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MIWW Chapter 95 Part 1

The Qian Family trial qualification tournament was originally going to be held in these few days but because of those tricky things the public announcement changed to a delay of seven days, coinciding with the time the old lady promised to give the young master Wei an explanation.

“You all heard, right? Those killers came to our Qian Family to pick a fight, it is said that the matter was first incited by the first lady.”

“The old lady sent word that no one is allowed to plead for mercy, and that she will personally carry out the punishment.”

“Her own granddaughter, can she do it?”

“Shh, the old lady’s affairs are not for us to discuss, go do your work.”

In an unobtrusive corner, on the wall covered by grass and trees, two vines retracted a little without attracting the attention of the bystanders.

Dongfang Minghui wanted to hear the progress of things so the only way was to listen by the wall, after all, Seventh sister was also currently Wei Junlan’s ‘target’, they couldn’t rush it but she was also really curious about the fate of Qian Zhuoxie.

The old lady told her and Seventh sister to leave before and that was the end of the matter as far as they were concerned.

“Your Qian Family is also full of trouble.” Li Yunan couldn’t help but sigh and shake his head, just now they had just made amends with the Mo family, now suddenly they turned around and provoked the Blood Fiend Alliance, although with the Qian Family’s power they weren’t truly afraid of fighting, it was better to not have any sort of grudge as far as the old lady was concerned.

“I think young master Wei is really annoyed this time otherwise he would not completely not give face to the Qian Family, now the whole Qian Family is talking about this matter.” Mu Sheng once in a while heard the servants and maids whispering, he asked with a puzzled look, “Minghui, from what you know about Young Master Wei, what do you think his purpose is this time? Could it be that he is also using this matter to enter the back mountain of the Qian Family for training?”

That was a good question, all eyes looked at her expectantly, even Qian Wanyu who was sitting at the side also listened in.

Dongfang Minghui touched her nose, Wei Junlan that girl, what she wanted she could probably guess, it was only to help Seventh sister weaken the position of Qian Zhuoxi in the Qian Family, this was preparation for the future when Seventh sister could accept the Qian Family.

If it is said that she also wants to enter the back mountain of the Qian Family, it is also not impossible that she considered this as well to kill two birds with one stone.

“Even if he wants to enter the Qian Family’s secret place, he probably have to undergo the same qualification competition as us.” She said helplessly, “It’s normal for her to be angry about this, if she doesn’t look deeper into the matter, this dirty water would be flung to Seventh sister instead so it’s best to lay everything out now.”

It’s like walking down the street and a knife suddenly fell on top of your head unprovoked, and after nearly being killed by the knife …Wei Junlan could be considered to have suffered an unwarranted disaster, but since she also tried now to give Seventh sister justice, should she return this favour in the future?

“If he’s also going to participate in the qualifying round, we’ll have another competitor.” Bai Ruo concluded.

“No, maybe an ally.” In this regard, as to where Wei Junlan’s loyalty was, she was still very confident.

“Senior Situ, you’re really okay, right?”

Of those present, everyone other than Situ Hao were all prepared. Like Mu Sheng and Lu Xing who both broke through the third level of Great Spiritualist, only Situ Hao was not prepared and he did not even know the reason why he was unconscious.

Situ Hao rubbed the back of his head and shook his head, “What can I do?”

“Minghui leave him alone, if he can’t get the qualification, let him guard the courtyard alone.” Bai Rou mocked.

“Don’t underestimate me, why can’t I pass? Let’s make a bet, if we pass what will you do?”


Since that day they fought words with each other, Bai Rou and Situ Hao’s fighting has escalated until they quarrel everywhere now, everyone knows but didn’t bother to stop them, even Mu Sheng who normally tried to cut in just pretended not to know and shook his head finding something else to do.

Qian Wanyu saw Lu Xing pulling Minghui to his room, and Wood also followed him in, she guessed it was related to the prescription from before so she didn’t bother to follow.

“Ah, Lu Xing, I know what you are going to say, the medicinal plants needed on the prescription I am ready to–” Dongfang Minghui saw Lu Xing and Wood standing together in front of her, it was really quite a weak excuse, after all during the adventure to join in she had said she’d find time during the journey to refine it on the way but she was busy running for her life so when could she take the time to refine potions?!

“Minghui, I’m not looking for you because of this.” Lu Xing interrupted her, “Actually, I want to ask you to help me with one thing.”

