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MIWW Chapter 101 Part 1

“W-what the fuck!”

The task of healing Uncle Wood had a long way to go.

Right now, Uncle Wood’s claws were reaching for her heart, the heart guard’s automatic shield blocked him so then he changed to target her neck.

Qian Wanyu kicked open the door and saw a person standing there, his two hands were pinching Dongfang Minghui and Lu Xing. Lu Xing was the closest to him and when the bathtub was torn apart, he had wanted to hide from the debris. A deep mark was shown on his wrist and his blood was falling onto Wood.

Uncle Wood’s hand was so strong that it almost snapped her neck. Dongfang Minghui could barely breathe ah!

Qian Wanyu holding a long whip swung towards him but the result was the other party dodging it very quickly and even using the two people he was holding as shields!

“My eyes are going blind.”

Hearing the great commotion, Situ Hao and the rest also came in, they saw a room of wreckage and a naked wood using one hand each choking two people.

“One person on each side, attack him.”

Dongfang Minghui and Lu Xing gave each other a look, the two of them stretched out their legs from the left and right sides at the same time and kicked him in the armpits.

With a left and right joint attack, Uncle Wood was forced to shake them out of the way.

The moment she was thrown out, she released her whole body’s spiritual power to avoid being injured, “I’ll go and ask the old lady to come over.”

The only person in the entire courtyard who could suppress Uncle Wood was the old lady.

She had just run out of the small courtyard door when she saw the old madam along with Cai Qing running, the other side seemed a little anxious “Minghui, what’s wrong?”

“Old madam, it’s Ziyan.”

When she heard a howl, the old lady didn’t know why but the first thing that came to her mind was Qian Ziyan, her oldest son. This sound was different from the sound Toothless made last time, it contained endless pain and made a person feel heartache. Perhaps because mother and child were connected, she paced back and forth in her courtyard but couldn’t sit still so she rushed over to Minghui’s courtyard by instinct.

“Cai Qing keep watch from outside the courtyard. Pass on my order, no one is allowed to set foot here.”

“Yes, old madam.”

“What has he been stimulated by? Ouch!” Situ Hao was blasted backwards and his whole body was stuck to the wall, the light system spiritual power had a little effect on Wood but it only made him angrier and more crazed.

Lu Xing covered his wound, he thought his blood could make Wood change and indeed it did but he did not expect this change to make the other side go crazy.

“Don’t hurt him, everyone.”

“It’s good if he doesn’t hurt us!”

Situ Hao couldn’t help but roll his eyes, can’t you see that all the people present can’t even take care of themselves let alone harm him? He took a step forward and used his light to cover everyone at once.


She was concerned about Seventh sister, who was in the middle of an intense melee and wanted to stop him but then she saw a silhouette flash past her. Situ Hao was thrown out again and the light system illumination was forcibly terminated.

The old lady stepped out and in a few breaths threw Li Yunan and Bai Ruo out of the melee fight one after another, followed by Qian Wanyu who was also sent out by her.

“Seventh Sister, are you all right?”


As soon as Qian Ziyan saw the old lady, his movements paused slightly, and then the two of them fought in mid-air with equal strength.

Qian Wanyu shook her head, she looked at Qian Ziyan with a surprised expression, then turned to Dongfang Minghui, “Did you do something to him?”

At the mention of this, Dongfang Minghui cried out, “Oh no…”

She wanted to run across the battlefield to check her room, but just before she took a step, she was pulled back by Qian Wanyu, “Don’t go over there, it’s dangerous now.”


It happened so suddenly that she didn’t even have time to gather the potions placed on the table as well as some very important things, she had fast hands but only had time to retrieve one thing, a porcelain bottle of Lu Xing’s blood.

“No buts, what exactly did you do to Wood?”

“I found the cause of the disease creating the undead, the situation of Uncle Wood should be because there is a severe amount of poison inside his body.”

If no one considered his combat ability this was a positive change.

She bit her lips lightly and shouted to the person in mid-air, “Old Lady, can you help me suppress Ziyan? I am treating him and am half sure that I can make him better than he is now!”

