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MIWW Chapter 97 Part 1

“The opponent is a dual system Spiritual Master.”

Mu Sheng and Lu Xing had their minds on Bai Rou in the small courtyard while still paying attention to the movement of the people in the field.

The person opposite released extremely strong spiritual power as soon as he came up, his aura had an extraordinary sense of oppression. If she guessed correctly, her opponent this time was a dual system Spiritual Master, one of the elements was the same as Seventh sister’s, the thunder system.

As soon as the referee called for the match to start, she moved three steps forward and announced herself.

“Royal Academy, Dongfang Minghui.”

“Rakshasa Mercenary Regiment, Nighthawk.”

Vines surged out from behind her and crawled all over the competition field, leaving no gaps. She was so fast that almost as soon as the words left her mouth, the vines wrapped around the man’s legs and imprisoned his body.

“Wood system?”

Nighthawk frowned slightly, he was most annoyed when dealing with people from the wood and light systems, because these kind of people how could he put it, they were too gentle, whether it were skills or spiritual power. He punched and it was like hitting cotton, unable to provoke any waves of passion in him for battle. Especially the wood system, the entanglement and trapping ability was really a headache since it stuck on and couldn’t be easily shaken off.

She watched as the other party created an ice longsword in his hand, and with a flutter of the sword, the wooden vines at his feet and waist were cut into several segments.

She was worried about Sister Bai’s injuries and wanted a quick battle, not realizing that the other party had the same idea as her.

The sky was filled with ice flowers as Little Colour’s vine froze, he held the ice sword standing about a meter away from Dongfang Minghui, threatening, “Jump down yourself, or–”

Nighthawk’s words have not fallen before he saw the frozen vines all coming back to life, spreading and twisting a few points faster than before. Soon they had bound his hands and feet regardless of the ice spiritual power, wrapping him into a cocoon.


The flying needle in her hand shot out into the opponent’s arm, this flying needle of hers had been soaked in venom, it was meant to be used to kill the enemy. Once the flying needle entered the body, the venom quickly went into the person’s internal organs and could temporarily render the opponent incapable of fighting.


The more he struggled, the tighter Little Colour’s vines became.

“I will give you the antidote after the fight, the more you struggle, the faster speed of the venom taking effect, you might as well tie your hands and voluntarily admit defeat.”

She wanted to use the needle soaked with a non-poisonous sleep solution instead of this one but unfortunately each person’s physique is different, the effect is not the same, the other party was also a level 9 Great Spiritualist, if she used it it would probably have no effect.

She had to take the risk.

But, Nighthawk wasn’t such an obedient person, he was a tricky character even amongst the Rakshasa Mercenaries.


“Do you want to die?!”

It was also the first time she met a person who was not afraid of death, maybe the other party really wanted to win too much. It’s too bad but she had to win this match as well.

A thick lightning flashed towards her direction, she pulled out the silk fan from behind and held it open to block it but even so, she was still forced back several steps by the lightning and almost fell out of the field. After the attack failed, Nighthawk attacked again.

“Seeking death.”

Her body’s spiritual power was released at full speed for the first time, and the outburst of spiritual power although soft, showed no weakness, all the objects in the field started to fly into the air, rubble dust and debris forming a vortex of wind and lightning.

Mu Sheng and Lu Xing, who were sitting on the platform, stood up, they looked at each other with astonishment and concern in their eyes. It was the first time they had ever seen Minghui unleash her spiritual power, it was only now that they realized that the other party was actually a level one Spiritual Scholar.

After the two spiritual forces collided viciously, the power of the spiritual storm and thunderbolt exploded beyond the boundary.

The boundary where they were located had to be automatically upgraded to handle the pressure.

By the time everyone was able to see the match clearly again, the dust had settled and Dongfang Minghui was standing upright on the field while Nighthawk opposite her had fallen unconscious.

“This match, Dongfang Minghui wins.”

She wanted to go up to check on her opponent, but was stopped by the referee.

“I am a pharmacist, he was hit by my poison needle, if you don’t want him to die here, let me check him.” She looked within the space ring and showed her pharmacy badge to the referee.

The referee probably didn’t expect her to actually be a pharmacist, and looked at her in surprise, after identifying the authenticity of the badge, he gave way.

