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MIWW Chapter 98 Part 2

“No, Seventh sister, I’ll do it myself.”

After watching her finish the small porcelain bottle of holy water, Qian Wanyu put a little bit of her spiritual energy back inside Ninth Sister’s body as well. The holy water quickly purified every little inch and corner of Ninth Sister’s body, even her dantian was filled with green glittering light spots.

Dongfang Minghui felt as if the spiritual power that was swallowed up before by the worm once again returned to her body, no, it seemed to even be overflowing in her body again?! She had a vague urge to advance.

“Your body has just recovered, so you can’t advance for now.”


Qian Wanyu withdrew her spiritual energy to wait for her to calm down her spiritual energy and left her alone to cultivate properly.

An hour later, Dongfang Minghui was able to suppress the rioting spiritual energy in her body, but, looking at the greenish spots inside her body, she had the feeling that just by drinking the holy water she’d become a tree herself…

Her meridians were twice as thick as before and their capacity was also much higher. The small orb in her dantian had grown bigger as well so if nothing goes wrong she will definitely advance in the near future.

The greenish spiritual energy seemed denser than before after bathing in the holy water.

This holy water was just a sacred object of the elves, it shouldn’t affect her in any other way so all of this was very strange. She’ll have to ask Lu Xing later on why her body changed so much just from drinking it.

“Seventh sister.”

Qian Wanyu watched her return to her old self before breathing a sigh of relief, “Good, it doesn’t look like it will affect your competition afterwards.”

Dongfang Minghui nodded. It was thanks to Seventh sister and Lu Xing that she was able to recover this time. With a glance, she saw the worm on the ground trapped in the barrier. If she hadn’t tasted its power before she would’ve thought this little thing was innocent hmph.

“Seventh sister, what should I do with this thing?”

“Ninth Sister, don’t worry about it first, I just heard a commotion coming from inside Bai Rou’s room, let’s go over there.”

Just after the connection between the slime worm and the host was severed, Situ Hao’s alarming voice came from inside Bai Rou’s room again, everyone pushed the door open and saw that Bai Rou started spitting blood again continuously, this time even flesh was being split out with the blood!

“How could this happen?!”

Situ Hao’s hands were full of blood, he didn’t dare to use his light-based healing method again, when he saw Bai Rou in bed with her eyes closed still coughing up blood, he was at a loss for words.

Dongfang Minghui and Qian Wanyu entered the room last and saw that everyone was around the edge of the bed, at a loss as to what to do.

“Everyone go out, just leave this place to Ninth Sister and me.” Qian Wanyu first told Lu Xing and Wood to leave, then signalled Li Yunan and Mu Sheng to drag Situ Hao out, the room was instantly quiet.

Dongfang Minghui walked up and took away the blood-stained bedding then ripped open the clothes from Sister Bai Rou’s chest, the black spot near her heart was still there, not only that, it seemed to have gotten bigger!

“The worm in Sister Bai Rou’s body wasn’t entirely cleared by me.”

Qian Wanyu frowned and turned around to open the door to the previous room looking at the worm lying in the trapped barrier. It seems like the thing had a small temper since it was ignoring the delicious food she had prepared before to trap it.

The group of people standing in the small courtyard only saw Qian Wanyu slamming the door and walking away then turning around to carry Bai Ruo back to the previous room before slamming the door close with a bang.

“Seventh Sister, could it be that there was more than one worm from before?”

“It could also be a leftover one.”

The worms multiplied so quickly, combined with their rooted and hidden nature, they were simply a disgusting headache to deal with when wanting to get rid of them. Qian Wanyu gave a cold smile, she suddenly felt that she had been too light with those few blows to Meng Yixiao, hmph next time, when she sees him she’ll definitely kill him.

“There is a little more blood to use and holy water.”


