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MIWW Chapter 105 Part 1

Everyone was in shock, not yet able to digest the illusionary image. They saw Dongfang Minghui expressionlessly step to the cold pool, and extend a hand to the three ancient trees, Little Colour’s vine shot out from her hand, bound to the trunk of one of the trees, one person and one tree were connected by a vine, as if in sync.

“I want to make a deal with you.”

After listening to the encouragement of love flower, she still decided to negotiate with these three old trees that looked particularly ancient.

Previously, due to someone intruding into the cold pool, the three old trees had gone berserk. Unexpectedly, when Dongfang Minghui negotiated with the other side in a good voice, the other side agreed to communicate.

“Ninth Sister, what do you want to do?”

After experiencing a beautiful life of companionship in the Three Worlds Mirror until old age, Qian Wanyu’s gaze was even fierier when looking at Dongfang Minghui, life was too good for her to make that one life of happiness the only one.

“Seventh Sister, I want to make a deal with them.”

Dongfang Minghui at first did not understand what exactly the use of this ugly-looking fruit was, love flower told her the use of the ghost face fruit so she immediately moved, the opportunity came to her, there was no reason not to fight for it.

Qian Wanyu pulled her wrist tightly, “I’ll go with you.”

Two people went close to an ancient tree, the vines on the tree from all sides surrounded by them but did not immediately tie them up, just swaying half a metre away like a tiger’s eye staring at them. Taking even a step forward would make the situation change immediately.

“She is not allowed to come.”

Qian Wanyu’s body had five spiritual powers blended, but dark spiritual power was always the most annoying existence for plants.

The three ancient trees issued a warning.

“Seventh sister, just stand still here, I’ll go and discuss with them.”

Qian Wanyu quickly saw how she discussed with the old trees, one of the old trees bent down very humanely and slowly put its branches where Dongfang Minghui could reach, it used its vines to indicate Dongfang Minghui to sit on the trunk, and then slowly straightened its back.

They all felt it was very novel seeing this scene.

“Old tree, have you three discussed it?”

Perhaps because of the soft aura emanating from Dongfang Minghui, or for other reasons, it was the first time the three ancient trees had ever met a human who could communicate with them. The three ancient trees had survived in the back mountain of the Qian Family for a hundred years and had been silent for too long, so they pulled Dongfang Minghui and kept chattering.

From their method of communication where each would finish the other’s sentences, she finally understood why there was the Three Worlds Mirror in the cold pool. The mirror probably fell into the pool two hundred years ago when the three old trees were young. After that, the whole year round the whole cold pool would be frozen and the ghost-faced tree family found a phenomenon, even after a hundred years no ghost-faced fruit could be produced.

The ancient trees after a careful investigation found that the essence of the ghost-faced trees were all absorbed by this mirror. This mirror fell from the sky and occupied the treasure of their ghost-faced tree clan, absorbing their essence and resulting in their clan spirit failing to appear.

“In that case, Seventh sister broke the mirror of the three worlds that should have freed you.” Dongfang Minghui murmured, so, can she negotiate terms?

The three ancient trees, who did not know they would be blackmailed, continued to chatter, “Although you broke the mirror of the three worlds, the mirror of the three worlds originally had a mirror spirit, this mirror spirit occupied the essence of our ghost-faced tree clan for a hundred years after so long it is no longer the original mirror spirit.”

“Mirror spirit?” She heard this new term for the first time, but the sword can have a sword spirit, the Three Worlds Mirror can also naturally give birth to a mirror spirit, “Wait, the mirror has been broken, where did the mirror spirit go?”

The three ancient trees clattered and trembled, saying in unison, “It must still be here.”

Maybe it would try to steal the sacred fruit of their clan when they let down their guard.

Dongfang Minghui may not know much about the mirror, but the three ancient trees that have been mutually bound to the Three Worlds Mirror for hundreds of years knew this mirror spirit very well, in one word – evil. It has secretly swallowed an unknown number of their sacred fruits and its power has risen a lot since then.

