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MIWW Chapter 100 Part 1

“The reason is that I felt an extremely cold spiritual power hidden under his ice spiritual power, I wanted to try to see if I could force his second spiritual power out.” Bai Ruo remembered how she’d fought countless people in the Royal Academy’s tournament arena from all the nine elements but she had never seen the creepy extremely cold spiritual energy she felt from Meng Yixiao. It made her suspect that the other party was a Dark Spiritual Master!

“When you fought with him, did you sense it as well? ”

Qian Wanyu stood by the edge of the bed in thought, she shook her head at Bai Rou’s words, “Not really, what he showed me was the normal resistance an Ice System Great Spiritual Scholar should have.”

But, as Bai Ruo mentioned, this person was ruthless, one of his hidden systems was most likely the dark system spiritual power, he should be afraid and aware of Bai Ruo finding out so he had killing intent.

If not for Ninth Sister…

Bai Rou this time would likely have had bad luck.

“I believe my judgment, his second spiritual power if not gold is most likely dark.”

Qian Wanyu looked grave, in addition to Xuan Zhu, this was the second Dark Spiritual Master she encountered and one with bad intentions no less. Since the other party carries a slime worm, this dangerous parasite of the dark world, it was even more likely.

However, without proof, they cannot freely speculate, what it meant to be a dark system Spiritual Master no one was clearer than her.

“Bai Rou, no matter how we speculate on his second Spiritual power now, it won’t help, your priority is to recover yourself as soon as possible, next you have the second round of the rematches to participate in. You will most likely meet Meng Yixiao a second time.”

This included Situ Hao and Mu Sheng as well both of which were highly likely to encounter him.

Bai Rou was flabbergasted, obviously not expecting such a play. The first thing she did after waking up was to worry about her teammates also encountering this pervert Meng Yixiao. Now after being reminded by Qian Wanyu, she immediately felt that she could not continue to lie down, “Wanyu, how many days are left for the rematch?”

The real rematch will start tomorrow, she had used the authority of Qian Family’s Third Miss to make Cai Qing delay Bai Ruo’s competition as far back as possible, but she could only delay it by two days at most.

“You still have two days.”

Two days later, every one accompanied Bai Rou and Situ Hao and Mu Sheng to watch the rematch.

The system was even stricter than the first round, they had to go through even more severe screening than the first round, with ten matches instead of five it was twice as many as the six, no, five matches they had before. The Qian family had modified the system in advance for various reasons, turning the six matches into five matches and simplifying the previous system. However, in terms of difficulty, it was actually increasing and the level of opponents they faced was getting higher and higher from easy to difficult.

Therefore, their matches now were even more intensive than usual, with at least two, or maybe three matches a day.

“Ninth Sister is still in the courtyard, she is alone, I’m not too sure.”

Lu Xing and Wood also wanted to stay but were dismissed by Qian Wanyu with a few words.

Dongfang Minghui was completely unaware of what had happened in the courtyard in the past few days. She was so focused on her experiments and was so excited these days that she just stayed awake to stare at the sample the whole time, expecting further changes.

As she had predicted before, Lu Xing’s blood was indeed extremely helpful to Uncle Wood.

That day she fell asleep on the table and dreamed about some things that had happened since she came to Meng City, many details that she had overlooked in the dream all surfaced. After she woke up, she found that the sample of Uncle Wood on the table had become even more human than before, like a fresh piece of flesh cut off from a person but there was still a lot of yellow juice spreading out around the sample. She took the black juice that she had collected from the sample in her space ring and waved it twice in front of her eyes.

On that day, Lu Xing cut his hand for the sample and his blood dripped on it as well. Afterwards, the black juice spread out from the sample and now, the black juice has turned into a brownish-yellow juice.

She had a preliminary conclusion in her mind and was waiting for further judgment.

“Seventh sister, how come you are the only one here?”

As soon as she left her room, she almost forgot what day it was and she was a little uncomfortable seeing the small courtyard empty.

“The rematches have started, Mu Sheng, Bai Rou and Situ Hao all went to the competition arena, the rest of them went to raise their morale.”

“Seventh sister, you said Senior Sister Bai and Senior Brother Situ also went?”


She felt as if she had missed a lot of things after staying in her room for a few days, she routinely checked the situation in her space ring only to be shocked about what she saw and falling to the ground with a loud bang

“Ninth Sister, what’s happening?”

