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MIWW Chapter 99 Part 2

When she returned to the small courtyard, Cai Qing handed her a letter. Qian Wanyu opened it and saw what was stated on it, frowning, “Cai Qing, how long before the second round of the rematches?”

“At the latest, it will be around five days.”

Those who lost within the five consecutive games were eliminated, even so, the Qian Family’s tournament arena was still packed with people. The results of the first round of the competition came out quickly, and four people within their small team qualified.

Mu Sheng spent six hours a day cultivating, the other six hours he stayed with the Grand Elder to practice, the days were unusually regular, and the aura he gave off was a little different.

Dongfang Minghui wanted to start refining potions, Lu Xing and Wood would stay with her, occasionally helping out. When Lu Xing was busy, Wood was made to stand aside as a gatekeeper so he did not hinder them.

“I inquired about the causes of death of Nighthawk and Ji Xiaoxiao.” Li Yunan took a trip back to the Li family while everyone was busy and used a little of his influence to find a small trace, he secretly pulled Qian Wanyu aside, “They didn’t die from poison.”

“Someone said that just after they were carried away from the Qian Family, their whole body turned into white bones, it should have nothing to do with Sister Minghui.”

“Thank you for taking the trouble, Senior Brother Li.”

The letter that Li Jing gave had already detailed the problems regarding the two corpses of Ji Xiaoxiao and Nighthawk, there was no reaction of poison inside their bodies, thus it was clear that they died after the detoxification.

“Wanyu, don’t you think the way they died was weird? It’s like their life force and spiritual power was drained away by something all of a sudden,” Li Yunan saw the other party look unconcerned and thought the other party did not hear his point clearly, so he added, “You know what? My uncle warned me not to investigate this, Ji Xiaoxiao, Night Hawk and the one who just died yesterday, that assassin that fought Minghui, their bones were moved to the royal family.”

At first, he thought it was just a small thing, but as a result, the small thing had turned into a big thing.

The seemingly calm city seemed to show signs of a storm approaching.

“Wanyu, did you already know about it?” Li Yunan was anxious but when he turned to look, the other party still had the same extremely cold appearance, he could not help but freeze and ask.

“It is about Ninth Sister, I have to be cautious.”

If it hadn’t been for Li Yunan taking the initiative to investigate this matter, she wouldn’t want them to know because she knew that Dongfang Minghui would be puzzled by it if it was brought up.

Dongfang Minghui was completely unaware of what happened to the bodies of Ji Xiaoxiao and the other three people, she was preoccupied with Wood’s pill to inhibit sound, the pill once eaten should be able to prevent sound manipulation used to control Wood.

Pills were easier to create and she had sufficient medicinal plants, she also tried two small tests before boldly starting to refine the real one, in one breath she made ten small red pills, “This thing seems to be quite average.”

If Love Flower did not mention it, she would not have thought that this thing could have helped Uncle Wood get rid of that group of people pestering him.

“Lu Xing, give this to Uncle Wood and make him take it.”

After she handed the pill to Lu Xing, she began to think about the samples of undead skin she had gotten from Wood before, she was shocked when she took the sample out, “Strange, it wasn’t like this when I put it inside the space ring back then, right?”

“Little Colour, Love Flower, this thing you guys didn’t touch right?”

The fat doll glanced at it with great disdain, “Not interested.”

“Nope.” Love Flower’s reply was even shorter.

A piece of flesh from Wood which was dry and pale with spots similar to the undead and with an unhealthy colour, after sitting idle in her space ring for several months had changed colour.

“Lu Xing, do you think this piece of flesh seems to have a little more life in it?”

She carried the sample with a glove and shook it twice in front of him, Lu Xing was unprepared for her and took two steps backwards hitting Wood who held him upright.

Looking at it this way, it seems that there has been a change.

Lu Xing peeled the clothes off the wrist of the wood, revealing the pale unhealthy skin, comparing the two skin colours they immediately saw the difference. It was a big difference, “Yes, Minghui, it looks a lot more…healthy?”

She compared the skin at her wrist with the sample on the table, the sample was much worse but compared to the real undead skin on Uncle Wood it was already more than one level better. She propped up her head with an arm and thought back on her half-done experiment.

Lu Xing looked at her dazed form and anxiously paced back and forth, looking at  Wood and then at the sample on the table.


“Shh, don’t say anything first, let me think about it.”

It may seem like less than two or three months in reality but for her, it needed to include the six months when she was imprisoned in the first level of sharp knife mountain, almost half a year had passed for her personally. It was so long ago that she had to think about it.

