Mistress I was wrong

MIWW Chapter 102

“Seventh sister, what does the Qian Family have in the back mountain that’s worth so many people fighting for it?”

They have already experienced two groups of people who were fighting for treasures and the result was another group of people took the lead. Dongfang Minghui was curious and then quietly pulled the Seventh sister’s sleeves and asked.

Qian Wanyu’s eyes darted around, they had only walked for half a day but met four groups of people. She asked Li Jing to check the matter of the Qian Family’s back mountain in the past years and knew a little bit, “It should be a Life Renewing Pill.”

“Life Renewing Pill?”

“I know what is a Life Renewing Pill, my family’s old man also thought about this thing before but then for some reason did not mention it again.” Situ Hao cleared the thorns on the road while also using his mouth to interject.

“The so-called Life Renewing Pill, for the outside world it’s to renew life but in fact, it is a forbidden medicine used to enhance cultivation.” Li Yunan gave everyone a piece of his knowledge, as Situ Hao said, his uncle suffering from the pain of lightning injuries over the years had his cultivation stagnated and was also ageing more and more each year. He had thought to pour all his efforts to the back of the Qian Family mountain to seize this Life Renewing Pill.

However, the Life Renewing Pill was only a rumour, no one knew if it was true. If it was, many great powers would reach out to grab it. After all, the pills that can make you advance are rare, especially for those who have stagnated for decades or even centuries. If it’s fake, it could be a trap deliberately put out by others with malicious intentions.

“Forbidden medicine?” Mu Sheng asked, “Since it’s a forbidden medicine, why are there so many people flying like moths to a flame, going forward and backwards to try to obtain it?”

Lu Xing and Mu Sheng walked ahead, clearing the way for everyone, but their ears couldn’t help but listen.

“Probably… to stay alive.” Bai Rou speculated.

No matter how strong the strongest people were, if they couldn’t break through the last hurdle and advance to become Spiritual God, their life span will come to an end. Power and longevity have always been what those high up in the world wanted in their hearts. For this, many of them would pay any price.

Minghui seemed to understand, a life renewal pill no matter if it is true or not, those who want it will decide to think it’s true. No wonder the Qian Family’s annual tournament arena was so overcrowded, wasn’t the reason just for this?

“But, there are restrictions on entering the Qian Family, so they shifted their attention on the juniors, I think Night Wolf’s trip is probably for the Life Renewing Pill as well.” Li Yunan made a definite conclusion, just with the status of Night Wolf in the royal family, following orders or for other purposes it would be the second time he would be entering the Qian Family back mountain. Even killing his brother’s enemy could be temporarily set aside. Thus, it was evident how important this medicine was, to the point where he could temporarily ignore a blood feud.

The Qian Family’s restriction that Spiritual Monarch-level characters were not allowed to participate in the Qian Family Tournament was also evident from the fact that the participants were all young people.

However, at the mention of Night Wolf, everyone’s brows furrowed.

“Speaking of which, do you guys want to get that Life Renewing Pill?” She suddenly asked.

Since she’d come to the back mountain, there was no reason to go back empty-handed, also when she framed Qian Zhuoxi before, Qian Zhuoxi’s nervous and angry expression had told her a lot. She must help Seventh sister find the secret of the back mountain.

She asked this question and got some different reactions from everyone.

Lu Xing was someone who didn’t care about the most. His mother emperor only gave him one task which he may have found a solution to, the rest was just following along with everyone and accompanying Wood. He just didn’t know whether Wood wanted it or not, he raised his head and looked at the person who could already say his name.

Bai Ruo shouldered her big sword and shook her head, she had heard that there might be spiritual weapons in the back mountain of the Qian Family and wanted to come over to try her luck.

Li Yunan glanced at Situ Hao, his heart was very clear, among the people present, it was just him and Situ Hao who truly wanted to seize the life-renewing pill, “If we meet it, naturally we can’t let it go.”

Being able to hear such words from Senior Brother Li’s mouth, Qian Wanyu gave him a puzzled look, then remembered the image of Senior Brother Li asking Ninth Sister for the medicine before, “Let’s continue to walk forward for now.”

From the results Li Jing had found, the Life Renewing Pill was mostly a false rumour.


