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MIWW Chapter 97 Part 2

The thing would want to suck up spiritual energy every six hours, and after the spiritual energy was sucked up, it would grow bigger, it was only a day old but the sticky worm had grown rapidly inside her body, Dongfang Minghui felt like she was carrying a makeshift bomb that could blow her to pieces at any time.

Little Colour-blocked off the entrance to her soul sea just in case the slimy insect crawled into her soul sea. It would like to smack it with a vine branch and get rid of it but its range of motion was limited to the soul sea.

“Don’t worry, isn’t your good Seventh sister going to meet Meng Yixiao soon, she should be able to solve the problem…” Little Colour could only comfort her.

Qian Wanyu listened to Qing Mo’s advice and used her identity as Qian Family’s Third Miss for the first time. After discussing with Cai Qing, she secretly switched the person who was going to fight Meng Yixiao’s fifth match and replaced them with her.

Dongfang Minghui listened to Little Colour but did not relax at all, on the contrary, she was even more worried, she managed to take away the worm but sister Bai Rou sister was still unconscious, she spent some spiritual power afterwards to check her body condition but Bai Rou chest still had a bit of black stuff in her body. She also detected a little movement in sister Bai Rou so it made her feel like the worm was still in her body…

“Senior brother Situ, senior sister Bai Rou’s situation is at least much better than before, don’t panic.”

“Many thanks, little Minghui.”

From Qian Wanyu’s mouth, he learned that Dongfang Minghui had transferred the sticky bugs from Bai Rou’s body to her own for Bai Rou’s sake, his face was bad and not to mention his spirit seemed to be not as good as before, Situ Hao was also slightly worried about Wanyu’s match, “Meng Yixiao this person is so vicious, Wanyu must be careful when fighting against him. ”

“I hope so too.”

“Dongfang Minghui, this young master personally came to your door, aren’t you going to come out to greet?”

Wei Junlan’s voice arrived before the person arrived and reached her before she reached the small courtyard. She pushed open the door and saw her coming with the Grand Elder, and behind her was another person holding a box.

“Young Master Wei is so idle today, what brings you to this small courtyard?”

When she saw Wei Junlan, her mood improved a bit.

Wei Junlan gestured with a look, and the man behind her placed the brocade box on the stone table in the small courtyard, she tapped the stone table, “You all go away first, no need to keep watch, I have something to discuss with Miss Minghui in detail.”

The elder nodded towards her with a smile, then retreated from the small courtyard.

“I came to give something, the situation was critical that day and I was in a hurry and forgot about this, thank the prince of the elves on my behalf.”

“Shh.” Dongfang Minghui quickly made a hushing noise and looked around.

Lu Xing’s identity was known only to her and her Seventh sister, the other people still had no idea, Wei Junlan this big mouth instantly opened almost gave away the other party’s secret, “He does not want you to reveal his identity just like that.”

Wei Junlan rolled her eyes, “Come on, you sent someone to call me over not just for this box, right?”

Dongfang Minghui looked around, today everyone went to the competition and her competition was delayed until the next day, the whole small courtyard only had Situ Hao taking care of things and sister Bai, she slid up to Wei Junlan, “You’ve read the original story, do you know who Meng Yixiao is?”

“Meng Yixiao?”

Wei Junlan seriously pondered for a moment, looking at the other party staring closely at her even she was also a little uncertain, “I remember the original plot did not have this person, but……”

“Are you sure?”

“There should not be this person, the name is quite nice if he appeared at some point so many years have passed, who can remember it clearly after so long?” Wei Junlan was busy shaking her head, she’d been in this world for five years.

“That’s strange then since he injured sister Bai and even I was affected by him, Seventh sister is going to compete with him tomorrow.”

“I have heard about Bai Rou’s situation, but how did you get affected too?” Wei Junlan was still very concerned about her fellow countryman, once she heard her say she’d been affected she got anxious.

