Mistress I was wrong

MIWW Chapter 108

Qian Wanyu gestured towards her, and she understood her meaning.

The lively vines scurried over the grass and approached them silently.

“What the fuck!”

People who had to survive in the wild were always extraordinarily vigilant, as soon as they heard the vines and grass rubbing together making a slight movement, they immediately raised their voices.

The fat doll had just gotten a huge water monster and was in an extraordinarily good mood. Without Dongfang Minghui saying anything, it took the initiative to jump out and cast a heavenly net, vines flew in the dark wilderness, with the weak light shining it was like countless claws, making people shudder.

“Wood Spiritual Master!”

The first thing that came to mind at the sight of a plant-related attack was a Wood Spiritual Master working in the shadows.

A small ball of flame attacked those vines that were weaving a net, not only that, two of the five of them were Ice Spiritual Master, one was earth, and one was wood. However, all their attacks were just painless and inconsequential in the eyes of the fat doll.

“Boss, this vine isn’t afraid of fire!”

After the Fire Spiritual Master’s small fireballs attacked Little Colour for a while, they were horrified to find that not only did the vines not burn, but a dozen strands turned into hundreds of strands, surrounding them.

The two ice Spiritual Masters tried to freeze the vines by using the water near the river, but after a large area of ice was frozen, Little Colour’s vines were still active, the speed was just a little slower than before, “These vines are too evil.”

The fat doll first encountered a fire attack, and then encountered two ice Spiritual Master’s attacks, the cold and hot sensation while being annoyed by earth spikes made Little Colour angry.

The net of vines in the sky and underground surrounded them, the vine branches wrapped around their waists one after another, the Fire Spiritual Master was directly hoisted up by it and swayed viciously in mid-air for a few turns, as if to vent hatred.

“Boss, help me!”

“What kind of person is hiding, come out and fight if you have the ability!”

Qian Wanyu and Dongfang Minghui stood up from the bushes and faced against the five people on the opposite side, they had seen them before when Qian Zhuoxi was besieging Bai Rou and the others. These five people were standing in the middle of that group of pursuers.

Dongfang Minghui teased, “Seventh sister, this group of people said they wanted to fight you.”

Qian Wanyu showed a smile for a long time and said to the fat doll, “Little Colour finish them as soon as possible.”

Those five people also recognized Qian Wanyu, they seemed surprised, they had said a lot of bad things about Qian Wanyu before… one of them stood up and said, “Third Miss, please wait.”

Qian Wanyu pulled Ninth Sister, turned around and left.

“Third Miss!”


They had just taken a few steps when there was a sudden sound, and the entire battlefield behind them was covered in smoke, it was so thick that it surrounded Little Colour as well as those five people.

“Blah blah blah, this smoke is poisonous.”

“Little Colour?!”

The fat doll, in a fit of anger, had used the five people as a shield but it absorbed a lot of smoke itself so its vines immediately shrivelled up a bit.

Qian Wanyu looked at the smoke going up in the air, if not for the darkness obscuring some of it, people from even a thousand miles away could see it. She stood in place for a long time after, “This person is loyal.”

It wasn’t too much to say that he was a very loyal dog by the side of Qian Zhuoxi, even at the cost of his life he wanted to deliver a message.


Dongfang Minghui had no idea what she meant, “Seventh sister, what does that mean?”

“It’s a signal.” She had seen a lot of poison before but it was the first time seeing someone using poison as a signal, looking at the few dead people she sneered, Qian Zhuoxi really used every method to deal with her.

“Really?” She pointed in disbelief at the five people lying on the ground, “Don’t they know that the poison will kill them as well?”

Who knew?

Maybe they knew, maybe they didn’t, it no longer mattered anymore.

“Let’s be careful.”


The two of them headed east, after one ambush, they became more cautious.

“How’s Little Colour?”

“Should be okay.”

Dongfang Minghui glanced towards her soul sea, the Fat Doll had just inhaled a lot of poisonous smoke, when it returned to her soul sea the vine above its head was shrivelled up and kept releasing grey smoke. Those fumes remained in her soul sea, she used her spiritual power to drive them out a few times, and they combined into a small orb that looked harmless.

The fat doll cultivated for two hours before all the smoke that had contaminated its body disappeared. Now the magic plant and medicinal plants were staring in her soul sea at that one orb of poisonous smoke floating quietly in the soul sea.

She tried to wrap it with spiritual power, trying to send it out of her body.

“Seventh sister.”


