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MIWW Chapter 94 Part 1

Dongfang Minghui didn’t know that the Qian Family had turned the sky upside down in search of them, she had been protecting Seventh sister and watched as she finished absorbing the earth magic core and a small amount of dark spiritual power from the dark soul beads before reminded, “Seventh sister, we have to hurry otherwise it would be bad if we can’t catch up with the Qian Family’s qualification examination to go to their back mountain.”

Qian Wanyu wanted to absorb the spiritual power from the dark soul beads in one go, but felt that she was a little too hasty. She nodded and took a look at the first floor which was almost destroyed by them, “This path won’t work.”

“Why? If we clear the stones, can’t we just walk out?” She was a bit puzzled.

“This cave-in was likely caused by that level eight magical beast, it moved the foundation of this mountain under the ground, although it wasn’t enough to destroy sharp knife mountain, but I’m afraid that the cave entrance is not just blocked but the entirely collapsed.”

“Then are we trapped here forever?”

If there is no urgent matter, it didn’t matter if they were trapped, but the Qian Family mountain training is imminent, if Seventh sister missed the great heritage left behind in the Qian Family then she’d really have to find a place to cry.

Qian Wanyu saw her frowning with her eyebrows twisted into a ball and stepped forward to stroke her forehead, “To keep young, always frowning is not good, besides who said this road is the only way out?”

She remembered that Qing Mo had said that this mountain is most likely to be the real or fake mountain, one mountain is fake, one mountain is real, real or fake co-existing and the world can’t tell the difference. If that was the case, how can there be only one entrance, according to normal logic she could find another entrance and therefore an exit.


“Let’s go, we need to save time and find the entrance to the next mountain.”

Qian Wanyu did not take the usual path, she thought it was highly likely that continuing upward would make them reach the fifth and sixth floors instead, “Qing Mo, do you remember the place where Situ Hao and I met?”

The place where she saw the cold jade coffin was most likely the first level of the false mountain, but she was in a hurry and the only thing she remembered was walking back to the right path after meeting Situ Hao, “Let’s walk in this direction.”

At the same place that the Grand Elder, as well as Bai Xuan found and carried Situ Hao out, Qian Wanyu released her dark spiritual power, thinking that if she could sense the presence of the dark tiger from before, maybe they could follow it and return to that place again.

“Seventh sister, why are we going to the next mountain?”

Dongfang Minghui could not guess what she wanted to do so her heart was confused.

“This place is divided into two mountains, there must be two entrances, we should be able to get out when we find the other one.” Qian Wanyu explained it to her simply.

“Huh, really?”

“This sharp knife mountain is also called the true and false mountain, it is divided into two mountains and shares one foundation, I’m guessing that the other half of the mountain also has an entrance.”

The two walked for an hour and encountered nothing but the endless road ahead.

Dongfang Minghui saw a small handful of colorful clusters of light on Seventh sister’s finger, she found it interesting so she also put out her spiritual power and there was a small handful of greenish light, turquoise on her fingertips, “Seventh sister, look.”

Then out of nowhere…

She originally waved her own light ball in front of Seventh sister in a show-off way, but didn’t expect the other party’s spiritual light ball would suddenly pounce and the two kinds of spiritual power collided viciously, the other party’s spiritual power was more aggressive, and soon absorbed her greenish light ball, “Seventh sister…”

“I can’t help it.” Qian Wanyu’s voice was slightly low.

Reading the meaning of Seventh sister’s words, Dongfang Minghui’s face felt slightly hot, she saw through the soft light emitted by the spiritual power to see clearly the naked desire deep in the other side’s eyes. She suddenly felt her throat was a little dry and licked her lips not knowing where to put her hands and feet.

“Ninth Sister.”

The pleasure of the spiritual mixture washed over the last string in Qian Wanyu’s head. She avoided the dazzling mass of light in her hands and leaned down slightly to drop a very light kiss on her Dongfang Minghui’s face, then another and another moving a little from her cheek to her tantalizing red lips which she sucked on hard.

“Seventh sister…”

The two have not embraced each other for a long time since they escaped from Return Town, their hearts were filled with too many things, every day was also focused on extreme cultivation, at this moment, the two people’s mind showed a colorful multi-coloured glow as the spiritual power from their bodies mingled together.

Qian Wanyu held Dongfang Minghui tightly in her arms, five kinds of spiritual power poured out and slowly penetrated into her body, the spiritual power of each of them chased around in their soul seas, it was the kind of double cultivation that made their mouth overflow from the enjoyment.

