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MIWW Chapter 94 Part 2

She fiercely squeezed Qian Wanyu’s hand, she was a little annoyed, but had to admit Seventh sister was indeed that sort of person, she thought that the group was just for everyone to fight monsters together and divide tasks but didn’t understand that the team was more than that, shouldering the position of leader meant having a big responsibility.

“Seventh sister, you are right but staying is our own choice.”

“Hmm.” Bai Rou gave Dongfang Minghui an approving look.

Everyone agreed with Dongfang Minghui, Qian Wanyu couldn’t do anything about it.

Her beautiful eyes turned slightly, “There is still one person missing.”

When Situ Hao was mentioned, Bai Rou’s face suddenly darkened a lot, Situ Hao hadn’t woken up since they carried him back. Qian Family had also sent a pharmacist and Light Element Spiritual Master to check, but for some reason, the other person was still unconscious.

“I’ll go check it out.”

Dongfang Minghui pushed open the door and was surprised to find Bai Xuan sitting on the table with his sword in his arms, resting his eyes, looking like he had been guarding the place.

When he saw them, he had a calm face, nodding towards Qian Wanyu and went out.

Qian Wanyu turned everyone away, closed the door and watched Ninth Sister, who did not shy away from having to touch men. First she examined Situ Hao up and down extremely carefully, if not for the other party’s serious eyes and solemn look, she’d have thought she was examining some important body part which would’ve made her want to throw out Situ Hao.

“Strange, no external injuries.”

She thought that Situ Hao was attacked by something or suffered some heavy trauma to lose consciousness, she even checked the other party’s head, but when she checked she didn’t see any wounds. She released her spiritual energy and let it envelop Situ Hao’s entire body.

The wood spiritual power was very soft and not very aggressive, she had experimented many times before and used her power to check a patient’s body for abnormalities.

She chose a small strand of spiritual energy to invade inside Situ Hao’s body.


“Ninth Sister.”

A huge light energy collided hard with her spiritual power and she was bounced back several steps by the light spiritual power. If Qian Wanyu hadn’t caught her in time, she would have been blown out of the house! Even so, Qian Wanyu was forced to take two steps backward when she caught her.

The person on the bed bounced up from the rebound force and after that, lay back on the bed heavily.


On the bed, Situ Hao spit out a mouthful of blood, he tossed around and finally woke up, checking his body and after spitting out a mouthful of blood he was more comfortable. He got up and was wondering why Wanyu and Minghui were looking at him with those kind of eyes, the quilt from his body slid down and he suddenly felt a little cold below… he looked down and then after a couple seconds, “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-”

Bai Rou kicked open the door, her foot had just crossed into the house only to see Situ Hao naked with just the key part being covered with a white cloth, she was dumbfounded.

“Ahhhhh…” Situ Hao screamed while still forgetting to cover himself with the quilt, aiya what the hell was this situation he hasn’t married a wife yet but was seen by all of them, in the future he simply has no face to live…

Qian Wanyu took this opportunity to pull Dongfang Minghui out in a dash out of the house, hearing the other party have such a powerful screams, he was most likely alright. “Is there anything wrong?”

Dongfang Minghui shook her head, she covered her burning heart, just now for a moment she seemed to see a golden light emanating from her body, the spiritual power emanating from Situ Hao’s body had collided hard with it. She stroked her heart, it was still warm, it was the heart protection mirror that helped her to resist that sudden attack.

“How is Situ Hao doing?” Li Yunan asked.

“He shouldn’t have much of a problem, you guys go in first and see him.”

“Ninth Sister, you don’t look too good, tell me, did you get hurt in that attack just now?” Qian Wanyu held her face and looked at her very seriously.

“Seventh sister his body had some sort of disorder with spiritual energy, and there was a great spiritual energy inside.” Dongfang Minghui’s control of her spiritual power was very good, diving into the other side’s body she was not at all fearful, but did not expect to cause the other side to produce such a strong rebound, the result was that her heart mirror rebounded all that power back to Situ Hao and she did not know if that caused it to break the stalemate in his body making him wake up or not.

She was planning to wait until Brother Situ was dressed then she could check again for him, but she didn’t expect Cai Qing to appear in the small courtyard in a hurry.

“Third young miss, old madam said there is a very important matter that requires you to go to the main hall.”

“Seventh sister.”

“Miss Minghui had better come along too, this matter also concerns you.”


Dongfang Minghui pointed at herself in disbelief. She had been with the Qian Family for quite some time, and had always been disciplined, she didn’t seem to have done anything out of the ordinary, right? The fact that they were going to the main hall was a really big deal, they had never been to the main hall in all the time they had been at the Qian Family.

