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MIWW Chapter 99 Part 1

The third match.

Dongfang Minghui is still thinking about whether to use the poison needles or not to touch the concealed weapons for the time being. When she walked onto the field and announced her name, the man across from her turned pale and pointed at her with a trembling hand, “You are the God of Killers, the one where people say you’d die if you ever meet her.”

God of Killers? She got a name that was so imposing…

“No, no, I won’t compete, referee, I voluntarily admit defeat in this round.”

She stood on the field and watched her opponent’s fleeing figure for a long time before she walked back with a frozen face.

As she walked out of the arena, she could still feel people in the audience pointing towards her and talking. In the case of Ji Xiaoxiao and Night Hawk, there were not a few people in the competition arena, it is normal for some people to die directly in the competition arena. However, the strange thing for both of them is that they were carried back after the fight with her and never woke up, additionally, the identity and background of those two were not low so they couldn’t be ignored.

“Ninth Sister, never mind.”

“Seventh Sister, maybe the next two games will not even need me to fight to advance smoothly, saves me a lot of effort.” She couldn’t help but laugh at herself, this treatment was unique. Right now, Sister Situ and Sister Bai Rou had no real clue if they could even make it to the second round of rematches in time. Mu Sheng lost yesterday’s match so he would need to fight in the second round as well.

She was the only one in the whole team who had the least amount of worries about the competition, so what was she not satisfied with?

Qian Wanyu took her hand and put it in her palm like a toy, probably knowing that the other side was worried about the gossip, “Don’t worry, I have asked Li Jing to investigate the cause of death of Ji Xiaoxiao and Nighthawk, I believe that soon their information will be sent over, then it will be clear whether it is by chance or …”

Recently, the Qian Family up and down is also very busy, plus there are so many people going in and out of their training grounds every day so the many guards in the Qian Family were on a twelve-hour rotating patrol, even in Qian Ziyan’s small courtyard there were guards.

“Seventh sister, they were definitely not poisoned by the venom on the flying needles.” She looked at Qian Wanyu with unusual determination.

“I believe you.”

The two returned to the small courtyard and saw everyone sitting around the stone bench, seemingly discussing something, when they saw them coming, Li Yunan waved towards them, “Minghui, Wanyu, we are talking about the second round of rematches.”

Li Yunan had successfully advanced and got the qualification to enter the mountain of the Qian Family. Lu Xing had one game left, Mu Sheng, Senior Sister Bai Rou and Senior Brother Situ had advanced to the second round rematches so right now it was just her, Seventh sister and Lu Xing’s final game.

“I’ll give it my all.”

Lu Xing was lucky, most of the opponents he met were of a similar standard to him, even if they were evenly matched he was able to smoothly settle them. He was stable and not in a hurry while fighting plus he was good at observing the weaknesses of the opponent so he won four matches in a row, he only needed to keep this pace for the last match and he’d be the third person to successfully get the qualification.

As for Seventh sister, she was not worried at all, even Meng Yixiao this evil thing was blown up a few times by her lightning. To this day there were still many multiple versions of gossip regarding the Qian Family’s Third Miss blasting Meng Yixiao with thunder until his face turned black.

“Minghui’s situation is rather special, if there’s no accident, her qualification will not be a problem.” Li Yunan said truthfully, “But, the last two games you cannot take them lightly.”

“That leaves me, Senior Brother Situ and Senior Sister Bai Rou.” Mu Sheng pointed to himself, and the two people in the room.

Everyone looked at each other.

“Senior Sister Bai Rou’s body is no longer filled with worms, I just checked this morning, the spiritual energy in her body is gradually restoring itself she should be in the process of healing.” She would check every six hours, twice a day to make sure nothing went wrong.

“I will do my best in the second round of the rematch.” Mu Sheng was ashamed, all the way to the last two games, he happened to encounter a dual system Spiritual Master, one of which was also a fire system, on top of that the other party had a higher spiritual power level than him. He was easily suppressed and forced to retreat with a few fireballs.