Qing Mo could only give a powerless sigh, these two totally disregarded the time and place always making love everywhere, they were just simply too… he had already erected a barrier in the soul sea but he could still feel Wanyu’s soul sea tumbling non-stop with spiritual power.


Qian Wanyu who was completely immersed in the double cultivation, only suddenly realised she unexpectedly unknowingly broken through while chasing Ninth Sister’s spiritual power, the five systems spiritual power had also gradually reached a balance, and the two systems of spiritual power that were lagging behind were gradually catching up with the other three spiritual powers in front.

“Quickly absorb it, your Ninth Sister’s spiritual energy is so pure, since your dual cultivation is beneficial quickly seize this opportunity.” Qing Mo was also surprised.


Qian Wanyu suddenly pushed away the person beside her, wanting to forcibly break the spiritual energy connection between the two, but the spiritual energy in her body was too aggressive and immediately wrapped Ninth Sister’s pure spiritual energy tightly not wanting to let go.

“Qian Wanyu what are you doing?!”

“If I need to use Ninth Sister’s spiritual power to advanceme… I can’t do it.”

Qing Mo was angry with her in his soul sea, “At that time when you wanted to double cultivate with her didn’t you think of this? Double cultivation is double cultivation because two people cultivate together, it’s a win-win situation for both people. Otherwise if only one person benefits why are so many people happy to use this sort of method?! No matter who has more spiritual power, after double cultivation, both of you will have a rise in spiritual power it’s just a difference of more or less depending on the person. You are not taking advantage of her, understand now?”

Qian Wanyu understood but still felt like she couldn’t accept it.

“Do you think that double cultivation is just to give you benefits? Double cultivation is an essential form of cultivation for partners, there are many people who cultivate less alone but with double cultivation it allows them to get twice the results with half the effort.” Qing Mo was still trying to convince this unenlightened girl, he wanted to mention double cultivation before but these two people advanced their relationship so quickly!

“Seventh sister.”

Dongfang Minghui tried to let her spiritual power follow the other party’s spiritual power into her body but was blocked by her so she looked at her with a puzzled face.

Qian Wanyu could not stand this silly look of hers, the struggle at the bottom of her heart was worn out a little by the example given by Qing Mo, she tried her best to control herself but still could not resist the temptation of the other party’s spiritual power and her own desire, “Ninth Sister, let’s double cultivate.”

The two people started to double cultivate for the first time and reach harmony as their spiritual energy chased each other, teasing and playing until afterwards the two people turned quiet to soak up the results.

Qian Wanyu felt the most of it, probably because she absorbed a level eight earth energy magical beast core and the black beads beforehand, the five spiritual energies in her body had reached a balance, the newly awakened gold and wind had also caught up with the previous three systems. Not only that, because of Ninth Sister’s spiritual energy which was majestic as well as pure and sweet, her level earth system, thunder system, and dark system spiritual powers had advanced to level three Great Spiritualist. Her metal element had broken through to level nine Spiritual Master and her wind element had broke through to level six Spiritual Master.

She opened her eyes and the feeling after promotion made her body relaxed, more importantly, the five small spirit spheres inside her body were almost the same size, the color emitted from each small spirit sphere was mixed with a hint of wood spirit power representing Ninth Sister.

Dongfang Minghui felt comfortable inside her body as well. She could have advanced another level, but she habitually suppressed it again. She opened her eyes and felt Seventh sister’s gaze, she spat out her tongue towards the other party, then exclaimed with surprise and uncertainty, “Seventh sister, you seem to have advanced to the next level?”

Seventh sister since awakening the thunder system and the dark system, these two top arrogant spiritual powers, hert body’s aura had always been very strong, no matter how Seventh sister tried to hide it she could always sense. But now… she wasn’t sure if it’s because of the earth and wind system spiritual power balancing it but Seventh sister’s spiritual power aura had changed into a majestic and calm aura that made people unable to guess.

“Seventh sister, what level have you promoted to now?”

“Third level Great Spiritualist.”

Qian Wanyu said truthfully.

Dongfang Minghui was secretly shocked, the other party’s spiritual power obviously seemed more majestic than her own but how was her level still only at three, then she thought about it and understood, Seventh sister was a five-system Spiritual Master, if each element was to reach the level of level three Great Spiritualist it would be far more than three times five, no wonder Seventh sister could easily challenge higher-tier cultivators without pressure.

“Don’t think too much about it.” Qian Wanyu saw her in a daze and flicked her forehead, pulling her hand up to continue the journey.

