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MIWW Chapter 101 Part 2

Minghui’s group of eight people had just stepped onto the teleportation array when the person in charge of teleportation whispered, “Wait a minute, there are only eight of you, there are still two people missing.”

“Two more people?”

The remaining people looked at each other, many people had small teams of three to five people, two-person combinations were rare, who was willing to break up their group to send to someone else’s team? That person in charge of teleportation asked three times in a row but no one responded.

“Since there is no one, send the eight of us away first. If you delay this, won’t you not be able to send away the other groups of people within one hour?” Dongfang Minghui reminded. She had done a calculation before on how long they would need to take based on the intervals.

The person in charge was stunned by her words and shook his head helplessly, agreeing.


Suddenly two people came out from the crowd, the two of them were dressed in armour, giving the first impression that they were particularly competent, they even had the same weapon on their backs, a small box.

Dongfang Minghui’s eyes darted back and forth between Uncle Wood and them, thinking, could it be that the iron box behind them was also a violin? Maybe it was some other instrument? Her heart was lost thinking about but before she could think further Li Yunan spoke.

“Be careful, that’s night wolf.” Li Yunan reminded.

Everyone was all in a state of readiness because of his words, everyone knew that Night Wolf’s brother died after the fight with Dongfang Minghui. The people of the Rakshasa mercenary group even made a big fuss outside the door of the Qian Family with the corpse of the other party, this matter was known to many people.

As soon as they saw Night Wolf with his subordinate, Qian Wanyu and their group met for the first time. Everyone else took a few steps backward with the attitude of watching a good show.

Qian Wanyu tugged Dongfang Minghui’s hand with one hand while blocking Night Wolf’s probing gaze with her body, “Get on quickly, we are in a hurry.”

Night Wolf led the people onto the teleportation array and nodded slightly towards Qian Wanyu, but his gaze remained on Dongfang Minghui to the end.


She felt a trembling under her feet, the light shone from under her feet, the whole formation rotated up like a hexagon and a blue light blinded them forcing them to close their eyes. When they opened their eyes again, the people had arrived in a green and dense mountain forest.

Dongfang Minghui had been carried by Uncle Wood here once before and could kind of recognize the area, “This is the third peak?”

“Right.” Night Wolf suddenly answered, he nodded towards the crowd and looked at Dongfang Minghui leaving the sentence, ‘When we see each other again, we will be enemies.” After that, he took his subordinates away and they climbed along the road in front towards the mountain peak, soon the figures disappeared in front of their eyes.

“He actually said that to me?” Needless to say, it didn’t feel good to suddenly make enemies with a person. However, she wasn’t afraid either.

“Little Minghui, don’t be afraid, Senior Situ will protect you.” Situ Hao patted his chest.

“Night Wolf is highly ranked within the royal family, his overall strength is above us and he has already been to the back mountain of the Qian Family before so this is his second time. He will definitely be more familiar with the terrain than us, we’d better be careful.” Li Yunan whispered, the death incidents in the city had become a topic of conversation for a while. The outside world was full of rumours that Night Wolf is afraid of Qian Family which is why he hasn’t retaliated. This shouldn’t be the case however since he had learned from the outside world that Night Wolf and his brother Night Eagle had a good relationship. If not for Night Eagle stubbornly wanting to join the mercenary group, Night Wolf would’ve already brought his brother into the royal family. Such a close relationship, how could he abandon his thirst for revenge so easily?

This was also likely why he followed along for the mountain training, most likely he wants to settle this hatred here.

“Inside the arena, I didn’t see him at all, how could he bring two people into the mountain?” Mu Sheng couldn’t figure it out.

“If you are here, we will be safe. There is no need for everyone to dwell on him.” Qian Wanyu had already decided that no matter what, she would follow Ninth Sister’s side during this adventure at all times. If Night Wolf wanted to take revenge, she didn’t mind solving this trouble completely…

Everyone was worried but the same question rang in everyone’s mind. Since Night Wolf was here, was someone also preparing to take revenge for Ji Xiaoxiao’s death?


A miserable scream pulled their group back to reality.

“The adventure has started.”

“Let’s go and take a look.”

The miserable screams continued, “Ahhhh. I don’t dare, I won’t dare again, I’ll give you everything, please spare my little life.”

