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MIWW Chapter 93 Part 2

Bai Xuan shook his head indicating he too had no clue. Situ Hao was picked up by him halfway when he and the Grand Elder were in a hurry to escape. They just saw him lying unconscious on the ground so he carried him as well while escaping, “Perhaps, when he wakes up, you may ask him what’s the cause.”

Mu Sheng however, pursued the topic and did not want to give up, “You said before that Senior Brother Situ was saved by you on your way escaping, can you tell me what you and the Grand Elder encountered inside and why the Grand Elder was so badly injured?”

If he was right, the Grand Elder should be the highest spiritual power and cultivation level among their group yet even he was still injured so badly. What will happen to Sister Wanyu and Minghui who still remained inside the cave?!

Bai Xuan had no choice, so he slowly narrated.

At the second level, Bai Xuan appeared in a room full of swords, he saw a large stone with the sword intent left behind by his ancestors, he was immersed in studying it for a while until his head hurt immensely and his eyes hurt so much that he could not open them. Only then did he forcefully move his eyes back from that stone, in order to practice, he picked a sword at random and it was this sword that caused what happened afterwards.

He did not expect this sword to provoke a large number of magical beasts in the darkness to chase after him, those magical beasts were all above level six, there was even a level nine magical beast, the Grand Elder tried to save him and in the process of fighting against this level nine beast he lost his arm.

A ninth level magical beast was  equivalent to a human Spiritual Emperor, even a Spiritual Sage for the particularly strong ones.

“The cultivation level of the Grand Elder is…?” Mu Sheng asked nervously.

“Fire Spiritual Emperor.”

The crowd was silent for a while, Bai Rou jerked her head up, picked up her big sword and walked back towards the mountain, “You guys take care of Situ Hao, I’m going back to join them.”

“Bai Rou, don’t be silly, Wanyu and Minghui stayed behind to stall those things so that we can leave as soon as possible.” Li Yunan pulled her arm, “The cave exit is also blocked, tell me how you’re going to get in?”

“It’s better than staying here and doing nothing!” Bai Rou waved away Li Yunan’s hand, “We agreed that we are a team, why should the two of them fight to the death inside while we don’t even know if they’ll live or die and sit around outside?!”

“Everyone calm down.” Lu Xing’s gentle voice suddenly sounded, “Minghui asked us to wait one more day, if they do not appear then we’ll go to the Qian Family, so in that case we will wait one more day, there should be no harm. Maybe they will come out tomorrow?”

In fact, he didn’t know what to say to stabilize the hearts of the people except for this.

Everyone did not dare to think about what is. What if they do not come out…

So that night, no one had the heart to continue cultivating, they stared wide-eyed, glancing at the sealed cave every now and then, hoping to see Qian Wanyu and Dongfang Minghui smiling and greeting them.

But in reality, they waited all night and no one came out.

“Bai Rou, Minghui’s last words were for us to go to the Qian Family, perhaps she was hoping that we would inform the old lady about them, or at least in the Qian Family only the old lady would have a way to save them.”

Bai Rou held back her anger and she waved her sword outside the cave, stones inside and outside the cave were cut into pieces by her, after she finished venting her anger she sighed, “Let’s go.”

Dongfang Minghui had seen magical beasts scrambling to escape once, that was when they were in the Purple Devil Mountain Range, those magical beasts were suppressed by the higher level magical beasts’ roar and fled in fear.

The scene in front of her right now was so similar to that time.

“Little Colour.”

Vines wrapped around the stone pillar, as they were lifted up by the vines and saw those crazy magical beasts rushing over, Dongfang Minghui took out a sword out from her space ring that she stole before, she guessed there would be a hard battle to fight later.

Qian Wanyu looked at her serious gaze and reached out to caress her hand that was holding the sword tightly, “Ninth Sister, you are not fit to use such a heavy thing.”

The Heavenly Maiden Scattering Flowers Skill was originally a skill of overcoming brute strength with softness, if she used such heavy things that consume so much spiritual energy, it will undoubtedly slow down Ninth Sister’s rhythm and technique. On the more serious side of things, it could even be fatal and expose a weakness due to her inexperience with using it for combat.

Dongfang Minghui was a little confused, she saw Seventh sister gently hold the sword and swing it a couple of times, the sword was heavy, but her technique made it seem unusually light, “This sword is not bad, Ninth Sister, where did this sword come from?”

“It was when I was breaking through one of the tests, I couldn’t find anything to use for defense, so I took this sword with me.”

