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MIWW Chapter 93 Part 1

After the hole was dug out, Qian Wanyu personally took out the things, a total of three things were inside. Some bright beads, one of them was a dark blue bead, placed in the sunlight it reflected a beautiful luster. She held and played with it feeling that it was quite beautiful.

Another was a diamond-shaped bright orange-yellowish bead, if it was turned into a necklace it would look very noble and beautiful. The last was a black bead, compared to the previous two, this was much larger and heavier.

“Seventh sister, are all these hidden by Toothless?”

Dongfang Minghui now believed that her family Toothless was a walking treasure seeker, everywhere it went it could find something, before the pig immortal grass’ hidden treasure place was very well hidden but Toothless still dug it out. Now it managed to dig out these three beads but she couldn’t identify anything special about them.

Qian Wanyu also did not know what these things were, she guessed Toothless and pig fairy grass had the same hobby of collecting shiny things?

“Seventh sister, this one feels a little hot.”

She was wondering how this bead felt a bit hot, it was warm and suddenly became hot, she wanted to throw it off her hand but it’s too late, the black bead acted as if it were alive asd stuck to her hand, no matter how much she shook her hand she couldn’t get it off!

Qian Wanyu yanked her wrist and forcefully pulled the three beads one by one off her Ninth Sister’s hand. It unfortunately also peeled off flesh showing how deep the burns were. The wounds looked burnt and blood wasn’t flowing out of them. The temperature was probably so high it instantly seared the would. It looked black and reddish, quite a serious wound.

“Were all the beads hot?”

Dongfang Minghui grimaced in pain, she did not expect the beads to be so evil, “No, it is just that one black bead.”

The black bead surface without any reflection just deep darkness was quite inconspicuous.

Qian Wanyu took caution in case the other beads were hot, she threw the beads into her space ring, leaving only the black bead in her hand, she released her spiritual energy and sensed around. It was originally a test but who knew that the black bead would actually begin to respond to her. It was half floating in the air and the black bead emitted wave after wave of refined spiritual energy, Dongfang Minghui was forced a metre away from the pressure.

“It’s a dark soul bead!”

Qing Mo shouted in her soul sea, thinking of how he must’ve gone insane to not recognize it at first glance when Toothless threw it in front of his eyes before…

The dark soul bead was a dark magic beast’s life crystallization, it contained the other party’s lifetime of cultivation, if she can absorb all of it, Wanyu’s dark attribute would undoubtedly get a big benefit so Qing Mo’s voice sounded very excited.

“Seventh sister, someone is coming!”

Dongfang Minghui’s ears and eyesight had improved a lot due to advancing to Spiritual Scholar, she could hear people’s footsteps approaching from a long distance away. Also, the other party was extremely hurried, either their cultivation was too weak or they were seriously injured.

Qian Wanyu put the black bead back in her space ring and collected her body’s spiritual power using her whip to flatten the ground Toothless dug before, “Let’s go.”

The two chose a large tree to leap on, and sat on it. Qian Wanyu pulled her previously burned hand to her eyes and pulled out a healing potion from her space ring to patiently apply on it.

Dongfang Minghui felt some pain and instinctively grimaced, her hand still felt hot so Qian Wanyu using the potion on top of it felt quite nice since it was cold. She was also watching the person who was coming to get a clear look at their appearance, when she saw who it was her heart couldn’t help but sigh twice.

Qin Mu, holding a large sword covered in blood in his hand was confusedly wandering around in the forest, his steps got weaker and weaker as he kept walking and stopping. Until the end he seemed to be unable to support himself any longer and he fell to the ground with a bang still holding the sword in his hands.

Dongfang Minghui’s feelings were complicated, the original owner’s own memories could no longer affect her so the Dongfang family to her was merely a place that provided Seventh sister a place to grow up but it was also a place that did not give Seventh sister enough love. Towards Qin Mu, she did not know whether she should be grateful to him or should blame him more, grateful to him for bringing the brocade box to her and also thanking him for bringing the words from second Madam. It was only this way that she managed to confirm that her own birth in the Dongfang family was suspicious.

