Mistress I was wrong

MIWW Chapter 96

The first round of preliminaries for the qualification tournament soon kicked off, and the venue was set on the third field of the Qian Family’s martial arts training ground.

“Cai Qing, does each field of your martial arts training ground have a different use?”

The huge difference in environment was tickling her curious heart, with the strange scenery she saw when she came a few days ago, she was sure there must be some hidden meaning inside the Qian Family martial arts training ground.

“Miss Minghui you’ll know later.”

Cai Qing answered but refused to say more.

Qian Wanyu saw her mouth pouting to the point of looking like an upside down kettle, pulling her to pick a seat at random, it was only until Cai Qing left that she whispered a special explanation to her, “The Qian Family training ground and Qian Family nine mountain peaks are closely related, a mountain corresponds to a martial arts field, each of the Qian Family fields should have a training level for the Qian Family’s people that corresponds to the mountain peak. In general, the Qian Family disciples are all in the first mountain, for the training it can only be the first mountain unless the qualifications of particularly good people are enough to be promoted to the second mountain.”

Dongfang Minghui couldn’t help but smack her lips, listening to Seventh sister say so, she can’t help but suspect the Qian Family people who placed them in the third field which was corresponding to the third mountain peak. Last time, Wood took her to break through the fourth peak and those rolling peaks did not seem to be special.

“Seventh sister, before we saw the whole practice field seems to be just a little smaller than this, how did they transform the field into this in one night?”

There were formation fluctuations around the area, alongside the stone steps that suddenly appeared and the surrounding sitting area appearing all seemed extraordinarily mysterious.

“In the formation there is a formation technique of shrinking the ground into an inch, I don’t know if you have heard of it, this formation can shrink an originally large place to a smaller size to confuse our eyes.”

Dongfang Minghui blinked and looked at Qian Wanyu for a long time before saying, “Seventh sister, did you already know that this place has that technique?”

Qian Wanyu pinched her face and laughed, “Don’t you also know now?”

She had a suspicion when they went down to the first floor of the martial arts training ground and she was only sure about it later when they entered the armoury.

“That’s true.”

The two sat on the bleachers, and it didn’t take long for the surrounding seats to be filled one after another, they came kind of early and reserved a long row of seats for Senior Brother Li and the others.

“Hey, you guys stand up this lady fancies this spot.”

Dongfang Minghui looked down at her own dress, was it that she and Seventh sister had dressed too shoddily so as to be looked down upon? Then she looked up and saw that it was an angry girl with a large group of people behind her.

No wonder, the other party was looking at the place they occupied for Sister Bai Rou and the others.

She looked around again at the seats around, almost all were occupied, she was secretly glad that she had the self-awareness to come over early to reserve the seats, “Sorry, you guys go look elsewhere, these seats are occupied by us for our friends.”

She was just about to sit down when she heard the sound of wind blast in her ears.

“Looking for death.”

A whip swung toward her, she just pulled out her fan to prepare to block it but Seventh sister’s water thunder whip swung viciously first and even the whip in the girl’s hand was thrown into the arena by the force of the water thunder whip.

“Y-you, who are you, how dare you do this to me, do you know who I am?” The girl’s eyes were wide with dismay and she pointed at Seventh sister in anger.

“Get lost.”

Seventh sister’s water thunder whip turned dark purple, the purple lightning roamed around the surface of the whip, and with each twitch, the whip made a crackling sound which was terrifying just to hear. This girl not sure if she was really bold or just brainless, she pointed her finger at Seventh sister and let out a wild statement, “Don’t run if you can, you wait for me.”

Qian Wanyu snorted coldly and sat back down again.

She had a hunch that the girl would come again, but she wondered if she would bring her brother or her son maybe her grandfather?

“It’s only the first day of the Tournament, how come there were so many people?”

Qian Wanyu moved her mouth, before she could explain, an extremely obtrusive voice came over, “Little Minghui, you do not know, our Zilang Academy and Meng city famous One Smile Prince is also here, according to some people, his match just happened to be scheduled on the first day.”