She was surprised to hear that Lu Xing had given the remnants of the Tree of Life to Wei Junlan, what the Tree of Life symbolized was the lifeblood of the elves, the source of life on which the entire elven race depended on. She did not expect that at that critical moment, Lu Xing took the initiative to solve Wei Junlan’s problems. She nodded and said, “It should be possible, but I am afraid it will not happen in the next few days. We will have to wait until the outcome of Qian Zhuoxie’s matter is done.”

Before the result of Qian Zhuoxie’s trial is out, she and Wei Junlan couldn’t show that they were extremely close lest people use it as an excuse to drag Seventh Sister back into the matter again.

In fact, the old lady did not make everyone wait too long and the results did not let them down.

“Old Madam has said to invite Third Miss and Miss Minghui to the martial arts training ground tomorrow.” After bringing Old Madam’s order, Cai Qing left, she still had to go and bring words to Young Master Wei’s side.

“I also don’t know how Old Madam will deal with this matter.” Li Yunan had been studying at the Royal Academy for many years and wasn’t sure of the pattern of Meng City. From his own uncle’s mouth, he learned that the old madam stopped caring about minor things since ten years ago and left all matters big or small to Qian Zihang. For the sake of the young master of the Blood Fiend Alliance she actually made an exception to take charge.

In fact, he did not know that the old lady making an exception was not for Wei Junlan’s sake but her own selfishness of wanting to protect Qian Wanyu who had just returned to the Qian Family so she wanted to investigate this matter clearly and give him a satisfactory explanation.

The next day, Qian Wanyu and Dongfang Minghui were led by Cai Qing to the martial arts training ground, the training ground was large and had only seen the tip of the iceberg, far away in the Qian Family martial arts training ground was a group of Qian Family children that seemed to be practicing something.

She wanted to go over and look, but she was blocked by Cai Qing, “Third Miss, Miss Minghui, that side is a restricted area, you can’t enter for now, this way please.”

The Qian Family martial arts training ground was very strange, it was divided into nine levels, one higher than the other, they arrived at the first level and from the place they just entered to the left there was a step leading downwards. The more they went down, the more the farther away the noise of the training ground, obviously they were still a few steps away but in the end no sound could be heard.

When they arrived, they saw a single person in the field with her back to them, standing with her arms folded, a black training suit was worn showing off her figure and her long hair was also simply tied up but the aura of her body was restrained so they could not judge the strength of the other party.

“Old Madam, Third Miss and Miss Minghui have arrived.”

“Old madam?”

Dongfang Minghui’s chin almost hit the ground, she knew the old lady was young, with her current appearance she could even pass as Seventh sister’s mother! Is this the rumor that when the spiritual power reaches a certain level, aging itself will stop and a person’s life expectancy will suddenly increase by a large amount?

Compared to her shock, Qian Wanyu behaved more normally, except for a little surprise, after that she was calm and composed, waiting for the old lady to speak.

“Wanyu, Minghui, you’re here.”

“What are you doing, old lady?”

The old madam lowered her head and glanced at the clothes she was wearing, and said in a light tone, “This was my favorite set of practice clothes when I was young, my fourth sister used to always pull me to be her fighting companion, I thought this habit would continue for a long, long time…”

The old lady could not help but think back to Seventh sister’s mother, she could not help but think of a time when Qian Yiling, backed by the entire Qian Family her doting elder brother and a loving mother, a girl with superior talent and how she lived a life of recklessness, dashing around free and unrestrained.

When she compared it to Qian Wanyu’s current growth, her heart instantly ached.

“Wanyu, if you don’t mind, this old woman, will be your fighting companion.”

Watching the two people in the field battle, lightning was crackling everywhere so Minghui hurried to find a safer place to watch, she still had a surreal feeling, a few months ago Seventh sister could not even block a single move from the old lady but now fighting with thunder on both sides she could even fight evenly against her!

It was also only today that she learned that the old lady was also a Thunder System Spiritual Master. In a way, Seventh sister’s nature was indeed somewhat similar to the old lady’s.

When Cai Qing invited Wei Junlan and other people over, she saw the two people in the battlefield, she did not make a sound to disturb them, but quietly kept to the side and whispered to Wei Junlan, “The old lady and third lady are just practicing, please wait here for a moment, young master Wei.”

“Your Seventh Sister is really good, she can actually match a few moves with the old lady?”

“Ah, yes.”

Wei Junlan suddenly appeared next to her, really startling people was this girl’s favourite thing ugh. The people present had extraordinary ears, so after she said this sentence she still did not dare to get close to Wei Junlan, she just counted on the old lady to hurry up and solve this matter so they could also participate in the Qian Family’s qualification tournament.