Reflected in their eyes was a small group of five people, next to a corpse, which was still staring blankly with a pair of dead eyes, a long arrow pierced through the heart. It looked like the person had been assassinated from far away. There was another person lying on the ground and was crawling forward step by step, he was crawling in the direction they were hiding while another person was scared out of his wits, his face was trampled on the ground by another man and he was crying out in a ghostly manner. The screams they heard just now were coming from his mouth.

There was also a red net in front of him, inside the net there was something that was jostling left and right and there were some moving around inside. From the outside it looked like a medicinal plant, “Please, spare my life, I’ve given you what you asked for!”


The man who was just about to crawl in front of them suddenly stared at his attacker with his eyes wide open and his mouth gaping open. He fell straight to the ground and never moved again.

Dongfang Minghui was shocked, she has been outside so many times but she hadn’t seen such brutal theft and murder. The life of a person was so frail, if not for Mu Sheng supporting her from behind she might’ve already been on the ground in shock.

Qian Wanyu took a look at the direction the arrow was pointing and roughly determined the location of the person hiding in the shadows, among them, the only one who could shoot concealed weapons was probably Ninth Sister.

At the same time, Love Flower also communicated with her in her space ring, “This is a thousand-year-old rare fat fruit, even if you don’t want it, save it, don’t let it just be snatched, if you ever need it in the future it’ll be a pity.”

After being together with the plants for a long time, she really can’t help but see these cute little guys die. The group of people just showed their ruthless means, she did not want to meddle in the matter but she felt Seventh sister’s palm in her hands, Dongfang Minghui then decided to meddle in it.

Anyway, if they don’t grab this chance, others would grab it.

She released a little spiritual power and connected with Seventh sister’s soul sea to see the direction she pointed to, a vine unknowingly bypassed everyone present and scampered to the place the man was hiding.

Everyone saw her touch a handful of flying needles behind her waist, and several of them shot towards the darkness.

“Don’t kill me, I I I-”


One of the six was a Wind Spiritual Master, just now, he sensed an extremely slight movement in the air. It was okay to scare people although he himself wasn’t sure. Sure enough, as soon as he shouted, the remaining four people hiding in the shadows, were alert.

As a result, there was no one.

“Qiu Fengruo, don’t be so suspicious, okay? Where there is someone, if there is someone they would’ve come out by now after hearing this damn ghost child screaming.”

Speaking about the ghost child, it was the medicinal plant that that cowardly man who was on the ground just now was holding but before their eyes it had disappeared!

“Where did the ghost child go?”

“Ah, it’s you isn’t it?”

“No, no, I didn’t take it, it was here just now.” The man rolled and crawled to escape, but after just crawling out three meters, his head was sunk into the mud by a sledgehammer, instantly turning into mush.

“Damn, that thing just flew away, which bastard took it roll out for this master!” The rugged man carrying a sledgehammer roared in anger.

The sound was deafening, and the birds in the trees flew one after another.

“This isn’t right, if there is something going on, how come Min San didn’t give us any hint?”

Min San was the one who hid in the dark and shot the arrow but right now he had been attacked already and poisoned. The moment he fell to the ground he was caught by the vines and properly placed on the ground without a sound.

When they came over to check, the sky was suddenly full of vines like a wild tide, immediately all of them were tied up separated and slammed against the trees. Several people released all their spiritual power but they didn’t have time to fight back.

Qian Wanyu and her group slowly came out from their hiding place.

“I was going to spare your lives.” Dongfang Minghui released the ghost child, it was the fat fruit in the mouth Love Flower. She wanted to just leave after taking it but thinking about the tactics of this group, she couldn’t help but feel cold.

Her flying needles were still inside that Min San’s body, if they wanted to investigate then some traces could probably be found. The other side would definitely try tracing them through the vines.

From the matter of Ji Xiaoxiao and Night Eagle she learned a truth, in this world, no matter if you are innocent or not, you will always somehow make enemies. If you do not kill others, then it is your turn to be killed by others.

Therefore, she decided not to add trouble to herself down the road, these few people cannot remain alive.

“How do you want to die? A quick death, or a more painful death?” Li Yunan pointed to the three people they had brutally killed, as if saying you lot are going to end up like them.

“Bullying the few with the many, hmph, put me down if you can, and fight me.” One of them tried to break free from the vines but he didn’t know what the vine was made of, it was so hard that even with his wind spiritual power it didn’t leave a scratch.

The rest of the people also tried but could not break free.


Li Yunan threw out his fan and snorted, “I didn’t see you guys talking about giving others a chance to fight before?”