“One Smile Prince?”

“Meng Yixiao.”

Bai Rou and the rest took their seats one by one.

“They’re all surnamed Meng, so they are they involved with the family?” She couldn’t help but murmur.

“Minghui sister is really smart, although Meng Yixiao never mentioned anything about his life but he occasionally visits the Meng family, the Meng family will also personally receive him. Plus both are surnamed Meng, the outside world rumours are that he is a descendant of the Meng family.” The Li family’s eyes were also all over the Dream Capital City, he only noticed Meng Yixiao because of the Meng Prophet.

She listened and could not help but frown, Meng Yixiao, the original plot didn’t seem to have this person.

“What? Minghui sister you know Meng Yixiao?”


The next time she had the opportunity she needed to ask Wei Junlan about the following plot, since she was saving chapters to binge read at a later date she wasn’t up to date with the latest version so her version of the plot in her head was actually quite old.

Talking about it, she couldn’t help but regret.

They just sat down and waited quietly for the person who presided over the match in the arena to announce the start then there was a lot of noise from the back. The girl who was scared off by Seventh sister just now brought a group of people over. .

“Big Brother, that’s them.”

The girl pointed at them with extreme arrogance, there was a tall man beside her who with a gentle wave of his hand blasted everyone around him away, causing much uproar.

“What happened?” Li Yunan saw the situation and asked in a low voice.

“That girl wanted to grab the seats, I said we’ve reserved it and she used a whip to hit me so seventh sister retaliated and afterwards she warned us to stay here to wait and see.” Dongfang Minghui also imitated the girl’s extremely arrogant posture while recounting the story.

Really, when there were a lot of people it was easier to find trouble everywhere.

It’s just that she didn’t expect that there would be people making a fool of themselves and wanting to find trouble on the Qian Family’s turf so even she suddenly felt her hands itch a little.

“So stupid.” Situ Hao spat half-heartedly.

“I haven’t beaten up anyone in a long time either.” Bai Ruo swung her big sword and almost slapped Situ Hao’s face.

“I don’t think the Qian Family would let any fighting happen.” Mu Sheng said hesitantly, making a move in the Qian Family territory is clearly not giving face to the Qian Family people, in the entire Meng City, there would only be a few major forces who dare to do so.

Who were the hoons in front of them then?

As soon as Mu Sheng’s words fell, the Qian Family guards received complaints and brought in people who maintained order came over and immediately started to subdue the people headed by the girl.

“Take them away.”

“Who are you people, how dare you make a move against this young lady, I’ll have my uncle cut your heads off!”

“Eldest Brother, Eldest Brother.”

The man who was called Eldest Brother broke free from the Qian Family guards at once, his body emitted a terrifying golden spiritual power, all the weapons among the people present started to shake and he suddenly had two sharp knives in his hands, he turned and cut the neck of one of the nearest guards causing blood to spurt out and causing the crowd to scream.

“How dare you commit murder in the Qian Family!”

The Qian Family guard captain also got angry, every year at the trial qualification they always have different problems, large and small, as in previous years, their job as guards and escorts was to keep order in the Qian Family and maintain peace so the competition could proceed smoothly.

But he never expected that on the first day of the competition where no fighting had even begun and these people would dare to spill blood.

Qian Wanyu looked at the tall man with interest. It was the first time she had seen a Metal Spiritual Master in action it seems the attribute seemed to create the two sharp knives in his hands allowing him to separate the neck of one person with a single stroke.


She saw one of the escort try to take out a weapon, but found that it wouldn’t come out.

“The other party’s skill is a bit odd, it seems he is able to control other people’s weapons?”

“No way!”

When Dongfang Minghui saw the two sharp knives that suddenly extended from his hands, she thought she was watching an X-Men movie! These damn Spiritual Masters of this world are so freaky? Then Seventh sister even gave her a harsher reality, they can even control metallic weapons, isn’t this more and more like X-Men?!?!

Qian Wanyu drew her water thunder whip and smacked on the ground causing a loud crack, her long whip is different from normal whips, the surface of it contained metal otherwise her signature purple lightning would not be able to flow freely.