She briefly explained the situation about Meng Yixiao and Bai Rou, and also how she mistakenly transferred the worm into her body then told her about Seventh sister trying to transfer the worm into her body after that but failing, “The worm inside me is the mother worm, Qing Mo said that if I wait for it to completely mature, it will sow seeds inside my body and then turn me into a puppet… ”

By then her entire body would be filled with that kind of worm that sucks up spiritual energy, just thinking about it made her shiver.

“What?!” Wei Junlan looked at her breathless look and was quite worried, “You… for your Seventh sister and Bai Rou… but aren’t you too desperate doing something like that for Bai Rou?”

Her fellow countryman was putting her life on the line to save Bai Rou…

“Are you not the same?”

Dongfang Minghui couldn’t help but sigh, if it is only when she first arrived in this world, she wouldn’t have cared about so many idle things, but now, sister Bai was a friend, comrade and teammate. She couldn’t bear to see them in trouble and not help, “I heard Lu Xing say that when you were in the cave and the Grand Elder wanted you to run while he lured the blood-sucking moths you didn’t…”

Wei Junlan shook her head and sighed, the sigh was contagious. The Grand Elder was gracious to her and meant something different to her.

The two of them looked at each other for a minute and suddenly the two of them laughed, Wei Junlan slapped her shoulder, “Forget it, as it is you don’t seem to have major issues, isn’t it just some insect? Don’t worry I’ll help you find a solution when we get back, since we’re both fellow countrymen I won’t let you be filled with those things.”

“What is a fellow countryman…?”

A cold voice came out of nowhere, scaring the two people out of their wits.

Especially Wei Junlan, she was so scared that her whole body jumped up and in her heart, she cursed the Grand Elder who was guarding the outside yet didn’t give any hint, “Third Miss, y-you’re back early.”

Dongfang Minghui was also nervous, just now she had a moment of complacency and almost forgot where she was.

“Seventh sister.”

“Ninth Sister, did you ever find anything strange from Nighthawk of the Rakshasa mercenary group when you fought him that day?” Qian Wanyu had a stony expression on her face.

“I don’t think so, he seemed fine.”

“You poisoned him during the fight?”

“Yes, but I gave the antidote to the Rakshasa Mercenaries afterwards.” Dongfang Minghui was asked several questions in a row and at the end of the questioning she was a bit fidgety, “Seventh Sister, is there something wrong? Did something happen?”

Otherwise, why would she mention Nighthawk for no reason?

Qian Wanyu looked at her quietly and said matter of factly, “Nighthawk is dead.”

Today, Cai Qing told her that the Rakshasa group had moved Nighthawk’s body outside the Qian Family but the girl called Fang Meng, kept asking for an explanation from the Qian Family. It was originally stipulated in the tournament arena that life and death were your responsibility, since they wanted to train they had to be prepared to possibly die in the Qian Family. If everyone who died in the arenas wanted to seek justice from the Qian Family, why participate in the tournament?

But the identity of Nighthawk was also special, he’s the brother of the royal army commander Nightwolf. The Qian Family should always treat people linked to the royal family with some caution.

“Ninth Sister, tell me the whole process of the match that day.” Qian Wanyu pulled her to sit down and squeezed her hand, thinking of the injury in her hand that day, Qian Wanyu looked down, the other party’s hand was white as jade again, “Don’t worry, Seventh sister just wants to understand why the other party died in such a suspicious way.”

First Bai Rou, then Ninth Sister, Brother Li, Lu Xing, and Mu Sheng had many bumps in their games, she didn’t believe that there would be none of Qian Zhuoqian’s handwork.

Dongfang Minghui’s mood fell, she recalled trying to remember all the details one by one, “If I had known, I should have watched him finish taking the antidote and wake up before leaving.” This way, at least she could be cleared of suspicion.

If she had killed him, she would admit it, but Nighthawk wasn’t killed by her.