“Seventh sister.”

Qian Wanyu wrapped Ninth Sister’s injured arm with a cloth and she lightly squeezed the other’s intact hand, “We can save him, but only this once.”

The two leapt down from the tree, Dongfang Minghui wanted to go forward but was pulled back by Qian Wanyu’s hand, she also stepped back with Seventh sister looking at her with confusion, “Seventh sister?”

“Use the vines.”

Qian Wanyu still felt uneasy about Qin Mu, when Ninth Sister went missing, he still acted like nothing happened but he was willing to follow that Xian demon girl this far. It’s clear that while Ninth Sister still saw him as her cousin, he merely saw her as a stranger.

A person who didn’t have the slightest thought of familial love was worse than a stranger in her opinion.

“Little Colour.”

The fat doll simply stretched out two vines and tied him up.

She had intended to tie up Qin Mu for treatment, but could not find a good reason to do so, since Seventh sister delivered her a reason she didn’t need to hesitate. She squatted down and first briefly checked the other party’s injuries, all the wounds on his body were very even, the injuries should be caused by the same person and the same weapon. She suddenly remembered seeing the blood-soaked senior sister Bai Rou on the second floor, her wounds were also caused by the same weapon.

She looked suspiciously at the sword being clutched tightly in his hands. The blade was incomparably sharp and the wounds on Sister Bai Rou’s body basically matched up to it.

“Could it be that he met Senior Sister Bai?”

If Bai Rou was here she most likely would have come up to kick him twice!

“What’s wrong?”

“The wounds on Senior Sister Bai’s body and the blade of this sword match, I think Qin Mu probably met Senior Sister Bai in Sharp Knife Mountain.”

The two probably fought immediately and were close to killing each other.

If it were the usual, she could still make excuses for Qin Mu, saying that his head was confused by Xian. But since he made a move on Senior Sister Bai, from now on she could no longer explain anything more for this cousin.

She took out all her blood clotting potions and wound cleaning alcohol from her space ring then with one hand she treated his wound briefly.

Qian Wanyu sat with her one leg bent to the side, watching Ninth Sister steadily tend to Qin Mu’s wounds, her mind inexplicably recalled the reaction of Ninth Sister when treating Wei Junlan’s wounds before. That overreaction still made her feel a bit strange, it was completely different from the efficient and calm Ninth Sister in front of her now.

Wei Junlan was actually more important than Qin Mu?

She clenched the Water Thunder Whip in her hand for a moment, there must be something between Ninth Sister and Wei Junlan that she didn’t understand.

“Seventh sister?”

Dongfang Minghui called out to her several times, she stretched out her intact hand and waved it twice in front of the other party, not expecting the other party to suddenly look at her and turn to pull her closer into her embrace, “Ninth Sister, you will always be by my side, right?”

“Seventh sister, that’s a strange question you’re asking.”

“Answer me.”

“Yes, where am I going to go if I don’t stay by your side? Seventh sister, I don’t have any family anymore.” She suddenly found that the seven-coloured continent was so big yet there was no place that she wanted to go. She only wanted to stay by Seventh sister’s side, she felt that Seventh sister’s home was also where she belonged.

Qian Wanyu saw that tQin Mu lying on the ground had moved slightly, she did not think twice to ask, “Qin Mu, all along he wanted to find Xian, although last time Xian escaped, she is still a Dark Spiritual Master, without us doing anything there will still be someone to clean her up. In the future, their life and death have nothing to do with you at all, do you understand?”


Dongfang Minghui was really planning to stop caring about Qin Mu, whether he was the original body’s cousin or not, she saved him for the last time this time, she put down a porcelain bottle of potion beside Qin Mu, “Cousin, take care of yourself.”