As they walked, suddenly Toothless popped up, startling everyone.

Toothless came out of the space ring, first, it stretched itself looking lazy and then shook its entire body before running to her side to rub her leg.

The body of Toothless had grown to about a meter long, including the tail with a ruler it was probably three metres. Toothless standing with this height reached her waist.

When it leaned on her, she had to take two steps back.

“Toothless looks like it’s grown a lot.” Mu Sheng sighed, before in sharp knife mountain it was still half a meter at most now in the blink of an eye it had grown again.

The last time they came back, Toothless had already entered the space ring so naturally, they did not see the scene of Toothless biting the little white tiger’s neck viciously and not letting go. Dongfang Minghui touched Toothless’s head, “Toothless, this place is full of treasures, you should keep your eyes peeled and find it.”

After Toothless treasure hunting several times and coming back with good things, she also felt that Toothless’s skills were much better than her own.

When she saw Toothless, Qian Wanyu showed a painful look.

“Seventh Sister, what’s wrong?”

“It’s the little white tiger.”

Little White tiger sensed Toothless’s scent and wanted to spring out of the Sea of Souls to play with it. Even though the other party almost bit it to death last time, the little white tiger still liked to move closer to Ninth Sister and Toothless as usual.

This is the reason why Qian Wanyu was so helpless. In the words of Qing Mo, she probably didn’t have any fate with spiritual beasts right?

Qian Wanyu signed a contract with the little white tiger so that she could learn how it had eaten other people’s life force and spiritual power. The little white tiger was a dark magic beast tiger, born with the instinct to devour but had not awakened dark spiritual power. Furthermore, it was so small and didn’t understand anything. Watching someone ‘bullying’ Dongfang Minghui, it simply devoured the lives of Ji Xiaoxiao and Night Hawk along with the others. From this, it could be seen how dangerous this little white tiger was.

“Seventh Sister, it wants to come out so let it come out, perhaps it wants to play.” Dongfang Minghui said as she walked.

It was very boring to be locked in there all the time, plus the little white tiger was still a cub, it was around the age when little animals liked to play.

Qian Wanyu and the little white tiger communicated in the soul sea, and she especially mentioned the matter of not sucking the life force and spiritual power from others. Finally, the little white tiger listened obediently and agreed.


The voice of the little white tiger was very weak, it seemed very incompatible with its size and also as soon as it appeared, Toothless pounced towards it.


She was worried that Toothless would bite the little white tiger for no reason just like last time. The result was that the two little things pounced and rolled into a ball pawing and chewing on each other but there was no blood.

The last time it had been bitten so badly, this time they both suddenly forgot that incident? The world of spirit beasts, she really could not understand.

“This is the little white tiger?” Situ Hao eyes stared blankly, “You tell me now, just what did you feed it, how did it become so big all of a sudden?”

“Minghui, the little white ball is a white tiger?” Mu Sheng felt his knowledge was too short, just these two spirit beasts around Minghui were so strange, he had never seen or heard about them before especially Toothless.

“No wait, when did this little white tiger become Wanyu’s contract beast?” Li Yunan said. He had felt that the small white tiger came out of that spiritual energy fluctuation from Qian Wanyu.

Qian Wanyu smiled without saying anything and nodded her head.

What did it eat… this question, Dongfang Minghui was also puzzled.

The only one who knew the real answer was Qian Wanyu who stood aside and watched the little white tiger and Toothless playing and then running to Ninth Sister to act cute.

Looking at her own spirit animal’s silly appearance of waving its tail towards Ninth Sister, she wanted to pretend she didn’t see anything.

“Little white, come on, here’s something for you to eat.”

She familiarly took out two teething sticks from the space ring, one for each beast, without favouritism.

Bai Ruo and the rest on the other hand were still wary of any changes in the surrounding. They also felt a bit weird, the white tiger was Wanyu’s spirit beast but it seemed to only be close to Minghui…

“When did this happen, how come we didn’t know?”

“It was me who saw that Seventh sister didn’t have a contracted beast yet, so I gave her the little white tiger then I wouldn’t have to raise two little ones by myself, also they have some jealous fights every day over the distribution of teething sticks. I couldn’t handle it since I’m too busy. You see, it is necessary to separate them to live in peace. Aren’t they fine the way they are now?” She immediately spouted off several answers and reasoning.