She crouched down to touch Nighthawk but was pushed aside by a force, the palm of her hand landed on the ground and got cut by some sharp ice as causing some of her blood to spill on it.

“Who wants your fake kindness?!”

The Rakshasa mercenary group were five big and tall men, except for a woman Fang Meng who was regarded as a treasure by the Rakshasa group and had a fondness for Nighthawk, now seeing the other party unconscious in the field she immediately rushed down and pointed at Dongfang Minghui cursing, “What kind of skill is it to use hidden weapons to hurt people?”

Dongfang Minghui had a calm face, in battle whoever wins has the right to speak, she smiled lightly, “If you want him to die you can take him away, he was hit by my specially configured venom and only I have the antidote.”

“Minghui how did your hand get hurt?” Mu Sheng and Lu Xing rushed to see her fall to the ground glancing at the blood on the piece of ice on the ground, he walked behind her to help her but quietly hid behind to grab the blood-stained ice into his space ring, Lu Xing looked at him suspiciously but did not say much helping Minghui get up.

“I’m fine.”

“This is the antidote, if you don’t believe me then just watch him die.” She put a porcelain vase on the ground ignoring the eyes of the bystanders she turned around and left.

“What’s going on? Didn’t you say that Senior Sister Bai had woken up?”

Once she returned to the small courtyard, she smelled an extremely strong smell of blood, looking at everyone’s grave and serious expressions, she had a not-so-good feeling, she looked at Mu Sheng and immediately questioned.

“I told him to lie to you.”

Qian Wanyu stood inside the small courtyard, seeing the blood stains from her sleeves, she couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow and waved at her.

“Seventh sister.”

“Bai Rou’s situation is not too good, when you go in don’t be too surprised. Also, what’s wrong with your hand?”

She inexplicably felt that there was something in Seventh sister’s words and nodded her head. Following the other woman’s gaze, she looked at her hand, the wound had already clotted, it had only been a few moments before her wound had healed itself again, she used her other hand to cover it slightly, “It’s nothing, I accidentally scratched it just now.”

Inside the room, Situ Hao sat alone on the edge of the bed, his clothes were covered in blood, the floor was full of messy wiped up bloodstains and his hair was as messy as a chicken nest, he was slightly anxiously pacing around the room. Occasionally there is some light spiritual power that accidentally emerged but he suppressed it.

“Little Minghui, you’re finally back, come and take a look, where exactly is she injured? Why is my light-based healing method not working at all on her injuries, what is this?” He scratched his head, he was puzzled and his face looked a bit crazy as he grabbed Dongfang Minghui’s hand to drag her to bed despite her wishes.

“Senior brother Situ, Minghui is going to do a full body examination for Bai Rou, since you are a man it’s better to go out.” Qian Wanyu grabbed his wrist with a hand, and it took a few moments for him to calm down and listen to her carefully, “Just like when you were unconscious last time, understand?”

Dongfang Minghui nodded, “Yes, Senior Sister Bai is a woman, it will be inconvenient for you to stay in the room, Senior Brother Situ please leave.”

“How would it be inconvenient, how about I turn around and not look?”

Dongfang Minghui widened her eyes, it’s the first time she’d seen senior brother Situ being so stubborn, even when she wanted to move blue star dream away he wasn’t as stubborn as now.

Qian Wanyu nodded and laughed but taking advantage of the moment he turned around she immediately hit the back of his neck. Situ Hao who was caught unaware fell softly to the ground.

After throwing the man out, she set up a small formation in the room.

“Seventh sister, didn’t you invite some pharmacists from the Qian Family to take a look?”

“Cai Qing invited two of them to take a look but they couldn’t understand why she kept vomiting blood, after hearing that she was injured on the competition field, they said that she might have been hit hard by the spiritual power and gotten internal injuries so the only way was let her recuperate and come back in a few days to take a look.” Qian Wanyu did not mention that just after they returned to the room, Bai Ruo’s blood was vomited all over them, Situ Hao got so scared he almost collapsed.

“Isn’t this the same as not saying anything?”

Qian Wanyu nodded, the pharmacists left some recovery pills and all left.