Upon hearing this, the old lady instantly released an even more powerful pressure than before. The pressure enveloped everyone in the entire small courtyard. Mu Sheng, who was the weakest in spiritual power, couldn’t resist, and it didn’t take long for his knees to buckle abnormally. Dongfang Minghui had felt this before, when Seventh sister had taken her to the gravity crushing room in the academy arena she had felt the gravity oppression of more than ten times up to even a hundred times.

She didn’t understand why she had to be locked in the room before but now she understood Seventh sister’s good intentions.

Therefore right now, she fared a little better at the moment, but soon even she was a little overwhelmed, her internal organs felt like they were being held tightly by a pair of invisible hands and squeezed. She saw that the rest of the people had painful expressions on their faces, and even Seventh sister’s forehead had traces of sweat dripping down her cheeks.

Not to mention the people in the courtyard, even outside the courtyard Cai Qing who was guarding the gate felt these huge spiritual energy fluctuations, she speculated that it should be the old lady using her strength.

The old lady’s aura was far more powerful than the Grand Elder. Dongfang Minghui estimated that her level was at least above Spiritual Emperor, no wonder the group of people outside did not dare to look for the Qian Family’s trouble. After all, the Qian Family had someone who was likely a Spiritual Sage holding the fort…

Even so, Wood’s face in front of the old lady did not change colour without the slightest fear. But even so, soon the old lady managed to force him down and Qian Wanyu threw out her water thunder whip to tie the other person up. Lu Xing went into the room to find a piece of clothing to cover him up.

The old lady followed him into the room, just now she did not notice but now looking she could see the uneven wounds all over his body. Her eyes were full of pain thinking of what he must have endured, she wanted to reach out her hand but finally resisted shrinking back, “At least…at least you’re alive.”

The face of Qian Ziyan was still expressionless, not even a hint of struggle, his pair of pupils stared closely at Lu Xing and his injured wrist.

Lu Xing didn’t know how to comfort the old lady, he and the other side both hoped that Wood could recover some of his memories, “Old lady, Minghui told me she has found the cause of the disease that turned Wood into…this give her some more time, Wood will get better.”

The old lady raised her eyes and looked at Lu Xing carefully, “I heard Minghui say that you were taking care of Ziyan while she was away, it’s been hard for you.”

Lu Xing hurriedly shook his head, “It’s not hard at all, Wood is my lifesaver, I’m happy if he gets better.”


“Ugh, everyone hurry up.”

Dongfang Minghui commanded a group of Qian Family people and maids to clean the room that had been swept clean of the debris again. She moved the broken bath barrels out and brought back two new ones to pour in some hot water, “Lu Xing, try it and make Wood cooperate a little more.”

It was a headache for doctors to meet uncooperative patients.

“Old lady, can I trouble you to keep watch here for the next few days, I’m afraid that what just happened will happen again, if the treatment keeps being interrupted, I may not be able to make Wood a little more normal.” If it was an ordinary person, she could just randomly take a rope to tie them up but when it came to a dangerous undead like Uncle Wood…only powerful means could be used.

The old lady contemplated a moment before immediately replying, “Yes, have Cai Qing come see me later, I have something to tell her.”


With the old madam guarding the place, it was like she had peace of mind, while the old madam was out talking to Cai Qing, she poured Lu Xing’s blood into the tub, “Lu Xing, later on, if Wood shows a struggling expression again, stay as far away as you can.”

“But, he is in pain.”

Lu Xing had never seen Wood show any expression, this was the first time he’d seen him show signs of pain, if not for experiencing pain to the extreme, he simply couldn’t imagine what else could have made him show that sort of face.

Dongfang Minghui shrugged, she hadn’t personally tried comforting people but she has seen many of her patients’ families acting similar to Lu Xing, “I can also make him not feel any pain.”

“Minghui, is that true?”

She looked at Lu Xing with a stony face and nodded, “Just don’t treat him, he will never feel pain at all in his life, don’t you think that because Wood can now show an expression of pain it means my treatment works? Lu Xing, I know you can’t let Wood go on feeling that but sometimes we have to be ruthless to make him better. ”

“Minghui is right.” The old lady stood behind them at some point, “Minghui you can go ahead now and treat him with no worries, you can ask me for anything you need, I will personally watch over Ziyan during these few days.”