“Mu Sheng, there are still a few days left, I have asked the Grand Elder accompanying Young Master Wei to be your trainer.” Qian Wanyu patted his shoulder as a sign of comfort, a Spiritual Emperor level Fire Spiritual Master helping you to train is not something just anyone could enjoy.

“Really? Thank you, Wanyu.” Mu Sheng originally still had a little bit of frustration, after all, it was so hard to get this far, only to be beaten back with a stick. He remembered the Grand Elder and immediately thought of the other party’s powerful Fire Spiritual power, making his whole body burst out with a different kind of motivation.

“Naturally it’s true.”

Before the person arrived, the sound arrived first. They were standing in the small courtyard when they heard a series of cheerful laughter continuously approaching, the Grand Elder appeared in front of the crowd in high spirits, his other sleeve was still empty making people feel uncomfortable.

“Grand Elder, Mu Sheng is counting on you next.”

“You are welcome, Third Miss.”

Dongfang Minghui’s eyes went back and forth between the three of them for a while, Seventh sister invited the elder to accompany him for training. Why didn’t she receive any news in advance? Wei Junlan, this little traitor she must have gone around to secretly hug Seventh sister’s thigh. The next time she meet this fellow, she had to teach her a lesson.

The next day, Qian Wanyu’s last game was in the morning, her two games were also in the morning and afternoon, so Qian Wanyu’s last fifth game she wouldn’t be able to go see, “Brother Li, you have to watch carefully throughout the whole match, later on, tell me how Seventh sister won the game. ”

“Minghui, go quickly.” Li Yunan laughed, he was also in a pickle, the whole squad had matches today with Lu Xing and Minghui’s last matches scheduled for the afternoon. Now even their morning games overlapped. He decided to go see Wanyu’s game after a crowd vote.

Lu Xing and Wood followed Dongfang Minghui into the tournament field, and the two casually found a spot where they could get a good look at the game below. Looking at the pretty figures that appeared in the tournament field, he muttered, “I hope nothing happens today.”

But, soon, he noticed that something was wrong. To his right was Wood but his left, front and back positions were all occupied by the same group of people, enclosing him in a surrounded position at the corner of the wall. They had a strong, pungent smell of blood and all of them looked tough, their naked arms and scarred faces looked a little scary.


His words just fell and the girl sitting in his front-row snapped back, standing up with her foot on the stool raising two hammers in her hand yelling at him, “I heard you are a friend of Dongfang Minghui?”

“We are here to avenge Nighthawk.”

“The Rakshasa Mercenaries.” Lu Xing kind of knew what this group of people were after.

Saying that it was revenge, Fang Meng did not lay a hand on him, but looked at the people on the competition field with a conspiratorial gaze, “One life for one life, fair enough.”

Lu Xing’s eye pupils shrunk for a moment, he tried to stand up, but the people of the Rakshasa mercenary group gestured towards him one by one with their weapons, more importantly, the match on the competition field officially began, “Minghui.”

Dongfang Minghui felt a huge spiritual force invade from the other side the moment she got on the field. She slightly circulated her own spiritual force to resist it a little.

The other person was very tall, she was at most the height of his chest. His aura felt strong, and his pair of coldly indifferent eyes swept over her.

“You are Dongfang Minghui?”


The referee, seeing that both seemed to be ready, immediately shouted for them to start.

As soon as the referee left, she felt the entire ground shake a little, and she secretly watched out for an attack, she had a rough guess in her mind as to what it would be.

“Earth System Spiritual Master.”

On the playing field, a single earth spike appeared in circular shape like a pair of hands propelling themselves towards her and surrounding her. She casually summoned a vine, and several vines cut across the path, wrapping all those round earth spikes stopping them from advancing.

Unfortunately, the next second the vines were poked through by the sharp earth spikes that emerged from the ground.

The wind and sand rose, and the whole field was blinded by a cloud of dust. She stretched out her hand, covering her eyes for a moment, and her wrist was cut by a wind blade creating a scar. The bright red blood dripped down on the vine and was absorbed directly by it After Little Colour in her soul sea tasted the deliciousness, it was accidentally attacked by the earth spikes causing the vines to instantly go wild.

To an outsider, the entire field was suddenly wrapped up in green vines, like a closed forest.