After they walked away, Qin Mu opened his eyes and picked up the porcelain bottle in his hand with a complicated expression.

They returned to the meeting place and found that Senior Sister Bai Rou and Senior Brother Li Yunan had come down from the second floor, Lu Xing and Wood were a bit beaten up, who knows what they had experienced, Qian Wanyu counted and found that there was one person missing from their side.

“We’re still missing Situ Hao,” Bai Rou muttered with some hatred, she came down and just found out, otherwise if the other side saw her injured like this it’s more than likely he’d rush up to taunt her. She felt a bit of discomfort not having him yapping at the side.

“I met him before.”

Qian Wanyu remembered Situ Hao’s light cultivation method and felt a slight headache, “He’s probably still cultivating slowly alone.”

As for Wei Junlan’s side, she had found more than twenty people, five of whom were lost at the start. The rest returned one after another except for the Grand Elder and Bai Xuan. Having just experienced a struggle of life and death herself, she began to think seriously about the dangers of this place and became more worried about the situation of the Grand Elder and Bai Xian.

“Hey, what are you worried about?”

Dongfang Minghui took the opportunity to check her injuries, and asked the other side. She had some understanding of Wei Junlan’s feelings about coming back from the dead, when she fell from the cliff of Death Valley and her organs shifted, she also hoped that there would be a glimpse of life and someone to help her.

As a result, she waited down there alone until Seventh sister saved her.

Wei Junlan gave her a worried look, “I’m worried about the Grand Elder and Bai Xuan.”

The Grand Elder usually took care of her and Junyi the most, he had been a big help to her in the Blood Fiend Alliance, normal people would get along with someone like him for a few months and develop feelings of concern, not to mention she had been with him for almost five or six years.

Speaking of Bai Xuan, Dongfang Minghui also felt a headache, “Don’t worry, they are capable people so they should be fine.”

She, a villain that was meant to die can still live well so there’s no reason why they would die…right?

Qian Wanyu saw her stay beside Wei Junlan to talk and unhappily stared until Dongfang Minghui felt her scalp tingle until she said goodbye to Wei Junlan, she retracted her gaze, “Seventh sister, just now young master Wei counted, their side about three or four people have not returned, including the Grand Elder and Bai Xuan.”

“Let me see the injury on your hand.”

Qian Wanyu pulled her to sit next to her without any reason, ignoring the people’s gaze, she slowly unwrapped the cloth that was wrapped before, to her surprise, Ninth Sister’s hand which had burn marks before was gone. New flesh had immediately grown and it looked like it had actually recovered a few hours ago…this sort of unbelievable regenerative ability…

She took hold of the other party’s hand, and her voice was extremely steady as she admonished, “Ninth Sister, this wound needs a few more days of treatment, you must not touch water in the next few days to prevent the wound from deteriorating, do you hear me?”

Dongfang Minghui looked at Seventh sister with uncertainty, her hand was squeezed by Seventh sister and it seemed that if she didn’t answer, Seventh sister would keep this action so she nodded dully, “Seventh sister, I’ll do that. ”

Qian Wanyu moved slightly sideways, blocking the curious gaze of the crowd, she also took out some potion to sprinkle on the wound again, “From now on I will check every day until your wound recovers.”

Meanwhile in her soul sea, “Qing Mo, have you ever seen this kind of body like Ninth Sister?”

“Never, even the five elements spirit body cannot heal wounds so quickly, just look at it and you can see her regeneration ability is a hundred times faster than normal people, her sensing is also much faster than yours. I think that even if you hadn’t given her medicine just now, maybe in a few moments her wounds would have healed on her own…”

The worry in Qian Wanyu’s heart got heavier, she didn’t have the heart to continue speculating about this but many bizarre things almost all revolved around Ninth Sister, she almost subconsciously muttered out, “Ninth Sister…”

Dongfang Minghui lightly bit her lips and answered, noticing that Seventh sister was in a daze again, she felt that Seventh sister was acting a bit strange after this experience.

