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MIWW Chapter 98 Part 1

“Referee, it’s time to start.”

Qian Wanyu completely had no idea what the other party was trying to do by greeting her with those strange actions, but she was sure it was definitely not any legitimate greeting. On the contrary, Qing Mo in the soul sea stared thoughtfully, it felt strange and he could not help but shake his head to shake off the suspicion in his heart, “This person is strange, you have to be careful.”

After experiencing so many long games, the referee had seen many sorts of weird greetings even ones where they just fight immediately without saying a word but this was the first time he felt deeply that these two were people were strange. Both sides were emitting their auras and suppressing the surroundings with heavy pressure, the referee was extremely uncomfortable being in the centre of this vortex.

“Wait wait you guys wait for me to shout to start and then count to three before you fight…”

“The match starts! One–” the referee shouted and immediately ran outside.

As soon as the referee left the field, two very different images appeared in the competition field, one side was filled with ice and snow, frost covered the field in its entirety but soon, everyone saw that the crystal white frost was covered in a layer of yellow mud.

With every step Qian Wanyu took, the ice covered under the mud cracked and broke. Her water thunder whip in her hand gently waved and the entire field of ice was flipped from the ground in mid-air which she flung directly to the opposite side.

“Earth system.”

Meng Yixiao looked at the water thunder whip surface as we;;, lightning was unceremoniously showing its teeth and claws,

“Thunder system.”

Whoosh whoosh whoosh.

Ice condensed into balls on four sides of the field appeared out of thin air and rolled towards Qian Wanyu’s advancing steps, she felt the field instantly lowered in temperature as well as if she was in a region of ice and snow, The surrounding temperature even made the audience looking at the match feel the cold.

Qian Wanyu even felt that her body’s spiritual power and blood felt harder to circulate as if they were running extremely slowly. Above her head, small snowflakes appeared all over the sky.

Meng Yixiao simply stood and watched Qian Wanyu, who was caught in his illusion and stood motionless in the field. Her eyes were lost, as if she didn’t know where she was. He picked up a piece of his silver-white hair and put it behind his ear gracefully.

“Looks like I overestimated you.”

Suddenly, a gale rose, the world above Qian Wanyu turned into a vortex and blocked those floating white things in the sky from entering her body, the sky of snowflakes then shot and crashed straight towards Meng Yixiao.

Qian Wanyu sneered, pitiful worm tier techniques. After experiencing several illusions and getting rid of her own heart demon with the help of Ninth Sister, she was now unafraid of illusions. Holding her long whip, she shot a purple thunderbolt followed by a strong gale of wind towards the opposite side.

“Wind system.”

Meng Yixiao has long been aware of the unusuality, his long silver-white hair was blown up by the wind looking like it was part of the snowflakes blotting out the sky. He blocked the wind attack with a light finger, “Three systems Spiritual Master, how interesting.”

Qian Wanyu froze for a second, the other party seemed to be more difficult than she thought, no wonder Bai Ruo was not his opponent, the corner of her mouth hooked up in a cold smile and she did not show any weakness, “You are very interesting.”

Qing Mo said that the slime worm’s growth environment was extremely dangerous and harsh. In addition to the Valley of Death, perhaps only dark forests would have this sort of thing. It could only survive in these dark worlds and yet it suddenly appeared in the Qian Family, she really suspected that Meng Yixiao wanted to enter the Qian Family trials for another purpose.

Meng Yixiao suddenly snickered, as his laughter gradually became louder, the surrounding temperature also suddenly dropped to a new low. Not to mention the frost layer building up on top of the barrier even her hands clutching the water thunder whip had some small ice beads from her sweat being frozen.

He summoned a thick ice doors taller than a person and moved it away from behind him, quickly approaching her step by step, the ice doors alternated and moved on all four sides surrounding her.

Qian Wanyu raised the water thunder whip in her hand and casually swung it down, one of the ice doors shattered into pieces, splashing debris to all corners, another whip and another turned into broken ice on the ground. While she was dealing with the ice doors though, Meng Yixiao suddenly disappeared from the field.

