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MIWW Chapter 100 Part 2

Seeing this, Dongfang Minghui retreated to a room, closed the door, and watched through the doorway.

Seventh sister cut her fingertip, and a drop of bright red blood floated in mid-air. She then saw Seventh sister pinch the forelimbs of the little white tiger and also squeeze out a drop of blood. Two drops of blood from one person and one from the beast formed a circle in mid-air rotating slowly. She seemed to see a beast face emerge in mid-air from time to time as the two drops of blood kept going in a circle before shrinking and fusing together.

Wind and lightning raged in the small courtyard from the fusion and a small vortex of spiritual energy appeared in the sky. After the blood was separated from the vortex, one drop returned to Seventh sister’s brow, and one drop went into the forehead of the little white tiger.

“The contract is complete.”

An ancient sound seemed to ring in her ears and she looked dumbfounded at the scene inside the small courtyard, Seventh sister’s body emitted colourful rays of light, these rays enveloped her body and even a dark light appeared on the little white tiger shining onto Seventh Sister while a dark light from Seventh sister shone back on the tiger, soon the rays on both of them dissipated.

The small courtyard returned to calm, the ceremony from before seemingly finished.

“Seventh Sister, this is the contract between a human and a spirit animal?”


This was the first time she’d seen such a show for a contract ceremony. Thinking of how different Seventh sister was from normal people, she speculated that normal contracts between a person and a spirit animal was probably not like this.

“Little white tiger, from now on, follow Seventh sister, she will teach you well.”

When it comes to the word “teach”, she felt that she was also unqualified, she had to find time to train Toothless properly someday so that it won’t get held down and beaten up by Seventh sister’s little white tiger in the future.

Where would the face of her and Toothless go if it got beaten up next time?

Qian Wanyu stood behind her and watched with her arms around her chest as she and the little white tiger kept muttering to each other, she looked at the sky and took advantage of the gap to remove the formation.

When Bai Rou and the rest came back they saw her on the stone bench not knowing what potion she was making, Qian Wanyu stood with her hands on her side, looking out through the small courtyard wall with a solemn look. Her brow was still knitted as if seeming to have encountered some kind of problem.

“Wanyu, Minghui, we’re back.”

Their group went out early and now they all came back excitedly. Qian Wanyu knew that the three of them had good news judging from the smile on their faces so she made a shushing motion towards them.

However, Dongfang Minghui still felt the movement.

“Senior Sister Bai, you look good.” She glanced at Senior Brother Situ and was very surprised that the other party also looked very refreshed. She couldn’t help but remember the friendship between the two people, Senior Sister Bai Rou and Senior Brother Situ.

Her eyes darted back and forth before the two of them, her eyes were filled with naked curiosity as she judged their relationship. Besides the two people involved blushing, everyone else laughed at the words that need not be said.

“Senior sister Bai Rou has recovered, and senior brother Situ is finally willing to go out and meet people.” She couldn’t help snickering, now they were all in pairs in this team aside from Mu Sheng and Brother Li. She pulled Sister Bai Rou aside, avoiding the rest of the group, “Sister Bai do you know that when you were unconscious it was Brother Situ who carried you back, he even gave up his matches for you.”

Bai Rou’s face sank and she rebuked, “Stupid.”

Who told him to give up his matches?

“Yes, I also think that Brother Situ is stupid, do not look at him acting so carefree now he also said that if he met Meng Yixiao he would avenge you, tsk, simply has no idea of his own strength so ignorant and then he also tried using his light-based healing for your injuries but it caused you to vomit blood all over the ground, that’s not all, he also-”

“Minghui, stop, although he often does some weird things he’s not as bad as you say…”

Dongfang Minghui looked at her with a teasing look as if waiting for her to argue for Situ Hao.

Bai Rou felt a little guilty when she saw her like this and only then she knew that she had been fooled by Minghui into revealing her thoughts by defending Situ Hao and listing all his benefits.

“Senior sister Bai, show mercy!” As soon as she saw Senior Sister Bai Rou taking out her big sword she immediately ran towards Seventh sister, “Seventh sister, help!”

“Little Minghui, you also have today ah.” Situ Hao gloated on the sidelines.

“Ungrateful, if I didn’t do this for your lifelong happiness, Situ Hao, how would I be chased by Senior Sister Bai Rou and her big sword?” She accused him indignantly.

Everyone laughed playfully watching the good show.

Qian Wanyu pulled her to her side, “From now on, don’t bother with this matchmaking nosy business, just sit back and watch Senior Brother Situ shave his head and become a bald monk that no one wants.”

“Hahahahaha!” The group couldn’t help laughing out loud.

Afterwards, their competition went so smoothly that everyone in the courtyard felt that it was an incredible turn of events. Especially Mu Sheng, in the sixth game, he met a dual-system Spiritual Master, one of which was a fire system at Great Spiritualist tier while the other was ice-based at Great Spiritualist tier.