Speaking of needs, she had one, “Old madam, I wish to have a weapon that can lock up Wood.”

“No need, I won’t let him move an inch out of the tub.”

“That’s good.”

With the old lady’s assurance, Dongfang Minghui went to do her own thing without fear. There was an incense stick on the table, and Lu Xing was watching the time constantly, reminding her once every two hours. The sample from before had unfortunately fallen to the floor in the previous battle and gotten covered with ash. She washed it with water and then dripped Lu Xing’s blood and some of the leaf juice of Love Flower on it.

Now and then she took her book out to make notes, and the whole room was so quiet that you could hear the sound of heartbeats.

“Minghui, it’s been two hours.”

This was the second time, when it was the third time, the sound of the water in the tub clearly moved, Lu Xing immediately called out as soon as he saw the grim facial expression of Wood, “W-wood is going crazy again.”

The old lady released half of her spiritual pressure, Lu Xing was immediately shoved far away, “Do not come over.”

Wood’s berserk state lasted for the time of two incense sticks, Dongfang Minghui recorded all his real emotional reactions, including the specific hours and duration when he was most uncomfortable. She also recorded the symptoms before his pupils turned white and his breath was completely gone, his whole person was like a dead person again.

The bath bucket was not torn apart like before this time but some water had leaked.

A foul smell permeated the room as some black liquid seeped out of the barrel. This black liquid was much thicker than the sample she had before.

“What is this?”

The stench smelled so bad that even someone who had seen the world as the old lady had a frown on her face.

“This is the poison inside Wood, old lady don’t get contaminated by it.”

Dongfang Minghui casually threw a piece of cloth and let the cloth soak it up bit by bit, then she asked Lu Xing to bring the second bath barrel. They then quickly pulled out the weak and drowsy Wood and dropped him into the second bath barrel.

She divided the healing process of Uncle Wood into three steps, and the detoxification was the most crucial one, if he was able to expel the black liquid like the sample, she guessed that this would cause the most significant change.

Situ Hao and others were on guard outside, the moment there was any movement inside, they would stand up to see if the door to the room would open.

“I’m still at least a Light System Spiritual Master, why doesn’t Sister Minghui let me go in and help out too? I want to help.” Situ Hao was puzzled.

“Just you?” Bai Rou glanced at him disgustingly, not knowing if the other party didn’t understand or pretending that he didn’t understand anything. Didn’t you see that even Wanyu was standing outside and was driven out by Minghui?

“What’s wrong with me, how come I can’t?” Situ Hao strained his neck in defiance.

“What time is it, you guys are still making a scene.” Li Yunan had a headache, he then walked to Qian Wanyu’s side, “Minghui found a cure for the undead?”

Qian Wanyu pursed her lips, “Ninth Sister did not explicitly say, when she comes out, we will know.”

This wait turned into three days, the good thing is that everyone has finished the qualification competition and was in no hurry to do anything. The city was still noisy and full of fanfare but the whole small courtyard was quiet as if isolated from the world, everyone sat quietly in meditation.

Inside the room, the condition of Wood became better and better as she expected.

“Minghui, the water in the bathtub is no longer as dark as before.” Lu Xing checked the colour of the water in the bathtub and informed the situation.


In the past few days, when the door of the room was opened, it was only when it was the time to change the bath buckets, ten bath buckets had been broken by Uncle Wood and only the last three were still available. She collected all the black sticky liquid that seeped out as well.

The old woman was sitting aside. Gazing at her calmly, asking nothing and saying nothing.

“Minghui, how much longer before it’s over? It seems to me that Wood is not in a good condition.”

Lu Xing held back for three days before he finally asked.

Dongfang Minghui gave him a mocking look, but because the old woman was there, she couldn’t tease him, she just said, “Go and see if there are any changes in his skin?”

Lu Xing was very obedient and went over to open the lid of the bathtub to look at Wood’s skin.

The skin on Wood’s body was not as pale and grey as before, his skin seemed to be tinged with a layer of yellow, and some of the rotten places on his body seemed to have been cleaned as well after three days of soaking.