“You are a dual system Spiritual Master of earth and wind systems?” Dongfang Minghui took a look at her injured arm, the light green spiritual energy still remained in the wound and had not been completely eliminated, as soon as Little Colour’s vines danced, even the sky full of wind blades were deflected.

The opponent was also very surprised that a Wood Spiritual Master could summon such a powerful vine, the wind blades and earth spikes had no effect as well, so he said, “There are people out there who want to buy your life, so let’s end it here.”

The entire arena shook violently, and the earth spikes stabbed straight into the arena from the ground more than a meter high, if the vines had not pulled her into mid-air, she would have been stabbed into a sieve, the opponent even shot a concealed weapon toward her.

She quickly opened the silk umbrella behind her back and deflected all the concealed weapons back. The dark weapons in the silk umbrella were immediately used as well to shoot back at him.

No wonder the other party asked her if she was Dongfang Minghui as soon as she walked up, it should be to confirm her identity.

“You are an assassin?”

If he was an assassin of the Blood Fiend Alliance it would be strange because she had never heard of this from Wei Junlan. She speculated that even if he was one it could also likely be a job taken privately. No matter what, since the other party wanted her life, she couldn’t just sit back and wait for death.

The fat doll ripped out all the vines, exposing her to the crowd, along with her special umbrella, which could withstand some of the damage and concealed weapons.

She released the spiritual power from her body and the whole ground of debris, dirt, flying needles all flew in mid-air. With her as the centre of the vortex, she shot all of it towards the killer directly and took advantage of the other person resisting to shoot her flying needles past the opponent’s defensive spiritual power right into his body.

Once the opponent was hit by the venom, the faster the spiritual energy operated, the faster the venom in his body would produce an effect.

Within a few breaths, the opponent fell to his knees.

“Who asked you to kill me?”

Knowing that it was impossible to ask anything from a killer’s mouth, she still asked anyway.

The man smiled at her and immediately cut his neck, blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth and the man fell to the ground with a crash.

The referee came forward and made a stop gesture, meaning that she should standstill. He ran up and crouched down next to the man, shouting a few times before feeling the other man’s pulse again and shaking his head at a certain place on the platform.

“Dongfang Minghui, is the winner.”

The fourth match came to an end, Dongfang Minghui had no joy at all in gaining victory, her opponent had fucking died on the playing field this time… the messages from the outside world would probably spread even more. She gathered her expression and turned around to look at the audience, unsurprisingly, she saw Fang Meng and a few big men surrounding Lu Xing.

They looked so bold that she knew they were here to pick a fight.

She was in a hurry to get away from the playing field so she was completely unaware that once she left, the corpse that was lying on the ground a moment ago suddenly aged rapidly and within a few moments it had turned into a dried-up corpse, with nothing but bones.

The referee found two people to carry the corpse but didn’t expect that just after lifting it they felt a shake and the clothes turned light with only bones spilling out along with the skull rolling to the side. The two people were immediately scared to death by the experience.

They’ve seen dead people, but they’ve never seen a recently killed person just turn into bones…

“The game is over, please make way.”

Lu Xing pulled Wood to stand up and said warmly to the people of the Rakshasa mercenary group, since Minghui’s match was over he also had to prepare his own game, the last game was crucial so he couldn’t be sloppy.

Fang Meng’s hammer hadn’t yet been swung before it was held by Wood, then the hammer in her hand was pinched into an irregular shape, based on the other side’s expressionless face it was like staring at a dead man.

“Hey, there are so many of you bullying two people that’s not fair right?”

When she rushed to the audience stands, the people in the audience had already scattered, but the remaining part of the people saw her and immediately avoided her, they looked as if they saw something terrible they believed in her “prestige” outside.

Fang Meng saw Dongfang Minghui and ground her teeth with hate, she wanted to snatch back her hammer but struggled a few times and found that it wouldn’t move. Wood squeezing the hammer made it feel like a mountain suppressing it so she simply let go of the hammer and used her other hammer to point angrily at Dongfang Minghui, “Your life is very big.”

“The killer was arranged by you?”