Yes, Meng Yixiao really just disappeared right in front of everyone!

Mu Sheng and Li Yunan in the stands stood up abruptly, both of them staring closely at every move in the arena, fearing that Meng Yixiao would make another secret attack. The audience was also in an uproar, everyone was immersed in the tense atmosphere, they probably saw from Meng Yixiao’s actions that Qian Wanyu was a difficult character to deal with so everyone just kept silent and did not dare to shout like they did at the beginning.

The wind howled as Qian Wanyu’s spiritual energy soared. All the ice in the field was curled up and gathered by Qian Wanyu to the bottom of the field piling up like a mountain.

She closed her eyes and stood in the very center of the field, four huge strands of thunder and lightning were infused into her whip as she started to swing it above her. She kept turning the direction of her water thunder whip according to the wind direction and people in the stands only barely managed to see a silver-white light flash by.

She started to swing around and rotate her water thunder whip faster and faster until it was covering the four sides and blocking in all directions even covering mid-air and the area behind her. It gave the impression that anyone stepping in would be immediately exterminated.

“What does she want to do?”

One person in the stands suddenly asked.

Mu Sheng and Li Yunan’s whole heart also stabilised but they hadn’t had time to speculate what Qian Wanyu was doing.

“Ding ding ding ding–”

“Want to show yourself?”

Qian Wanyu’s long whip struck on top of a metal-like substance three times in a row, generating a loud sound when the two weapons struck each other.

Meng Yixiao stood in the field holding a very good-looking icicle stick-type weapon, looking at its surface it should be ice condensed into a weapon. Unlike that graceful look before though, the smile on his face was gone as he looked at Qian Wanyu seriously.

“You are the first person who made me use my ice and snow.”

A so-called spiritual weapons, is when a good metal substance is used to build the body and then spiritual power used to forge it into a weapon. This sort of weapon can be hidden inside a human’s body but because the refining requirements were extremely high and it needed specific metals on top of needing the owner to have abundant spiritual power, it was not a popular weapon to use on the continent.

Qian Wanyu did not even frown when she looked at him, her water thunder whip ruthlessly swung towards the other side’s somewhat handsome face. She did not know why but for the first time she really felt like tearing his face apart.

“Less nonsense.”

Under the attack of spiritual power, the earth walls crumbled.

Qian Wanyu’s water thunder whip flung out with the lightning glued to it and hit Meng Yixiao’s blade then she stomped her foot at the same time creating a blade of dirt from the field which shot through the air covering all his escape routes.

While Mengyixiao used ice and snow to resist the thunder and lightning, he also dispersed her spiritual power to condense a round hockey puck of ice to keep attacking Qian Wanyu. Suddenly, ice and snow trembled and let out a whine.

Qian Wanyu was holding a very worn-out looking sword, she shook it and pointed at him with certainty in her eyes.

The wind rose and lightning flashed then all the metal items around started to gather and glue together mixed in with the storm smashing ruthlessly towards Meng Yixiao.

“Four systems.”


Meng Yixiao was dodging the lightning and metal weapons, he didn’t know if it was an illusion but he suddenly felt something wrapped around his feet, before he could release his ice system spiritual power, he was yanked down and his whole body sank downward.


He looked down, the field he was standing on had suddenly created a big hole at some point, his legs had long since sunk into the mud, a cold, damp feeling wrapped around below him as the mud tied up his legs. Everytime he struggled he sunk down even more, soon half his body was pulled under the field and the mud covered up to his chest, squeezing his internal organs.

Ice spikes emerged from the ground but only appeared and then could no longer move as if it were stopped by something invisible.

Meng Yixiao felt the sky get darker and looked above seeing dark clouds with thick lightning gathering.

The lightning boomed and slammed down on him one after another above his head. After Meng Yixiao just fought off the first round, it was followed by a second and then another, each layer kept stacking on top of each other and turned him into a mess but he still found that his legs were rooted to the ground.

