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MIWW Chapter 105 Part 2

Qian Wanyu wrapped it with her spiritual power, just like practicing cultivation, suppressing and compressing it until it turned into a spiritual body that can be embraced by two hands.

“I-I won’t let you have your way!”

“Very good.”

If it wasn’t a bit challenging, she would also find it very boring.

Qian Wanyu sneered as she absorbed it into her body all at once, watching the large orb enter her and soul sea, the huge soul sea was split into three at once.

“Swallow it as quickly as possible1” Qing Mo expressed a clear protest about having his territory being occupied by Qian Wanyu’s tonic.

If the timing was right, she would also like to devour it immediately avoid making trouble outside.


Qian Wanyu sent the spiritual power that should have been Ninth Sister’s back into her body, after this brief double cultivation, the two of them actually found that their respective spiritual power had increased a little bit, if the time was longer they might be able to advance in a couple of days.

In the case of their higher and higher cultivation levels, the advantages of dual cultivation came to the fore.

The two each meditated for awhile to recover.


Just then, Lu Xing woke up, he propped himself up feeling his whole body was sore, he looked at the two people in front of him. His heart was a little shocked, but he did not show it, “Where is this? How did I get here?”

He rubbed his head and felt a great pain in his head as well.

Dongfang Minghui was the first to open her eyes, she was relieved to see that he only looked dazed and confused and seemed to know nothing. She wasn’t sure if the scene just now had been seen by Lu Xing.

“Lu Xing, you were possessed by the Mirror Spirit of the Three Worlds Mirror, do you remember anything?”

“The Mirror Spirit of the Three Worlds Mirror?” Lu Xing looked at the other party’s careful probing eyes and shook his head, “I don’t know, ah, why did it choose me?”

This question… Dongfang Minghui was also puzzled.

Lu Xing had a bad headache, he fiercely knocked his head, racking his brain for reasons and suddenly took out a fragment from the space ring, “Is it possible because I picked up this?”

A fragment…

Dongfang Minghui took it in her hand and looked at it, she had already felt that it looked familiar. She put aside the shattered fragment of the Three Worlds Mirror, rummaged around in her space ring and really found the other two matching fragments in her space ring where Toothless was temporarily living.

She put the three pieces together and found that the patterns on the pieces didn’t match up.

Lu Xing, who was watching on the side whispered, “These two pieces look a bit older and should not be the same type as the lenses of the Three Worlds Mirror, Minghui what is this?”

She has known that this was not the same as the fragments on the Three Worlds Mirror, she put together the two pieces of iron she found in her space ring to see if they were considered from the same item, but… she didn’t know where these two pieces came from.

She scratched her head, “I don’t know what it is, I’m not even sure where it came from.”

The pig fairy grass curled its tail and said in boredom, “The piece on your left hand side is mine.”

“Huh, it’s yours?”

The pig fairy grass in the space ring began to dance cheerfully, it was actually quite rhythmic, “This is mine, stupid Toothless stole it for you and did not return it to me.”

It so casually reminded her and brought up her memory, this piece should be from the pig fairy grass’ bag, Toothless would always scavange around for good things and bring it to her.

She looked at the other piece of metal in her hand, thinking about it, how could she not remember when she got it.

“Could it have been inside the small courtyard?” She remembered that Toothless had found the Gathering Spirit treasure inside the small courtyard, it could be that it dug it up and gave it to her.

Damn, if Toothless wasn’t still unconscious, she would have had to shake it awake.

“Pig fairy grass, what is this?”

“I don’t know either.”

The pig fairy grass has always thought it was something insignificant, but seeing that the pattern looked somewhat nice, it just threw it into the bag, in fact it wanted the formation stones more.

Qian Wanyu suddenly opened her eyes because she heard a little sound, the sounds of fighting coming from the south direction on the left side outside the formation, it just so happens that when they left before, Bai Rou and the rest were in that area, “It must be Bai Rou and the others in trouble.”

Bai Rou and the rest had to look after Uncle Wood, it was quite a dangerous task.

