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MIWW Chapter 95 Part 2

Qian Wanyu shook her head, so far did not see anything suitable for her, she previously used the water thunder whip and sword, now with the newly awakened metal and wind alongside her hidden dark spiritual energy she needed to find something else. If she really had to choose it would have to be a heavy weapon or something unique.

The two looked all the way until she saw a dark longbow, there was a bow but no arrows or quiver, a really interesting sight.

“Seventh sister, I think this will suit you.”

She imagined Seventh sister with a bow and could not help but gulp, cool ah, way too cool, she tried to grab the bow but when she tried to grab it it didn’t budge at all. She used her spiritual power to try lift it but it still didn’t even move an inch!

“Long bow…a dark coloured bow… carefully see if there is anything inscribed on the bow?” Qing Mo, who knew what came to his mind he started to get excited.

“Ninth Sister, move over.”

She immediately moved in front of the bow, the bow did not look that heavy but Ninth sister as a Spiritual Scholar actually could not move it.

Qian Wanyu spread her legs wide and slightly squatted down, releasing her whole body’s spiritual power, five strands of spiritual power poured out from her body, Dongfang Minghui felt a majestic power emanating from Seventh sister, she saw Seventh sister holding the bow with both hands, clenching her teeth and pulling until her hands were bruised.

She couldn’t help but cheer for her on the sidelines.

“Get up!”

Qian Wanyu never thought a bow could be so heavy. She had to use all her strength and had to take several deep breaths before finally managing to pick up the bow.

Dongfang Minghui was holding her breath on the side, Seventh sister picked it up! Seventh sister actually picked up the bow!


As soon as that happened, it dropped back down and the bow was back in place again, Dongfang Minghui looked at Qian Wanyu’s hands which were full of lines of bloody strips of skin from grabbing onto the bow and her own hands couldn’t help but shake.

“Seventh sister, we can’t control this bow, let’s not take it, look at your hands!” She hurriedly took out a pill from her space ring and tried to put some on the other party but she was pushed away.

“Ninth Sister, stand farther away.”

“Look at the pattern in your hand, this is the Reincarnation Bow, a bow that is without arrows, only Spiritual King level people can use it. Wanyu, make sure to get this bow, it comes as a set with the Reincarnation Duel skill you got in the Royal Academy.”

Hearing Qing Mo say so, she was even more convinced of wanting to grab this bow.

“Old madam, what is the mysterious thing about that bow?” Cai Qing didn’t know much about it but she could see that the Third Miss couldn’t hold it.

“This bow has been in the Qian Family treasury for over a hundred years, none of the Qian Family’s children have ever picked it up, not even Ziyan or Yiling.”


Cai Qing was tempted to ask, “Old Lady, have you ever picked up this bow…?”

Qian Wanyu managed to pick up the bow just a little bit the second time before it smashed back down again, she was even hit by the recoil spiritual power emanating from the bow and spit out a mouthful of blood.

“Wanyu, let me help you.”

Qing Mo’s body emitted a little luminescence and a strong spiritual power replenished her own, “Many thanks.”

Qian Wanyu had only one belief in her head, get this bow, get this bow, definitely get this bow! Don’t know if it was her firm thoughts or Qing Mo’s silent help but the bow was held by her blood-stained hands and was slowly held up.

“Seventh sister…”

Dongfang Minghui looked dumbfounded from the side, when the bow was full held in Qian Wanyu’s hands the entire arsenal of weapons emitted a ringing sound similar to a wail.

Wei Junlan’s heart was full of cussing bullshit luck, the heroine used her golden finger again really cannot let normal people live seeing it, she should just pick a weapon normally. She picked up the soul chain in her hand and happily turned to the old lady, “Old lady, I’ll take this soul chain.”

The old lady nodded towards her, in her opinion, a soul chain in exchange for an ally of the Blood Fiend Alliance was worth it, with this the matter was successfully resolved.

Back in the small courtyard, everyone crowded around wanting to ask about the follow-up but they were blocked by Dongfang Minghui, “Seventh sister’s gotten a hand injury, after I have treated her I’ll tell you all the matter one by one.”

She finished and pulled Seventh sister’s wrist back to the room.

“How did Wanyu get injured from the trip?”

“Let’s wait for Minghui to come out, I saw her look nervous, Wanyu’s injury is probably a bit serious.”

Qian Wanyu’s hand was full of blood and skin split open, she even really saw bones. She must have felt unbearable pain afterwards, even the bones of her hand were cracked and there was no way to heal it for now.

“Seventh sister, I’m a little angry.”

She really wanted to spill out the anger in her heart, especially when she saw Seventh sister rushing up to get that bow again and again, she just couldn’t understand, was a mere bow worthy of Seventh sister disregarding her hand like this? If she had known that things would be like this, she would not have looked at the bow.

Qian Wanyu saw her frowning looks like Ninth sister seemed to be really angry, “Why?”