“Could it be because he forced his spiritual power and the poison went directly into his heart and veins, plus with Fang Meng blocking it, he missed the best time to take the antidote?” Wei Junlan couldn’t help but analyze after listening at the side, she felt that her countryman was unlucky too.

The problem of that worm in her body has not yet been solved but now she suddenly had to face this “lawsuit”.

Dongfang Minghui was so stunned by her words that even she could not help but doubt, “Wei Junlan, don’t talk nonsense.”

If that were the case, wouldn’t she have harmed an innocent person because she was in a hurry? This was something she couldn’t accept in a million years.

“Young master Wei, you look very idle? Have the Blood Fiend Alliance picked out the candidates to go to the back mountain of Qian Family for training?” Qian Wanyu turned around and suddenly shifted the topic to Wei Junlan.

Wei Junlan even if she was stupid could hear the meaning of her words, she coughed lightly, “Thank you for your concern, this young master has already made arrangements for this matter. By the way, this young master suddenly remembered that there are still a few matters in the alliance that haven’t been dealt with, farewell.”

Dongfang Minghui watched Wei Junlan flee and could not help but get dry lips, Seventh sister’s mighty pressure is really powerful…

“Ninth Sister, shouldn’t you explain to me?”

“Huh? Seventh Sister, didn’t I just tell you that I didn’t want to use poison needles, but—” If she didn’t use poison needles, she would most likely lose. Dongfang Minghui still couldn’t believe it was her poison that killed him, “Seventh sister, was Nighthawk poisoned?”

“I don’t know yet. His body has been covered up tightly. No one could see what he looks like after death. Because this matter is known to everyone outside the Qian Family, the royal family quickly received the news and Nightwolf came personally to take his body back.”


“You do not need to worry, this is not your fault, there must be something fishy going on. Wait until after the qualification tournament, Seventh sister will help you find out the truth.”

“Seventh sister, I believe you.”

Qian Wanyu gently stroked her hair and suddenly asked, “What did young master Wei mean when he said countryman?”

Dongfang Minghui heart thumped, Wei Junlan this damn girl, she must have owed her something in a previous life since she always keep digging a big hole for her to jump into while she ran way…now what excuse could she use to hide from Seventh sister?

“Don’t think about it, rest well.”

Qian Wanyu sighed, everytime she saw Ninth Sister frowning and racking her brain for an excuse she couldn’t bear it, she really didn’t want to force her to do what she didn’t want to do, plus there was a worm inside her body now that was a major timebomb that could go wrong anytime and anywhere.

The next day, when Dongfang Minghui woke up from her training, in addition to feeling unusually tired, she found that the worm inside her body had grown a few points larger.

“You don’t have to go to any matches today.” Qian Wanyu pressed her down on the bed, looking at her pale face she was more determined to beat Meng Yixiao no matter what, “Don’t worry, I asked Cai Qing to move your match back two days.”

“Will there be any effect?”

“Naturally not, today you lie down in the courtyard to rest, Seventh sister will accompany you as soon as my competition is over.”

Dongfang Minghui wanted to get up, but somehow, her body felt very weak, lying down on the soft bedding, her eyelids couldn’t hold up but she wanted to talk to Seventh sister and tell Seventh sister that she was going to see it.

Qian Wanyu saw her mouth squirm but she soon passed out, leaning down, Qian Wanyu gave her a peck at the corner of her mouth, “Sleep well, Seventh sister won’t let anything happen to you…”

“Aren’t you worried that she’ll be angry with you when she wakes up?”

Qing Mo really couldn’t understand these lovebirds, obviously one really wants her to go and the other one also really wants to go, why make it so complicated?

“The worm in her body has grown bigger again, this worm doesn’t quite match the ones you mentioned Qing Mo, it seems to extremely love the spiritual power from Ninth Sister, it keeps breaking through and it’s only been two days but it’s already close to completing the evolution to an adult worm.”