“Qian Wanyu, you!”


Before Meng Yixiao could finish speaking, a tiny purple thunderbolt appeared in front of him and blasted straight towards his face.

He was too trying to stop it with ice and snow, but he was still shot backwards by this lightning carving a deep crater into the bottom of the field as it hit him head on. His clothes were now all mangled and his long silver-white hair that he was proud of was burnt and singed by lightning…

The people in the audience were stunned, their mouths lying wide open, looking incredulously at the man who had fallen to the ground. It was probably because they had never seen Meng Yixiao in such a sorry state, it was a complete opposite of the flamboyant gentleman they knew before.

“He’s lost…”

One of them suddenly said.

Mu Sheng was a little excited, pulling Li Yunan’s hand and shaking it in excitement, “Sister Wanyu won!”

Qian Wanyu walked over to the other man and stood on the field looking at him from above, the sword in her hand swung up and cut off a strand of his dazzling silver long hair then it swung down again laying next to his neck.

“I’ll be borrowing something.”

Then everyone was so stunned by Qian Wanyu’s next move that they didn’t even have time to protest.

Qian Wanyu glanced coldly at the referee, “Still not announced?”

The referee, shivering under her pressure, crawled onto the field and announced the winner then ran down choosing a position far away from Qian Wanyu.

As soon as the match was over, she jumped down from the arena, and the earth spiritual power gathered again, burying Meng Yixiao underground. She took out a dagger from her space ring and nonchalantly slashed Meng Yixiao’s neck, pressing his wound so that the blood would flow faster.

“Qian Wanyu, what are you doing?!” Meng Yixiao was absolutely mad at this brazen act even after the match.

After a porcelain bottle was all filled with blood, she casually wiped the blood on the dagger on the other person’s face to clean it, “Thank you for your generosity today.”

Meng Yixiao was confused for a long time before suddenly roaring, “Qian Wanyu, today’s shame will be repaid a hundred times in the future!”

“Sister Wanyu, does this blood really work?” Mu Sheng was still worried, seeing that Minghui and Senior Sister Bai Rou were unconscious and sleeping on top of that, Senior Brother Situ had been missing two matches in a row.

The plan of their group to obtain the qualification for the training was disrupted by the sudden appearance of Meng Yixiao.

As soon as Qian Wanyu returned to the small courtyard, Lu Xing and Wood came out of the room, Situ Hao also opened the door to have a look.

“Where is Ninth Sister, has she woken up yet?”

“Not yet.”

“You guys wait outside.”

When Qian Wanyu entered the room, the person on the bed did not show any sign of waking up. She first went to the side of the bed to look at the other person’s condition, “Qing Mo, do you think this blood can really force the worm out of her body?”

“The owner’s blood and spiritual power in your Ninth Sister’s body are the treasures that the creatures of the dark world want to devour, one more hour is dangerous, you should check her body now and make a decision.”

Qian Wanyu released her spiritual power into Dongfang Minghui’s body and took a deep breath, “It’s too late.”

She put the plate for serving tea on the bedside table and patted Dongfang Minghui’s face calling out in a small voice, “Ninth Sister, wake up.”

“Seventh sister?”

Dongfang Minghui was pulled out of her sleep and sat up straight, she was groggy and still not fully awake. She felt her eyelids were still a little heavy and wanted to go back to sleep but fought the instinct and tried to wake up, “Seventh sister, is your game over?”

“Hmm? Seventh sister, I smell a scent.”

She moved her face closer and ran to the other woman’s chest to smell it as she searched for the source, quickly noticing it from a pot under the table.

“Ninth Sister, this is an insect and beast fragrance mixed with the blood of Meng Yixiao, we will now start to take out the slimy thing inside your body.” Qian Wanyu listened to Qing Mo’s words that day and immediately asked Cai Qing to look for the medicinal plants, coincidentally, there was one such plant in the Yuntian pavilion. The Qian Family and the Nangong family had business dealings so when Nangong Yuntian heard that the Qian Family people were looking for these medicinal plants he offered them with both hands to solve their urgent need.