Dongfang Minghui immediately let the pig fairy grass release the formation for them to evacuate, Lu Xing was still unable to stand up, Dongfang Minghui could only carry him from behind, Qian Wanyu arrived first at the scene.

The field was in chaos, Little Colour’s vines used to tie up Uncle Wood were all chopped down to the ground, Bai Rou and Meng Yixiao were fighting in mid-air and Li Yunan was fighting with Qian Zhuoxi.

Mu Sheng had his spirit pet, Little Green call for more vines to trap Wood beside him while Situ Hao looked intently at Meng Yixiao and the group brought by Qian Zhuoxi.

The water thunder whip in Qian Wanyu’s hand crackled and snapped, causing the group of people who were following Qian Zhuoxi to look sideways.

“Qian Zhuoxi!”

As soon as Qian Zhuoxi saw Qian Wanyu, her face changed dramatically, while dealing with Li Yunan in mid-air, she loudly accused without thinking, “As the third young lady of Qian Family, how dare you let someone tie up eldest uncle without any reason, what are your intentions?”

Tie up eldest uncle?

Qian Wanyu’s eyes wandered around to Wood, hmph she dared to say that those vines were cut by Qian Zhuoxi, very good, old grudges and new grudges can be settled together.

She sneered, trying to cause trouble by confusing her intentions?

Seems she was too low-key and not obvious enough.

“Qian Zhuoxi, come down, I will fight with you in a dignified manner.”

“So many pairs of eyes have seen you tie up eldest uncle, if I had not arrived in time, what would you have done to eldest uncle?” After Qian Zhuoxi shook off Li Yunan, she returned to the group of people she brought along.

She pointed at Qian Wanyu and counted her faults one by one.

Qian Wanyu’s face was expressionless, all of Qian Zhuoxi’s provocations and accusations went in her left ear and out her right. She gave her opponent a provocative look, “Qian Zhuoxi, are you afraid of fighting me?”


A tiny thunderbolt suddenly exploded in front of them, scaring many people into taking a step backward.

Qian Wanyu smiled coldly towards her, “I’m a level 3 Great Spiritualist, you’re a dual system Spiritual King you still don’t dare to fight?”

Mu Sheng and Situ Hao looked at each other, they felt that Wanyu was deliberately provoking Qian Zhuoxi, forcing the other party to fight. A Spiritual King against a level 3 Great Spiritualist, what’s the point of the fight?

When he heard about the battle, Meng Yixiao blocked Bai Ruo with a wave of ice spiritual power, he lightly came down from mid-air and stood next to Qian Zhuoxi whispering something.

The two of them exchanged words to each other and from the surface it seemed like their relationship was not shallow.

Qian Wanyu standing a meter away from them was completely unable to hear what the other was saying. But, as soon as she saw Meng Yixiao, she felt that the other party was up to no good, the situation was most likely going to change.

“Seventh sister?”

Dongfang Minghui saw Seventh sister and a group of people facing each other from a long distance, she hurriedly sped up and put Lu Xing down before whispering, “Lu Xing, just now when you were possessed, we were worried that Wood would take the initiative to attack people again, so we tied him up, now go and pacify Uncle Wood, don’t let him go crazy.”

It is reasonable to say that after the first session of forcing out the toxin, Uncle Wood should not attack people casually again, but after seeing the vines all over the ground, she mistakenly thought that after they left, Uncle Wood broke free from the vines again.

“Yo, isn’t this the Qian Family’s eldest lady? It’s been a long time, have you actually brought so many people for the adventure?” Dongfang Minghui eyes darted around and saw Meng Yixiao standing beside Qian Zhuoxi, this guy suddenly turned into a dog beside Qian Zhuoxi after losing in the competition field, it was really an unexpected sight.

She could not help but calculate in her heart, so many people went into the back of the mountain, there must be some purpose. She didn’t know if this Qian Family Miss wanted to do some things in secret.