She tested it and found herself wielding the whip freely.

“So that’s how it is.”

The Longbow still couldn’t be used for now so Qian Wanyu’s best weapon was still the water thunder whip, she flung the whip over and clasped his hand that was about to cut the neck of another Qian Family escort, “Hey, silly big guy, let’s fight.”

“Brother, teach her a lesson, she’s the one who flicked my whip.” The woman who was looking for death at the side was still egging on the tall man.

“Bah, you can’t even protect your own weapon and still have the nerve to shout here.”

Dongfang Minghui wished that she could go straight up and slap the girl twice. It was the her looking for trouble first.

The Qian Family escort captain was aware of the Qian Family third lady, this may have started as a simple brawl but if the result was someone ending up provoking the third lady it was equal to provoking the entire Qian Family also the other party killed several people in his team, “Quickly go inform Cai Qing.”

Cai Qing was the servant in charge of this competition, a decision from her was equal to the old lady’s decision, plus she had given him extra instructions before to take care of the third young lady and her friends.

As soon as the man saw Qian Wanyu, he immediately shrugged his shoulders, “Come.”

In the narrow place, the two of them fought intensely one against the other, with both using their metallic spiritual powers.

“Stand back so you don’t get caught in the shockwaves.”

Situ Hao pulled back Dongfang Minghui, in his heart little Minghui will always be the one who fell from the cliff of Death Valley and dislocated her internal organs yet still managed to survive and even in Return Town she managed to get kidnapped… anyway in his heart Dongfang Minghui was a weak pharmacist that needed to be protected as told by the Dean.

“How come I didn’t know that Wanyu also awakened this metal spiritual power?” Li Yunan was a little surprised.

“Sister Wanyu how many types of Spiritual Energy does she have now?” Mu Sheng asked rhetorically, at the time of enrollment she was a dual system Spiritual Master, on the road to Meng City she accidentally awakened the wind spiritual power, now she even awakened the metal type! Mu Sheng almost touched his chin in surprise, “Sister Wanyu, has…yes, four or a four system Spiritual Master!”

“The Qian Family’s genes are too good.” Situ Hao’s two eyes stared blankly, Qian Yiling was a legendary three system Spiritual Master, he originally thought Qian Wanyu inherited her mother’s excellent physique, he did not expect that the other party even awakened four systems, that’s simply a mountain higher than the previous mountain…

The same thought came to the minds of all the people present, they have to step up their training, otherwise their distance from Qian Wanyu will get bigger and bigger, eventually they will become a drag in the party and they couldn’t bear the thought.

Dongfang Minghui felt a complicated mood, everyone knew that Seventh sister was a four system Spiritual Master, if one day they found out that Seventh sister is actually a rare five elements Spiritual Master and on top of that it’s the Dark Spiritual Energy type…how would they choose?

“Bang Bang Bang.”

The two of them fought in mid-air fists with fists fighting to a draw.

Qian Wanyu had purposely refined her body when she was at the Royal Academy and her muscles were also very powerful, but after sparring with her opponent several times, her whole body felt sore, it was clear that her opponent’s refined body was much tougher than hers.

“Come again.”

“Seventh sister can obviously end this fight quickly, why is she using this way?” She was a bit distressed by Seventh sister’s hand which had not yet fully healed. With such fierce collisions, the wound would most likely tear again.

The other party, however, did not intend to continue to play with her, the sharp knife in his hand appeared again, each collision he would target Qian Wanyu’s neck.

Qian Wanyu sneered, the hand holding her water thunder whip whooshed and tied one of the opponent’s hands, the long whip tip clasped on his blade and then the purple lightning strands shot right into his body.

The man was immediately struck by so much lightning that his hair stood up, he was still standing straight with wide eyes as he looked straight at Qian Wanyu then pointed a hand at her, “Y-you–” before collapsing on the ground.

Seeing the messy scene when she arrived, Cai Qing waved her hand and the captain of the guard team rounded up all the corpses and took all the troublemakers into custody.