As soon as they heard the person in question speak, they listened and thought as if that was the case.

“Aiya, Toothless.”

Before Toothless finished its grinding stick, it suddenly looked up and ran towards the front at a very fast speed. In the blink of an eye, it had moved dozens of meters.

“Toothless, Toothless!”

“Everyone keep up.”

With Qian Wanyu’s knowledge of Toothless, the other party must have found something, or something had attracted its attention. As it turned out, she guessed correctly.

The more they walked, the more they felt that the path Toothless was leading them on was very remote, the little white tiger was running close to Toothless.

Soon, they entered a dense white mist, but the white tiger was always in front of them a little, plus with Ninth Sister leading the way they did not get lost.

After about an hour, they felt that the surrounding environment suddenly turned wet and cold, the trees had emptied out and far away they could see some thousand-year-old trees standing tall.

It seemed to not be far but it was still three incense sticks worth of time before they reached it even with full spiritual power supporting their running.

Three thousand-year-old trees stood in this area in a three-legged posture. The three big trees had co-entangled branches hanging down, just sinking into the most central position. Below the trees was a small cold pool. The branches appeared as if bending their waist and they were connected to a small fruit with a unique fragrance, the fruit seemed similar to a human face.

Outside the three large trees, a few bodies were lying horizontally with their faces frosted, it looks as if they were frozen to death. There were also two sets of unknown people who looked like they had arrived at a stalemate while trying to grab the human-faced fruit.

Toothless arrived at the right time to break this deadlock, it made a vicious impact coupled with a flying lunge to immediately in full view of the crowd swallow the entire human face fruit raw. It gurgled twice and poof its throat made a very comfortable sound.

The little white tiger looked as Toothless then fell from mid-air and accidentally fall into the small cold pool after struggling a few times it actually could not move…

“Oooh -”

Their speed was a little late but when they arrived at the scene, they saw a dozen people on the left and right releasing all their spiritual energy. Colourful spiritual energy immediately greeted Toothless who was somehow caught in the middle.

Toothless bared its fangs and roared twice towards them while spewing out a fireball as big as its head towards the people on one side.

“How dare you!”

Dongfang Minghui’s hands threw out ten flying needles at once. Along with that, the fat doll’s vines also shot out, its target was the sinking small Toothless wrapping around a tree branch before tugging upwards to try to pull Toothless free.

But it did not expect that the harder the vines pulled upward, the more Toothless’s body was inexplicably pulled downward.

The flying needles whistled with the wind, but the other side dodged away alertly, only one or two people had their skin pierced by the flying needles.

“Who are you people?”

The Meng Family was half dead and they were the first to find the ghost face fruit, just as they wanted to take it away they met a group of people who also wanted a piece of the pie. Ghost face fruit, each plant only had one fruit, this fruit falls into the cold pool below and the nutrients are used to nourish and get sucked by the three old trees that seem to refine. Then, the second fruit is regenerated, and the cycle continues. When the last fruit is left on the branch, this fruit will be the ghost face spirit.

Their original intention was that if they could take a ghost-faced fruit back to plant, then they might be able to raise an obedient ghost-faced tree spirit, but of course, this was their wishful thinking.

The other side of the people were only interested in the ghost face fruit, they did not know the legend of the ghost face tree spirit, but they clearly knew the value of a ghost face fruit which had a better effect compared to a purple cloud fruit.

But then this only fruit was suddenly swallowed alive by a small spirit beast that came out of nowhere.

How could one not be angry?

“Just the ones who want you to die.”

Qian Wanyu and others didn’t see the reason, they only saw them strike towards the two little beasts, with ruthless moves she released four different strands of her spiritual power at once. The spiritual pressure gradually revealed her abnormality, everyone else only had one type but she had four that were superimposed! The spiritual power released was both strong and soft. Colourful purple lightning crackled in the air changing the colour of heaven and earth.

Bai Rou and the others also picked their opponents, without saying a word, the fighting immediately began.

The little white tiger was still wailing on the shore, Toothless kept spewing fireballs.

“This is not a swamp.”