Lu Xing saw her pondering the problem alone so he simply took out the box from his space ring, it was a block of ice Mu Sheng had hidden last time, the ice was wrapped in green coloured wood spiritual energy, as before, the bright red blood on it was still flowing quietly.

In fact, he had a more important thing he wanted to ask Minghui in person…

“Mu Sheng, why did you cover up the blood on that ice?” That day, standing inside the small courtyard, he deeply felt the fluctuation of life forces, when Minghui and everyone were busy taking care of Bai Rou, he pulled Mu Sheng outside the small courtyard and asked while no one was around, “What was the reason you took away the blood-stained ice from Minghui that day during her match and then hiding it from everyone?”

“Lu Xing, this matter is the secret of one person, I can’t tell you.” Mu Sheng hesitated, even when facing Lu Xing, he could not tell the truth about what he had found, he had even been struggling to tell Sister Wanyu about it.

The only person Lu Xing could think of was Minghui.

Mu Sheng helplessly covered his face, “Lu Xing, please, don’t ask anything or say anything for now about this.”

He hoped that his guess was wrong but when he looked at the piece of ice inside his space ring, he picked it up and threw it against the wall fiercely, “It’s useless to keep it, it’s better to destroy it.”

“Wait!” Lu Xing snatched the ice, “Is it something to do with Minghui’s blood?”

Mu Sheng closed his lips, refusing to reveal a single word.

Thinking of this, Lu Xing held the ice piece and a part of the wood spiritual power on it disappeared, the ice also gradually dissolved, seeing that the bright red blood was about to dissipate with the ice, he hastened to use his own spiritual power to temporarily seal it.

But even then, the melted blood and ice in his hand still dripped two drops, and somewhat coincidentally, the mixed ice water and blood dripped down on the sample…

“This is bad.” Lu Xing was a bit pained, he had been distracted by Minghui’s recent incident and put the ice back into his space ring trying to find something to wipe the ice water and blood off.

“Lu Xing, what are you doing?”

When she felt the other living person in front of her eyes moving around even a blind person would have a reaction. Dongfang Minghui knocked her head but she couldn’t recall the details, looking at Lu Xing she hurriedly pulled him, “Wait, what are you doing? ”

“Minghui, I’m really sorry, I just accidentally dripped a little something on your sample.” Lu Xing had a pained look.


Dongfang Minghui screamed so loud that Li Yunan and Qian Wanyu, who had been outside discussing her matter, heard it.

“Oh my god Lu Xing you’re really going to kill me!” Dongfang Minghui immediately took the book from his hands and looked at it again and again, “It wasn’t easy to have a little substantial change following this book, maybe if we follow along this to refine a pill we can inhibit the disease of the undead. If the sample deteriorates I’ll need another sample from the body of Uncle Wood, see if you want to do it.”

She was angry because most importantly, she hadn’t actually identified the trigger that led to the change in the sample.

Lu Xing did not know anything about refining pills, how would he know that a little mistake on his part would lead to such a powerful consequence, “Ah, then what to do?”

“Lu Xing, what did you just drop in?” She looked left and right, and the sample did not seem to change much, so her heart dropped a little, but she did not dare to take it lightly.

Lu Xing hesitated for a moment, but said honestly, “It’s a drop of water and a drop of blood…”


Dongfang Minghui came over and looked at him, “Wait, I remember, Lu Xing, your blood, your blood is useful.”

“Huh?” Lu Xing was bewildered, just now he still felt nervous and panicked at heart from Dongfang Minghui’s nonsensical sentence and now it went into another direction entirely, “My blood?”

“Yes, yes, didn’t your blood just happen to accidentally rub on the sample of Uncle Wood earlier?” She finally knew what caused the sample to change. She immediately took out a small knife from her space ring, “Lu Xing, contribute a little blood sample to me, it’s possible that your blood can make Uncle Wood completely recover ah.”

Huh, his blood was so effective?

Once he heard her words, Lu Xing did not say a word and took the initiative to slit his wrist to collect his blood in a tube for her, “Enough? If it’s not enough, I can switch to the other hand.”

“Enough, it’s enough, Lu Xing, you and Uncle Wood go out first, don’t bother me.”

“Hey hey, Minghui, I can help-”

Dongfang Minghui tidied up his bleeding and quickly pushed both people out, closing the door tightly. She thought about various experiments to do and also secretly thought about whether to cut another piece of sample from Uncle Wood but she quickly rejected this idea.

This time, if the experiment was successful, she could just directly use Uncle Wood to do experiments, she shook the small porcelain bottle of blood in her hand, “I’m counting on you.”