“Seventh sister, you actually got Meng Yixiao’s blood?”

Once she heard that they could take out the slimy worm in her body, Dongfang Minghui was no longer sleepy, she really didn’t want to have this thing in her body for a second longer, “Seventh sister, how do we do this?”


Although their relations were really…close, suddenly asking her to get naked made Dongfang Minghui blush and not immediately act out of embarrassment.

Qian Wanyu saw her bashfulness and did not say anything more, she went forward and took the initiative to strip her naked then said soothingly, “Ninth Sister, don’t think too much, close your eyes, meditate, and double cultivate with me.”

The two people’s spiritual energy soon interconnected, Qian Wanyu sent her own spiritual energy to her body and she felt Ninth Sister’s body also start to get more active. After she fed her own spiritual energy to the slimy worm, it ran around in circles within Ninth Sister’s body. She slowly guided Ninth Sister’s spiritual energy and tried to slowly transition it to her own body then poured her own spiritual energy back to fill up Ninth sister’s body again, repeating this in circles until it managed to tempt the slimy worm away through the flow of spiritual energy.

But then, as Qing Mo said, the slime worm treated their host as its own private property, after tasting a little sweetness it turned around and found that it was a trap set by Qian Wanyu then it immediately went berserk!

“Seventh sister!”

If one watched closely they would be able to see that there were many transparent tentacles invisible to the naked eye all around wrapping her internal organs besides her heart which was protected by the heart mirror and her soul which was protected by Little Colour…

When the slime worm went berserk the one who would suffer the most would be Minghui…

No wonder Seventh sister’s devouring could not do anything, once this thing got rooted into a body it was like ripping out the flesh of the person to try to remove it it was like killing her from the inside out…

Qian Wanyu bit her finger and flicked a drop of her own essence blood onto the plate containing Meng Yixiao’s blood then she bit Ninth Sister’s finger and dropped some essence blood into it as well.

Outside the room, Lu Xing suddenly stood up, he seemed to feel a huge breath of life force, but when he went tried to sense it again it was gone.

Inside the room, Qian Wanyu couldn’t help but suck on the other’s finger, licking it lightly until the wound was closed, “Ninth Sister, try to let yourself get hurt less in the future, your blood is delicious and I’m afraid others will crave it…”

“Uh, okay.”

Dongfang Minghui felt a bit uncomfortable, the warmth of Seventh sister’s sucking her fingertips made her blush but not it was quickly replaced by pain.

The three drops of blood mixed together, together with the fragrance of insect and beast incense, it was definitely like the most primitive delicacy making even the rampaging slime worm stop, Qian Wanyu kept calmly watching and wiping the sweat from her forehead.

The pain lasted for almost of an hour, until Dongfang Minghui could not hold out any longer before that cunning slime worm suddenly returned to her heart. Just when they all thought the lure had failed, the slime worm ran out of her heart, and its fat body flung itself onto the plate!

The plate was surrounded by a boundary set up by Qing Mo, together with Qian Wanyu’s formation the moment the worm touched the plate, the entire formation opened and trapped it.


A mouthful of blood sprayed out of Dongfang Minghui’s mouth and the blood spurting from her chest wound was immediately sucked up by Qian Wanyu’s mouth in full, “Ninth Sister.”

The slime worm had left her body so she felt her whole body was much more relaxed, thinking about what she’d seen before, she couldn’t help but wince, “Seventh sister, those things won’t still remain inside my body, right?”

“No, drink this down.”

“What is this?”

Dongfang Minghui was curious, the stuff in the porcelain bottle was clear, clean and transparent, it felt like there was a majestic spiritual energy contained inside.

“This is the holy water of the elven tribe, given by Lu Xing.”

This sort of material was a must for refining Heavenly Pills, it was a pity to just drink it in its raw form…

“Want me to feed you?”

Haha Minghui is such a savage!

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