”

She leaned her back against the Tree of Life, and little white obediently leaned down beside her, not making any noise. It seemed to be a lot more peaceful compared to when it was a tiger cub.

The tree of life still had a weak life force struggling to support itself, as she leaned against it she could also feel this weak life force, it was very weak as if it were barely hanging on and standing tall.

Her ears were filled with the sound of crying everywhere, the sound of mourning, she felt that the entire elven race was full of sorrow as if the end of the world was here. Is this the real reason why the author didn’t continue? The author seemed to have changed the plot out of nowhere from a cultivation scenario into a post-apocalyptic scenario? Everywhere was zombies and fighting the undead, exterminating slimy insects…

She couldn’t help but groan, the original plot was only written to the third volume. That is to say, the beginning of the elven volume was cut off. Lu Xing and Seventh sister had headed back to the elven tribe as he wanted his mother to accept his love for a human woman, but then… there was nothing else.

She quickly straightened out the plot in her head. The branches had already turned messy but the main scenario had to be kept. She had to let seventh sister get the power she rightfully deserved.

Thinking about this, she gradually fell asleep she did not even hear the constant roar of the little white tiger.

“Child, I’ve waited for you for a long time.”

Dongfang Minghui was so sleepy that she couldn’t even open her eyelids, she heard a voice in her ears over and over again, then she felt her whole body relax as if she was soaring in the sky.

“Damn it, don’t make any noise.”

A voice kept whispering in her ears as she tried to sleep, even a saint would be angry, let alone a person with serious insomnia, she felt she had never slept so comfortably as right now.

How she wished that she had a big blanket to wrap herself up in and roll around in bed for another two hours.

As soon as she felt around the bed, she woke up with a jolt of fright.

The alarm clock on her bedside table kept ringing on and on as if saying if you don’t wake up right now I’ll annoy you to death until you can’t sleep! Looking at the familiarity of everything in front of her, she was scared out of her wits.

“This can’t be real?!”

She jumped barefoot from the bed onto the floor and slapped herself twice, then she ran to the mirror to take a look, she had a head of bed hair and her pyjamas had been pulled down to her chest exposing a naked shoulder. She had nothing on her feet and thick black circles were still hanging under her eyes, she looked like a ghost.

She flinched slightly for three seconds and then looked at her hands, her mouth chanting, “Come out.”

She struggled for a quarter of an hour but the greenish spiritual energy she was familiar with did not emerge from her hand, what did appear was some sweat on her forehead as it slipped down onto her cheeks. She let out a breath of air, directly lying down on the bed, the alarm clock was still persistently calling.


The alarm clock was slammed into the corner by her, splitting into pieces and dying for good.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!” She let out a scream, usually, although she kept saying she wanted to return to this world, that was a long time ago! Now, what could she do? She was back in this world but where was Seventh sister?

Thinking of Qian Wanyu, she immediately got up and turned on the computer, probably because she hadn’t touched these high-end technologies for years, she was a bit unfamiliar and needed to fiddle around for three minutes. The first thing she did after opening the computer was to open up Baidu and type in the title – Counterattack of the Proud Daughter of Heaven.

TN: Baidu is similar to Google in China.

The result is that the author Du Niang seemed to be damn popular and had created a whole new series of titles and books such as “The Emperor’s Concubine Revolt from being Waste”

There was no link to the book.

She did not give up and kept trying again and again with different search terms like Qian Wanyu, Dongfang Minghui and other keywords but she still could not find any mention…

She thought desperately but she had no idea what had happened to this damn author and the books. She was so angry she almost wanted to slam the keyboard on the computer screen.

“This is wrong.”

“You are my little apple, I can’t love you too much…”

A voice kept playing on a constant loop in her head, she thought for a bit and remembered that it was a popular song that year, she was amused for a moment and had set it as the ringtone for her cell phone, this unfamiliar yet familiar voice made her rummage under the pillow of her bed for a long time before finding the phone.



After hanging up, she still had a surreal feeling. The caller was from the hospital, they were saying that there had been a major car accident on Central Road, a small car hit a big truck because it was in a hurry and the truck crashed causing a chain of crashes and overturning a school bus. It had caused a series of major accidents.

All the television stations were now showing the traffic accident report, the hospitals were overcrowded with patients and in urgent need of surgeons, naturally even she had to be recalled to work despite being on leave.