“Go back to the old lady and tell her that Minghui and I will come after we change our clothes.”

“Yes, Third Miss.”

The two of them went back inside the house and simply changed a set of clothes then walked towards the main hall.

“Seventh sister, we’ve just arrived at the Qian Family, what could be so important that we have to go now?”

“Don’t worry.”

Qian Wanyu squeezed her hand.

When she arrived at the door of the hall, Dongfang Minghui unexpectedly saw some familiar people, the elders she had seen at the Blood Fiend Alliance’s headquarters were there too. She didn’t expect them to appear at Qian Family.

“Third Miss, please.”

In the main hall, all the people who should and should not be present in the Qian Family were there, even the old lady was invited to sit on the main seat, Qian Zihang was sitting with her back straight, Qian Zhuoxie and Qian Zhuoyin were there as the eldest misses of the Qian Family and were standing on both sides, the rest of the seats were occupied by the second Miss Qian Xianjun and others along with some people she had not seen before.

When Dongfang Minghui and Qian Wanyu entered the main hall, she seemed to hear some huffing and puffing, she glanced at Wei Junlan, the Grand Elder and others behind her. Wei Junlan didn’t even throw her a glance, looking at the grumbly expression on the other person’s face it seemed she wanted to recover the shame she had received that day.

“Old Lady.”

“Wanyu, Minghui, come, come sit on my side.” As soon as the old madam gave the word, Cai Qing immediately made two more seats next to the old madam.

“Old Madam, summoning me and Minghui over so suddenly, what is the important matter?”

Qian Wanyu didn’t move so she also stood alongside.

Wei Junlan saw the two people were still intact, she also heard the Blood Fiend Alliance disciples report and knew that the two people returned safely, the heroine’s aura was really strong, even that sort of dangerous situation can allow her to exit safe and sound, even she couldn’t help but be envious of this luck.

Now that they have returned, there were still some scores to settle with the Qian Family.

“To everyone this is a small matter, as the young master of the Blood Fiend Alliance, this young master should not be angry with the Qian Family, but the Qian Family third lady refuses to admit this matter making this young master very angry so this young master has to reveal the full matter to everyone to listen to.” Wei Junlan pretended to glare angrily at Qian Wanyu, and showed the scar on her hand that had not yet recovered to everyone.

There was an additional scar on her white skin, and the scar had not yet scabbed over, so it could be concluded that the injury was probably only a few days old.

She calmly told the story of her encounter with Aunt Fang and Aunt Qin on the first floor, at the end of which the two suddenly played a dark hand on her, injuring her and attracting a group of blood-sucking moths, “At that time, this young master thought the Qian Family were friends so my guard wasn’t up but I did not expect those two to play a dark hand on me. That really chills my heart, those two crazy maids also said that the old lady ordered them to protect the third young lady secretly.”

Qian Wanyu looked at Wei Junlan expressionlessly, did the other party reveal these things just to get justice? When Wei Junlan was angry, he did say that he wanted to cleanse the Qian Family, but she did not believe that he was a reckless person.

Could it be because of Ninth Sister?

Dongfang Minghui smiled and looked at Qian Zhuoxie whose face suddenly changed when she heard Wei Junlan’s words.

“Your Qian Family has to give an explanation to this young master.” Wei Junlan was clearly asking the Qian Family to investigate this matter thoroughly, her purpose was to find fault with Qian Zhuoxie, she added, “When those two bitchy maids wanted to capture this young master’s spirit pet, they once exchanged two words which happened to be overheard by this young master, I believe that this will help your Qian Family to hand over the real culprit.”

Wei Junlan repeated what the two said. When she finished, Qian Zhuoxie’s face changed drastically, “You are talking nonsense!”

“Nonsense?” Wei Junlan sneered, “One is the first lady of the Qian Family, one is the third lady of the Qian Family, who is lying, old lady I hope you can give this young master an explanation, so that this young master’s blood was not shed in vain. Otherwise…” she paused slightly, her pair of eyes slightly narrowed and swept over the Qian Family members, “this young master suspects that your Qian Family people are all pretending and not long ago you even said the Blood Fiend Alliance and the Qian Family can do business with each other, but then you send people to assassinate me, do you really think that my Alliance’s people are easy to bully?”