When the fat doll touched it, this cold pool in the middle did not seem simple. When its vines were stained with the things in this cold pool, it felt very sticky to the point where even it couldn’t pull out Toothless.

The good thing was that this stupid thing also knew that it had ended up in a dangerous place and was too scared to move.

Mu Sheng couldn’t help but get anxious when he watched from the sidelines. He let his little green summon the vines on the three nearby trees to help, but unexpectedly, the three old trees didn’t move. Suddenly everything went crazy, the vines spread out all around and covered the entire space even the road they had just passed through was covered as if all the plants went crazy.

“What’s going on?”

Dongfang Minghui had been confident and boldly left Toothless to Little Colour to rescue, the invincible vines had somehow also fallen into the cold pool.

“Little Colour, Toothless!”

She could not help but stretch out her hand to try to tug the vines to pull them out, the little white tiger also bit the front of the vines and pulled back with its limbs trying to pull it out.

“Little Colour, quickly go back to my soul sea.”

At this kind of time, being able to save one would be good…

The fat doll wanted to cry, it spread its hands, indicating that it could not move, “I can’t.”

The vines it had released could not be retracted, it felt that it had met a plant’s mortal enemy, or rather this plant was even more powerful than it and could suppress it. It raised its head to look up at the three old trees and could not see the end of it.

“Minghui let go or you will be dragged in.” Mu Sheng’s little green had been scared back. He pulled as soon as he could, trying to do his best.

“Ow ow ow-”

“Toothless, don’t worry, I won’t leave you behind.” Dongfang Minghui’s palms were all calloused by the vine branches, and a drop of bright red blood rolled down the vine into the cold pool. She, the little white tiger and Mu Sheng had gradually been pulled closer and closer to the edge of the cold pool. One more step and they would end up like Toothless, caught and unable to pull themselves out.

“Come and help.”

Lu Xing dodged easily with the unique movement of the elves, his speed was faster than normal people and flashed behind them to pick up the vines. Wood followed him and stood behind to help.

The pool suddenly seemed to be alive and white mist dispersed outwards. A pool of green water was suddenly presented in front of the crowd but soon those waters seemed to be frozen, the clear bottom of the pool had frozen into a mirror and their original appearances were all reflected. Then, the cold pool burst out a blinding light and all the people close to the cold pool were enveloped inside.

“Ninth Sister!”

“Mu Sheng!”

“Lu Xing!”

As the light slowly dissipated, Qian Wanyu ran to the side to see when everything was calm again, she wanted to touch the cold pool but was pulled back by Li Yunan, “Wanyu, do not touch it. This cold pool looks like a mirror.”

Li Yunan stood a little closer to the place, Toothless was stuck in the centre, the mirror reflected its appearance from behind covered in stunning golden light, “I-I think I just saw Toothless after growing up.”


The rest of the people were confused by this sudden scene and didn’t have the heart to continue fighting.

“Hahahahaha, I told you, entering this cold pool you’ll never come out again, just wait here to collect their corpses.” The man who led the Meng Family couldn’t help but laugh out loud, “Let’s go.”

“No one is allowed to leave!”

Qian Wanyu drew out her water thunder whip sweeping several people beside her, in the other party desperate attempt to resist with all their might, five strands of spiritual power immediately suppressed them before finally she tied them all up and dragged them to the edge of the pool. Her foot was on the other party’s face and her water thunder whip wrapped around him, “You know the secret of this cold pool? Spit it out or I’ll throw you in and let you bury them.”

Bai Rou and Situ Hao were guarding the side and intercepted the rest of the people who just climbed up, a dozen people in the battle just now had turned into less than five or six people, now the three parties had long given up the ghost face fruit. Although the fruit was tempting, you needed a life to enjoy it, it’s just that changes happened too fast for them to react.

As for the Meng family, it does not matter whether they give up or not, they didn’t manage to get the fruit and this pool should have opened in two months but somehow opened early.

“I am from the Meng family…”

Qian Wanyu used some force and stepped on the other person’s face until it was deformed then she threw the other person into the cold pool dropping him in slowly.