“Minghui, the colour of his skin seems to be changing it’s becoming-”


“Ah shit, Wood what are you doing?!” Lu Xing was dragged into the water unaware. The tub was large enough for two people to bathe together but for Lu Xing, his face immediately changed colour. Not to mention the smell, even his sense of taste was tainted by the foul smell, his stomach was empty inside or he would’ve vomited out all the contents by now.

Wood looked at him with an innocent face, and then also extended his hand to wipe him, “Xing.”


The stool under the old lady’s body was blown backwards because of the force.

Dongfang Minghui stood aside to watch the show, she originally wanted to make fun of Lu Xing, but she did not expect that Uncle Wood would show this reaction ah, “Lu Xing, just now Uncle Wood, didn’t he speak?”

Lu Xing touched a handful of bath water on his face to try to clear his head, “He…he said a word.”

Seeing Minghui and the old lady’s nervous look, he was still doubting if he was hearing things, but now he felt more convinced.

“Wood, shout again.”


Dongfang Minghui’s eyes widened and she excitedly pointed at herself, “Wood, me? Me, what’s my name?”

Wood didn’t even look at her, still grabbing Lu Xing’s hand and playing with it, with a strange expression on his face.

Dongfang Minghui pointed at herself with her finger was furious. When she turned around, she saw the old lady looking at the person in the tub with a complicated expression, then it dawned on her that it should be the old lady who was most upset. Old lady, we should take our time, we can always wait until the day he can speak clearly and remember you.

“Minghui, I am happy.” The old lady’s eyes were slightly red, she turned away from them and wiped her eyes to make herself look normal, “It’s all thanks to your hard work these days, Minghui.”

Dongfang Minghui scratched her head awkwardly, actually, she didn’t do anything. Before, she could not be sure if Uncle Wood could even recover but now the other party not only opened his mouth to speak, even his skin was much more normal than before.

“Lu Xing, come out now. Don’t mess with Wood. He still needs to stay inside for a while longer.”

Lu Xing blushed at her words and immediately climbed out of the bathtub and put the lid back on. He changed his set of clothes and came out to see the sample on the table, the colour on the sample was back to a normal human colour, but now fresh blood was spilling out all over the sample.

“It’s bleeding?”

“Good thing.” Dongfang Minghui said indifferently and stopped explaining.

After all the bathtubs were used, she tallied all the data, “Well, it seems the first treatment session can end here.”

The old lady left the room along with them and just watched their backs in a daze.

“Ninth Sister, what are you thinking about?”

Dongfang Minghui didn’t have to turn around to know that it was Seventh sister who had arrived. She murmured, not knowing whether it was for her or for herself, “I have a question that I can’t understand.”

Why did Lu Xing’s blood work? Is it because he is the prince of the elves?

Qian Wanyu did not know what she was thinking about, but guessed that it was definitely related to Lu Xing, “Since you can’t understand, put this question aside, for now. One day, you will figure it out. You’ve been inside for too long, in two days we’ll have to depart for the back of the mountain for another adventure, you need to prepare a little.”

“Ah, almost forgot about such an important matter!”

Going to the back of the mountain for training, it was inevitable that there will be conflicts with people, she had to prepare more healing pills.

Two days later, they gathered at the third field of the tournament grounds.

After a layer of screening, there were only about four hundred people who could finally enter the back mountain.

“Seventh Sister, this venue seems to be much bigger.” After she looked around, she saw many new faces and many familiar faces.

“Later, groups of ten will enter the teleportation portal in groups of ten and someone will take you into the third peak.” The Qian Family head stood at the highest part of the venue and announced, the front line containing the first group of people were brought into the teleportation portal by the Qian Family guards. Once the formation was activated, she saw a blue light flash by and in the blink of an eye, ten people were gone.

Many people around the area who had never seen a teleportation array were talking about it. Dongfang Minghui was also wide-eyed, thinking that the Qian Family was also really a wealthy family, a teleportation array would probably cost a lot of manpower and material resources.

The Qian Family back mountain had nine peaks, each mountain corresponds to a competition field, so by this calculation, weren’t there nine teleportation arrays?

From the 400 people, split into ten groups it would mean 40 groups! The good thing was that the array could transmit ten groups per hour, after which it needed to undergo some repairs for half an hour. All in all, it was still considered relatively fast, after some waiting, it was their turn.

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