Both the level and skills of the opponent were slightly higher than him but…

The opponent was dazed by Xiao Bai’s smoke and he successfully advanced.

Situ Hao also had a case where he thought he was going to lose, only to have his opponent give up the victory due to an accident and breaking a rule.

“It seems that someone is giving us a break.”

Mu Sheng and Situ Hao both said as soon as they returned, looking at each other and saying this as an afterthought.

“It’s just too weird, who on earth is it?”

“Let me know who it is, I will definitely beat him up, this is too insulting.”

Qian Wanyu looked puzzled and listened without commenting, she probably guessed who had so much free time as to fix the matches like this. Who else could it be besides the Qian Family’s first lady who could not appear in public because of the punishment?

“Hearing you guys say that I suddenly feel that my opponents were also quite weird.” Bai Rou was puzzled as well, the three of them looked at each other but it seemed like everyone else had already qualified.

In the Qian Family, the only people who can change the list and make arrangements like this would be…

They suddenly looked at Qian Wanyu.

“Sister Wanyu wouldn’t do that.” Mu Sheng was the first to defend her.

“I don’t do these boring things.” Qian Wanyu lazily explained as she saw the door to Ninth Sister’s room open.

“Lu Xing, bring Uncle Wood over here for a moment.”

After a few days of sleeplessness, she had used up all of her blood samples and found something incredibly exciting. Perhaps the potion for the undead cure hadn’t yet been fully refined but she had found an excellent way to bring back a bit of sanity to Uncle Wood.

As soon as the three of them entered the room, she pulled Lu Xing to the side, and Wood looked on with his typical emotionless face, “Lu Xing, look at this, this is the sample from uncle Wood, do you think it is a little different from the usual?”

Lu Xing took a big step back, not only a little different right?! Compared with the previous sample, this sample in front of him was almost similar to flesh freshly taken off a living person, he could not help but doubt, “Minghui… is this… is it really the sample taken off from Wood?”

“Of course.”

She took out a small porcelain vial and waved it around in front of Lu Xing’s eyes, “Do you know what this is?”

In the porcelain bottle was a black juice, emitting a strong stench, Lu Xing curiously opened it and smelled it, his stomach turned inside out, almost vomiting out what he had eaten before, he immediately put the lid back on, “Minghui, what is this?”

“This is the secret of the undead’s virus stimulated transformation.”

At last she knew why people infected with the virus go through three great transformations before losing their minds and life. The secret of all three transformations was in these three porcelain vases. She walked up to Uncle Wood and stood on her tiptoes to look at him.

“Uncle Wood, I now have a way to make you a little better.”

“Minghui, what do you mean, what do you mean you can make Wood better?”

Dongfang Minghui look at his excited look and didn’t know how to explain, “Relax, listen to me slowly. Lu Xing, I know you expect Uncle Wood can one day become a normal person, but, my definition of good is not quite the same as what’s in your head, it’s just a little better than he is right now. He will at least be able to remember the Qian Family people, he will be able to remember the old lady and remember who he is. He might also be able to understand what we say and have his own consciousness, do you think this is good?”

Lu Xing nodded blankly, “I think it’s good.”

“Then, I have a bold idea, but I need your cooperation, what will happen from this… it is difficult to predict.” After all, Uncle Wood would be the first undead willing to cooperate with them and listen to Lu Xing.

The patient has to be willing for the doctor to treat right?

“How do I need to cooperate?”

“Listen to me.”

Dongfang Minghui brought out ten barrels and put two in the room, she filled one with hot water and the other various medicinal plants which were essential, the rest of the barrels were all placed in the courtyard outside the door.

“What exactly is Minghui doing?”

“I don’t know, so mysterious, she just shouted for Lu Xing and Wood to go in.”

Dongfang Minghui also had no idea if this treatment was feasible, this era of medical treatment was too against normal logic. Modern people really couldn’t make sense of it so she could only use what few details she knew to create a treatment.

She looked at a large porcelain bottle of blood, “Lu Xing, that’s enough.”

Lu Xing stopped his bleeding and crushed some pills into his wound to replenish his spiritual energy.

“Quickly let Uncle Wood sit.”

As soon as she saw Wood standing in the tub looking at them, she couldn’t help but stroke her forehead, “You know, it’s actually a painful thing to soak in a medicinal bath alone, it just so happens that I prepared two barrels so why don’t you just accompany him and soak together?”


It was a matter of whether or not Uncle Wood could recover so he had to cooperate. These were Dongfang Minghui’s exact words and immediately Lu Xing’s little resistance turned into crumbs.