This time, she was not able to participate in the treatment so Qian Wanyu merely guarded to the side and watched Ninth Sister do her best to heal Bai Rou. She leaned against the door with her arms folded around her chest watching quietly before gradually looking obsessed the more she looked at her. It seems that she can no longer remember what happened in the Dongfang house, her mind was full of this Ninth Sister in front of her. Sometimes the other party showed her the most tender and weak side, sometimes she had a hint of cunning and calculation and other times it was like now, so serious that people should normally feel it as strange from her normal self yet it was full of seductive charm.

She loved Ninth Sister in every sense, and she was extremely fond of every side she found.

Dongfang Minghui felt a headache trying to deal with this worm. Knowing how powerful it was she did not dare to act rashly and could only divide a small strand of spiritual energy to check the situation inside Bai Rou’s body before immediately retreating and pondering.

“Seventh Sister, sister Bai Rou has several worms in her body, is it because we were slow to heal her and the worms multiplied?”

Qian Wanyu didn’t want to see her guilty look and couldn’t help but ruffle her hair, “Don’t think too much about that first, let’s see if we can lure them out.”

With the previous experience, they were much more skilled this time.

Dongfang Minghui kept watch over the bed, watching a small bump appear on sister Bai Rou’s chest, she immediately wrapped it up with her spiritual energy to avoid the worm from entering her body again, while Qian Wanyu kept watching over the large worm trapped in the barrier carefully observing its every move.

Unfortunately, after they waited for a long time, the slime worm inside Bai Rou’s body didn’t seem to react.

“Ninth Sister, come here.”

Qian Wanyu beckoned and the two of them went out of the room together whispering for a while at the door.


“Try it.”

Going back inside the room, Dongfang Minghui released all her spiritual power and she even offered one drop of her blood, then two drops of blood and finally three drops of blood into a small porcelain bowl, mixing it with the blood of Meng Yixiao and some of the insect luring medicinal plants.

She inadvertently glanced to the side and found that the sticky insect trapped in the boundary was going crazy hitting the boundary barrier of the formation, even the many tentacles appeared outside its blackened body picking and pulling at the boundary trying to escape and breakthrough.

“How ferocious…”

Soon, she saw a thumb-sized worm fly out from the spot on Senior Sister Bai Rou’s chest one after another, running straight into the trap she and Seventh sister had set up.

She waited quietly for an incense stick of time before shouting, “Seventh sister, you can come in now.”

Qian Wanyu’s forehead scrunched up when she saw those black unpleasant things, together with the one that was inside Ninth Sister there were a total of six worms! She now really had the heart to kill Meng Yixiao and skin him alive, “Ninth Sister, first give Bai Ruo the holy water.”

“Sister Bai, you must drink this.”

While feeding her slowly, she also let her spiritual power invade her body to check, strange, it seemed that there was not much change in Bai Rou’s body even after drinking the holy water.

After a whole two hours, she was sure that all the things within the body of senior sister Bai Rou were cleared, even the little black spot on her chest gradually turned red, she rubbed some recovery pills into powder and pressed them at the wound then bandaging it up, before putting all her clothes back on.

“Seventh Sister, it should be fine now.” She then pointed to the slimy insects in the barrier, the thought of these things working their way inside a person made her heart shake, “What should we do with these things now?”

“Call the rest in.”

“Senior sister Bai Rou is fine, everyone come in.”

Situ Hao ran in and the first thing he did was jump to the edge of the bed to see the situation of Bai Rou, the face of concern was simply too amazing to everyone’s eyes. Usually, he and Bai Rou would quarrel fiercely, as if any day not being able to quarrel would make them itchy. However, after Bai Rou fell into a coma, it was he who took care of her day and night even ignoring his own matches.

If people couldn’t see that there seemed to be something else at play they must be blind.

Qian Wanyu looked at them and pointed to the six worms inside the barrier formation, “These are the things that was inside Bai Rou and Ninth Sister’s body, it has a name called slime worm, specializing in sucking the human body’s spiritual energy until the spiritual energy in the human body is exhausted.”

She briefly introduced the worm to the crowd, the rest of them couldn’t help but frown at the description even Mu Sheng was puzzled, “In that case, this thing was injected into Sister Bai by Meng Yixiao, but then it was transferred to Minghui?”