“How dare you – ahhh-”

Dongfang Minghui saw the arrogant and domineering girl being taken away with her mouth covered. All of a sudden, she felt that her eyes and ears were much cleaner without having to look at that stain.

“Third Miss, sorry for the trouble.”

Qian Wanyu put away the water thunder whip, “No harm, those who were driven out can at least be comforted a little.”

Cai Qing nodded, after that soon a group of people were released and they sat down in their seats, many people were still stunned by the previous scene. But this heavy atmosphere did not last long.

A white figure appeared in the competition arena and the whole of the place was abuzz.

Except of course for a few people including Dongfang Minghui’s team sitting quietly.

“One smile, one smile, it’s one smile!”

“Ahhhhhh, smile at me!.”

“One smile, one smile, I love you.”

Everyone had excellent eyesight and ears, after being bombarded by this wave of screams even Dongfang Minghui couldn’t help but wonder about this Meng Yixiao, “Could the Qian Family people have deliberately been bribed and arranged for him to come out for the first fight to get a good atmosphere?”

Li Yunan carefully looked at Qian Wanyu’s expressionless face, “For the Qian Family to be bribed, this situation rarely occurs, right?”

“All the lots are drawn in advance, the Qian Family will rank the competition according to the overall level of the participants, there is no guarantee that no one from the Qian Family fudged the orders, perhaps it is really as Ninth Sister said and the Qian Family people were bribed.” Qian Wanyu analyzed it calmly.

“Seventh sister, what is his purpose for doing this?”

“Let’s see how strong he is.”

Qian Wanyu pointed to the match arena, where Meng Yixiao was fighting against Zhou Wei.

“Who is Zhou Wei again?”

“Zhou Wei is the brother of the captain of the Zilang Empire’s royal guards, he’s also a third-year student of the Zilang Academy, he has gone toe-to-toe with Meng Yixiao and these two are really like rivals even now they are facing each other in the first match.”

Among their party, only Li Yunan grew up in Meng City and knew more about the people of Meng City, the others listened quietly and raised questions from time to time.

Qian Wanyu remembered that Cai Qing had talked about the rules and method of the competition, anyone who lost one game would have their ranking drop to the second competition, and those who advanced from the first preliminaries would be followed by further competitions, by advancing five games in a row, they would be qualified to enter the back mountain of the Qian Family for training.

It is not impossible for two people who are both students of Zilang Academy to go head to head. But what if one side represented the Meng Family and the other represented the Imperial Family?

“The relationship between the Meng Family and the Royal Family should be good, right?” Qian Wanyu suddenly asked.

“This is true, the outside world has sad that the Meng Family having their current status is all thanks to the support of the royal family, without the royal family there would be no Meng Family.” Li Yunan resolved her confusion.

While they were talking, Meng Yixiao in the competition arena had already released Spiritual power from his body, he was an Ice System Spiritual Master, when he released it the whole competition site turned into a white ice field, icicles even unexpectedly started to grow around Zhou Wei.

Zhou Wei was a Fire Spiritual Master at the ninth level of Great Spiritualist, compared with a first level Ice Spiritual Scholar’s Meng Yixiao he was indeed weaker but their attributes suppressed one another.

Several groups of flames spread out on the field in all directions surrounding Meng Yixiao, Meng Yixiao snapped his fingers and created an ice ball to extinguish the fire ball, also creating an ice prism from Zhou Wei’s blind spot to hit him and extinguish the flames.

“What powerful field control ability.” Bai Rou, who was also an Ice Spiritual Master like Meng Yixiao was exceptionally surprised, after thinking about it differently, she felt that if she were a Spiritual Scholar like him as well she would not be able to control the ice system as well as Meng Yixiao did.

“No suspense.”

Qian Wanyu looked at the him fighting with ease and could be sure that he hadn’t even gone all out yet, Zhou Wei was no match for him at all.

Zhou Wei’s legs were frozen by the ice and soon his whole body froze.

“One smile, one smile!”