The two barrels were not far apart from her, and they could even hold each other’s hands, but the medicinal plants placed in their barrels were not the same. Uncle Wood’s barrel was filled with Lu Xing’s blood which she had specially prepared for him and nothing else.

As for Lu Xing’s, various spirit liquid and medicinal plants were put in it, especially the blood tonic to recover his lost blood.

“Lu Xing, help Uncle Wood take off his clothes and pants, let him go in naked so he can better absorb the essence inside.” Dongfang Minghui barked her embarrassing order without raising her head.


Lu Xing panicked to the point that he didn’t know where to put his hands and feet when he heard that he had to undress Wood, “Must I take it all off?”

“Definitely, you have to undress too.”

“You can leave a pair of pants for him if you’re shy, but in case it affects the treatment later don’t cry to me, okay?” Dongfang Minghui admonished with bad intentions. In fact, she really wasn’t fooling around with Lu Xing, it was mainly because the undead had that sort of skin throughout their body, the entire surface area needed to be covered.

Lu Xing was also secretly glad to hear her words at first but when he heard the last part whatever scruples he had flown out the window. He did not dare to look at the deep eyes of Wood instead lowering his head to murmur, “Wood, I’ll undress you, you have to cooperate.”

The other party was taller than him, so he had to stand on his tiptoes just to take off his clothes.

Lu Xing once on tiptoes raised his head and his gaze involuntarily met the other party’s smiling eyes, his eyes opened wide but he steeled himself and glared fiercely before ripping off his upper clothing entirely until only his pants was left which was more difficult to take off.

“Wood, lift your legs.”

He and Wood had lived together for so long but even if was bathing, they were never both naked. While he bathed, Wood would watch on with wet clothes, Wood didn’t have any feelings towards the wet clothes and anyway they dried soon enough on his body.

Two people stood half-naked next to each other for the first time…

He asked three times but the other side was completely uncooperative, not only that, but he also seemed to look down at him with a teasing smile in his eyes.

“Lu Xing, Uncle Wood are you are playing with me? The water is going to get cold, can you guys be a little faster?” She could not even bear looking at these two lovebirds, she just wanted them to undress and get into the barrels why were they flirting with each other?

Were they bullying her because Seventh sister was not around?

Lu Xing’s face turned red when she scolded and he got angry enough to slap his leg, but the other party still didn’t move. His brain turned and he took out a blade from his space ring, slashing three times and then all the clothes from Wood’s body fell off.

When he looked up, his eyesight turned pale.


Dongfang Minghui looked up and saw that there were uneven bruises all over Wood’s body, it was like he had been walking through the eighteenth level of hell, she glanced at Lu Xing, “Lu Xing, quickly coax Uncle Wood into the bath tub, he will get better soon.”

Lu Xing’s eyes were red and he murmured, “Yes, he will get better.”

Uncle Wood refused to get into the bath so Lu Xing had no choice but to get into the bath himself, waving at him. Only after all kinds of coaxing and basically selling himself, only then did Uncle Wood stride over into the barrel.

Lu Xing pinned him down and jumped from that tub into the one Minghui had prepared for him.

“Uncle Wood, don’t resist it, I’m going to put the lid on now, you have to stay inside and not come out without my permission.” She said while putting the lid on the barrel so his head wouldn’t be exposed.

Lu Xing looked at his aggrieved look and wanted to laugh, but thinking of the bruises he had seen all over his body, he felt great heartache. The two people looked at each other for the last time and time flew by.

In the blink of an eye, a day passed.

“Minghui, how long does Wood need to stay inside?” Lu Xing also couldn’t stay inside the barrel calmly, cultivating naked in the water made him unable to adapt.

“You can come out first if you feel uncomfortable, but you have to keep an eye on Uncle Wood, you can’t let him do whatever he wants.”

The poison of the undead was truly powerful, even someone like Uncle Wood must soak for a long time before he can survive the first stage and only then could he come out to breathe some fresh air. She originally intended to do it like this and check the colour of the water every hour to ascertain the progress.

“Minghui, quickly come over, the water has turned ink black!”

“Don’t worry.” The inky black colour indicates that the poison is deep.

“No, it seems to me Wood is in pain…” Lu Xing squatted anxiously next to the barrel and managed to lock eyes with wood through a small opening, “Wood, please bear with it, bear with it and it will pass.”


A howl like a wolf in pain came out from the throat of Uncle Wood.

Dongfang Minghui suddenly remembered a crucial thing, although Uncle Wood would listen to Lu Xing, it didn’t change the fact that he was in fact an undead…

In the next moment, she saw the barrel where Uncle Wood was soaking split into pieces as she shouted, “Lu Xing, get out of the way!”

With such a big commotion in the courtyard, Qian Wanyu and the others woke up from their cultivation, she pulled out her Water Thunder Whip and kicked open the door of the room.

Wooo I hope Uncle Wood can be cured!


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