Looking at the surrounding situation and the three dead, it was most likely that these six people saw the three people had caught a ghost child and gotten greedy. They hid in the dark and killed one of them secretly then took their time to play with the remaining two people.

A look could already tell them that these people were not any good people, not just killing but even laughing and torturing them to death.

Dongfang Minghui stabbed ten flying needles into them one after another, “Senior Brother Li, don’t talk nonsense with them, be careful of being tricked.”

“What did you just shoot into us?!” They only felt a slight pain and nothing else.

“Poison needles, my special venom, you will be like him and quietly die without any pain.” The vines behind her pulled that Min San out and showed that he had fallen into a coma, his face was blue and his lips were purple, although he was still heaving a bit and his chest moved from time to time it was clear that he wasn’t going to last long.

They thought Dongfang Minghui was tricking them and wanted to use their spiritual power to sense the situation of Min San but as a result after just releasing it all they felt was a pain in their chest. A vague kind of pain that they didn’t know was coming from which part of their body.

“I forgot to tell you guys, the more you use your spiritual energy, the faster the venom spreads inside of your body.”

In other words, the sooner you die as well.


Situ Hao covered his mouth and laughed unkindly, “It’s still us being nice to you guys, if it were anyone else for someone like you, most of you would not be left with a whole body.”

Li Yunan gave helpless sigh, he was worried that Minghui had no way than to adapt to the occasion and wouldn’t be used to killing, it turns out that he had thought wrong, the other person not only adapted to it but she seemed very used to killing people and was calm throughout.

Wood and Lu Xing were on another side keeping a lookout, next to the three corpses, they placed the six people. They all looked at each other and their heart could not help but think, in this year’s Qian Family training, how many people would die?

The path to the third peak has just begun yet there were traps and deaths everywhere, if they fell into other people’s traps while they were not careful it would be a disaster. This was really a place where caution and care was needed. They had to think three steps ahead.

Lu Xing looked again at Wood that had been staying beside him, the other side also looked deeply at him, instantly, Lu Xing felt his heart was calm, as long as Wood was beside him, he seemed to be afraid of nothing.

“Seventh sister, let’s go.”

Qian Wanyu dotingly pinched her nose, “Ninth Sister, when did you become so bad?”

She was still fond of a Ninth Sister that was full of all these bad ideas, Qian Wanyu pointed at the people who had given up resistance, “Just leave them here?”

“Yes, the venom in their bodies is impossible to undo without my antidote.” She didn’t like bloody and violent scenes, a peaceful death was her style of doing things.

“Let’s go.”

The group of eight people picked a direction and headed towards the peak of the third mountain.

The vine just left them freely, for the several people without the vine’s restraint they leaned on a tree with difficulty, “This venom is so powerful, it has invaded my internal organs, I think my dantian is about to have a hole burned through it…”

“That bitch is right, we’ve been hit by her unique poison, I’m afraid we’re going to be die here this time.”

One moment, they were excited about having plundered and killed a small group and snatched the ghost child. Now, heaven and earth had flipped and they met the fate of the three people they had killed before.

The wind and water constantly turn, no one could escape death in the end.

“Hey, it looks like you guys are a bit miserable.”

Meng Yixiao happened to strolled in, each step was extremely elegant, as if taking a leisurely walk.

Meng Yixiao was considered a man of the hour, the several people who had been desperate suddenly had hope bursting through their eyes. Seeing someone who could save them who would choose to die when you can live?

“Meng Yixiao, if you can save our lives, we can give you half of all the treasures we have found in our lives, afterwards we six brothers will be at your disposal for a year.”

Having Six Great Spiritualists as surbodinates for a year, such conditions would move ordinary people not to mention the other party also promised half of their treasures. Meng Yixiao placed one hand over his chest and put another on his chin while smiling at them.

“The six of you are so weak that you don’t even have the qualifications to be my dogs.”

After that, the corners of his mouth hooked up in an elegant smile, his ten fingers waved and scattered as ten white threads that couldn’t be seen by the naked eye pierced into their bodies, several sticky worms the size of ten fingers quickly sucked all their spiritual energy and life force.

The six men couldn’t even guess that this would be their fate…

They were still in a sitting position, staring wide-eyed before a wind blew and their bodies turned into dust leaving only bones and clothing.


Meng Yixiao picked up a few silver needles which still shone with a cold light.

“Dongfang Minghui…”

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