The screams in the arena were higher by another octave, not because the opponent had won the match, but because before the match ended and before the referee could call the winner, Meng Yixiao suddenly did a move that stunned everyone in the room.

As if putting on a show he flicked back his black hair showing his long silver-white hair to everyone then he sent a flying kiss to the position where they were.

“Seventh sister, let’s go.”

She covered her ears, thinking that this man was too much of a popstar, no wonder he could cause so many brainwashed fans to love him. But it has to be said, a silver-haired Meng Yixiao did  have the capital to attract people, coupled with his ice system power, it made him appear extremely mouth watering for his fans, “Senior Sister Bai, if you were to go up against Meng Yi Xiao, how sure do you think you are of winning?”

Bai Rou pondered for a moment and shook her head, “I will lose.”

Although she is was a warrior and Spiritual Master at the same time, dual cultivation had a fatal flaw, it was the phenomenon of bias. She was used to using her large sword and had not put enough thought into using her ice spiritual energy. After seeing the control of Meng Yi Xiao over his ice spiritual energy, she deeply self-examined herself and remembering that Wanyu was even more outstanding being a four-system Spiritual Master, she felt a bit ashamed.

The group watched one match and left the arena, all of their matches were all scheduled for the next day, so the first day they just came over to get a feel.

“Is Meng Yixiao’s strength really that great?” Situ Hao saw Bai Ruo’s frustrated look.

“I heard that he entered Zilang College as a freshman and has been dominating the ranking list position as first for many years, so far the record has not been broken.” Li Yunan heard a little bit about this man but mostly it was rumours, “Wanyu, I have a matter which I do not know when to say.”

“Hmm? Is it about the Qian Family?”

“Rumor has it that the First Miss is very infatuated with Meng Yixiao.”

Li Yunan’s words were like heavenly thunder, ringing a bit above their heads.

If that Miss liked Meng Yi Xiao, the other party could have cheated with the help of Qian Zhuoxie. Thinking of this, she immediately covered her mouth, she was just guessing wildly before, who expected this to be fairly close to the truth.

“It would not be surprising at all if it was her doing.”

Qian Wanyu face was still expresionless and indifferent.

The next day, the third battlefield of the Qian Family was divided into four small fields, they guessed that this arrangement was most likely to shorten the competition time.

Qian Wanyu was in the first square, Dongfang Minghui and Bai Ruo in third, Situ Hao, Mu Sheng and Li Yunan in second, and Lu Xing alone in fourth.

Mu Sheng was the first match, his opponent was a second-level student of Zilang Academy, Li Rou, Li Rou was a wind and water dual system Spiritual Master, a level five Spiritual Master.

Both his skills and level crushed Mu Sheng so it was a match that no one was looking forward to.

Dongfang Minghui’s match was in the afternoon, she seemed to be the last one. She counted the hours and marked up the matches of whoever was first. Situ Hao, Li Yunan and Lu Xing sitting beside her were first then Bai Rou and Seventh sister’s match was almost two incense sticks later, about half an hour.

They were all sitting quietly in their own arena at the moment.

The referee announced in a loud voice – start.

She couldn’t help but sweat for Mu Sheng who was the one she was most worried about in the whole competition.

“Hello, Royal Academy second year Wood System Spiritual Master, Mu Sheng, please instruct me freely.”

When he got on the competition field, Mu Sheng first introduced himself and greeted the other party with a smile, Li Rou was also a simple boy, he saw that the other party was so polite and he also introduced himself, “Are you a student of the Royal Academy?”

The Royal Academy was known throughout the Seven Coloured Continent.

So the two people felt a bit closer to each other.

The people sitting in the audience were completely dumbfounded, “What are they doing, still fighting or not?”

“Those two people actually just keep chatting instead of fighting…”

She covered her mouth, trying not to laugh out loud, where did that big fool who was fighting Mu Sheng come from, can’t he even understand this kind of delaying tactics? Mu Sheng was really getting more and more cunning, she really worried for nothing.

“The match between Seventh sister and Bai Rou senior sister is about to start, I’m going to watch Seventh sister’s match, senior brother Situ you guys go watch senior sister Bai’s match.” She distributed the workload.