“Impossible.” Qing Mo had confidence in his own learning, “The cycle of the sticky worm is almost eighteen weeks, the baby worm  needs eight weeks, after that it will enter into a rapid growth period, during which it will vigorously devour spiritual energy, if it finds a satisfactory host, it will also slowly lurk until it devours the host and can control it.”

“See for yourself.”

Qian Wanyu took advantage of her unconscious state and used her spiritual power to invade her body and check the situation, if this thing only swallowed spiritual power every six hours it should still be manageable but Qing Mo was shocked when he saw it.

Qing Mo patted his head, “I see, it’s because of your Ninth Sister’s special physique. It takes eight weeks for the larva to get to her but for her, it’s only one day. Think about it. The side effects of Heavenly Pills… do you feel that the aura of your Ninth Sister is particularly delicious? It is precisely because of her pure spiritual power and attractive aura that this worm is evolving so fast!”

It’s useless to say anything more now. All Qian Wanyu knew was that if she let this slimy insect continue to grow, Ninth Sister would be in great danger.

“Lu Xing, Wood, Ninth Sister is temporarily left to you guys to guard.”

“Don’t worry, I will not move an inch until you return, I will also keep her in the room so she doesn’t move an inch.”

“Many thanks.”

Lu Xing looked at the brocade box Wei Junlan sent over, his hands couldn’t help but fondle over it as he considered whether to take the last bit of the remnants of the Tree of Life out and use it. The important task entrusted by his mother emperor would not be completed but he could choose to use this meagre power to save his important friend.

“What do you think, Wood?”

Wood stood behind him, his dark and deep eyes burning into him.

Qian Wanyu vs Meng Yixiao was a full house match, in fact as long as there was Meng Yixiao in the arena, the match spectator seats were always packed with people, all kinds of shouting, noise and clamour made the Qian Family tournament arena very lively.

Especially since the other side has already won four games in a row, if he wins the fifth game he can go directly to the finals and successfully advance. As long as the opponent is not too poorly qualified, it was the same as already getting a qualification for the training.

But in this lively atmosphere, Mu Sheng and Li Yunan sat quietly in the first row, everything in their ears seemed to have anything to do with them, only one silhouette in the field was the focus of their attention.

“One smile, one smile, one smile!”

“One smile, one smile, oh my, he’s looking towards this side.”

The people in the audience stage occasionally screamed because of a random glance from Meng Yixiao, making their eardrums hurt.

Mu Sheng held his breath and was tempted to call out Xiao Bai and ask it to deliver some poison to them so that they could keep quiet for a while and not make the Qian Family’s tournament field look like a circus.

Li Yunan had a serious face, and even the iron fan in his hand opened as he used it to fan himself, “I’m really looking forward to their expressions when they see Meng Yixiao’s face being stomped into the ground by Wanyu.”

Mu Sheng couldn’t help but smile when he heard that, “What senior brother Li said is very true.”

Meng Yixiao had an ethereal atmosphere as he walked step by step to the martial arts arena, his silver-white hair flowing behind with each step swaying rhythmically and the sunlight casting on his face with his mouth holding a charming smile, he blew a kiss towards the people in the audience.

Qian Wanyu stood in the field already holding her water thunder whip in her hand, purple lightning flashed continuously on the surface of the whip, crackling sounds emerging from time to time, the pressure was even more powerful than usual even when she did not move, the pressure emanating from her body was like a small mountain.

The referee standing on the side was a bit overwhelmed and couldn’t help but take several steps away from her, lest he be accidentally affected by the long whip.

Before the referee had a chance to call for a start, Meng Yixiao showed a meaningful smile towards Qian Wanyu, and he made a strange gesture towards his opponent, “Qian Wanyu, I know you.”

The corners of Qian Wanyu’s mouth raised slightly, it had been a long time since she had felt the feeling of trampling someone’s face under her foot in front of so many people.



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