“Not in the pool.”

One of the ancient trees touched their vines into the cold pool and sensed, “The mirror is broken, the mirror spirit will certainly try to possess one of you.”


Dongfang Minghui was surprised, she thought that after the mirror shattered, they would come out and it would be over. She did not expect things to be more complicated than she imagined, “Is there any way to identify the mirror spirit?”

The three ancient trees muttered for a long time, “This mirror spirit is the most cunning spirit I have ever seen, in addition to knowing that it loves to steal our holy fruit and that it’s bloodthirsty, we are not clear.”

Why is it that the more she heard, the more she felt that this mirror spirit was not a good thing?

“You can have one of our holy fruits, but you have to water it with your essence blood.”

Dongfang Minghui was still in shock when she was sent down by several branches of the ancient tree, she was ready to negotiate with these three old trees, but the other party easily took out a ghost face fruit and gave it to her.

“Ninth Sister, what are you thinking about?”

Qian Wanyu, standing under the tree, had been watching out for new tricks from the three old trees, she couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when she saw Ninth Sister come down unharmed.

Dongfang Minghui frowned and looked grave, she looked towards her teammates who were shaken out by the cold pool, Bai Ruo lowered her head to rub the big sword, Lu Xing and Wood stood together, Mu Sheng sat on the ground and showed panic, Brother Li was calmer and looked as if he had escaped from the illusion in the Three Worlds Mirror, Situ Hao’s limbs were spread wide open and just lying on the ground lazily, all of them behaved normally and nothing seemed to be abnormal.

The more she looked, the more she wondered where this mirror spirit could be hiding.

“Seventh sister, do you remember what the first gift you gave me was?” She suddenly asked.

Qian Wanyu gave her a strange look, “It was a space ring.”

“What about the second gift?”


“What’s the third gift?”

Qian Wanyu couldn’t help but rub her head, “Ninth Sister is testing Seventh sister’s memory now?”

Knowing full well that she had an extraordinary memory, yet she still had to mention this there was something fishy going on, she followed Ninth Sister’s gaze, “What happened?”

“Seventh Sister, look for yourself.”

She was hinting at it to not alert the mirror spirit so she could only hope Seventh sister would be able to grasp the meaning of her words.

Qian Wanyu quickly took hold of the other’s hand, closed her eyes and invaded a small strand of spiritual energy into her body entering her sea of souls to watch her chat with the three ancient trees, “So that’s what happened.”

She was already wondering how the Three Worlds Mirror could be so simple, it turned out that it had prepared a golden cicada technique.

“Seventh sister, now what do we do?” She had a worried face, the three old trees had reminded her that the mirror spirit was very evil and could devour the original owner of the body at any time and replace them. This insidious method was considered taboo in the whole continent.

“Leave it to me.”

Qian Wanyu took her hand and walked over, saying, “Everyone shouldn’t be hurt, right?”

Other than seeing something in the Three Worlds Mirror, none of them should have suffered any trauma. She had done experiments, and the world in the Three Worlds Mirror and the world she was in should be two separate places that did not intrude on each other. Aside from the era, she experienced with Ninth Sister, which was slightly strange, everything else was normal.

The ground was littered with corpses and creatures that had previously been dragged down by the cold pool, white bones splashed everywhere, it wasn’t a good place to rest.

“No injuries.”

“How are we going to get out of here?”

“Let’s go.” Lu Xing just stepped out and kicked a piece of tin, he picked it up suspiciously and then put it into his space ring casually.

They walked and talked, soon getting out of the road that led to the cold pool, after they left, the white fog on the cold pool filled up again, but this time it was thicker compared to before.

After the group walked out of the small forest, they once again regained their vision.

Dongfang Minghui has been carefully staring at each of them, she did not know whether the mirror spirit was too well hidden, or it simply did not choose to possess any of them, anyway, she did not see any anomalies.

If anything, Mu Sheng was depressed and didn’t look too good.

“Seventh sister.”