The man was humiliated but seeing the cold pool reflecting his features and hideous expression, the cold air in the cold pool directly on his face and the water in the cold pool being only a finger away…

He immediately panicked and shouted, “Don’t – I’ll tell you, this cold pool is actually a mirror of reincarnation, the reincarnation mirror you should have heard of right? Right! The people who enter won’t appear ever again.” This person was the Meng family chief disciple Xu Shi, he was ordered by the family’s master to secretly retrieve the ghost faced fruit and ended up provoking a lot of trouble…

Reincarnation mirror?

Reincarnation was related to life and death.

Qian Wanyu listened, the strength of her hands could not help but weaken a little, she did not expect the other party to take advantage of this to suddenly counterattack and shoot countless ice spikes towards her.

“Wanyu, be careful.”

Li Yunan, who was closest to her, tried to pull her hand but found that she was unmoved, one hand swatted all the ice spikes which instantly turned into drops of water dripping down on the man and then she kicked him fiercely to the side.

Xu Shi wanted to take advantage of her dodging to break free from her but did not expect the other side to block his unexpected full-force attack. His entire body dipped into the cold pool and then he knew the situation had turned bad as he struggled.

“Quickly go back and report to the family head, the mission failed.”

The cold pool changed again, the water in the cold pool began to rapidly suck inwards and with it, Xu Shi was also swept into the vortex, soon everything was calm again.

“Let’s go.” The group of people who got Xu Shi’s order did not dare to fight anymore and quickly retreated. The other group of people, a few of whom had died earlier from Minghui’s poisoned needles, took one look at the situation and also followed them.

“What’s a reincarnation mirror? What should we do now?” Bai Rou looked around vigilantly, right now there were only four people left, her, Situ Hao, Wanyu and Li Yunan.

“Reincarnation mirror is a mirror of life and death, one side of life and one side of death.” Li Yunan also couldn’t fully believe Xu Shi’s words from just now, it could be a trap.

“Wanyu, I have seen this in books, there are three mirrors, one is the mirror of the three lives, one is the mirror of reincarnation, the last mirror has been broken and the fragments have fallen all over the world. From the fluctuations that just came out, it should not be the reincarnation mirror killing them.” Qing Mo was quite surprised, he did not know how the famous reincarnation mirror had somehow fallen into the Qian Family’s hands, “Now, we can only hope that Dongfang Minghui’s luck is good enough to choose the side that survived.”

Qian Wanyu picked up a stone and threw it toward the centre of the cold pool, the surface of the pool also made a slight ripple like a normal pool.

“Wanyu, what are you doing?” Li Yunan watched as she threw out the Water Thunder Whip, hooked a person who had just died before and kicked him into the cold pool.

That corpse was face down, floating on top of the cold pool, after a long time the cold pool had some waves, “Huh, strange, how did this flowing water become like this.”

Li Yunan was slightly surprised, the cold pool had been divided into two streams of water, one had water flowing clockwise, one had water flowing counterclockwise, two streams of water flowed in two halves stirring waves and submerging the corpse.

“It’s not the same…” Qian Wanyu murmured, this cold pool was bizarre, the same person fell in but the resulting changes were not the same.

“Indeed different, what is this cold pool, how can there be three kinds of changes?” Li Yunan always felt that something was not right.

“Wanyu, ask let him say clearly, were there three variations?” Qing Mo suddenly asked in the soul sea.

“The second and third time you saw before, I don’t need to say, the water flow in the cold pool is either reversed, or else it’s forward and reverse at the same time. Just now when Mu Sheng and Lu Xing and the girls entered this cold pool, the current was flowing clockwise.” He remembered clearly, “I also saw a golden light refracted from Toothless’s, it seemed majestic and was still thrilling even if it was isolated, as fir Lu Xing, he–”

“What happened to him, say it.” Situ Hao was frantic, originally a group of eight people, in the blink of an eye had become a group of four.

“I saw Lu Xing with a pair of flawless white wings on his back and ears, I saw him turn into an elf.”


The rest of them besides Qian Wanyu sucked in a breath.

“Wanyu you are not surprised, do you know something?” Li Yunan asked tentatively.

“That’s right.”

Qian Wanyu gave them a look, “Are you all surprised because Lu Xing is suddenly an Elf so you want to capture him like those at the auction? Or will you take him back to claim the credit?”

When Bai Rou heard this, her brows furrowed.

“Of course not.”

“I won’t either.”