Although you were allowed to use hidden weapons in the competition it was the first time they’d ever met Meng Yixiao. Also, Bai Rou was even fighting with the other side openly and fairly, where exactly did this unexplained hostility come from?

“This person is so evil.” Li Yunan was very unhappy with the other party’s approach, “He’s clearly aiming at us, what is his purpose of doing so?”

“Could it be that all the people who competed with him were injected with this thing?” Lu Xing had a bold and frightening speculation.

When he mentioned this, everyone’s eyes in the room looked at him.

Lu Xing blinked, “Didn’t Wanyu say before that when the spiritual energy in a person’s body is swallowed clean, the heart and soul sea wouldn’t be protected anymore then the host would turn into a puppet of the slime worm?”

“What Lu Xing said doesn’t seem to be unreasonable.”

The undead have appeared as well after all, so a worm puppet wasn’t too strange…

“How do you think we should dispose of this thing?” Qian Wanyu pointed at the slime worm that was still wandering around in the boundary, she had thought about blasting these disgusting things into dust before, but, she pondered for a moment, “If this is the purpose of Meng Yixiao entering the back mountain of the Qian Family, I think this matter should be brought up to the old lady.”

Most of the people who entered the back mountain of the Qian Family were talented disciples of various families, if they accidentally fell into this trap and were controlled by Meng Yixiao, the consequences were simply unimaginable, if Ninth Sister hadn’t made a mistake treating Bai Rou, no one would’ve discovered this abnormality…

“This matter is extremely serious, I think I need to inform my uncle as well so that he can beware of Meng Yixiao.” Li Yunan then thought of a more serious problem, “Everyone remembers what I said before, right? Meng Yixiao and Meng Prophet also seemingly have a connection.”

So, from this… could it be that even Meng Prophet has been parasitized by this slime worm?

Qian Wanyu gave him a serious look as the potential scale of the problem kept escalating.


Dongfang Minghui felt that her head began to turn again, “Everyone first do not speculate, the key now is how can we be sure that the insect is Meng Yixiao’s doing? Where’s the evidence…?”

This question immediately cooled everyone off.

Situ Hao stood up angrily, “If it wasn’t for him, how could Bai Rou stay unconscious? Next time I meet him, I will crush his head.”

Dongfang Minghui wanted to hit him on the head, Meng Yixiao was a level one Spiritual Scholar. At his current level even if she personally fought against him she wasn’t sure if she could win let alone senior brother Situ, “Senior brother, don’t be so loud next to senior sister Bai Rou, her body is extremely weak and she needs to recuperate.”

At the mention of Bai Rou, Situ Hao immediately changed his face, he said softly, “You guys discuss first, Bai Rou needs to recuperate, I’ll take her to another room.”

After saying that, he hugged the person tightly and carried her back to the next room.

“Yes, at the time I competed with him, I felt that he kept some cards hidden and did not go all out.” The other party was too good at acting, if not for him revealing himself before even she would’ve been deceived by him.

Qian Wanyu’s face was unhappy, she fought him in the tournament arena and had to take his blood, otherwise, she would not have let him off so easily.

Since the other side lost the last match, he will have to go back and start again until the second set of matches, Bai Ruo, and Situ Hao are very likely to meet him again in the second round of matches, “Everyone when you encounter him in the future, be more careful.”

The matter of the worm was put aside for the time being.

The next day, when everyone woke up from their training, they were in very good spirits, probably because they had a few less worries in their hearts.

Qian Wanyu still had one match left, which was scheduled for tomorrow.

“Ninth Sister, your match has been scheduled for the afternoon so you can accompany me to cultivate for a little longer in the morning.”

Li Yunan and Mu Sheng were the fourth match, and Lu Xing was the third match, if they won two more matches in a row, they could basically advance.


Everyone knew that this time Minghui was considered to have been greatly wounded in order to heal Bai Rou, they all urged her to cultivate well before rushing to fight their matches.

Dongfang Minghui forgot the time passing as soon as she cultivated, it was noon when she opened her eyes again. She found that ever since her body was filled with the green spots of vitality inside, the speed of her cultivation seemed to have slowed down, she was vaguely worried about the situation.