Probably because her whole body and mind were placed in her soul sea, she slightly passed Qian Wanyu by a step, who knows what she stepped on but her whole person was immediately bound up by a net and hoisted in mid-air.

Along with that, countless long arrows shot towards her from the front.

“Ninth Sister!”

Looking at those arrows flying towards herself out of nowhere, Dongfang Minghui was shocked, she drew out her silk umbrella and opened it quickly, managing to deflect one or two long arrows, the rest were all swung away by Qian Wanyu’s Water Thunder Whip.

One wave of arrows just ended.

Immediately after that, four or five long rows of wooden boards stapled with sharp thorns above slammed towards her.

Dongfang Minghui was trying to use her finger knife to cut open those nets, compared to the white silk spit out by the man-eating grass, these nets were not worth mentioning however it still took time to cut open. These evil people wouldn’t give you any of that time.

More than ten people descended from the sky.

“Seventh Sister, leave me alone, I can handle myself.”

“Be careful.”

The ten people looked a little bit familiar, all of them were wearing the clothes of Qian Family’s disciples, six of them were Great Spiritualists and four others were Spiritual Scholars.

Qian Wanyu looked around, an earth wall rose from her feet and all nine people were surrounded, she took advantage of this opportunity to swing her water lightning whip wrapped with purple lightning towards them.

After that, those nine people managed to break through her earth wall with their skills.

“Be careful, behind you!”

Qian Wanyu was able to dodge, a fireball grazed from behind and the clothes on her back had a big hole. Her skin felt a slight burning, “These people are not from the Qian Family.”

At first, like Dongfang Minghui, she thought that these were the Qian Family people testing her, but after a few times of sparring, this group of people wearing the clothes of the Qian Family’s disciples were very ruthless against her.

In that case, she didn’t have to hold back.

The fourth peak was guarded by people and there were trials at every step, these were all undoubtedly very good exercise opportunities for Seventh sister. However, Dongfang Minghui had a few doubts, wasn’t there just only one Ten Thousand Returning Heart Formation on the fourth peak?

Where did so many more irrelevant people come from?

Boom boom boom–

Looking at several lightning flashes, she accelerated the speed of cutting the net to help Seventh sister.

A few bolts of lightning flashed, forcing the ten people to retreat outward. Qian Wanyu took advantage of this opportunity, hiding behind the lightning and swinging extremely fast to quickly solve two people, the end of the water thunder whip was stained with blood.

The speed of these two people was the slowest of the ten people since they were Earth System Spiritualists, originally thought even if the lightning came they could use the earth to block it. They would never have expected the other side’s earth spike also contained dark spiritual power devouring their spiritual power at the same time.

Qian Wanyu’s earth spiritual power infiltrated their body along with the dark spiritual power instantly devouring them until nothing was left.

The rest of the people only thought they were blown away by lightning and couldn’t identify what exactly they died from.

“Little Colour.”

Bullying one person with so many people! Dongfang Minghui was so angry that her lungs exploded, after using her silk umbrella several times to ward off the dark weapons flying in mid-air, she immediately summoned her fat doll.

The fat doll had recovered after a few hours.

Its vines quickly went underground, burrowing out of the ground, two strands of vines wrapped around each person’s foot, pulling them to her.

Her flying needles pierced into the opponent’s heart, the heart would always be a vulnerable place for all people, general Spiritual Master’s will use part of their spiritual power to protect their heart, her flying needles were also soaked with venom she had all extracted from the Valley.

Spiritual Master’s who encountered this kind of venom, the more they use spiritual energy the faster the poison would spread in their body.

The Great Spiritualist entangled in the vines probably didn’t expect to die because of venom, he looked at the cold silver needle poked into his heart, and the spiritual energy in his hands simply scattered.

“Little Colour, continue to drag them.”

At the same time, Qian Wanyu’s water thunder whip strangled a person’s neck, that person was a wind Great Spiritualist, he was good at controlling the wind direction. While spreading some poisonous dust in the wind he could make bystanders inhale this poisonous fog without knowing.

Qian Wanyu however had caught a little scent before aiming at him, it couldn’t be forgotten that she was also a level 6 wind Great Spiritualist and was equally sensitive to some of the things in the air.

The battle intensified, after losing four teammates in a row, all six continued to unleash strong spiritual power throughout the field, colorful spiritual power flew everywhere. Dongfang Minghui took the silk umbrella to fend off many fireballs, wind blades, and earth spikes thrown from the shadows, as well as vine attacks.