“Since everyone doesn’t have those thoughts, what difference does it make if you know early or late, everyone’s identity is predetermined at birth, there is no choice.”

The three listened and couldn’t help but nod their heads, indeed there was no choice.

Lu Xing probably hid it because he was afraid that if his identity was exposed, they wouldn’t be able to accept it.

“Senior Brother Li, just now you said that you saw Lu Xing and Toothless, did you see Mu Sheng and Ninth Sister’s reflection in the mirror?” Qian Wanyu turned the topic back.

Li Yunan thought hard for a moment, “Mu Sheng did not change much, as for Minghui…” He did not seem to see anything appear in the mirror ah, he shook his head and was not sure, “Maybe I was too far away and did not see clearly?”

Before the cold pool emitted light, all the people and things were engraved in the reflection, the clear water reflecting either their past or their present lives.

And one more – their future.

“No, if this is a reincarnation mirror according to what the man just said, there should not be three types.” Qing Mo remembered the fluctuations on the surface of the water in the cold pool just now and he kept walking around in Qian Wanyu’s soul sea.

“I know… I know… it’s not a reincarnation mirror, it’s a mirror of three lives.” Qing Mo kept murmuring, “Only the mirror of three lives will project a person’s past life, present life and future. What Li Yunan saw just now must be a mapping of their present life, no, it could also be the future.”

But it was a hurried guess, no one could confirm the truth.

“Three lives mirror.”

Xu Shi was tricking her but why? Is it because she beat up the other side?

“What is the mirror of three lives?”

“That person just now was deliberately lying to us.” Li Yunan said indistinctly.

Qian Wanyu nodded, the reason she tried, again and again, was because she was suspicious of the claim. One side of the reincarnation mirror is life and one side is death, the life side has its own life path, the death side no one knew. Now from Qing Mo’s mouth, it seemed this cold pool was actually the three lives mirror.

“I want to go down.”

“Three lives mirror is a secret realm, it has at least three realms, maybe the side you entered and Dongfang Minghui’s side may not be the same.” Qing Mo reminded.

“We’ll go down with you.” Bai Rou tugged on her arm and added without question, “Don’t ever leave us again.”

Qian Wanyu looked at the serious-looking Bai Rou, “Naturally we’ll go together, where else do you want to go?”

“How do we go down?”

“Naturally, just jump.”

Qian Wanyu was the first to jump down, then the others followed suit, one by one, jumping down.

The cold pool rippled again, a light flashed and the following four people disappeared at the same time, leaving a mottled trace and a few corpses. Everything settled down and the three ancient trees intertwined, from the few branches one of them trembled and a tip emerged. The breeze whipped through and the white mist on the forest path grew thicker and thicker, obscuring the only path.



One after another, they fell. She, Mu Sheng, Lu Xing and the others scattered before they could even say a word.


Dongfang Minghui felt a softness beneath her, the nearest small white group tiger was directly pressed down by her into the ground and couldn’t move.

“Little white!”

The little white tiger felt a bit miserable, in addition to the sound of whimpering, its usually wagging strong tail was not moving. She carefully checked and found that the little white tiger had internal injuries from the fall, she fed it a little spiritual liquid and calmed it down a bit before she had time to take stock of the surroundings.

Their landing point was a lush green meadow with an endless blue sky, and white clouds were shifting in clusters. She felt a few moments of disbelief that there was a cave beneath the cold pool.

“Little white.”

She didn’t dare to go too far from little white, walking and stopping, and then quickly walking back, “The environment here seems quite quiet.”

Quiet atmosphere, good environment… it was very easy to let down one’s vigilance in a place like this. With no sign of human life, she sat beside the little white tiger stroking its little head, “Little white, thank you for blocking for me.”

“Oooh.” The little white tiger let out a low whimper.

Otherwise, if she fell from mid-air like before, she would most likely end up like the last time in Death Valley with all her internal organs displaced. She glanced at her space ring, Toothless was gone, Little Colour was not there either, this place was really strange, Little Colour was a magic plant with a blood contract, how could it leave her?

“Love Flower?”


“No way, how come they are not there either?” She couldn’t believe that her space ring was empty, except for those bottles and jars, the rest were all gone.