Probably because of the promotion, after Qian Wanyu released her spiritual power, she quickly sensed the place the dark magical beast tiger last appeared, and after looking around, she was sure that this was the room where she met Situ Hao at that time.

“Stay close to me.”

“Seventh sister, look there is still a puddle of blood here.”

She was smelling blood, and then noticed the dark blood stain on the corner that had dried up long ago which she wouldn’t have been able to see if the moonstone light wasn’t still quite bright. She thought of Situ Hao who was unconscious and had to be taken out by Bai Xuan, “There was no wound on Situ Hao’s body, could this bloodstain be the Grand Elder’s?”


Qian Wanyu denied it quickly, “The Grand Elder’s entire arm was bitten off, there’s more blood than that, maybe someone else was in here.”

Wei Junlan had brought a group of people in and only a few went out, there was an overwhelming possibility that one of her people died here.

The two didn’t stay in the room for long before exiting, Qian Wanyu looked to the left and right for a minute in silent thought, “Let’s walk this way.”

“Seventh sister, have you been to this place before?”

She was slightly curious, looking at the other party’s extreme thoughtfulness, it seemed that she had been at this place before.


Qian Wanyu pondered, wondering if that cold jade coffin was still in place. If it was, would Ninth Sister see the person lying in the cold jade coffin later? She was considering whether to let the other party see it or not so she looked distracted.

Dongfang Minghui kept walking quietly, she hated the darkness, but felt relieved to have Seventh sister by her side.

They walked for almost two hours before they saw the iron bars where Qian Wanyu was before. Qian Wanyu took one look and was sure that this was the place she had been in.

“Seventh sister?”

Dongfang Minghui noticed that recently Seventh sister was always in a daze and thinking about something in her head, when the two of them were practicing, she also clearly felt that the other party was hiding something from her which had never happened in the past.

Qian Wanyu put several moon stones around the room and she raised her head to look at the dark entrance at the top, “I fell down from above last time.”

“Little Colour.”

The fat doll held her neck with both hands, and many vines stretched out from behind her back. The vines climbed up with the help of the surrounding stone walls, and kept climbing until she thought she was going to fall off but suddenly she heard Little Colour say, “Found it.”

The vines were firmly pulled from the top and Dongfang Minghui and Qian Wanyu, each grabbed a vine to go up till they soon found the tied up point of Little Colour’s vine.

“Seventh sister, this place is almost the same as the last place.”

Except for the coffin in the center that is…. Dongfang Minghui had just wanted to go up to look but was pulled back by Qian Wanyu.

“Ninth Sister don’t go, that cold jade coffin is a trap, whoever steps on its the floor will fall, that’s how I fell from above last time.” Qian Wanyu said very seriously.

“Ah?” Dongfang Minghui was still curious, hearing Seventh sister say so she got scared immediately and retracted her foot, “Seventh sister, this layer and that layer seems the same?”

Even though there were several caves, the location of the caves as well as the central location were the same, if not for the coffin they wouldn’t have been able to tell that this was another mountain.

“What’s the difference between the real mountain and fake mountain?” Dongfang Minghui asked curiously.

“There is a big difference, the fake mountain is more dangerous than the real one, plus the two mountains are connected, real and false are intertwined. If there’s any sort of false illusion, anyone would pay the price for lowering their vigilance.”

For the false illusion, she has the most feeling, when she could not summon her little friends, her first reaction was that she had entered an illusion, plus the passage of time for several months yet only being several days in the real world made her understand that the mountain was too peculiar.

“There’s so many caves, which one is the exit?”

Qian Wanyu squatted down and crouched outside each cavern, she examined the soil and footprints inside, and quickly pointed out the last cavern, “We’ll take this one.”

Dongfang Minghui pulled Seventh sister’s hand, traps and dangers always go hand in hand, “Little Colour, you check it out first.”

The fat doll emerged from her space ring, its vines swished into the cave, checking it out, “Go, it can lead outside.”

Cai Qingpicked several seniors from the Qian Family, there were three Earth Spiritual Monarchs, two Thunder Spiritual Emperors and one Wind Spiritual Emperor, a total of six seniors, plus her and Bai Rou, a group of people stood at the mouth the mountain and watched the debris blocking the cave.

“Three seniors, please.”