She buried her head in research, splitting the sample into two large pieces, one of which, she dropped several drops of Lu Xing’s blood on it, quietly waiting for its reaction, every two hours, she would watch its colour and measure any changes.

It may also be because of the small amount, she waited for six hours but the sample did not have much reaction.

She slumped over on the table and fell asleep.

“Hey, what’s wrong?”

As soon as the rest of the people saw Lu Xing and Wood outside their conversations immediately stopped. Li Yunan looked at the tightly closed room, then at Lu Xing who looked dejected, and laughed helplessly, “Looking at you guys like this, you probably annoyed sister Minghui?”

“It’s probably because I accidentally did something wrong and made Minghui angry.”

This was pretty normal, the pharmacists were a group of people who relied on themselves and their own experience to research. The only one to accompany Dongfang Minghui while working for a long time was Qian Wanyu who usually did not bother to do anything and just sat at the side to silently accompany her.

“She will not really be angry with you, she’s just too focused on the matter at hand, when she finishes she will come out on her own you do not have to worry.” Qian Wanyu reassured Lu Xing, with her understanding of Ninth Sister, the other party will come out only when she has finished or if she encounters difficulties halfway and wants to get help, otherwise, it’s better to just leave her alone.

“I hope so.” Lu Xing could not help but sigh, in fact, he hadn’t had time to even bring up and ask the most important thing to Minghui, thinking of Wood’s current situation and sister Bai Rou, he shook his head, it seems the time he had chosen wasn’t right.


The loud bang made the four people scared.

Situ Hao with his unshaved beard appeared wretchedly in front of everyone, he looked at the courtyard and his originally cloudy bloodshot eyes seemed to emit a light of joy. He excitedly pointed towards everyone in the room then saying, “Bai Rou’s woken up, she woke up!”

In fact, during this period, Bai Rou woke up once but that time her eyes were slightly confused and she did not really seem conscious plus she soon fell unconscious again, everyone thought it was just a sign of improvement.

Situ Hao had been taking care of her at her bedside around the clock, keeping himself completely unkempt contrary to his previous graceful appearance. When Bai Rou woke up, she saw his red bloodshot eyes at a glance.

“Bai Rou, how are you feeling?”

Bai Rou looked around at the few people surrounding her bed as she inquired in a low voice, “Where are Minghui, Mu Sheng and the others?”

During the time she was unconscious, she actually had a sense of the outside world, especially when Minghui kept saying something in her ear which she vaguely remembered but seemed to forget. Seeing that Minghui was not in the room, she couldn’t help but ask.

“Minghui is making potions, she doesn’t know you’ve woken up yet.” Qian Wanyu purposely didn’t let Situ Hao disturb her.

“Mu Sheng is out practising with the Grand Elder he will probably be back soon.” Lu Xing also added.

Bai Rou nodded, it took her a long time to drift back to what happened before she lost consciousness, “None of us are fighting against Meng Yixiao right?”

Everyone looked at Qian Wanyu.

“Wanyu and Meng Yixiao have already fought?”

“Bai Rou, there is something you may not know yet.” Li Yunan remembered that battle that day, he wanted to go up and beat Meng Yixiao himself. This kind of scum staying in the world was just a scourge to others, “Wanyu not only defeated him but also stepped on his face, cut his neck and took his blood to save Minghui and you, if not for that we might not have known why you were unconscious.”

He spoke while frowning not seeing how bad Bai Rou’s face looked.

“I have something to say to Bai Rou, can everyone go out first?”

Qian Wanyu looked at Bai Rou’s troubled look and couldn’t help but speak up to request some privacy.

“I’ll go see if Mu Sheng has returned.” Lu Xing pulled Wood out the door.

“Situ Hao, looking at your appearance, I can hardly recognize you, go out and I’ll take you outside to tidy up.” Li Yunan pulled Situ Hao and forcibly took the person out.

Soon, the room was quiet again.

“You have something to say to me?” Qian Wanyu looked at her and knew what she wanted to talk about, “It just so happens that I also have something I want to ask you.”

Bai Rou flinched, she lifted the covers and wanted to get out of bed, but was stopped by Qian Wanyu, “Although the worm in your body has been cleared, it is better to take a good rest before getting out of bed.”


Bai Rou looked confused.

Qian Wanyu briefly told the other party what happened after she was mistakenly caught by the other party’s vicious tactics and how Ninth Sister was parasitized by the slime worm because of her along with how they removed the slime worm afterwards, “Do you have anything to say to me? In particular, when you both fought to the end and ran out of ice spiritual energy why did you bother drawing out, even more, knowing you would lose?”

Bai Rou closed her eyes, recalling what she sensed at that moment as well as her real feelings at that, “It was because–”


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