“Seems like he has a good contract plant.”

The opponent was a level eight Great Spiritualist, for a Wood system to get to Great Spiritualist was not easy just seeing Mu Sheng would show how hard it was. The opponent also had a very powerful contract plant, a sunflower.

The sunflower was like a concealed weapon or an inexhaustible source of concealed weapons.

For Dongfang Minghui, who also used concealed weapons, these things were simply annoying but she had the silk umbrella so she could still shoot many concealed weapons towards the opponent while dodging and blocking them, “Little Colour, finish him.”

Little Colour was very happy to be able to devour a plant. Its vines wrapped up that Sunflower plant along with that level eight Great Spiritualist.

It was the first time she had ever killed a Wood Spiritual Master, and looking at the group’s sinister aura, she guessed that it was mostly Qian Zhuoxi’s doing. Giving out the clothes of the Qian Family disciples to outsiders and acting as the Qian Family people so Seventh sister would “accidentally” get killed by them?

The other side simply underestimated Seventh sister.

There were only five people left, and four of them were Spiritual Scholars.

“Fire System Spiritual Scholar.”

Dongfang Minghui picked an opponent at random, but the opponent released a Spiritual Power that contained a huge fire-based Spiritual Power, a super big fireball almost burned all the hair on her forehead, “Aww fuck.”

She has hated Fire Spiritual Masters the most.

Qian Wanyu was killing people while still paying attention to the other battlefield, especially when she saw Ninth Sister being burned by the fireball. Getting angry, she fought three of them in a fit of anger rushing towards Dongfang Minghui then released her whole body’s spiritual power, five strands of spiritual power were running wildly in her dantian.

The sky and earth changed colours, lightning rolled out in waves towards those four people, the air was filled with a tornado-like wind, hidden in the lightning and wind was also the dark spiritual power which could even swallow the sky and destroy the earth. The four people were amazed and tried to first use their spiritual power to resist the vortex but when they realized that something was wrong, it was too late!

Qian Wanyu easily swallowed up the four people in a flash not even leaving ashes behind.

“Seventh sister!”

After the ten people were killed, heaven and earth were calm again. The wind stopped, lightning scattered and the whole sky was back to a nice blue. However, the trees around them were all suffering, unfortunately, her lightning had split many of them in half.

Qian Wanyu was frowning. She had taken in and absorbed several people’s powers and life force, currently, the five spiritual forces in her dantian were spinning like a tornado, so it looked like she had to find a place to quietly cultivate to calm them down.

“Seventh Sister, what’s wrong?”

“I might have to advance…” After swallowing the mirror spirit, she had placed some of the spiritual power without the mirror spirit’s consciousness inside her soul sea, this time’s riot in her dantian was mostly related to it.

Dongfang Minghui nodded blankly, then said joyfully, “It’s good to advance, but we have to find a hidden place.”

They couldn’t just pick any place, the close call last time she advanced in the Hall of Eternal Life made her tremble with fear.

“I know a place that’s good for advancing.” The fat doll said with a full burp after swallowing the sunflower.

“Lead the way.”

Back when Little Colour set foot on the fourth peak, seeing the thick woods and grass around it, it snooped around cheerfully, not to mention that its perception was stronger than Qian Wanyu and Dongfang Minghui, with a little sensing, it had found a good place to advance.

The place was a cave built on a high place, it happened to be the cliff edge so people wouldn’t pass by easily. It was a good place for Dongfang Minghui and Qian Wanyu to hide.

“It looks very clean.”

No snakes, insects, rats or ants were inside and there was no fishy smell of magical beasts. This cave seemed ordinary without even a trace of human presence inside. The cave entrance was also quite deep, about tens of metres deep.

Qian Wanyu looked around and was very satisfied.

“Seventh sister, what else do you need?”

Dongfang Minghui moved a piece of stone over, wiped it clean and asked.

Qian Wanyu pulled her over and touched the top of her forehead very lightly, “Nothing, during my cultivation take care of yourself, don’t try to be strong. If you encounter danger, your safety is the most important.”


Dizzy from Seventh sister’s tenderness, she was in a daze as she walked out of the cave.

The Fat doll looked at her with contempt, vines outside the cave formed a dense net shape, afterwards, the man-eating grass was pulled out by the fat doll to spew out two strands of silk to cover the cave entrance. The white silk covered in green vines looked particularly pleasing to the eye.

