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MIWW Chapter 103 Part 1

Qian Ziyan strummed his harp and the spiritual power in the strings turned into invisible flying swords attacking towards one of the horns on the head of the rhinoceros beast. Qian Yiling held a green jade flute, like a dancing butterfly dodging from left to right, avoiding the attacks of the rhinoceros beast and easily mounted the rhinoceros beast’s head. She held up a jade flute and banged it against the horns.

“Seventh sister?”

She was frightened as she watched from the side, her hand touched the flying needles on her waist unknowingly.

“Yiling, be careful.”

The man standing aside looked as if his hands were unarmed and stood by as if unable to do anything but wait anxiously with a hesitant struggling face.

“Haha, Ruoyu, just stand aside and watch how big brother and I clean up this sinful animal.” Seeing that the jade flute couldn’t break the rhinoceros beast’s horn, she simply stuffed the jade flute into her waist belt and used one hand to tug the rhinoceros beast’s fur and with one knee on its back, she pulled it back and shot a purplish-black, about finger-thick sized lightning strike straight through the rhinoceros beast’s horn.


A hole was blown into one of the rhinoceros beast’s horns and blood trickled out.

At the same time, the blades from Qian Ziyan’s string instrument also cut off the other horn of the rhinoceros beast.

The rhinoceros beast, which had two horns cut off at the same time, became even more frantic, it was in excruciating pain and went into a frenzy trying to shake the person off its body, then it turned its attention on Ruoyu, who had not moved at all.

“Big brother, stop it!”

The two of them were almost about to touch and even Dongfang Minghui shot out her flying needles at this critical moment.

But a scene that surprised her happened.

Her flying needles penetrated the rhinoceros beast, penetrated everything and went straight through their bodies falling into mid-air. The people did not seem to see her either.

“Aw–” The rhinoceros beast let out a roar.

A fireball shot towards Qian Ziyan and hit the wind blade but more kept coming, Qian Ziyan threw several water balls to extinguish the fire. He confronted the rhino monster with his bare hands trying to stop it, blue veins showed on the back of his hand as he faced the full-powered blow of the beast.

Qian Yiling put her arms hands around her chest and sat on the back of the beast looking at her brother.


The rhinoceros beast was hit by several fists many times in a row, the fire system against water was not a good match, plus it lost two horns in a row so it was now extremely weak. Now, as a result of the Qian Yiling’s fist, it felt as if it had been smashed by a large hammer.

Seeing that it was weak, Qian Yiling jumped from its back landing gracefully on the ground.

The last punch from Qian Ziyan made a big dent into the horn on the beast’s head and with five fingers, he stabbed into the head to grab the two beast cores inside emitting a soft glow.

“Lingling, here you go.”

The two magic beast cores were casually thrown to Qian Yiling without thinking but Qian Yiling threw it back to him with a disgusted face, “Big brother, you use it.”

On the other side, Ruoyu seeing the two siblings safe and sound, loosened his worried heart.

“Seventh sister!”

Dongfang Minghui froze as she watched them talk and laugh, passing over her with a relaxed expression. She was dumbfounded for a long time before she touched herself and then looked at them who felt nothing. She shook her head in a hurry, no, that wasn’t Seventh sister, it was Seventh sister’s mother and Uncle Wood before he became undead.

“Yes, that’s right.”

She pinched herself fiercely, the pain in her face was a constant reminder that what she had just now was not an illusion. No, rather than an illusion, it was more like a strange place where she could see the teenage Qian Yiling and Qian Ziyan.

Looking at them walking away, she hurriedly followed them.

“Seventh sister’s mother.”

“Uncle Wood.”

“Also you, who are you?”

She bounced around in front of the three of them only to see them continuing to talk and laugh ignoring her completely. Dongfang Minghui followed closely like a stalker and saw Seventh sister’s mother and Uncle Wood killing magical beasts with trained familiarity, the two of them tacitly understood each other and without saying much they knew how to fight together. She followed the road they walked and encountered what they had encountered.