Before Qian Wanyu could help her up, she saw two big guys, one white and one black, suddenly appearing in the courtyard, she instinctively drew out her Water Thunder Whip.

But the two big guys were scrambling around Dongfang Minghui, and they fought over her, as a result, probably because they hadn’t discussed it, one white ball and one black ball fought first.

In the eyes of Dongfang Minghui, the sound of two little beasts became like this.

“Mother, mother, I am Toothless.”

“Little white you get away from her, she is my mother.”

“Ow – no you get lost.”

The two rolled into one big ball at the drop of a hat.

“Toothless?” She should have been overjoyed to see Toothless grow up, but suddenly she remembered that she wouldn’t have the chance to pick it up in the future if it kept growing. Then she experiences the heartbreaking feeling of her child growing into an adult. But before she had time to think about it, she saw that the little white tiger had also grown up to be as big as Toothless, she felt that it looked more like a dog.

Toothless and Little White viciously bit each other, opening their mouths wide with rows of sharp fangs. The two didn’t fight for a long time but when she looked on the ground there were a few clusters of white hair.


“The little white tiger should be the cub of that dark magical beast tiger from sharp knife mountain.”

Qian Wanyu looked at Little White and felt it looked a little familiar, thanks to Qing Mo’s reminder, she could see a little bit of the dark magical beast tiger from Little White, “How did it grow so fast?”

Dongfang Minghui was also scratching her head, she did not know, she held it out before the competition to feed but at that time it was still skinny and soft.

Now, Toothless and Little White have become about the same size as a normal dog, there was nothing she could hold in the future.

The world of medicinal plants she couldn’t understand and now she felt like the world of spirit animals she also couldn’t understand.

“Toothless’ growth was most likely from the awakening of the fire system spiritual power, due to its spiritual power it grew a little bit, but how can the small white tiger suddenly become larger.” She slapped her head, a few days ago she kept reminding herself to pay attention to Little White, it was only small at first but after a few days, its teeth had grown several times faster than other young beasts. The first thing she thought of was that some medicinal plants, pills, potions or other things in the space ring could’ve been stolen by it.

After checking, however, she realized that there were so many miscellaneous things in her space ring that she couldn’t remember them herself!

“Seventh sister, do you think Little White is okay like this?”

“Not necessarily.” Qian Wanyu’s hand was still clenching the whip, she looked pensive, if not for Qing Mo’s reminder she would’ve also forgotten that this tiger cub in front of her was actually a dark system magical beast cub.

In other words, it wasn’t a friendly sort of animal.

“Ow.” Little White was pinned down on the ground by Toothless, unable to roll over and get up for a long time, it could only roar dryly towards Dongfang Minghui.

“Toothless, come to me.” She took out a teething stick from the space ring and like teasing her own puppy she squatted down and waved it at Toothless.

As soon as it smelled the smell of meat emanating from the teething stick, Toothless immediately put away its forelimbs and pounced towards her cheerfully, probably realizing that after it changed in size it couldn’t run up too fast it also braked hard and before swallowing her hand along with the teething stick in one gulp.

Little White smelled the same taste that it dreamed of tasting again, it rolled quickly back on its feet and rushed over, bumbling up to her, and let out a low wailing sound.

Hearing it wail her heart also turned soft.

Dongfang Minghui did not understand the other party’s meaning, but seeing the little white tiger’s pair of beautiful blue eyes staring at her, she could not help but take out all the remaining teething sticks in her space ring to give it to the tiger cub.

“Here you go, here you go, all for you.”

“Ow ow ow–”

Suddenly, Toothless pounced on the other party and knocked it to the ground, its sharp teeth immediately bit down on the other party’s neck ruthlessly. This time was obviously different from the playfulness from just now.

“Ninth Sister, come here.”

Qian Wanyu dragged the person to her feet as soon as she could.

“Huh? Ah, why are they fighting again?” Dongfang Minghui came to her senses and seeing Toothless and the little white tiger biting each other in death, her head was still in the clouds and she had no idea what happened.

“This cub is a bit weird.”

Qian Wanyu saw Ninth Sister was still dumbfounded when she took something out of her space ring and spoke in a serious voice, Qian Wanyu didn’t expect Toothless to be more sensitive and notice it a faster than she did, “Did you know what you were doing just now?”

“Yes.” She looked at the little white tiger pitifully and was just trying to get a teething stick to feed it then she exclaimed, “Yikes, why did I take out all of Toothless’ rations!”