Dongfang Minghui sat calmly for a while to steady her mind but then resolved herself. She quickly cleaned herself up, changed out of her cartoon Doraemon pyjamas and put on an extremely professional white shirt with black pants. She grabbed a jacket and walked out, as she went to the hospital her mind was still blank.

Watching the familiar and unfamiliar things floating past her eyes, she had planned to wait until the surgery was over to take a scalpel to kill herself and see if she could return.

“Dr Jane, you’re finally here. Quickly, there’s a patient here, she’s been unconscious and has a lot of trauma, please take care of it.” The director, who was also a doctor pulled Dongfang Minghui to the side and brought her into a separate operating room while talking.

A group of nurses, who had been waiting for a long time, prepared everything and first handed over the patient’s information to her.

Dongfang Minghui thought she would be rusty but as soon as she returned to the hospital, she managed to get back into the rhythm of everything she had done before. She took a glance at the patient’s file, the name column was empty… then she scanned the rest to know what had happened to the person.

“Take me to the patient.”

Even a patient who didn’t need surgery must be carried to the operating table, this hospital liked to spend money.

“Dr Jane, the person is here.”

Her eyes faintly glanced at the person on the hospital bed, the familiar features, as well as tightly pursed lips and wrinkled eyebrows all, showed this person was very uncomfortable. Yet, the beautiful face and heroic featured were something she couldn’t ignore.

“Seventh sister?!”

Dongfang Minghui was dumbfounded for three seconds but then immediately jumped over.

“Seventh Sister, open your eyes and look at me.”

The other person’s black hair was cascading down her head revealing her pale face, even the corners of her lips had no colour, she looked extremely weak and haggard. There were many bruises on her body, it looked like she had been affected by a car accident and seemed very confused about everything happening. When Dongfang Minghui saw the familiar person lying on the bed was Seventh sister, she had actually forgotten the information she had just read, “What happened to her?”

“Dr Jane, the patient was affected by the traffic accident, she should be in shock right now so we wanted to make sure she was alright but then we saw that there was something in her stomach…”

Under Dongfang Minghui’s glare, her voice turned smaller and smaller until she couldn’t speak.

The director also guessed that the other party was pregnant and wanted to send her to the maternity department for a simple ultrasound. But, somehow today, there were especially many pregnant women doing maternity checks. Also, this woman had been unconscious and had injuries of varying degrees so she was sent here instead.

“Arrange Dr Chen from the gynaecology department for me immediately.”

She wanted to find out what was wrong with Seventh sister, her previously wavering heart became overwhelmingly determined after seeing the person in the hospital bed.

“Dr Jane, we have a wheelchair, we can help push this beautiful woman to the gynaecology department.”

“No need, I’ll do it.”

Dongfang Minghui looked disgusted at the sight of the wheelchair, her Seventh sister would never use something like that in her life. Thinking it was too much of an eyesore, she reached out her hand and personally took the person into her arms, easily carrying her to the gynaecology department in front of a group of dumbfounded nurses.

Despite the prior short notice Dr Chen was already prepared, she took Seventh sister directly into the gynaecology department and personally watched Dr Chen do an ultrasound on the spot.

“Doctor Jane, congratulations, this young lady is currently three months pregnant.”

Dongfang Minghui looked at the thumping little heartbeat on the ultrasound machine and couldn’t help but blurt out a foul word, “What the fuck!”

AHAHHAHA bet you all didn’t see this coming 😉


The plot has just taken an interesting turn, this was one of my favourite parts in the novel I’m so happy we’ve reached this point. Are you all ready for more Wanyu x Minghui?!

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I’m slightly confused, but so ready to read more! Ending the chapter like this leaves so much anticipation. Also, thanks for the translations!

It’s funny to think that Lu Xing and Qian Wanyu were supposed to fall in love with each other, considering the fact that they were both dual cultivators in the original plot, yet they got bent. Haha! This is my most favorite part of the novel, seriously, and I’m glad I decided to re-read this before the year ends.

It’s funny to think that Lu Xing and Qian Wanyu are supposed to fall in love with each other, considering the fact that they were bouth double cultivators, yet they got bent. Haha! This is my most favorite part of the novel, seriously, and I’m glad that I decided to re-read this before the year ends.

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