“Good, everyone let’s go.”

“What, why did he suddenly fall down by himself?” The people in the audience suddenly exclaimed.

Inside the battle arena, Li Rou suddenly felt sick and fell to the ground by himself.

“You-” Li Rou looked at Mu Sheng with disbelief, his eyes were bleary and nauseous, his whole body was weak, and the spiritual energy in his body couldn’t even gather.

“Sorry, I hope I can see you in the finals.”

Mu Sheng bowed apologetically towards him, he had broken through the first level of Spiritual Master and it was not only him who had advanced, Xiao Bai who had awakened his third skill – hiding had as well.

In the first tournament arena, Dongfang Minghui sat in a corner nervously watching the fight, Seventh sister actually faced an acquaintance.

The woman who was leading the new students of Zilang Academy, whom she had met when she first went to the Whitemoon Empire, the one who had an affair with Li Qin, and they just happened to meet. When she saw her face, she couldn’t help but remember the embarrassing situation she was in with Seventh sister while hiding in the bushes.

Qian Wanyu VS Mu Lei

“So you are Qian Wanyu, nice to meet you.” Mu Lei cheerfully extended a fist towards Qian Wanyu.

“Nice to meet you.”

Qian Wanyu was not afraid of any trap, generously and boldly walking forward to bump her fist, and then quickly backing away, in her hand the water thunder whip raised, “Come on, let’s fight a quick battle.”

Mu Lei was a tall woman, in terms of height, she was even slightly higher than Seventh sister by a small half head, her aura was strong and harsh with streaks of gold, a wind and metal dual system Spiritual Master.


Her weapon happened to be a large hammer, women with swords and knives were far more common but using a hammer… for Dongfang Minghui it was really an eye opening first encounter.

Her hammer seemed to have the weight of a thousand gold as she smashed it towards Seventh sister, she’d often knock out the boundary circle and leave traces. Even after several times of swinging her face was not red or tired, it seemed her control was still very good.

Qian Wanyu dodged a few times without much fuss, feeling the rhythm of the other side.

“Be careful.”

After she warned, the water thunder whip and her iron hammer struck hard together, both of them used ten layers of force, Qian Wanyu’s water thunder whip lightning shot out on the iron hammer, electrifying it from top to bottom to the hand holding it.

Mu Lei felt the painful purple thunder but she clenched her teeth, enduring the touch of lightning she fiercely gripped the hammer and swung towards Qian Wanyu.


The gold spiritual power from her body gushed out from her body, sucking the thunder spiritual power remaining on the hammer, Mu Lei was holding her weapon in a deadly grip since she couldn’t believe what she was seeing, “You are a three-system Spiritual Master?”

Qian Wanyu did not answer, her water and lightning whip swung out again, this time directly blasting her out of the battle circle.

Seventh sister successfully advanced, completely within Dongfang Minghui’s expectation, she was shocked for a moment, and immediately beckoned Seventh sister to go to Bai Rou’s battlefield to watch the competition. When she saw the opponent of Bai Rou senior sister, her mouth was open so wide you could stuff down a duck egg.


“It’s not your fault.”

She had calculated the possibility of meeting Meng Yixiao, she, Li Yunan and Bai Rou all had a chance of meeting him, it was just a matter of sooner or later.

Dongfang Minghui felt the deep malice from this world, she was only joking yesterday but the result of the next day was Bai Rou senior sister really fighting that Meng Yi Xiao?! She really felt like her good for nothing mouth had just cursed the innocent senior sister Bai.

“Take a look first.”

Qian Wanyu found a seat and pulled Ninth Sister who looked like she was in a state of shock, to sit down.

“Bai Rou may not lose but if she sees you like this, she will most likely lose.”

“Seventh sister.”

She did not feel Seventh sister comfort at all, but, Seventh sister is right, losing is just losing, isn’t it just a game? If she loses the first game, Senior sister Bai’s position will just probably be relegated to the back.