“Toothless, don’t bite, don’t bite, you’re going to kill it.”

Strangely enough, this time Toothless didn’t listen to her at all and bit down hard on the little white tiger’s throat, it was full of killing intent and wanted to bite it to death.

“Don’t go.” Qian Wanyu pulled her back, “Toothless is smart, it must have sensed something from this dark tiger beast. Think about it carefully, was there something wrong?”

Dongfang Minghui thought carefully about the whole incident. The weird place was probably when she and the small white tiger looked at each other, “Seventh sister, my head went blank for a second at that time.”

She couldn’t think of anything about what she had done now that she thought harder about the incident.

Qian Wanyu looked at her confusion with a serious face.

“The little white tiger had a pair of beautiful eyes, when I looked at it I-” In the end she didn’t know what she was doing at that time either.

“Then I’ll go gouge out its eyes.”

“Ah, Seventh sister, wait, there must be some kind of misunderstanding let’s wait until, ugh ugh wait Toothless quickly stop.” Dongfang Minghui took a look at the two furballs and hastily pulled Toothless away, “Toothless?”

Toothless looked towards the shrinking small white tiger and gave a threatening growl. She had to drag Toothless back when she saw it showing its row of sharp teeth towards the shivering small white tiger which looked particularly pathetic.

Dongfang Minghui’s head was confused at why Toothless was so angry, the only thing she could think of that made it so mad was the pile of teething sticks she had just put in front of Toothless, “Toothless, this is all yours, I’ll make you more later.”

Obviously, its teething period had passed, she didn’t know why Toothless still loved chewing the teething sticks.


Toothless walked over and rubbed against her aggressively, obviously it wasn’t mad because of the teething sticks.

“Toothless didn’t do that because of the teething sticks.”

“Then what for?”

Beasts fight over territory so it was normal to fight over food, but Toothless has never been the one being bullied so she had never seen it get angry before. Dongfang Minghui held Toothless’s little head and looked at it, cleaning the hair and blood at the corners of its mouth.

Toothless stretched out its tongue and licked her fingers, the tail behind it waved, and suddenly it half bent down on the ground, “Mother.”

She knew this action, in the past when she talked about the future grown-up Toothless carrying her around, Toothless will always show this half-crouch posture as if signalling her to sit on its back. She touched its two small bumps on its back and Toothless’ whole body immediately tightened up, “Toothless.”

“Try it and see.”


Before she could understand Seventh sister’s words, she felt Toothless’s whole body shake and it roared again towards the white tiger taking a posture to attack.

“Seventh sister.”

Qian Wanyu always acted as fast as lightning in whatever she did. At some point she activated the formation in the small courtyard, once the formation opened, her whole body’s spiritual power poured out, especially the dark spiritual power fell in unrestrained amounts towards the small white tiger and surrounded it from all sides.

Toothless also kept retreating backwards, shrinking to her side and then revealing a fierce look at her.

“Toothless, don’t be afraid, Seventh sister won’t hurt you.”

This little guy was sensitive, it was likely that the reason it was showing a fierce look towards Seventh sister was because of the dark spiritual power. She kept stroking its bent back, “Toothless, don’t be afraid.”

The little guy also understood at some level, after seeing Qian Wanyu targeting the small white tiger, its body gradually relaxed, rubbing against her side.

The little white tiger, which was already injured and depressed,  even a bit pitiful, was not afraid of her dark spiritual power, and instead opened its mouth as if to eat the dark spiritual power.

“It’s really a dark system magical beast.”


She was dumbfounded, little Toothless casually abducted a little animal, how is it suddenly a dark spiritual beast?

Qian Wanyu gripped her long whip tightly and walked over step by step. Probably sensing the strong threatening nature from the other party, the little white tiger kept shrinking back and looked at Dongfang Minghui pitifully.

The other side’s eyes seemed to be pleading, the poor look made her pity it and she pulled Qian Wanyu’s wrist, “Seventh sister, it is still a child and doesn’t know anything yet, we can slowly teach it don’t hit it.”

The little white tiger immediately bent down on the ground, with its whole little head resting on the ground waving its tail towards them.

“Ninth Sister,” Qian Wanyu suddenly looked at her seriously, “This little guy I cannot let you keep it anymore.”


She pondered for a moment and quickly understood, “Does Seventh sister want to control the little white tiger?”