As for the person next to them, who had never acted, Dongfang Minghui circled around him but knew nothing else except that he was called Ruoyu.

“You’re not a pharmacist, are you?”

The other side had average looks but seemed full of knowledge, sometimes he could even make Seventh sister’s mother laugh and gain the appreciation of Uncle Wood. People who didn’t know anything would even think he was a Qian Family son in law, “But you don’t look anything like Seventh sister not to mention…”

Seventh sister’s father could not be such a weak man that didn’t even have the power to string up a chicken.

Qian Yiling was chewing on a blade of grass sitting on the ground and lying back casually, her bright eyes were looking at the moon in the air with a face of disappointment, “Big brother, the back mountain is not fun.”

Dongfang Minghui propped up her chin and stared at the familiar face that looked so much like Seventh Sister, after following them for a few days, she finally saw the living Qian Yiling had a totally opposite nature and personality from Seventh sister. Qian Yiling was jumpy, intelligent, spontaneous and loved to make friends.

Seventh sister was always expressionless and had a hard to guess look making her seem cold and stoic.

However, the two of them also had some similarities, besides the different facial expressions and eye movements, their faces and delicate features made people want to look at them again and again. As for Qian Ziyan, he was just a boring person exactly the same as the legendary cultivation maniac she’d imagined.

Qian Ziyan didn’t hear her muttering as he sat aside closing his eyes and already cultivating.

“Uncle Wood, I know who Seventh sister is like…” Her intelligence was similar to Qian Yiling while her personality was basically a clone of this Uncle Wood.

“I do have a map here but I don’t know if Yiling dares to challenge.” Ruoyu provocatively glanced at her.

“A map?”

Qian Yiling leapt up and squatted down, stretching out her hand towards Ruoyu to ask for it, “In this heaven and earth, there is no place I Qian Yiling dare not break into.”

Ruoyu took out the map from his space ring but his face showed some hesitation, “Yiling, this place is too dangerous, I think it is better not to go.”

Qian Yiling very kindly patted his shoulder, “Don’t act like a nagging mother in law, let me see.”

Dongfang Minghui also walked over curiously. After seeing her open the map, she took out a notebook from her space ring and quickly drew a sample almost exactly the same as the map, it’s good that her drawing skills weren’t too bad otherwise no one would understand it.

“Trapped Dragon Valley, what’s so special about this? Is it a place where dragons are trapped?” The map identified a few special places, Dongfang Minghui crawled behind them to keep looking and shook her head. She did not understand at all but she did hear a few key words, trapped dragon valley… it should not really be a place where dragons are trapped right? Such an inauspicious name.

“Seventh sister’s mother, you must not go!”

“No, it is said that there is a key hidden in this place, the key to the remains of a Spiritual Saint. If you can enter you may be able to get the holy medicine needed to heal your father.” Ruoyu guided her step by step.

Qian Yiling didn’t have much interest in the remains of a Spiritual Saint, but Ruoyu caught one of her weaknesses, the Holy Medicine.

“Give me this map.”

Qian Yiling grabbed the map extremely domineeringly and threw it into her space ring. Facing Ruoyu’s stunned look, she said confidently, “Why dignified Master Ruoyu, is it possible that you are reluctant to give this little thing to me? If this spreads out the girls in Meng city will laugh.”

“Hahaha.” Qian Yiling crossed her arms and looked up in the sky as if she was doing something virtuous.

Ruoyu didn’t know if to laugh or cry but Dongfang Minghui could see the hidden bitterness in his eyes.

“You really look like Seventh sister’s mother.” She cocked her head and watched the show feeling as if she had spied on something interesting.

After a sleepless night, the next day, Dongfang Minghui followed them some more out of boredom.

“Brother, this mountain is not fun, let’s go to the fourth peak for a stroll?”