Dongfang Minghui took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down a bit. It was a good thing that she had become bolder in recent days and had some knowledge of the strange things in this world, especially in a situation like the one she was in now, she had most likely entered a closed world or an illusionary realm.

But if it’s an illusion, it didn’t make sense… little white should be real, right?

The little white tiger looked at her innocently with its unique blue eyes, as if it could see through the little speculation in her mind.

“Sorry, little white, we have to depend on each other for the rest of the way.”


The little white ball stretched out its tongue and licked her lightly.

“Let me see if you’re hurt anywhere else.” She moved the little white tiger a little bit here and there and as a result, she heard a whimpering sound. The little white tiger’s wet eyes were cheating, once it stared at you you couldn’t help but feel pity.

She could only use her spiritual power to check it out, checking the results she got a baffling result. There is nothing wrong with its internal organs, but the little white tiger just couldn’t move.

“Little white, can you enter my space ring?”

Normally, contracted beasts of other people shouldn’t be able to enter the space ring again but the result ended up being the little white tiger had disappeared, she looked in her space ring and found the small white tiger lying down inside, “Really strange.”

This place overturned all her perceptions of the seven-coloured continent, her contracted magic plant was gone, and little white who had signed a contract with seventh sister could enter her space ring…

She took the silk umbrella off her back, feeling more secure with something in her hand. Looking at the endless green field, she tried to communicate with the common grass below her feet, but unfortunately, the communication failed.

After walking for three hours, she couldn’t see anything. She was so tired that she simply sat on the ground with a huff, not knowing where she should go.

She felt as if she had been abandoned in the middle of nowhere.

“Southeast, northwest, four directions, if it’s heads I’ll continue forward otherwise I’ll go the opposite way.” Idly, she pulled out a jade pendant from her space ring, it was the Rose House Order slip that Seventh sister had given her last time, and she closed her eyes tried to gently toss it into the grass.

But then she thought, what if it broke?

She threw it back into her space ring and then pulled out a token given by Wei Junlan from the Blood Fiend Alliance, she threw it upwards twice without thinking about the direction.


Dongfang Minghui smacked her lips, she filled herself with two bottles of spiritual liquid, and rested for a moment, climbed up and continued to walk forward.

The further she went, the heavier the moisture in front of her, the whiter the fog became. She got worried that the fog contained something poisonous so she took a spare pill and ate it.

“Careful, on your left.”

“How can a dual system level seven magical beast appear in this place.”

“Be careful.”

Dongfang Minghui quickened her pace and took big steps forward, she vaguely seemed to have heard Seventh sister’s voice. But the more impatient she was, the more the white fog filled her view as if it was deliberately blocking her, she tried to use the spiritual power around her body to resist the white fog.

The white fog scattered and gathered, gathered and scattered. She could vaguely see the figures of three people outside, all of whom were somewhat familiar, but there was just no way to get close to them.

“Seventh sister!”

She shouted, but after shouting she seemed to be calmer. She and Mu Sheng fell into this cold pool, Seventh sister didn’t seem to have been dragged in, she couldn’t have jumped down herself right…?

She was shocked by her guess.

“Whatever, let’s find Seventh sister first.”


She emptied her whole body of spiritual energy and used it all to resist the white fog for a little more than half an incense stick of time. The white fog immediately gathered back all around her, and with it, her vision became much more narrow.

Her vision shifted and she stumbled almost falling to the ground.

The white fog disappeared and she was now in a small alcove with a small mound of dirt about the height of a person blocking her view. The sound of the fighting she heard earlier came from behind the mound, holding the silk umbrella in her hand, she quietly bent over to check the mound.

A gust of wind flashed by and almost cut off half of her head! A few strands of green silk fell, it was all thanks to her dodging in time otherwise it would have been her head on the ground…

“This beast is crazy, big brother you and I will take one side to cut its horns.”

She poked out half of her little head again and got a good look at the situation on the field below.

Three figures were fighting against a huge triangular rhinoceros magical beast. If she hadn’t heard wrongly just now, this triangular rhinoceros magical beast was a dual system magical beast and was about level seven. She kept watching until the three figures paused slightly before she could see everyone’s faces.

“Seventh Sister, Uncle Wood.” There was another unknown person, but it made her feel a little familiar.

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