The mountain was very high, Dongfang Minghui stood on top of the mountain looking at the other mountains in the distance, she couldn’t help but imagine Seventh sister standing on the ninth peak proudly but then she felt it looked a little wrong. If Seventh sister stood on the highest peak, then where would she stand?

“I’ve never thought about it…” She knew that Seventh sister would definitely stand at the highest peak of the Seven Colored Continent, by that time, what level of Spiritual Master would she be? In what capacity should she stand beside Seventh sister?

This question made her deeply afraid.

“No good, I have to train well too.” She sat cross-legged outside, not daring to close her eyes, she simply took out the ghost-faced fruit from before, found some soil and rummaged around for somewhere she could plant it.

As a result, she found a helmet in Night Wolf’s ring, the helmet was made of iron, and she couldn’t see anything fancy. She found some soil from the top of the hill and then planted the ghost-faced fruit into the helmet.

“First, I’ll fill you with some water.”

Spiritual liquid, she did not dare to use, she was deeply afraid of filling it like blue star dream and taking the wrong road. She looked at the helmet waiting for the emergence of the head of a small fruit, she propped up her head and started speaking to it, “Look at your ghost face tree family. A bunch of stingy people, don’t even know how to give me a bigger fruit seed like you, when will you grow?”

Although the original words used to deceive the mirror spirit were good, in fact, the three ancient trees were stingy. They had given her the condition of watering this ghost faced fruit with her essence blood. If the ghost-faced fruit grew up she didn’t even know if it would leave her and run back to the ghost-faced tree clan.

She was actually raising a child for someone else right…?

“Love Flower, what exactly do you think the Ghost Face Tree clan is trying to do?” If it wasn’t for Love Flower instigating her to take a ghost-faced fruit, she wouldn’t have wanted to get caught up in so many things.

“It’s a side species that extended from the Wanshou clan a hundred years ago because it has an ugly face, it was named Ghost Face.” The ghost-faced tree clan can be considered a big head in the plant world, if they can cultivate a clan essence they can walk horizontally in the plant world.

“Wanshou clan?”

Dongfang Minghui had never heard of this race, she scratched her head and speculated, “Is the Wanshou clan related to the longevity people?”

Love Flower pulled Lucky out of the space ring followed by pig fairy grass, man-eating grass, and the rest. Several medicinal plants were like having a family meeting, sitting around her, Love Flower was like a parent telling stories to all the plants.

The Wanshou tribe was not part of the longevity clan, they were human and have always lived next to the elves in friendship. A few million years ago, the seven-coloured continental plate hadn’t yet split apart but this race had suddenly been destroyed overnight. No one knew the cause, perhaps the elves knew a bit but it was a very long time ago.

Speaking of the ghost-faced race, the ghost-faced trees were an external branch of the Wanshou tribe, they were dependent on the Wanshou tribe to live. It is said that the Wanshou tribe like the current beast tribe were brave, but they are not good at war and enjoyed peace. After the Wanshou tribe was destroyed, the ghost face race had no more shelter, they were also killed to near extinction and fled everywhere. They fled out of the range of the Wanshou tribe back then and then disappeared.

The ghost face race was slow to reproduce and needed the holy water of the elves and the sacrifice of their race to continue.

This sort of truth was the first Dongfang Minghui had ever heard of. Each ghost face fruit required the ghost face clan’s life essence sacrificed. Unfortunately, their over a hundred years of sacrifice was all swallowed by the mirror spirit.

After Dongfang Minghui listened, she felt that this story was really sad, and the ghost-faced race was quite pitiful.

“Forget it, little bean sprout, I will nurture you well in the future, I hope you can fight for the ghost-faced clan.” After she finished, she bit through her index finger and poured a drop of her blood into the soil.

From then on, the ghost-faced fruit had an additional name – little bean sprout.

She also checked daily to see the progress of the little bean sprout in the helmet, when bored, she would hold the little bean sprouts to talk about inspirational stories, such as Sun Wukong being born from a stone and then learning various skills and immortal arts. Finally even helping Mr Tang in the journey to the west cross difficulties to get the power of faith.


Toothless actually hadn’t woken up yet, but it had also been told this story by Dongfang Minghui so it was roused by her storytelling. The version it heard was a small Toothless jumping out of the stone cracks and then learning skills to fight all over the world.

How did that change?


Toothless became a little bigger, twice as big as little white and the colour of its fur seemed brighter, making it a gorgeous sight. It appeared like a noble lion as it walked gracefully to the peak of the mountain and bellowed into the distance.