“You still have flying needles or concealed weapons?”

After saying that, Qian Wanyu handed the sword back to her again.

Dongfang Minghui shook his head, “Since I am not suitable for it, I I will give it to Seventh sister. You have just gained your metallic spiritual power, using a sword or a long whip is suitable.”

As soon as her words fell, they saw a monster cutting and breaking the vine net made by Little Colour and rushing towards Qian Wanyu hurriedly. Qian Wanyu’s thunder whip slashed out, purple thunder and lightning crackled in the air. The monster was given an electric shock, and while the opponent had not been able to slow down from the lightning strike, she swung the long sword to harvest its head, the lightning whip also conveniently hooked the core in the head of the monster and fished it out..

The whole process was probably completed in a few breaths.

Before she had time to say anything, Little Colour released a magical beast for each of them to fight as if it had deliberately let it go.

Earlier, the venom she had refined while in the Valley of Forgetfulness she had not yet had time to find something to experiment with, since this was the case she’ll test it here. As some monsters dashed over, she dodged left and right, stepping on the vines and dancing in mid-air, provoking the fury of the magical beast that was hell bent on chasing her.

Dongfang Minghui took advantage of its mad rush to come over and shoot a flying needle into the other side’s neck. She pulled on a vine and waved it making it lose it’s footing and fall on the ground not moving.

Qian Wanyu felt that her Ninth sister was suddenly incredible, she last accompanied Ninth Sister to train before. The other side had to calculate the time it took for the sleeping poison to work on the magical beasts, after not seeing her for a couple days it seems she has changed her sleep poison to deadly poison and the effect seems to be good.

The two cooperated exceptionally well, one person would solve one and they quickly cleaned up a large number of low-level magical beasts. The magical beast level’s were generally in the four or five levels but increasingly high level of magical beasts started to invade and Dongfang Minghui felt the strain.

“Seventh sister, here you go.”

Qian Wanyu was focusing on multiple things in order to improve her spiritual power as soon as possible, she was circulating her five elements spiritual body spiritual energy and using another hand to absorb the magical beast energy cores she obtained immediately while using her other hand to strangle the head of another magical beast.

Dongfang Minghui was like a little monkey, with the advantage of the vines, she easily dodged and harvested the heads of many magical beasts.


The entire stone pillar trembled twice, Dongfang Minghui’s face fell, she did not have time to react and the ground trembled twice again, the entire cave had stones tumbling down, even those moths that had been resting in the cave all flew out in fear.

Beneath the bodies of many magical beast corpses and even the air above with the black moths. The ground shook, as if to tumble the entire earth.

“Seventh sister, this magical beast shouldn’t be an earth-based magical beast, right?!”

She had just reached out her hand towards Qian Wanyu when she saw the ground break and something burst out from the depths of the earth, she screamed, “Seventh sister!”

The vines were smashed by the rocks and scattered one by one to the side, looking a bit miserable. The vine she was on was originally attached between the second floor and the stone pillar but it suddenly snapped, causing her to almost fall on the head of this magical beast that had just emerged.

Qian Wanyu didn’t move, she held a sword in one hand and wielded a whip in the other as she coldly confronted this stone monster beast.

The beast’s body was still half under the ground, it turned its head and body, then extends a hand, all those stones falling from the cave gathered into its palm and like another arm it swung towards Dongfang Minghui.

Really think she’s an easy persimmon to pinch!

Dongfang Minghui pulled a vine, dodging back and forth in mid-air, the other side was extremely slow to react so she dodged it with little effort.

After several times, the stone beast seemed to realize what was blocking it, it did not wave its hand towards Dongfang Minghui this time, but stomped its foot and the ground shook. More stones fell from the air and smashed the vines scattered around.

“This magical beast is smart.”

“Leave it to me.”

The opponent was a level eight magical beast, Qian Wanyu had already coveted the earth energy core in its head, if she could absorb a level eight magical beast core, her earth spiritual power can definitely advance. Making her decision and following her usual brutality, the water thunder whip in her hand crackled directly on the stone arm that was still extended.


The thunder whip made a mark on the stone hand, and the stone shattered. Qian Wanyu gritted her teeth, she was only a first-level Great Spiritualist while the opponent was close to a Spiritual Monarch-level tier monster. Although it wasn’t impossible for her to fight higher ranks, jumping several levels was quite difficult.

One reason was that her spiritual power could not keep up, and the other was the pure difference is power, even now the other side easily resolved all her attacks.