About half an hour later, the two people stopped.

“Seventh sister, old lady.”

She saw that Seventh sister was sweating and her clothes were torn, but she did not suffer any injuries, she guessed that the old lady must have restrained her strength and showed mercy.

The old lady’s face was red but she was not gasping, calmly and freely looking at Wei Junlan, “Young master Wei, about the previous matter, the Qian Family has found out the original story, this time to invite you to come, is to take you to a place.”

“Young master.” The Grand Elder gave the Old Lady a slightly guarded look and whispered softly in Wei Junlan’s ear.

“No hindrance, old madam lead the way.”

Wei Junlan was not afraid that the old lady would blackmail or kill her halfway, not to mention that Dongfang Minghui was still next to her, the old lady was not dumb enough to kill her and make her corpse remain in the Qian Family right?

Cai Qing led the way, the old lady and Wei Junlan continued down the steps from the first practice field almost one step apart, towards the end there was light from the outside world, filling the room with the light of moonstones.

They walked through a long passage, going through twelve doors with Qian Family disciples stationed outside each door.

“Old Lady.” At the last door, as soon as the gatekeeper saw Cai Qing and then the old madam, without saying a word, he directly opened the door and then closed it again when they walked in.

“Old Madam you’ve said this matter has been investigated clearly, I am still in the dark, I wonder if Old Madam can solve the confusion for this young master?” Wei Junlan saw Qian Wanyu and Dongfang Minghui here while the culprit was nowhere to be seen and couldn’t help but speculate on Old Madam’s intentions.

She was actually worried that she hadn’t managed to help Qian Wanyu and Minghui but instead helped that damn evil-doer, that would be a bad outcome.

The consequences of offending the heroine, she hadn’t taken that into account after all…

Dongfang Minghui’s ears were perked up, this morning she just got taken here and then suddenly Wanyu got whisked away to train with the Old Lady and now they were here while Qian Zhuoxie was nowhere to be seen. She really couldn’t guess what was the Old Lady’s intentions.

“Here it is.”

Cai Qing opened the last door, displayed in front of them was an underground arsenal, a powerful metallic cold aura came out.

Even Wei Junlan, the young master of the Blood Fiend Alliance, couldn’t help but feel amazed by the Qian Family’s rich fortune, after she walked in with the old lady, she looked around, exquisite weapons were displayed in front of her eyes everywhere, she couldn’t help but go forward to try touch them with her hands only to be stopped by the Grand Elder.

“Young master.”

Wei Junlan immediately sobered up after a reminder from the Elder, “Old Lady bringing this young master here, can it be for me to recognize the depths and gaps between the Blood Fiend Alliance and the Qian Family?”

The old lady laughed out loud and Cai Qing on the side couldn’t help but explain, “Young Lord Wei stop joking, all the weapons here are just for display but whatever can enter Young Lord Wei’s eyes, you may take one away.”


Wei Junlan instantly understood the old lady’s meaning, the other party wanted to use a good weapon to make amends with her, and she also hoped that she would not pursue the matter, turning a big problem into a smaller problem.

Qian Wanyu also understood the old lady’s meaning from their conversation, this result was expected. In fact, no matter who did it, she or Qian Zhuoxie, the old lady will not admit because this was related to the face of the Qian Family.

“I have already dealt with that junior according to the rules of the Qian Family, so I hope that young master Wei will forget this matter and let it go.” The old lady smiled and said, “In a few days’ time, the Qian Family’s annual training competition will be held. If young master Wei does not mind, the Qian Family can offer to give up two places, so that the disciples of the Blood Fiend Alliance can enter the back mountain of the Qian Family for training.

Wei Junlan laughed, the old lady was really quite skillful, the Qian Family’s young ladies in her mouth suddenly turned into juniors, but she also wanted her to put the matter aside, if she continued to chase, it would become a loss of face for her to quarrel considering her own status…in the end her main reason for doing this was just to make it a big deal and deliberately make trouble for Qian Zhuoxie.

Not only that it seems that the Qian Family even gave her a good reason to back down.

“I will listen to the old lady’s arrangement.” Wei Junlan was not stupid, if she and the Qian Family really continued, no side would benefit and it was likely that they would both lose quite a lot. She had come to seek justice for Qian Wanyu and after seeing that the old lady was extremely close to her it seemed that she likely approved of Wanyu so she did not have to worry about it.


“Grand elder, the old lady just said that she can let this young master take away a weapon, you should keep a lookout and not take any supreme weapon by mistake.” Wei Junlan was walking and joking around.