The sound was long and loud, Dongfang Minghui felt her entire eardrums buzzing, the mountain of trees with a variety of birds and precious exotic animals heard this loud cry and were scared enough to fly up, crawling shakily on the ground instead.

After that, Toothless was comfortable all over, it twisted its body and bounced towards Dongfang Minghui, the noble look from before totally gone.

“Mother mother, it’s Toothless,” Toothless was still tangled up with the story of Monkey Sun fighting all over the world, it rubbed her all over and kicked over the helmet with the little bean sprout.

“Toothless, you grew up so fast?”

Had she known that the ghost face fruit was so useful, she should have discussed with the three old trees to ask for one more!

“Mother, mother.”

Toothless felt that it had not seen Dongfang Minghui for a long time. It went outside the cave and sniffed, after finding that it was the scent of that evil person Qian, it snorted loudly and dug a pit outside.

For this childish behaviour, Dongfang Minghui simply laughed, she fished the helmet up and checked the condition of the little bean sprout, fortunately, the little bean sprout was still safe.


Toothless covered the pit naturally so that evil person Qian could step on it and fall, after it finished it ran back to Dongfang Minghui to rub against her side.

“Toothless, there is nothing to do now, why don’t we practice our skills?” She thought of Seventh sister’s stern training with the little white tiger and couldn’t help but review her method. They say that loving mothers have many weak children, it seems she had accidentally turned into this ‘loving mother’.


Toothless ran with excitement towards her letting out a low roar.

One person and one beast pulled apart a distance of ten meters, Dongfang Minghui took out one of the flying needles in her space ring to test it out, when she shot out towards Toothless, Toothless dodged it deftly. After the first time, she put her mind at ease and continued.

Two, three, dozens of flying needles were shot towards Toothless. She shot into every corner so Toothless couldn’t avoid, “Toothless, try to dodge.”

Toothless looked at her with a crooked head and suddenly opened its mouth to roar, a large ball of flame flew out not only blocking her flying needles but even the burning heat of the flame was also sprayed on her face.

Dongfang Minghui took several steps backwards, and even the helmet she had just placed near her feet rolled off to the side but she was surprised at the power of Toothless’ flames and didn’t notice it at all.

Toothless saw her frozen after spewing fire and thought she was frightened so it came over to pamper her.

She let Toothless rub against her leg intimately, she looked at Toothless’ destruction from the burned black land, and the fallen flying needles. When Toothless was done rubbing, she walked over and could still sense a residual heat under her feet that did not dissipate, “Wow, Toothless, you are really strong. ”

Toothless hadn’t been taught anything by her she hadn’t even shown it how to fight but its instincts were very good.

Dongfang Minghui picked up the flying needles on the ground that had been blackened and melted by the flames. She looked at them, there were still charred red marks on the needles, which showed how powerful Toothless’ flames were.

Toothless’s big head came right up to her and knocked it away.

“What’s wrong?”

Toothless was lying on the ground with half of his body bowed up, looking at her with an expectant face, its tail was swinging cheerfully at her.

Dongfang Minghui knew its meaning, she stretched out her hand to feel the top of Toothless’s back, two small balls of flesh on Toothless’s back seemed to have turned a little hard, she touched Toothless’s head, “Toothless, when your wings grow out more, I will sit on you then, at that time you have to take me to fly to the highest place so that I can experience that height ok?”

Toothless was slightly frustrated, its big head rested on its front paws, mournfully staring at her as if not accepting that it couldn’t carry her now. It took the initiative to ask to enter the space ring to sleep again.

Dongfang Minghui saw it lying in the space ring and going back to sleep, she could not help but sigh.

On another side…

Qian Zhuoxi had noticed the place where the thick grey smoke was coming out from. Although it was night, the smoke was specially made by her, even with the darkness blocking it, she still saw the flare given by the first people she had left there.

“If you hadn’t reminded me, I wouldn’t have guessed that Qian Wanyu could also find the fourth peak.”

This was said to Meng Yixiao.

Meng Yixiao stood on one side and also saw the warning flare, “You underestimate Qian Wanyu, since we can find the passage to the fourth peak, she naturally has many ways to find it as well.”

Qian Zhuoxi looked at the smile at the corner of Meng Yixiao’s mouth and was a bit alarmed. It wasn’t that she was unwilling to believe Meng Yixiao, but the other party’s transcendent self-confidence and everything he knew about the secrets of the Qian Family’s back mountain was not knowledge he should have had.