“Afterwards, Situ Hao used his light-based healing but it created an even bigger backlash from Bai Rou.” Qian Wanyu remembered very clearly when Situ Hao’s light system shone on her before even she almost released her spiritual power.

Dongfang Minghui took off Sister Bai Rou’s clothes and quickly checked her body. She found a little black spot near Sister Bai Rou’s heart. If it hadn’t been checked she might have almost ignored it and thought it was a mole, “Seventh sister, come and take a look, does this little bit look like it came from a needle?”

“If it was a wound, wouldn’t there be signs of bleeding around it?”

“That true.”

She covered her spiritual power above Bai Rou’s body focusing near the heart and repeatedly found a black spot she used some slight force but it suddenly hid somewhere else, “Senior sister Bai has something inside her body…”

“Seventh sister, do you think it’s possible for the ice system spiritual power to be condensed into a needle so tiny it was unnoticable and then hit into a human’s body?” She stared at Qian Wanyu with a curious face, if the other party sent something poisonous or something else into the body of Seventh sister through this method, it would be very hard to detect.

Qian Wanyu suddenly released her earth-based spiritual power and condensed it into dust then formed a thin needle right in front of her eyes, “Is this what you mean?”

“Yes, yes.”

Qian Wanyu also understood, the other party is an ice Spiritual Master, using this sort of hidden weapon isn’t impossible. These small ice spikes wouldn’t cause bleeding because the ice spiritual energy would freeze the wound.

“What is inside her body? Is there a way to take it out?”

Dongfang Minghui scratched her head, she was also not very clear, the only thing that could be determined is that whatever is inside the body of Sister Bai Rou is a living thing, “I need to use spiritual power to look deeper into the body of Sister Bai Rou.”

As soon as she said that, her spiritual power invaded the other party’s body to take a look, Qian Wanyu remembered the last time she got rebounded by Situ Hao’s spiritual power and cautioned, “Be careful.”

Qian Wanyu stood guard, ready to grab onto her or pull her away as soon as something went wrong.

Minghui divided her spiritual power into many strands, first a small one to test, when the spiritual power invaded the body of Situ Hao, the person on the bed had little resistance and there was only a weak rebound, it was probably because Situ Hao was too weak. For senior sister Bai however she felt a strong repulsion from her body.

“Sister Bai, relax it’s Minghui,” She sent her words with spiritual energy into the other party’s soul sea, if the other party could still hear and cooperate, the examination could be done with half the effort.

Her voice was as gentle as water, when Qian Wanyu listened to her even she subconsciously wanted to respond to her.

Soon, the person on the bed became less and less resistant, and gradually her whole body relaxed.

She tried several times to ensure that Senior Sister Bai would not resist before she sent her entire spiritual energy into her body and thoroughly checked all her internal organs including the heart. The strange thing she saw before that evaded her was gone…?

“How cunning.”

She kept watch and released a few strands of spiritual energy inside the body of senior sister Bai, trying to be careful not to move too much. After almost an hour, she saw a moving thing through the spiritual energy near the inner wall of senior sister Bai Rou, the thing was black all over, like a blood-sucking leech it was glued in the inner wall and bit by bit it was sucking the spiritual energy of senior sister Bai Rou!

She kept still and observed for a moment as an outsider. The black thing crawled around sucking and then stopped for a while, it seemed to be looking around. She held her breath and concentrated, taking in all its movements.

She watched as the small mass slowly moved to the heart of senior sister Bai Rou, who had an ice spiritual force shielding it. It lay near her heart and soon the dark color of its body faded away and it slowly turned transparent.

“So that’s how it is!”

No wonder she couldn’t find this thing before, if it could change colours so that it was no longer black it would be hard to notice. She presented her multiple spiritual energy in a four-sided cage and wrapped up the thing near the heart of senior sister Bai Rou, her soft spiritual energy all gathered into a large spiritual energy at once as she wrapped the entirety of the location next to her heart then she squeezed hard, forcing the other side to reveal its original form.

The black thing felt cold all over and she only just touched it but couldn’t help shivering.

“Ah, what kind of monster is this thing?”