“Mu Sheng, what’s wrong with you?” Qian Wanyu suddenly stopped and asked loudly.

Bai Rou and the others followed her gaze and looked at Mu Sheng.

Mu Sheng’s face looked very bad, the corners of his mouth were pursed, but he forced the corners of his mouth to rise a bit, trying to smile towards everyone, but the smile turned out to be too far-fetched, the smile was simply worse than crying, he said softly, “Sister Wanyu, I’m fine, I just saw the past in the Three Worlds Mirror.”

If everything in the Three Worlds Mirror was true, what should he do?

Qian Wanyu was also a person who has experienced the past, although she did not have the habit of probing everyone’s privacy, she still could not help but admonish, “Everyone adjusts your state as much as possible, the next adventure may be more dangerous than this and easily a hundred times more dangerous than staying in the Three Worlds Mirror.”

“Right.” Bai Ruo agreed, she has almost adjusted her mentality, thinking of everything in the Three Worlds Mirror as a lie.

“The Three Worlds Mirror has been broken, but the cold pool is still there, Sister Minghui, what is the origin of this ghost-faced fruit?” The two groups of people before them were rushing to the three ancient trees for the fruit, so the fruit with a human face must have a peculiarity.

This question, if there was no mirror spirit, she would just have told the truth but in this case, there was so she modified her answer.

She blinked, “Senior Brother Li you are an observant person, this ghost face fruit is a good thing, just now, those three old gave it to me to cultivate, if it’s cultivated well, the ghost face tree essence will be one of our allies.”

Her words were half true and half false, to coax the mirror spirit, naturally, she had to pretend.

“What is the Essence of the Ghost-Faced Fruit?” Situ Hao asked blankly.

“Could it be the real essence fruit from the Ghost Face Tree?” Lu Xing added curiously.


Dongfang Minghui took a fruit out of her space ring with a dejected look and showed it in front of everyone, “The most precious thing about the Ghost Face Fruit is not that it blossoms into a fruit with a human face, it’s that one fruit at the very end of a branch that is the essence of the whole Ghost Face Tree. Such a thing if swallowed raw, can make a person break through more than two levels one after another, also if a person is about to die and still has the last breath left, this fruit will bring a person back from the dead if eaten.”

Qian Wanyu looked serious, looking at Ninth Sister’s casual lying ability becoming even stronger she was tempted to go up and pinch the other party’s round face.

“No wonder there were two sets of people coming to rob, the ghost face fruit is surprisingly powerful, but why did they want to rob away that ripe ghost face fruit?” Li Yunan always felt that something was not right and asked his question out of his mouth.

If the group before knew that this insignificant little fruit in front of them was the essence of the entire Ghost Face Tree clan, wonder how they would feel.

“Senior brother Li, this you do not know, but all good things are naturally reserved for the last, just think ah, if the essence is placed in front would we still get our turn?” She gave a lazy smile, “If senior brother Li has a treasure and is afraid of people coveting it, you’d also try to find ways to cover it up right?”

Her meaning was that those blooming fruits before were substitutes, in time the ghost-faced fruits will fall into the cold pool and sacrifice themselves so that the three old trees can absorb their essence thus cultivating the ghost-faced tree essence.

A ghost face tree essence is very difficult to cultivate, it would have taken a long time. As a result of the cold pond having an additional mirror spirit that steals food repeatedly sucking up the fruit of the ghost-faced tree, it made it so the ghost faced tree essence hadn’t grown a single bit in a hundred years.

After Dongfang Minghui finished, her gaze wandered around each of them and she feigned pity, “Everyone knows that I am a fragile pharmacist and needs spiritual power to protect my body, so let me swallow this one ghost-faced fruit essence to advance, everyone should have no problem with it, right?”

She said while leaning towards the road, as if impatient to find a place to meditate and cultivate.

Bai Rou and others looked at her strangely, thinking that the fruit was originally taken back by you, naturally, you can handle it. Before they could say anything, Lu Xing came out, “Minghui, the ghost-faced fruit is not easy to come by, would it be too bad to just swallow it raw?”