“Today I will definitely grab your head.”

Dongfang Minghui looked on in horror, she also did not know how to help Seventh sister, the only way she could think of was to ask Little Colour, “Little Colour, since the other party is stuck in the ground, let’s help too.”

Little Colour’s vine took advantage of the fact that the stone beast’s attention was being drawn to Seventh sister and it infiltrated the ground little by little, coiling its roots and taking over the entire soil.

Little Colour loved to eat, when it saw this magical beast’ spiritual power was quite high, it had already secretly made a little movement below, to scatter its vines everywhere along the underground edges.

The stone beast was in the mood to tease Qian Wanyu, but it felt strange, it was as if something was wrapping around its body… and as soon as it found the vines it immediately went berserk, trying to uproot it but it couldn’t move it’s lower body since Little Colour had sneakily wrapped it entirely making it unable to budge.

Qian Wanyu saw this opportunity and immediately put her whole body’s spiritual power into her five coloured spiritual power, the colourful spiritual energy formed a vortex in mid-air sweeping towards the magical beast.

Dongfang Minghui gawked as it was the first time she’d seen this brightly rainbow-like spiritual power colour. Usually she has seen many colours but never this sort of combination, “Really beautiful.”

Once her devouring power unfolded, even a level eight magical beast could not break free, plus Little Colour’s vines were still half wrapped around it, making it difficult to free itself, it was trying to escape back into the earth but Qian Wanyu had long ago built a thick earth wall surrounding the four sides with earth spiritual power, blocking its last hope.

“Seventh sister, be careful, Little Colour’s vines are deep underground.” Dongfang Minghui was afraid that Seventh sister’s devouring power would accidentally swallow her cute fat doll as well, she would have no place to cry then.

Qian Wanyu held the earth magic beast core that she had scooped up from its head emitting a strong yellow color and put it together with the black beads, “Ninth Sister, protect me, I need to break through.”


This was Dongfang Minghui’s first time protecting her own Seventh sister, she let Little Colour’s vines scatter underground and above ground covering the radius in a vine network while she herself sat far from Seventh sister and propped up her head to survey her surroundings.

The entire first floor became a forest of green, with vines hanging everywhere. Even the man-eating grass and pig fairy grass came out to join in the fun.

The two of them were not disturbed by any other person. Seventh sister was a cultivation freak and had nothing but cultivation in her head, but it was this sort of serious woman that was most attractive, she stared at Qian Wanyu’s face and giggled alone.

It was Qian Wanyu’s first time absorbing the energy core of a level eight magical beast, a tyrannical and intense earth energy was sucked into her body, it was extremely arrogant in her body desperately scurrying everywhere trying to escape but as soon as it met the essence of thunder it completely shriveled up, there was no other way but to eliminate the thorns in this disobedient spiritual energy and force it obediently submit.

In the meantime, Bai Rou and her group returned to the Qian Family with their heads hanging in despair.

When the old lady heard about their return, she had someone meet them outside, but she didn’t expect to see Cai Qing hurrying in a few moments later, “How did Ziyan and Wanyu’s training go this time?”

“Replying to the old madam, the third young lady and Miss Minghui couldn’t make it out.”

“What do you mean couldn’t make it out?”

The old madam snapped and shattered the table under her, she disappeared in front of Cai Qing with a powerful step shaking the room.

“Old madam, old madam!” Cai Qing hurriedly chased after her, she hadn’t finished her words yet!

Bai Ruo and the others returned to the small courtyard looking disnterested, they stood and sat from time to time as if waiting for some news before felt a wind hit them. When they looked again they saw the old madam had appeared in front of them, “Ziyan, Wanyu, Minghui?”

“Old madam.”

Qian Ziyan and Lu Xing stood together but Qian Ziyan was completely unresponsive to the old lady’s call.

“Where are Wanyu and Minghui?”

They all looked at each other and it was finally Bai Rou who withstood the old lady’s sharp probing eyes and stood up, “When we were evacuating there was an accident, Minghui and Wanyu stayed behind in order to let us run first, they were behind us but somehow, the way out was blocked, the whole mountain entrance has also sunk so we came back to ask the Old Lady to save Minghui and Wanyu.”

The old madam secretly sighed with relief, so they were just trapped.

“Old Madam.” When Cai Qing caught up, she saw the Old Madam’s frown had loosened a bit, it seemes she knew about the cause and effect, “Please allow me to personally bring the Third Miss and Miss Minghui back.”

The old lady nodded, “Bring more people.”

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