Their wait did not last long, they saw the unconscious Situ Hao being brought out by Bai Xuan and the Great Elder, they were running and looking back. It seemed like something trailing behind them, as soon as they saw the crowd, the Great Elder yelled, “Quickly everyone run to the exit quickly!”

At the sight of the Grand Elder’s bloodstained body and empty left arm, Wei Junlan stood up violently but because of the massive blood loss she had to take three steps backward before she could stabilize herself, not even having time to ask any more questions, she ordered, “All the disciples of the Blood Fiend Alliance listen to orders, we’re all going to exit immediately.”

One by one, the Blood Fiend Alliance disciples retreated in an orderly manner, Wei Junlan waited until they had withdrawn before helping the Grand Elder up and nodding towards Dongfang Minghui, “Let’s leave first.”

“Situ Hao,” Bai Rou used her sword to support herself to stand and walked over to Bai Xuan with Mu Sheng’s assistance and asked, “What happened to him? What have you guys encountered?”

“Bai Rou don’t ask so much first, everyone retreat, retreat now!”

Bai Xuan nodded to Qian Wanyu, carrying Situ Hao on her back and followed the Blood Fiend Alliance’s people away, followed by Mu Sheng, Lu Xing and Wood. Before Li Yunan, Wanyu and Minghui could evacuate, they heard a roar that was louder than anything they’d ever heard.

The sound was getting closer and closer, Qian Wanyu’s hand gripping the Water Thunder Whip tightened as she pushed Dongfang Minghui in front, “Quickly leave with senior brother Li.”


She had calculated the approximate time that it would take each person to get out of the cave from the time it took them to come in. After the Blood Fiend Alliance people left with each of them being so weak, if Seventh sister remained she would definitely be too late to leave, she knew the other party’s intentions when she looked at her face filled with a cold preparation for battle.

Seventh sister wanted to stay and delay the beast so that they could leave in peace.

“Seventh sister, I’m not leaving.”

“Minghui, you go first, Wanyu and I will stay and stall it for a while.” Li Yunan saw the other party’s intention and wanted to help as well.

“Little Colour.”

Little Colour’s vines swept out and tied Li Yunan who didn’t expect her to move and directly threw him to the rest of the group, “Brother Li first pacify the crowd, Seventh sister and I will come out as soon as possible, if you don’t see us after a day, take them back to the Qian Family first. ”

Li Yunan was dumbfounded, just now when the other party released her spiritual power, she felt a huge energy emanating from Minghui’s body, the other party was actually a big Spiritual Scholar! He actually had the gall to call himself her guardian…

“Li Yunan ah Li Yunan, you really are a complete and utter failure.” No wonder sister Minghui had refused to accept him.

Li Yunan quickly gathered his mood and he quickly caught up with Lu Xing and Wood in front of him then used his spiritual power to transmit his voice outward, “Follow the person in front of you, go.”

His words just fell when…

Boom boom boom –

A large string of moths poured inside the narrow cave and flew towards the group.

Wei Junlan didn’t even think about releasing her spiritual power to defend against it, she struggled to hold on and pulled out the medicinal plants that Dongfang Minghui had gifted her earlier from within her space ring, “Grand Elder stop your bleeding first, the smell of blood on you is attracting these things!”

But it was useless to stop the bleeding, the wound from his missing arm was dripping with the moths’ favourite food…

The elder also discovered this fact and immediately shouted, “Young master, you go first, I’ll draw them away.”


She knew all too well what this decision meant.

Wei Junlan tugged on the Grand Elder’s wrist, using all her strength, she shook her head, “If the Grand Elder doesn’t leave, I won’t leave either, you know I always do what I say.”

“Young master…” The Eldest Elder was so anxious to get her away that he didn’t know what to do.