Dongfang Minghui was dumbfounded looking at the old lady with her jaw dropped as she glanced around at the various expensive weapons on display.

“Minghui, Wanyu you can also pick an appropriate weapon, treat it as a gift from me to you.”

“Huh, I can have one too?”

Seventh sister was the third Miss of the Qian Family, taking a weapon was still her right but it doesn’t seem quite good if she takes one as well considering she was an outsider…


Qian Wanyu pulled her along and went to pick out a weapon, it seemed like she accepted it quite openly.

Qian Wanyu’s idea was actually very simple, the old lady wanted to use weapons to buy off Wei Junlan, naturally she can also take out some weapons to give to her while she was at it, this was the decision of the old lady, why should she not accept? It would be a loss to not take anything.

Looking at the rows of weapons, there were swords, spears, long swords, greatswords… these weapons Dongfang Minghui could only look at since they were useless to her. She quickly swept through the long rows of weapons, including heavy weapons and searched for a long time but did not find anything that fit.

“Ninth Sister, come here.”

“Seventh sister, did you find your weapon?”

In fact, Seventh sister had good enough weapons, there was her water thunder whip that could carry purple lightning as well as the sword that she had “borrowed” from sharp knife mountain last time, she saw that Seventh sister liked it so she just gave it to her. It was useless to her in any case.

“Huh, Seventh sister what is this?”

Qian Wanyu handed her a silk fan, “It suits you.”

This fan could resist a certain amount of damage and could also shoot concealed weapons, the tip of the fan was also extremely sharp, if it was covered with poison, people would be defenceless.

She had confidence in Seventh sister’s eye for things, if the other party said it was suitable, it must be suitable. She lovingly touched the silk cloth with lotus flowers painted on it, “Seventh sister, what’s so special about this fan?”

“Open it and try.”

The handle of the fan was slightly longer than the fan by about ten centimeters, she spun it around and pointed it in the direction Wei Junlan then opened it with her hand…

whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh

Some concealed marbles shot out from the fan towards Wei Junlan!

Wei Junlan was still excited to find her own weapon, who expected that before she could she was almost shot by Minghui’s weapon! She automatically wrapped up all the hidden needles shot at her and threw it back.

Dongfang Minghui did not know where to hide so Qian Wanyu grabbed her waist and raised the silk fan in front of them to block, those returned marbles hit the silk fan and fell to the ground.

“Third Miss and Miss Minghui are really good.”

The movement of their fight was watched by the old lady and Cai Qing, who smiled and muttered in the old lady’s ear.

She picked up all the concealed marbles on the ground and took a look at them. In terms of sharpness, these rounded marbles all had spikes on them, just like hedgehogs, they were also smaller and sharper than those plum blossom poison darts she used.

She couldn’t help but touch the silk cloth on the fan again, the silk cloth was still comfortable to touch, “So powerful, this silk cloth can actually resist these small round beads?”

“Yes, and look here.”

The fan handle had three buttons, the middle one would open the fan, there is a smaller one on top and below that weren’t as easy to find. Qian wanyu pressed the top one and on the eight sides of the fan edge spikes appeared.

“This fan is called a silk fan, also called the octagonal fan, the fan is full of hidden mechanics that allow it to defend and attack while being easy to carry.” These were all said by Qing Mo. She didn’t think much about it when she first saw it. If not for Qing Mo’s reminder, she might have missed how suitable it was for Ninth Sister.

“Seventh sister, I’ll take this one.”

Dongfang Minghui was not picky, since she found something suitable for her she was lazy to go back and look more, besides using her own eyes to choose…she was reminded of how she took the sword from sharp knife mountain before and was afraid of Seventh Sister reprimanding her again.

She weighed it and it seemed that although the fan was made of a metal and silk it was not very heavy it was in fact quite light to carry.

Qian Wanyu seeing her happy also couldn’t help but be happy, “If you like it then it’s good.”

“Dongfang Minghui, this weapon of yours is quite good, it almost turned me into a sieve.” Wei Junlan was a little bit wide eyed and also hitting herself on the head. Why didn’t she see it before? She was a Wind Spiritual Master, she should be choosing a lightweight weapon as well!

She grinned towards Wei Junlan and smiled, “Young Master Wei, have you found your weapon?”

“Not yet.”

“Then hurry up and find it.”

As if sending some annoyance away, she shooed Wei Junlan away again and took Qian Wanyu’s hand, “Seventh sister, what weapon do you want?”

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