“Seventh sister, is that bow very important?”


When she heard Seventh sister’s answer, she was not as angry as before, “Is it worth trading your hands for?”

Qian Wanyu shook her head, “Naturally it’s not worth, but at that time if I didn’t try then I wouldn’t know and in my heart I was only thinking that I must take that bow.”

“If your injury is still bad after a few days have you thought about how you’ll participate in the qualification tournament?”

“It will be fine.”

Dongfang Minghui couldn’t help but sigh, in the future, if she was arguing with Seventh sister, most of the time she wouldn’t be able to argue, Seventh sister had always been sensible, when she wanted to do something then she would do it and there wasn’t any big reason, maybe she even wanted to ask in return why she was mad…

Actually she was just mad because Seventh sister seemed to not know how to take care of herself.

“That bow is so heavy, how are you going to use it in the future? Also there’s no quiver or arrows.” In her opinion, this weapon was useless, it was ridiculously heavy and there wasn’t even a matching arrow, “Could it be that the arrow is somewhere else and we have to go looking for it ourselves?”

Qian Wanyu found it amusing just listening to her chattering, Ninth Sister’s head was always so big and she could always imagine many interesting things.

“This bow is called the Return Bow, some people also call it the Reincarnation Bow, the bow originally has no arrows, the spiritual power inside will create an arrow.” Qian Wanyu slowly explained, “This bow must wait until I advance to Spiritual King before I can properly use it, so Ninth Sister there is no hurry.”

Hearing Seventh sister say so, she suddenly felt that this bow didn’t really seem to be useless, at least it had a cool name.

Wait what the hell, she was wondering why it sounded so familiar, Seventh sister’s Reincarnation Duel skill she picked up from the academy seems to be able to partner with this bow. She got it, no wonder Seventh sister tried her best to obtain this bow, even injuring her own hands.

“Third Miss, Miss Minghui, the old lady ordered me to send recovery pills.” Cai Qing was standing outside the door waiting.

“Bring it, Miss Cai Qing, thank the old madam for me.”

Dongfang Minghui got the pills and was about to close the door behind her, but was stopped by Cai Qing.

“Miss Minghui, Third Miss, you must not blame the Old Lady in your heart, she has punished the First Miss severely, but this matter cannot be told to outsiders so…”

“Understood.” Qian Wanyu faintly answered.

Dongfang Minghui looked at the recovery pills and saw that there were no major side effects before giving them to Seventh sister, and then wrapped both her hands into dumplings with bandages, “No wetting it for the next few days, and, Seventh sister, you must apply medicine and change the cloth three times a day. ”

“Good, I’ll listen to Ninth Sister.”

When the two came out of the room, everyone’s attention was focused on Qian Wanyu’s hands, and Mu Sheng worried, “Sister Wanyu, what’s wrong with your hands?”

Dongfang Minghui then told them what happened before, and at the end, admonished, “No matter what, the matter has been solved by the old lady, let’s not mention this matter in the future, but this person Qian Zhuoxie should be guarded against in the future.”

Qian Zhuoxie who they were talking about suddenly sneezed and the sneeze actually shook her wound and made her wince in pain.

“Big sister, why is grandma so angry this time?”

Qian Zhuoyin had always felt that the old lady was kind and amiable, sometimes summoning them, her juniors, she had never seen the old lady get angry, personally escorting big sister to the Qian Family ancestral hall and personally executing the whip punishment and giving her thirty lashes, ten lashes every day.

Her wound just happened to be cracked open again, and just when it was healed, the wounds simply got worse. The Qian Family ancestral hall punishment whip is not an ordinary whip, the tip was covered in spikes and hooks, a slight hook and flesh and blood would be sent flying, plus it was the old lady who personally executed the whipping, the force of it was completely unrestrained to the point where she thought her sister would die in the ancestral hall.

The other people all think that the old lady is angry because of the young master of the Blood Fiend Alliance, but to Qian Zhuoxie, in her opinion it was mostly because the old lady wanted to protect that bitch Qian Wanyu.

“All right, you go away first I want to be left alone.”

With the old lady’s favoritism towards Qian Wanyu, this time’s qualification competition will definitely be smooth for her, Qian Zhuoxi felt a bit reluctant, when the other party just entered the Qian Family, she had a feeling that she would definitely take away everything from her, and now look, everything she thought she had in her hands was disappearing little by little…

The most important thing was that the other party was protected by the old lady, which was better than anything else that she could have…

If Qian Wanyu had an accident at the trial…she didn’t even have to think about it, everyone would think she did it so it’s better for her to wait until the other party succeeded in entering the back of the mountain for training and then she can clean her up.When the time comes she would like to see who will still help that bitch.

Dongfang Minghui had heard that many people from the outside world had come to the competition, and the inns in Meng City were overcrowded a few days earlier. In the past, when the Qian Family held a qualifying tournament it only consisted of about a thousand people, all of whom were selected from the major families and the royal family through layers of competition until only the most outstanding disciples were left.