She actually felt her spiritual power was rapidly being drained, she wrapped it and quickly withdrew from the body of senior sister Bai Ruo but the main issue was how to bring it out. She picked her finger at senior sister Bai Ruo’s heart and spiritual power rushed out of her body.

Qian Wanyu had been on guard and the moment she saw Bai Rou’s body bleeding, she was alert.

“Seventh sister, I need your help.”

As soon as Minghui opened her eyes, her face turned a little white and she called weakly to Seventh sister.

Originally, she thought that the black thing would rush out of her body along with senior sister Bai Rou’s blood and just come out but unfortunately, she was wrong, the thing not only sucked her spiritual energy it actually seemed to stick on and follow her spiritual energy back into her own body!

It was the equivalent of her transferring something from Senior Sister Bai’s body into her own…

“What’s going on?”

“Seventh sister, we need to double cultivate!”

The situation was urgent. The two of them immediately sat on the ground and double cultivated in Bai Rou’s room. They were familiar with each other’s spiritual energy and they quickly reached a perfect equilibrium. Qian Wanyu put all her five spiritual powers into her body to check it out and found the little monster in Ninth Sister’s body.

The thing was about the length of an index finger. The whole body was black, and its main body was bulging. She couldn’t see the head or tail of it so she didn’t even know where to find the head.

“When it was in Sister Bai Rou’s body, it was only the size of a thumb. It was when she returned her spiritual powers back into her body just now that it sucked up all the spiritual power and also continued sucking.”

If she kept waiting she’d be sucked dry by this thing!

Qian Wanyu didn’t dare to take it lightly.

She wrapped it with her own spiritual power trying to entice it to transfer into her body, but every time she tried to move it it slipped away like a loach.

“Seventh sister, it hurts!”

Dongfang Minghui’s whole body was trembling, even she didn’t know where she was hurting. Everytime Seventh sister tried to pull the thing out, her whole body was painful it was like being torn apart.

Qian Wanyu’s face turned serious and she immediately tried using her dark element to wrap up the slimy worm and she wanted to try swallow it bit by bit.

However, as soon as her dark system touched it, it suddenly became frantic, easily getting rid of her devouring power and then completely exploding into pieces everywhere in Dongfang Minghui’s body.


A mouthful of bright red blood came out of her mouth as Qian Wanyu vomited all over.

Qian Wanyu touched the warm blood and was really taken aback. She immediately closed her hand and didn’t dare to act rashly.

“Qingmo, don’t block me out first, look at what is inside Ninth Sister’s body. What is that?”

Every time Qing Mo heard them, he would take the initiative to erect a barrier, so as not to see something that he shouldn’t see. He was so old that he didn’t know where to put his eyes when watching the two lovebirds but since Qian Wanyu said so, he looked inside Dongfang Minghui’s body.

Through Wanyu’s soul sea, he could not help but take a deep breath when he saw the long worm that had followed Dongfang Minghui back into her body.

“Qing Mo, what is it?”

“A blood-sucking worm recorded in the books. It is born at the bottom of a valley pool in Death Valley. It is a slimy worm that controls the human heart. It relies mainly on sucking a human’s spiritual power. Once it grows up, it will continue to absorb all the spiritual power until the host has been sucked dry and then the host will turn into it’s puppet…” Qing Mo didn’t know what to say about Dongfang Minghui. How could this unlucky thing have been found here…?

Qian Wanyu’s face didn’t show anything but he could tell since he was familiar with her and how this was related to Dongfang Minghui. The other party will always be confused and afraid when it came to her. It took a long time before he heard her make a trembling voice and ask, “Alright…so can it be transferred to my body?”

“It could, but this kind of blood-sucking worm reproduces very fast. If they are still in their infancy most of them can be transferred. But I think the one in your Ninth Sister’s body had already hit the growth stage. It is difficult to transfer it again.” Qing Mo mentioned then after awhile he continued, “You have to be mentally prepared, from the shape and color, the thing in your Ninth Sister is most likely a female.”

The maternal reproductive ability of these things was really strong, they would leave eggs everywhere…

Qian Wanyu’s eyes turned dark as she clenched her fists, and suppressing her anger, “Qing Mo, you mean to say it’s hard to take it out, but it’s not impossible, right?”


“So any solution?”

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