Qian Wanyu couldn’t help but tease her when she looked at her face, “If I ask, will Ninth Sister agree?”

The dark tiger among the tiger beasts was also considered to be a strong fighting force. Additionally, she felt like this little guy was the cause of the strange and weird deaths in the arena before. As she saw it, most likely the other party had sucked up the life force and spiritual power from those people turning them into bleached bones. She just didn’t know what method it is used to hide the truth from the eyes of the crowd.

If she continued to keep it around Ninth Sister, she didn’t know what kind of trouble this white tiger will cause. It’s better to take advantage of the fact that the little thing was still a cub and educate it early so it can be a helpful partner in the future.

“If the little white tiger is really a dark system awakened spirit beast…”

“Ninth Sister, it is a Dark Spirit Beast.”

Dongfang Minghui sighed, looking at Seventh sister’s look, there was obviously no room for discussion. She endured the pain of looking at the white tiger and then looked at Toothless sitting crouched at her side, “Seventh sister, you want to go over and make it sign a contract with you?”


“Oh.” She squatted down and touched Toothless’ head, “Toothless, what do you think if we give the little white tiger to Seventh sister to raise?”

Toothless was the one who brought back the little white tiger, it was necessary for her to ask Toothless before making any decision.

Toothless looked at Qian Wanyu with its head tilted, then it looked at the little white tiger that was still acting cute. It came up to her, tilted her hand with its head, and stuck out his tongue to lick her hand.

“Toothless, did you agree? If you agree tell me ok?”


“Great, my family’s Toothless is really generous.” She couldn’t help but come over and gently rub her nose on it, “Seventh sister, my family’s Toothless said that the little white tiger can be considered a generous gift for you.”

Without Seventh sister’s generous gift, there would be no Toothless now.

Actually, even if Seventh sister hadn’t said anything, she planned to raise Little White to give to Seventh sister. She was reluctant to give up the tiger beast so easily after finding out it was a Dark Spiritual Beast. Seventh sister as a Dark Spiritual Master would work well with a Dark Spirit Beast but these were very hard to find. She didn’t expect that her family’s Toothless picked up a treasure. Everything it brought back always happened to be all sorts of treasure!

Qian Wanyu on the other hand seemed to see Toothless’s tail pointed up as if mocking her. She was so angry that she laughed coldly. If she knew that the egg that she had given to Ninth Sister that day would hatch such a clingy little thing, she would’ve smashed it into the ground early, better to get rid of this sort of nuisance early.


Little White lay pitifully on its stomach, seeming to understand their conversation. From time to time it whimpered at Dongfang Minghui, which made her feel awkward.

“Toothless, go back to the space ring first.”

Toothless rubbed her again, and then went back reluctantly.

As soon as Little White saw that Toothless was missing, it immediately ran over and rubbed Dongfang Minghui’s leg for comfort.

“Little White, let me see your wound.” Just now, she guessed that Toothless had bitten down hard, even its teeth were still stained with flesh. Little White squatted beside her, raising its neck obediently.

“Huh? Strange, why is the wound gone?”

“Ninth Sister, don’t bother.” Qian Wanyu glanced at Little White coldly. “It is a dark spirit beast. Since it has swallowed my dark spiritual power, the wound will naturally heal quickly.”

Not only that, but the other party could also devour other people’s life force as well… this cub was only born a short time ago but had such a powerful method, if they let it go now… the consequences would be disastrous.

“Little White, you have to be obedient.” She wanted to pick it up, but couldn’t hold it all the way up since it was too heavy. “Don’t worry, I will always be with Seventh sister so you can be with me and Toothless all the time.”

Giving it to Seventh Sister wasn’t the same as moving it from her space ring to Seventh Sister’s right?

“Little White, you can sign a contract with Seventh sister then come and go as you please.”

Little White looked sad and put its forelimbs on Dongfang Minghui’s feet rubbing its head on her with an innocent look.

Seeing her helpless, Qian Wanyu retracted her whip and grabbed the back of Little White’s neck shaking it in front of her.

“I’ll give you two choices, either sign a contract with me, or I will kill you. Don’t bother with the playing.”

Little White called out.

“Seventh sister…”

Qian Wanyu’s cold eyes floated over, and she immediately fell silent immediately.

Little White struggled for a while but could understand that Qian Wanyu was serious.

“In that case, we’ll sign a contract.”

Qian Wanyu dragged it back to an open space and set up a formation.

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