She heard Cai Qing talk about this, every year towards the end of the screening, the number of people that could actually enter the back of the mountain were not more than three hundred people, so it was about a 30% probability, including the Qian Family family quota, only four or five hundred people at most would go to the back of the mountain.

They would have to squeeze within these three hundred people.

“Little Tuan Tuan.”

Dongfang Minghui listened to the gossip of the outside world while coaxing the little white dumpling brought back by Toothless under the table, thinking about when she threw the dirty little guy into the water, it scared him so much that his four paws kept slapping the water, refusing to take a bath.

Later she forced it into the bath tub, using the spirit liquid to help it take a refreshing bath, once taken out, she was also a little confused, the black mass of a little guy had turned white, its little red tongue stretched out to lick her, so cute!

She carefully identified it, it looked like a dog, a little more well-behaved than Toothless but also very naughty.

As soon as she had time, she released it from the space ring again.

Qian Wanyu’s hands were not in good shape, but they did not prevent her from continuing her practice. When she came to her senses from her practice, she saw Ninth Sister teasing the little white furball like teasing a dog, “Ninth Sister, it is a tiger… not a dog.”

“But it doesn’t look anything like it!”

Dongfang Minghui picked the little white ball up and looked at it left and right, but couldn’t see any resemblance to tigers she knew.

“Has Toothless woken up?”


Love Flower told her that Toothless was sleeping because of the awakening of the fire spiritual energy and that she should give it more spiritual liquid and medicinal plants to recover fast. It would wake up naturally when the spiritual energy in its body was balanced.

Hearing what Love Flower said, she didn’t worry anymore and let the other party lie down in the space ring to sleep, she would pour two bottles of spiritual liquid into Toothless’ mouth on time every day and remember to feed Xiao Tuan with some food then bring it out to play with.

The little white tiger had been staying in her space ring and gotten more familiar with her, in the small courtyard when she brought it for a walk it would automatically come back to her when she played fetch with it like a domestic dog…

“It is the thing that was abducted by Toothless?” Li Yunan also just saw this little thing and commented on it.

Mu Sheng and Lu Xing liked it so much that when they saw the little white ball wandering around the small yard, they would tease it with some food, and it would come and eat as much as it could. But afterwards Dongfang Minghui educated it on what to eat then punished it if it kept eating random things, over time the little white tiger did not dare to eat things from the hands of others it just circled hungrily around her when it got hungry and used its sharp claws to hook onto her dress and climb up. Sometimes it would climb halfway up and roll down like a ball so Minghui felt like she was watching a comedy show.

“Wait, why do you all think it was abducted by Toothless?” But when it came to abducting it… Seventh sister had seen it with her own eyes, Dongfang Minghui couldn’t deny it even if she wanted to, Toothless was really a naughty kid it actually ended up abducting a smaller kid now! Yet she’s not going to admit it hmph, “Maybe it came back with Toothless voluntarily. ”

“Right or wrong, little Tuan?”

She teased and her finger was sucked up in one bite, she felt around it’s mouth a little and found a few small teeth growing in the other’s mouth, “That’s a little fast.”

She had the experience of raising Toothless and knew how long it took for an animal to start growing baby teeth and when it would change again after that, but this little white tiger had only been brought back by them for a few days, she knew very well that there were no teeth in the little one’s mouth at that time that’s why she gave it spiritual liquid to eat instead.

“It’s a bit strange.”

She picked up the little furball with one hand and placed it between her legs, making it lie on its back. She usually teased it like this if she had nothing else to do, so she could tickle its chin and scratch its soft little belly.

The little furball enjoyed it when she played with it, its’ four limbs kicked around in joy.

The first thing she did was to open its mouth and check the teeth in its mouth, she counted them carefully, this little thing grew teeth faster than Toothless in a few days!

The little furball then yelped and bit down on her finger, its sharp teeth grinding incessantly against the side of her fingertips, seems like it had gone straight over to the gnawing stage.

“Minghui, what are you looking at?”

“Nothing.” She shook her head with a little bit of concern, but thought she was being too worried, wasn’t the little tiger just growing a few more teeth? Maybe it was because it was a different breed than Toothless, so it had a different growth trajectory.

“Seventh sister, do you understand the growth process of young tigers?”

Qian Wanyu shook her head, “When this qualification tournament is over, you can go to the Qian Family library to check some information, you might find something.”

“Yeah I guess that’s the only way.”

“What’s wrong? Is there something wrong with the little tiger?”

“There shouldn’t be any problem.”

She herself wasn’t too sure though…

The next day was the Qualifying Tournament, thinking about the competition, everyone focused their minds and made their final preparations.

None of them expected that this small problem they had overlooked would nearly lead to a big disaster in the competition…

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