As soon as she heard the words fourth peak, Dongfang Minghui’s eyes lit up, then she opened her mouth in surprise, wait doesn’t this mean that in this period of time they had been playing around somewhere in the third peak? But this place didn’t seem the same as the path they had walked before…

Could it be that Qian Yiling and Uncle Wood also fell into the cold pool?

“Ling Ling, no nonsense.”

“Big brother, you are too rigid although we said we’ll train on the third peak, no one has ever said that we cannot break into the fourth peak, ah, I also want to go to the fifth peak and the sixth peak to see, I want to know if you can walk through to the ninth peak in one go then mother and father will be surprised. How can us children of the Qian Family be willing to dilly dally when doing things, if you want to make a breakthrough we should try right?” Qian Yiling was eager to try out this fourth peak and kept trying to convince Qian Ziyan.

“Yiling, why don’t you join brother Ziyan, I won’t follow.” Ruoyu suddenly said.


“The back mountain of the Qian Family is your Qian Family’s secret location, it is not convenient for me, an outsider, to get involved.”

The other side said so but in the eyes of Dongfang Minghui, this method of retreating to advance was very familiar. Talking about scheming this Ruoyu in front of Seventh Sister is nothing much to speak off, even she could understand a bit about his thoughts.

“Ruoyu is right.” Qian Yiling nodded. The back mountains of the Qian Family were indeed the secrets of the Qian Family, outsiders were not allowed to enter without permission. Ruoyu you stay on the third peak for a while, when we come down later we can pick you up and go home together.”

Dongfang Minghui couldn’t help but applaud, Seventh sister’s mother is indeed intelligent. When it was time to refuse she would still refuse.

But the next second she couldn’t laugh.

Ruoyu nodded somewhat lost, “Yiling and Ziyan you go, I will wait here for everyone to retu-”

Qian Yiling carelessly walked behind him and used a knife-hand on his neck, Ruoyu fell limply to the ground.

“Lingling, what do you want to do?” Qian Ziyan frowned.

“If we leave Ruoyu here, in case something happens, the whole royal family and Meng family will find trouble with our Qian Family, if we take him with us we can have more peace of mind, not to mention, he has a good brain.”

After saying that, Qian Yiling effortlessly carried Ruoyu and left.

“Strange, is there a Meng Family person in the royal family?”

Before she could think carefully, she saw Qian Ziyan grab on Ruoyu’s waist and snatch him from Qian Yiling’s shoulders easily flinging him onto his own shoulders.

“Aiya Uncle Wood so you like to carry people like this even when you were young!”

The same expressionless face without speaking, the same method of carrying and the same method of throwing people over his shoulder like a sack of rice.

Dongfang Minghui snuck behind them to make faces, but who would know she’d suddenly meet a pair of cold eyes, the pair of cold eyes seemed as if they could see through the human heart and through the parallel space to see her. She was so scared she immediately fell to the ground.

She was frightened to the point her whole body shivered and she found that the surrounding grass and trees seemed to be alive as if swaying because of Meng Ruoyu.

There were two thoughts in mind, one echoing thought was – this Meng Ruoyu was not a good thing!!!

The second thought, the Meng Family prophets weren’t useless at fighting, they could also control grass and trees, similar to her ability. She suddenly remembered when she visited the Meng Family’s current prophet, the place was full of vines and the Meng Family itself had traces of flowers and plants everywhere, she seemed to have grasped something about the Meng Family now.

She carefully traced back to the matter of the prescription and realised that she actually had a feeling that she had fallen for a trap since long ago.

Instantly, her whole head was confused, what role did this person have with what happened to Seventh sister’s mother and Uncle Wood? The map he gave Seventh sister’s mother, the so-called trapped dragon valley was a trap? Also the words he said before, a holy medicine to save someone…

The Meng family… what role did they play?

This was like a missing piece of history that no one had unravelled, twenty years ago Qian Yiling and Qian Ziyan’s disappearance no one knew the details of it.