Bai Rou was quite surprised when she saw Meng Yixiao but she was after all someone who had a lot of real experience, even though she evaluated herself yesterday and found that she would lose. Her good mentality made her instantly battle-ready and she adjusted herself to her best condition.

“Meng Yixiao, I watched your match yesterday, it was magnificent.”

To be able to interpret the ice system and use it in those ways, she had only seen that skill with Meng Yixiao. She waved her big sword and sneered, “Royal Academy Warrior Hall Bai Rou, please instruct me.”

The match was something even Li Yunan and Situ Hao didn’t anticipate, Bai Rou didn’t use her ice spiritual power from the beginning to the end, she only used her sword that was so precious to her against the opponent for the whole match.

“Senior sister Bai is really smart.”

Qian Wanyu couldn’t help but praise, comparing one’s shortcomings to the other’s strengths was an extremely stupid act. Yesterday, Bai Rou felt ashamed when she talked about her ice spiritual power compared to Meng Yixiao’s so today she has completely put aside her weakness and focused on her strength.

It can be seen that meeting a powerful enemy was not scary, scary is losing without fighting.

Thinking of this, she squeezed Ninth Sister’s hand.

“Come on, come again.”

Bai Rou was unusually violent throughout the field, wherever the great sword went, the ice prisms broke into pieces and turned into ice debris, and even though she was surrounded by them in a formation, Bai Rou’s face remained unchanged and swung her great sword freely.

Seeing such a violent Bai Rou, she seemed to understand something but still didn’t understand.

“Seventh sister, when will I be able to become the same as Senior Sister Bai, not afraid of anything or anyone.”

“Ninth Sister, you are you that’s what’s important.”

Dongfang Minghui’s face was bewildered, she looked at Qian Wanyu with a hint of confusion in her eyes, just as the two were having a moment looking at each other…

The scene in the field changed.

“You’re very good, but…it’s time to end.”


Bai Rou felt that the surrounding temperature became colder, this temperature difference should not to her, as she herself was an ice Spiritual Master no matter how small the difference in temperature she could feel it. Her breath got cold and she event felt it in her bones. Even worse was that the hand holding her sword was held by frozen ice and couldn’t move.

The ice spiritual power in her body burst out abruptly but it was hard to block the other party’s intention to freeze her.

“What a surprise.” Meng Yixiao smiled and lifted a strand of silver hair, “I didn’t expect you to be a dual cultivator of ice and swords.”

“You also surprised me.” Bai Rou said defiantly, “Besides being an Ice Spiritual Scholar, what is your other system?”

Meng Yixiao laughed a few times, to an oblivious person it was just some person who was good looking having a nice laugh, but the sound inexplicably made her hair stand straight up, Bai Rou immediately tried to move and used all her spiritual energy.

She channelled all of her ice spiritual energy into the sword and slashed down towards him.

“Ah, my one smile!”

“Yixiao Yixiao!”

Dongfang Minghui wanted to go over and slap them a few times when she heard the cheers in her ears.


“Bai Rou.”

Bai Rou half kneeled on the ground, the sword in her hand dug into the ground for ten metres. Her hand holding the it tightly was shaking and blood was even spurting out from her mouth in big gulps, she opened her mouth and moved her mouth as if to say – you are…

Before the words were finished, she passed out.

Situ Hao jerked to his feet, he couldn’t hear any cheers in his ears as he rushed through the crowd and ran to the arena to take her back.

“Calm down, even if you jump down, it won’t help, the Qian Family has setup a double boundary.” Li Yunan had a hard time pulling him back, “Don’t worry, I just saw Wanyu and Minghui pass by, they’ve already gone down.”

Situ Hao grabbed Li Yunan’s lapel, “Let’s also go down and take a look.”

The situation was actually beyond their expectations, Bai Rou was very seriously injured but exactly where was the injury, the Qian Family could not say. She hadn’t let go of the sword in her hand at all so they couldn’t pry it out. Dongfang Minghui kept whispering in her ear, “Sister Bai, we’re just taking your sword for now, we’ll give it to you when you wake up.”