Even though the mirror spirit was trying to imitate Lu Xing’s usual behaviour, the eyes and look full of expectation couldn’t deceive anyone.

Dongfang Minghui wanted to vomit blood, the stupid mirror spirit could choose people, it didn’t choose anyone else instead he chose Lu Xing. Lu Xing has always been guarded by Uncle Wood. If they act rashly, they could not beat Uncle Wood. When Lu Xing couldn’t be rescued let alone explaining the “wife” might go crazy.

“Ninth Sister, I also slightly think Lu Xing is right, the spirit of the ghost-faced tree seems to have only cultivated one in a hundred years, it is a pity to eat it.” Qian Wanyu stood to her other side, just forming a triangle with Lu Xing, “Ninth Sister, why don’t you give me the thing?”

Dongfang Minghui handed the ghost face fruit to Qian Wanyu. Thinking about the problem, the mirror spirit did not care if they have combat power, the other side wanted this one fruit, if the fruit was handed to Seventh sister then Seventh sister will become the mirror spirit and Uncle Wood’s collective attack object.

It all happened extremely quickly.

Lu Xing’s shot towards the two intersecting hands and attacked at a speed that shouldn’t be possible for him. But, the two have long been prepared with unusual tacit understanding, one retracted the ghost-faced fruit and the other drew the water thunder whip.

Little Colour’s vines also covered with the area where they stood, surrounding all directions around Uncle Wood. Wood’s eyes have been staring at Qian Wanyu and Lu Xing fighting and it hid a trace of confusion.

“Wood, stand still if you mess up, maybe Lu Xing will be killed by you.”

“What’s the situation?”

“Why did Lu Xing make a move against Sister Wanyu?” Mu Sheng collected his emotions, there was no time to be sentimental.

“I’ll explain later, you guys think of all the ways and means you can, make sure to stop the attack of Wood for me.” Dongfang Minghui dropped a sentence and picked a perfect location, intending to tie up Lu Xing first.

However, Lu Xing, who was possessed by the Mirror Spirit, was bursting with spiritual power, even the weakest wood system stretched out countless vines from nowhere, long and thin, like human tentacles, attacking towards Qian Wanyu.

“Seventh sister.”

Dongfang Minghui drew out the silk umbrella behind her and said to the mirror spirit, “You don’t want this ghost-faced fruit? If you don’t want it I’ll just eat it.”

She quickly threw the pill in her hand into her mouth, unsurprisingly she saw the mirror spirit turn ruthless, those vines surged towards her, pig fairy grass suddenly emerged from space ring and its pig tail curled up the vines and tied it up.

This familiar action made Dongfang Minghui’s eyelids jumped.

What the fuck, isn’t this pig fairy grass’ normal way of handling Little Colour’s vines?

“Ninth Sister be careful.”

She almost instinctively opened the silk umbrella after hearing Seventh sister’s voice, a series of hidden weapons shot out from the silk umbrella, “Seventh Sister, tie him up.”

The mirror spirit wasn’t easily tied down, plus the level of the mirror spirit was also very high, it was almost Spiritual King level. A Spiritual Scholar and three Great Spiritualist may not be able to compete with it, but the other side also couldn’t easily fight them.

Wood’s face still had a confused look and actually strangely stood still not moving. But his look still made Bai Rou and the others unusually alert around him, they had fought with him before and knew his power, they couldn’t be sloppy at all.

“The mirror spirit is a spirit body, which can also be said to be a cohesive body of spiritual energy, if you can swallow it up, it will be greatly beneficial.” Qing Mo excitedly said in the soul sea, the mirror spirit must have experienced a hundred years of quenching at least, plus it had secretly hidden in the cold pool to absorb the essence of the ghost face fruit, that was simply a giant tonic given to Wanyu by the heavens.

Qing Mo’s definition of mirror spirit was one word – tonic.

A good thing for advancement.