She silently watched Meng Ruoyu all the way calmly leaving marks as they walked and she wanted to reach out to stop him but found her hands passing through them, she froze as she looked at her hands in a daze. Why was it like this? Where was this place?

The only good thing was that the paths taken by Uncle Wood and Seventh sister’s mother were marked in her book with drawings including the method to cross from the third peak to the fourth peak.

“I wonder if the hole from twenty years ago is still there?”

If it is, when she gets out of this hellhole, she’ll definitely take Seventh sister to walk through it from the start to get to the bottom of this. No matter what ghost this Meng family is, she will assist Seventh sister to get all the things that belong to her.

By the time they crossed to the fourth peak, Meng Ruoyu seemed as though he’d just woken up on top of Qian Ziyan’s shoulder.

“Yiling, why did I suddenly fall unconscious?”

“Ruoyu, don’t lie to me, the look in your eyes told me you were eager to follow us along for this adventure.” Qian Yiling said with a serious face.

Meng Ruoyu met her agile eyes and his heart skipped a beat, immediately he closed his eyes as if hiding a guilty conscience, “Yiling, don’t make jokes.”

Dongfang Minghui watched Meng Ruoyu on the side with cold eyes. She was clearly biased and thought Seventh sister’s mother and Uncle Wood seemed to not know the danger of this Meng Ruoyu along with his purpose.

However, the strange thing was that the whole way, the other party didn’t make any other small movements besides marking the fourth and fifth mountain peaks as they crossed them.

The other party secretly took down the route, did he want to get something from the Qian Family’s ninth peak?

“Big brother, nothing is interesting in our back mountain.” Qian Yiling pursed her lips, she swept her eyes across the fifth peak and wanted to climb to the sixth peak.

“Lingling, don’t be ridiculous.” Qian Ziyan was wary of the person who was in a coma on his shoulder, “We are not allowed to go further up after the sixth peak.”

As the eldest son of the Qian Family, some small rules could be bent but some things could not be violated in any way. The Qian family’s last three peaks hid thousands of years of Qian Family secrets and significant inheritance, successive generations of family heads only had the qualifications to enter the seventh peak and the eighth peak to receive an inheritance, it is said that the ninth peak was the most important inheritance in the whole Qian Family.

So when they reached the sixth peak, this was where they should stop.

“Big brother…” Qian Yiling was not afraid of heaven and earth, but if Qian Ziyan, who never loses his temper, lost his temper even she would be afraid.


This year, he and Lingling’s qualifications were the best, he did not care about the position of family head, later if Qian Yiling went to the seventh, eighth or even ninth peak to accept an inheritance he wouldn’t care but it must be in front of the Qian Family elders.

Dongfang Minghui looked out at the sixth peak, she did not dare to look down and could only crane her neck towards the seventh, eighth and ninth peaks, she seemed to see people sitting inside the last three peaks.

“How dare you and your juniors barge into the sixth peak of the Qian Family?!”

A thunderous voice exploded in her ears as if it was going to blow her soul apart, Dongfang Minghui covered her ears as her entire head rumbled in pain as if it was being bombarded from all sides.

The last words she heard were.

“Found out so quickly…?”

When she woke up again, she saw a blue sky and blinding sun, she woke up but banged her head on the little tiger, “Ouch.”

The little white tiger roared at her in a low growl, the body which was only a meter long grew to nearly ten meters long so its head was naturally many times bigger than before. It opened its mouth to expose its sharp teeth to her.

“Little white?”

The little white tiger laid down in its usual fashion with its limbs in the cradling its big head. It looked like a big lazy cat with innocent blue eyes. It stretched out its tongue to lick her nose.

Dongfang Minghui was shocked, she was only unconscious for a while but small white suddenly turned so…big? She pinched herself fiercely and felt the pain.

“What the hell kind of place is this?!”

She got up and felt her whole body was warmed by the sunlight, she looked around and saw grass around her but the grass on the ground somehow all turned yellowish and seemed desolate.


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