The three earth Spiritual Monarchs tried to move the blocked stones away but only a short time after trying, they felt the ground shake a few points, the three people stopped and released their spiritual power to detect the ground beneath coming to the same conclusion, “All the caverns are collapsing, if we forcefully move these debris, shaking the foundation of the ground, the stone pillars within this mountain will also sink…”

The result sinking is that the whole mountain may completely collapse, even if the people inside did not die, they’d most likely be crushed by the whole mountain, they had heard the person trapped inside was the recently returned third young lady of the Qian Family so they couldn’t afford this gamble.

Cai Qing listened and understood their concerns, “Seniors is there any other way?”

“Simply let the two of us split this mountain in half.” The two thunder seniors also had very loud voices, and the words they uttered truly was truly like thunder.

“No way.” The wind senior denied, “Everyone take it easy, I seem to hear them coming out.”

It still didn’t feel quite real that just when the people in the Qian Family was discussing how to get the two people out of the mountain and talking about splitting up the mountain, they saw Qian Wanyu and Dongfang Minghui brazenly bursting out from another side of the mountain.

The old lady looked Qian Wanyu up and down when she returned, she was a bit shocked and didn’t say a word for a long time.

Seeing the silence between Seventh sister and the old lady, Dongfang Minghui had to come forward to break the deadlock, “Old lady, Seventh sister and I have returned safely, it’s really been a lot of trouble for you, we were about to go to the small courtyard to see you, but I didn’t expect Cai Qing to say that you were in our small courtyard. ”

When she came out and saw all the people standing in front of them, the scene was unforgettable, especially the six seniors next to Cai Qing who were emitting a lot of pressure, after listening to Bai Rou’s explanation, she realized that the two of them had managed to alert the old lady and the entire Qian Family.

She could see from this that the old lady was extremely fond of Seventh sister, but this fondness would inevitably cause jealousy and bring trouble to Seventh sister as well…

“Really?” The old lady looked at Qian Wanyu with a hopeful face.

“Of course it’s true.” Dongfang Minghui replied with a smile, she secretly pulled Seventh sister’s sleeve, “Seventh sister, don’t you think so? Didn’t we agree before that the first thing we would do when we come back is to see the old lady if we survive this great disaster?”

Qian Wanyu was flabbergasted and only when she saw the old lady’s slightly disappointed look did she nod her head to acknowledge it.

“Good good.” The old lady’s eyes lit up, she looked at the courtyard full of people, “You guys entertain your friends first, I’ll wait for you in my courtyard.”

She looked at the old lady’s back as she left, she felt a bit embarrassed hanging her head down not even daring to look at Seventh sister’s reaction, she knew there were a few difficulties in getting Seventh sister to accept people the Qian Family but it must not go on like this forever, “Seventh sister, I’m sorry, I made a fool of you.”

“Don’t ever say sorry to me.” Qian Wanyu dotingly rubbed her hair.

Once the old lady left, Cai Qing also took the other seniors away to another small courtyard, leaving Bai Ruo and her group to surround them in the center, Bai Ruo had a serious face, “Wanyu, Minghui, I will only say this once, next time I encounter this situation, I will choose to work together with you, if you push me away again, there is no need for our team to exist. ”

“Right.” Mu Sheng glared at Minghui and Wanyu with an angry look on his face, the look seemed to be accusing them.

“Next time, we must work together, and none of us can be left behind.” Li Yunan hadn’t been able to return to the Li Family yet either due to his anxiety, this incident had given him quite a blow, he decided that after the Qian Family trial was over, he would accept his uncle’s arrangements and improve his cultivation properly.

He obviously felt the gap between himself, Minghui and Wanyu.

Lu Xing and Wood stood aside as he watched their relationship with slight envy, “It makes me feel incompetent that you guys were experiencing danger inside while we were waiting outside.”

At that time, he was thinking that if he and Wood had chosen to remain, at least Minghui and Wanyu’s danger could be much lower, but seeing that Senior Brother Situ was unconscious and also the Grand Elder lost his arm, none of them had considered what would happen at that time.

“Everyone, don’t be like this, we didn’t think that much at that time.”

Seventh sister’s way of thinking she was never going to be able to surpass in this lifetime, but she could choose to tail around and follow wherever she went.

Qian Wanyu looked at everyone slightly apologetically, “I understand what you all said, if I was given the choice again and encountered great danger, I would still hold up the back and let you all leave, I am the captain after all and it is my responsibility to protect you, but I can assure you all of one thing, I will make sure I survive and return to you all.”

Qian Wanyu judged the possibility of encountering great danger when she saw that even the Great Elder lost an arm, rather than let them die in vain inside, she chose to face the danger head on, not to mention that there was an unconscious Situ Hao to worry about.

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