Qian Wanyu’s face was sullen. No matter how cunning this mirror spirit was, it hadn’t had contact for hundreds of years with humans. Now that it had shown its true colours it wouldn’t be easy to get close to it. Dongfang Minghui also found the same problem.

“Seventh sister, this is the ghost face fruit, you take it first and leave.”


Qian Wanyu took it and looked at it as if it was the real ghost face fruit, she lifted her own water thunder whip, turned around and left.

After the Mirror Spirit saw the Ghost Face Fruit, it knew it had been tricked. It didn’t even think about it and raised its speed to follow Qian Wanyu, “Leave the Ghost Face Fruit behind!”

The three old trees only said that there was a large crack in the Mirror of the Three Worlds, the Mirror Spirit in this mirror had most likely been severely injured and could only lurk in this cold pool to slowly cultivate, she didn’t know what kind of trauma made it injured s badly that it couldn’t even cultivate properly after a hundred years.

With this knowledge, she let Ninth Sister boldly borrow the rumours of the ghost-faced fruit and exaggerate some more, not expecting that the mirror spirit did not even think carefully and easily believing it.

Dongfang Minghui was following closely behind the Mirror Spirit, seeing it wrapping itself around Seventh sister again, she took a closer look at the surroundings and immediately said, “Pig Fairy Grass, formation.”

The pig fairy grass knew quite a few formations, Dongfang Minghui didn’t expect a medicinal plant to be able to put up a high-level formation, as long as it can temporarily trap the mirror spirit and facilitate Seventh sister to suck it out of Lu Xing’s body that would be good enough.

The only thing she can think of is Seventh sister’s devouring power.

The pig fairy grass understood her meaning, from the space ring it took out a few pieces of high-level formation stones and smoothly placed a formation stone in each direction of the southeast and northwest, in an incense stick of time, the formation stone took effect.

The surroundings gradually blurred and rain began to fall.

“Seventh sister.”

The opponent’s vines pumped but as soon as the fat doll appeared, vines on both sides fought against each other, not backing down.

Dongfang Minghui immediately extracted all of her spiritual energy and dipped it into Seventh sister’s body through the palms of her intertwined hands, and they shared their spiritual energy, “Seventh Sister, hurry up.”

She insisted on a small plan. Although Seventh sister’s cultivation was lower, the power of five spiritual powers was very large, especially the combined power of the five spiritual powers was not lower than her own, so what if there were six spiritual powers combined into one?

This was something that Dongfang Minghui never dared to imagine.

Qian Wanyu skillfully blended all six spiritual forces together. Her five spiritual forces had already fused with Ninth Sister’s spiritual force before so there was no hindrance when she blended them again. The six spiritual forces exploded with an unprecedented spiritual wave.

The rudimentary formation set up by Pig Fairy Grass was almost destroyed and the mirror spirit also got temporarily delayed by the fat doll.

As soon as it sensed the spiritual energy emitted by Qian Wanyu containing a cold aura, it wanted to run away but not to mention Little Colour even Pig Fairy Grass didn’t agree.

“Little Colour, get out of the way now.”

The fat doll whooshed and held Pig Fairy Grass to hide behind Dongfang Minghui.

In the middle of the formation, the six colours of spiritual energy kept shifting, filling up the entire formation shield. The water thunder whip in Qian Wanyu’s hand took advantage of the moment when Little Colour retreated to bind the other party, injecting her dark coloured spiritual energy impatiently starting to devour.

“Dark Spiritual Master!”

Qian Wanyu was slightly surprised to hear this name. After spending some effort, a cloud-like spirit exactly like Lu Xing split out from Lu Xing’s body, turned around and tried to penetrate the formation to escape.

The other party was forced out by Seventh sister, otherwise, he wouldn’t leave a host so easily.

Qian Wanyu aimed at the spirit and sacrificed some dark spirit power, which enveloped the opponent like a cloud of smoke.


The mirror spirit let out a scream, its voice still sounded like Lu Xing’s voice, every time he made a miserable scream, Dongfang Minghui couldn’t help but shiver, “Seventh sister, make it shut up.”


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