After saying it five times, the other party finally loosened her fingers. As soon as she did she toppled over but Qian Wanyu grabbed her. She didn’t expect to see Meng Yixiao walk over apologetically.

“I’m sorry, I forgot to hold back for a moment which caused your friend to pass out.”

“Hey hey, don’t be impulsive.” Li Yunan pulled back Situ Hao, otherwise he would have just rushed over to punch Meng Yixiao, Situ Hao glared at him viciously, “You don’t give me that fake excuse, just you wait, the games have just begun.”

Qian Wanyu handed Bai Rou over to Situ Hao, “Go back to the small courtyard first.”

Situ Hao immediately took the woman who was usually fierce to him into his arms, the other party’s light weight made him feel a little overwhelmed and her pale face drained of blood made him frightened but he could only hold tightly and rush to the small courtyard.

Dongfang Minghui held the sword, it felt like her heart was being held down by a thousand pounds of weight.

“You can’t go back for now to check.”

Qian Wanyu took the sword from her hand and plunged it into her space ring, “Go back now, you all have competitions to fight, I will take good care of Bai Ruo, as for you, you must gather your mood and prepare well.”


Senior sister Bai Rou’s blood was still warm, she looked at her hands covered in blood and couldn’t calm down for awhile before focusing and hardening her worried heart.

Situ Hao’s match was abandoned outright while both Senior Brother Li and Lu Xing’s matches both advanced, with Lu Xing coming up short and being eliminated, naturally with less bruises all over his body, as his opponent was just a Metal Spiritual Master.

“Sister Wanyu asked me to come tell you that Brother Situ has already treated Sister Bai Rou with the Light System but it won’t be fully healed until after the later matches, you can relax.” Mu Sheng specially came to tell her this ‘good news’.

“Really, Mu Sheng, do you mean Sister Bai Rou has woken up?”


Hearing that Senior Sister Bai Rou had woken up, a huge stone in her heart seemed to have been moved away as she stood up and moved her body.

“It’s your turn, Minghui, go for it.”


She was so happy that she didn’t bother to think about one important thing. If Senior Sister Bai Rou had indeed woken up, how could Seventh sister not come to see her match in person?

Mu Sheng collected the forced smile on his face, he watched the other party’s back completely disappear before he murmured, “Sister Wanyu is right, if no one tells her that Senior sister Bai Rou is well, she wouldn’t feel assured and focused on the match.”

If she wasn’t relieved then she wouldn’t be able to compete properly.

Lu Xing heard his words and said in disbelief, “Mu Sheng, what do you mean? Your words just now were just a lie for Minghui, is Senior Sister Bai’s condition that serious?”

Mu Sheng’s first match was over, so he followed Situ Hao back to the small courtyard. Situ Hao had just put Senior Sister Bai Rou on the bed when the unconscious Senior Sister Bai kept vomiting blood, it was as if she was going to vomit up all the blood in her body before she would stop!

How much blood could a person have in their body if they kept vomiting until the room was filled with blood…

“It’s serious.”

Currently even Sister Wanyu was at her wits’ end, the pharmacists from the Qian Family were all invited to have a look with each saying that Senior Sister Bai Rou was suffering from extremely serious internal injuries. The first thing Situ Hao did was of course to use light system treatment but he didn’t expect that halfway through the healing process, Sister Bai vomited blood even more severely, scaring him to not continue.

“In that case, I’ll go back and take a look.” Lu Xing was also injured and tried to move but Wood sitting next to him pressed him down to not move.

“Don’t. Sister Wanyu said, if we all go, Minghui would get suspicious.”

It had to be said that Qian Wanyu’s understanding of Dongfang Minghui was extremely thorough.

Dongfang Minghui still felt a not quite real feeling when she went down to the arena, she still felt some apprehension and a hint of doubt in her heart. When she looked up, Mu Sheng and Lu Xing were both watching from the stands, and the expressions on their faces were relaxed.

“It seems that Senior Sister Bai Rou must’ve definitely woken up.”

Watching the person across from her approach step by step, she truly collected her mind and met the battle with her full heart.

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