As soon as she saw Dongfang Minghui, Qian Zhuoxi’s teeth itched. She hated Qian Wanyu because she was the daughter of fourth aunt and came back to steal her position. But she hated Dongfang Minghui even more, this woman who appeared from nowhere not only made everyone know about Qian Ziyan’s return she even used the old lady to pressure her. Now the whole outside world knew about her father’s affairs…

Those gossips flew to her ears as if they had grown wings, making her really unable to bear it anymore.

“Miss Minghui.” Qian Zhuoxie smiled and said through gritted her teeth.

“Since so many people are here for the adventure, what are you doing surrounding us? You don’t want to bully us with so many people do you? Hmph, a Qian Family eldest miss wants to use so many people to bully the Qian Family’s third miss? If the old lady saw this, I’m afraid she would be chilled to the bone by the lack of familial love.”

In full view of everyone, the Qian Family people were actually fighting against the Qian Family people in such a sacred place like the back mountain of their family. If this were spread outside the old lady would definitely go red from anger!

Qian Zhuoxi couldn’t help but smile when she heard her accusations, “Ms Minghui seems to have misunderstood. If it weren’t for Wanyu’s sister binding my uncle, I wouldn’t have tried to teach her a lesson.”

She lifted her chin and pointed in the direction of Qian Ziyan.

Lu Xing was normal again and naturally could not let Uncle Wood remain tied up, Mu Sheng and Situ Hao also breathed a sigh of relief. They had all seen Qian Ziyan’s combat power, the other party only recognized Lu Xing, and occasionally Dongfang Minghui. In madness he might really kill people and the two of them had trash fighting power, how could they be his opponent?

“The old madam has allowed Ziyan to follow me for training, obviously she trusts me when she made this arrangement.” Dongfang Minghui usually did not have the time to bother with so many words, her only purpose was to stop Seventh sister from fighting with the other side.

She had drawn the path that Qian Yiling and Uncle Wood had taken in the mirror of three worlds, she had to rush ahead of Qian Zhuoxi to find the heritage of the Qian Family so that Seventh sister could advance successfully.

Qian Wanyu did not know that she had this idea, but she was familiar with Ninth Sister’s every move, she saw that the other side stopped in front of her, and not forcing Qian Zhuoxi to make a move.

However, this battle was inevitable. They would eventually fight at some point.

Qian Zhuoxi was almost mad enough to spit blood by Dongfang Minghui’s thick skin, she was a Spiritual King! Just now she had heard Dongfang Minghui and Lu Xing whispering. Qian Ziyan had suddenly turned into some “Uncle Wood” in their mouths.

If she didn’t want to anger herself to death she should leave early…

“OK, I wish Miss Minghui a good trip on this adventure.”

Qian Zhuoxie finished speaking and directly waved her hand to indicate they were leaving. The group of people who followed her left in a row and it was only until they walked out some distance that Qian Zhuoxi stomped her foot fiercely, whispering through gritted teeth, “Yixiao, why did you stop me from killing them?”

This time was a good time, she’d just seen that Dongfang Minghui and Qian Wanyu were not there before she made a move on their group, she had even thought of a good excuse.

This group of people had placed Qian Ziyan under arrest and restricted the freedom of the eldest uncle, she was eager to save him and mistakenly killed them. When the time comes, if someone pursued the truth, there would be no proof of death. The only witness was Qian Ziyan but she also has a way to make him not say half a word.

However, she did not expect Qian Wanyu and Dongfang Minghui to return so soon.

“What’s the hurry? Leaving them behind will be of great use.” Meng Yixiao hooked her finger and gently nodded at the other party’s face, coaxing her with a doting face, “With me at your side, are you still afraid of anything?”

“Then what happened last time?” Qian Zhuoxie suddenly mentioned the incident on the martial arts field last time.

The old matter was brought up again, and Meng Yixiao had a displeased face, “If I didn’t intentionally lose to your sister Wanyu last time, how would she have challenged you today so easily? This is called retreating in order to advance, let her be arrogant for awhile longer and I will clean her up later hmph!”

LOL! Meng Yixiao thinks he has a chance on our girl Wanyu! HAHA

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