“Young Master Wei, this is a family heirloom, it can temporarily restore life, bite the stump and put it on the Great Elder’s wound.”

At this critical time, Lu Xing contributed the last bit of energy from the Tree of Life branch, the other side was blocking the exit. If not one in their party left then Wanyu and Minghui who still remained in the mountain would be in even more danger.

Wei Junlan’s eyes were slightly red and she took a deep breath, “Thank you.”

She quickly bit the remnant root of the Tree of Life, just as she bit it she felt a strong force of life from it, the Tree of Life was worthy of being a tree that provided a constant source of life, even the remnant root had such a great effect.

The grand elder sighed, he quickly threw aside the bloody clothes on his body using fire to burn it clean, he felt around the wound and the Tree of Life’s residual roots played a role in instantly healing his wound.

Wei Junlan still had some leftover on the tip of her tongue so she swallowed it all, and all the spiritual energy she lost before seemed to come back in an instant.


Unable to find the source of the blood, the moths started to subside.

Boom boom boom-

As they walked, they felt a vibration coming from the bottom of the mountain, the rocks at the top of the cave were occasionally landing everywhere and everyone did not dare to think about why. They just kept speeding up and speeding up again, when they finally managed to get out…the whole cave completely collapsed!

“Sister Wanyu, Sister Minghui!” Mu Sheng couldn’t believe how they were going to get out when the only entrance was sealed.

“Everyone take it easy, sit quietly for a day and then see what happens.” Li Yunan also felt anxious, he was thrown away by Dongfang Minghui but at that moment he had seen a large shadow closing in. He did not know how the two of them were doing inside.

Wei Junlan saw the blue sky and white clouds outside and only then felt slightly relieved, she helped the grand elder to the side and looked with distress at his empty sleeves, “Elder your arm? What did you and Bai Xuan encounter inside?”

“Young master, it’s a long story.”

The Grand Elder sighed, “The Purple Jade Empire has a branch of our Blood Fiend Alliance, please return immediately Young Master and reorganize our people first.”

Wei Junlan counted the people remaining. When she came she had brought two dozen people, but now from this adventure they had lost about ten people, even the grand elder also lost an arm, “Blood Fiend Alliance disciples listen to orders, take a short rest and half an hour later depart to the branch base.”

Bai Xuan was slightly shocked, he put Situ Hao on the ground and walked up to Wei Junlan, “Young master, I want to wait here with them for one more day, after everything is settled, I will personally return to the Blood Fiend Alliance to apologize.”

Wei Junlan looked at him with some complicated feelings, Bai Xuan ah Bai Xuan, he is destined to not return to the Blood Fiend Alliance, whether he is Mo Lu’s son or one of Qian Wanyu’s harem, since Dongfang Minghui found him she had already expected this outcome, “Come back to see the Grand Elder more often, he has always treated you like his own son, he cares for you no less than the white guest.”

Bai Xuan hung his head, no one knew what he was thinking for awhile before he muttered, “Yes, young master.”

She took out a sword from her space ring and handed it to Bai Xuan, “This is your righteous father’s sword, take good care of it in the future.”

The sword that he thought he had lost was found again.

Bai Xuan’s face was excited, he thought the sword had disappeared, just now when he rushed out he had looked at the stone pillar, expecting it to still be there but he did not expect it to be Wei Junlan who took it down, “Young master, thank you.”

Wei Junlan raised her head to look at the sharp knife mountain’s peak, these ten days of experience was like a dream, her heart couldn’t help but worry for Dongfang Minghui, Qian Wanyu had the aura of the female protagonist so she wasn’t worried about her, maybe by being next to her her fellow countryman can also share some of that aura and survive?

Wei Junlan muttered with hope, “You must live.”

Only after all the Blood Fiend Alliance’s people had left did Bai Rou have a chance to ask Bai Xuan, “What exactly happened inside and why hasn’t Situ Hao woken up yet?”

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