“Minghui you go back first, Wood and I can handle this.” Lu Xing looked at the hammer that was thrown aside by Wood.

“Fang Meng, I have repeatedly tolerated you not because I am afraid of you, but, if you do anything to my friends I will never forgive you.” Dongfang Minghui stared coldly at her.

She inexplicably killed three people and now to suffer this group of people’s harassment and the outside world’s nonsense rumours even Dongfang Minghui got angry. When she was angry, the vines flowed from her body like wild grass, sweeping each person’s feet and wrapping Fang Meng along with the other mercenaries into dumplings.

The more they struggled, the tighter the vines became, until they were strangled to the point that even their weapons fell out of their hands.

Wood pulled Lu Xing away when it saw the opportunity and walked out from the encirclement of the Rakshasa mercenary group.

“There is a limit to my patience.”

She gazed towards Fang Meng, Nighthawk’s corpse was taken away by his brother Night Wolf, the other side as the big brother would probably come to her sooner or later as well. She felt that she had caused a whole lot of trouble to accompany Seventh sister to the back mountain of the Qian Family.

“Lu Xing, are you okay? Next time you see them, don’t be so polite with them.” She guessed that Lu Xing was too nice, otherwise with the fighting power of Wood he could have easily crushed their hearts.

“Minghui, that killer…”


“Great.” Lu Xing smiled, “I was worried about you when I heard them say a life for a life.”

“Lu Xing, you don’t need to comfort me, actually I’m not as fragile as you think.” Dongfang Minghui thought for a moment, “We all have one last game in the afternoon to try to get the qualification to go to the back mountain so I can refine the pills for Uncle Wood next.”

“Do you need my help?”

As soon as the matter of Uncle Wood was mentioned, Lu Xing’s attention was immediately diverted by her.

She thought for a moment and smiled, “If someone gives me a hand, I’m naturally happy but only if you can win this last match. Let’s go, and find our respective venues to sit quietly for a moment.”

After the two separated, they each found their own playing field.

She ran to the audience and found a corner where she would not attract attention to meditate. Just after she sat down, she felt the seat behind her move, she didn’t take it seriously until she finished her meditation and was ready to leave but then she realized that the person sitting behind her was Qian Wanyu!

“Seventh sister, what are you doing here?”

“My competition is over, so naturally I’m here to see you, Ninth Sister.”

She had accompanied Li Yunan to find Lu Xing first then learned from him about where the fourth match was, so she hurriedly came here. She didn’t expect Ninth Sister to be more determined than before and was able to settle down quickly which made her put down half her worries.


In the fifth match, the decisive battle, she must adjust her state of mind to its best and discard all the things that have happened before. She would wait until the end of the match to solve it, she slowly walked onto the playing field with three points of caution, three points of worry, and three points of determination but also one point of hesitation.

When the referee saw her, he immediately ran back to the side, obviously, he was trying to avoid her which made her very unhappy.

If it was possible to beat the referee without committing a foul, she would have beaten him up before the match.

After an incense stick of time passed…

Dongfang Minghui lightly glanced at the referee, “Is the other side still coming?”

“After another incense stick, if the opponent does not show up, it can be assumed that the opponent has withdrawn from the match on his own.”

She simply sat on the ground, propped her head up and waited patiently for another incense stick of time, after watching the incense burn up, she leapt up to her feet, “It seems that the other side is not likely to appear, referee, announce it.”

The referee nodded, “Dongfang Minghui wins this competition.”

“I guess the other side most likely didn’t dare to show up, don’t you know that the tall one she competed with this morning turned into a pile of bones?”


“My friend carries bodies for the Qian Family, you know he told me the Qian Family pays pretty well, it just so happens that they were holding this tournament so they were moving bodies.”

“He said that the referee witnessed the person shrivel up into a shrivelled corpse and when they tried carrying the body something horrible happened.”

“I’ll tell you secretly, but in the end, all that was left was just the clothes and some scattered white bones. Any normal person would be horrified to see that!”


Qian Wanyu sat peacefully in the audience listening to all the gossip in her ears and filtering out some of the useless information directly while leaving behind some worthy of study.

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