The old lady listened quietly and only then said, “Young master Wei is a young hero, it is our Qian Family who has been negligent, this matter is all the responsibility of my Qian Family, no matter who are the two people who hurt young master Wei, I hope young master Wei will stay in the Qian Family for three more days, within three days the Qian Family will give young master Wei a satisfactory explanation.”

Wei Junlan snickered, but in the end, he couldn’t urge the matter more, “Good, old lady be quick, this young master will give you three days.”

The old lady stood up from her chair, “Someone, take young master Wei to the guest courtyard to rest and serve him well.”

After Wei Junlan’s group left, the entire room was silent.


The old lady completely shattered the table with a slap along with the teacups and snacks on the table which all spilled on the floor.

“Mother, don’t be angry.” It was the first time he’d seen the old lady’s chest heaving up and down in a long time and not being able to calm down so he knew this was a big deal, he gave his second sister a wink.

The old lady’s stern eyes swept over the people present and finally rested on Qian Wanyu.

Qian Wanyu’s face was expressionless, she stared back at the old lady’s pressure and just stood there calmly.

“Cai Qing, inform them, did I ever send someone to follow them when they were going out?”

“Replying to the family head, the Old Lady had arranged for me and three seniors to go, but we were sent off by Third Miss when we walked outside the city gates, after which we returned to the Qian Family.”

“Uh, Mother, don’t be angry, we did not say that this was done by Wanyu.” Qian Zihang understood what the old lady was implying and spoke up to explain.

“Thank you old madam, in that case, Ninth Sister and I will go back to the small courtyard to rest, when the old lady has a new conclusion on this matter also please send Cai Qing to inform me, I also want to know who is behind this and who set me up for injustice although I have just returned to the Qian Family not long ago.”

Her last words were addressed to Qian Zhuoxie, who should have understood that while she wasn’t fully in control of the qian Family the best way to protect herself wasn’t to try to kill someone with a knife in especially someone so high profile, such a stupid act she really could not believe that it was Qian Zhuoxie’s idea.

Qian Zhuoxie also felt wronged, the reason she sent Aunt Fang and Aunt Qin to follow her was to use Qin Mu’s hand to cause issues for Qian Wanyu or simply to make her disappear inside the Sharp Knife Mountain forever…How could she expect these two people to be so stupid? Even stupid is fine but dying and leaving her with all this trouble…

Qian Wanyu dragged Dongfang Minghui away and Qian Zihang found the atmosphere in the house became even thicker.

The old lady hummed softly, “Zihang, I put the Qian Family into your hands, I never expected you to carry the Qian Family forward and I won’t bother you with the muddled things you did in the past, but you don’t know what the Blood Fiend Alliance is, do you?”

Qian Zihang was ashamed by the old lady’s words, he did not dare to retort and could only listen to her lecturing.

“Old madam, I have something to say.”

When Qian Zhuoxie saw her father like this, she couldn’t help but feel ashamed, she stood out and suddenly knelt down, “Old madam I have something to confess.”

The old lady looked at her lightly, then smiled and said, “Zhuoxie is not young, in a flash she has reached the age of marriage, many years have passed it seems that I am really old.”

Qian Xianjun could not help but interrupt, “Mother you are not old at all, I still expect you to find time to take care of me more.”

“Yes, mother, you are not old at all.”

When the second aunt and father interrupted, Qian Zhuoxie’s heart began to beat.

The old lady’s face was still smiling but then her voice changed, “Since you all say I’m not old, fine, let this old woman decide and speak, you and Zihang just watch from the side, no more words.”

Qian Xianjun and Qian Zihang were immediately blocked by a single sentence, they looked at each other but were unable to disobey.

“As the first lady of the Qian Family, every word and action you take outside represents the Qian Family, you have to think twice before doing anything, and think about what sort of trouble this matter will bring to the Qian Family if you do it.” The old lady stood in front of Qian Zhuoxie, “When you sent your people there, did you ever think about today?”

Qian Zhuoxi’s whole body trembled, indeed, even if she didn’t confess, the old lady was extremely intelligent and knew that it was all her doing. She crouched to the ground and shouted, “Grandma, Zhuoxie is innocent.”

“Oh, tell me where you were wronged, is it Young Master Wei who has wronged you, or am I the one?”

How dare Qian Zhuoxie say that the other party was the one who wronged her, wasn’t that looking for death?!

“I was worried that she might encounter danger during the training, so I arranged for Aunt Qin and Aunt Fang to protect her, but I never gave Aunt Qin and Aunt Fang orders to murder Young Master Wei…”

The two dead people were immediately fully blamed for the incident, and there was no evidence to prove otherwise anyway…

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