When Lu Xing returned from his competition, she had to ask him for a clear explanation.

However, something unexpected happened during her afternoon match…

Dongfang Minghui had met her opponent who was a girl, a famous hot and delicate flower of Zilang Academy, a level 9 fire Great Spiritualist, one step away from Spiritual Scholar.


With a word from the referee, the field was covered with vines, and as soon as she started she bound all of the girl’s hands and feet, the Wood System Spiritual Master feared encountering the Fire System Spiritual Masters the most so the best way to deal with hem was long-distance fast attacks.

She immediately used this trick to try to throw her off the arena before she had a chance to react.

Unfortunately, her imagination was too good, the opponent was after all a level 9 Great Spiritualist. Her speed and reaction ability was not weaker than her, vines bound her hands and feet but the opponent released a powerful spiritual power spraying it across the field.

Little Colour’s vines couldn’t help shrinking back a bit.

The other side’s fireballs followed up and several large balls of flame fell on the vines, quickly burning them up allowing her to break free of the vines.

Then another series of fireballs were thrown, one after the other, towards her.

It was Dongfang Minghui’s natural enemy.

Fire Spiritual Masters were disgusting…

Dongfang Minghui dodged the fireballs in mid-air and fumbled for the flying needles from her waist, which she shot into the other party’s body, she was relieved when she saw her opponent had fallen unconscious.

Even so, the hem of her clothes bore some marks of being burned, especially Little Colour’s vines, which were lying randomly on the field.

Immediately after the referee declared her victorious, she handed a pill to the judge, “She is unconscious from poison, she must take this pill within half an hour, also ask the Qian Family to send a pharmacist over to check and see if what I said is true.”

Afterwards, she began to pick up Little Colour’s vines from the field, these vines were of great use to her in the future after all.

“You have to compensate me you know?”

The fat doll and pig fairy grass stay was always trying to find ways to get compensation and all kinds of benefits, Dongfang Minghui got angry and wanted to smack them, “Sure ah, I’ll reward you with those slime worms from before.”

“Hmph disgusting bugs, I do not want.”

“But I would love it if you rewarded me with the man-eating grass.” Little Colour just finished its sentence before it got dragged around the space ring by the curly tail of the pig fairy grass. At the side, the man-eating grass secretly gloated at Little Colour’s misfortune.

The pharmacist on the side came very quickly, after he checked, he was sure that Dongfang Minghui’s words were true, the other party was poisoned, and the pills were indeed the antidote to the poison.

In case something happened like last time, she stood to the side and watched the pharmacist feed the pill into the opponent’s mouth, watching her swallow it before leaving with peace of mind.

She still needed to win a few more matches to advance as securely as Seventh sister. Her third match was scheduled for the next day.

When she returned to the small courtyard she took out the previous prescriptions and looked at them again and again. She took out all the medicinal plants that had been left in her space ring for some time, and was about to take advantage of the fact that she didn’t have a match tomorrow to refine the soundproof pills for Wood, when she was just about to start however the news came…

Outside the small courtyard came Mu Sheng’s voice could be heard shouting and soon the door to her room came crashing open hard as well.

“It’s not good!”

“Mu Sheng, why are you in such a rush is something happening?”

Mu Sheng nodded repeatedly, “Minghui, Ji Xiaoxiao who competed with you today… she died.”

Dongfang Minghui was stumped for a long time before realising who Mu Sheng was talking about, wasn’t Ji Xiaoxiao the 9th level Great Spiritualist of the Fire System she fought earlier today?

“No way!”

She had listened to Seventh sister and put aside Nighthawk’s death as a strange coincidence but now…

Mu Sheng tried to calm down and saw her lost in thought, secretly he said it was a good thing he told her first before she heard the rumours or she wouldn’t be prepared for them. He didn’t know how Minghui would feel if she knew and he didn’t know how to comfort her for that.

“Mu Sheng, Ji Xiaoxiao how did she die? Do you know?”

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