The path of inheritance was actually known by the outsider Meng Yixiao. If he hadn’t proven it like this, no one would believe it.

Qian Zhuoxi led a group of followers to the passage between the fourth and fifth mountain peaks, after they had all rested and reorganized, she looked at Lu Xing, who was thrown aside by the two people.

“What’s the use of bringing him?”

Lu Xing’s luck was super bad, he joined Wood, Qian Wanyu and the others in the passage of the Hall of Eternal Life, but because Wood didn’t get absorbed into the illusion, he waited outside and instructed Wood to let him carry the others out.

It was at that time that he was knocked unconscious. When he woke up again, his ears heard Meng Yixiao and Qian Zhuoxi talking about something, something about the fourth peak, the inheritance, Qian Wanyu and so on.

He woke up with a jolt, the man had already arrived at the fourth peak.

Qian Zhuoxi didn’t understand Meng Yixiao’s method at all. If Qian Wanyu or Dongfang Minghui were caught, she could still understand. What’s the use of catching a little nobody who always stood next to her uncle?

Meng Yixiao’s eyes flooded with a cold light with a trace of impatience, his mouth hooked up a smile, feigning intimacy to Qian Zhuoxi’s ear, “Zhuoxi, I naturally have my intentions by catching him, you have to believe me, I will do everything to let you get Qian Family’s inheritance, please be at ease.”

Qian Zhuoxi was very ambitious, after seeing Meng Yixiao before, she had fallen for him. She did not expect the other heart to also belong to her, this entangled relationship of theirs has continued until now. Hearing the aggravation in his tone, she relented, “It’s not that I don’t trust you but it’s just one more person in the way, it’s difficult to explain to my followers.”

Previously, in the river to transition from the third peak to the fourth peak, because of the need to shield Lu Xing from harm, several of her followers died, by now, she had heard some whispers on how the others perceived this situation.


Meng Yixiao suddenly snapped and picked up all the few people who were talking about him before from the crowd, he used only two hands to choke two of them and held them up, “This man is what I want, all of your lives are not worth his, so guard him well, got it?”

“On what basis? If it’s your man, protect him yourself, we’re here for Miss, not you.”

One person he held up immediately had complaints, as soon as he finished, Meng Yixiao squeezed and burst their necks, blood splashed everywhere on the ground with blood stunning everyone…including Lu Xing.

Lu Xing looked at Meng Yixiao’s methods and immediately understood. The other side had a hidden strength and powerful force. His heart couldn’t help but turn as cold as the two people Meng Yixiao had just killed.

Meng Yixiao’s thunderous move immediately stunned everyone. If not for anything else but the fact that the two people he had casually pinched and thrown were level nine Great Spiritualists, soon to advance to become Spiritual Scholars. Qian Zhuoxi’s face was also shocked and stained with a splash of blood. It was not that she had never killed anyone, but this kind of person who killed someone in front of everyone without saying a word…could only be someone as cold-blooded as Meng Yixiao.

For a time, the surrounding atmosphere was cold to the extreme.

No one dared to say one more word.

Meng Yixiao elegantly took out a cloth to wipe his hands, even though there was nothing at all on his long and slender fingers he wiped them for a while, “Zhuoxi, are you satisfied with such an explanation?”

The other side was smiling, but Qian Zhuoxi could not help but shiver, she nodded still frozen.

Lu Xing listened to them and knew that Wanyu and Minghui had already stepped into the fourth peak. Thinking about the hidden strength of this Meng Yixiao in front of him, the only thing he could think of was that the other party had a conspiracy or dirty plan in mind. He had to inform Minghui and Wanyu about this, so that they could leave here quickly!

Everyone didn’t dare to be reckless in front of him because of the strength that Meng Yixiao had shown. Even Qian Zhuoxi kept her mouth shut about Lu Xing, she was still in shock about what happened and partly frightened by Meng Yixiao’s strength.

The night, except for the occasional crackling sound of the campfire, the rest of the people’s breathing was long and steady, everyone was sitting in a group leaning on each other to catch up on sleep, or quietly cultivating like Qian Zhuoxi and Meng Yixiao.

Lu Xing was tied up next to a big tree, surrounded by so many people, with the tree behind him and Meng Yixiao sitting in front, even though he had a pair of wings it would be hard to escape.

Lu Xing made sure everyone was asleep before slowly opening his eyes. He tilted his head up and could see Meng Yixiao moving, sitting on the trunk of the tree, his legs elegantly intertwined, one hand on the back of his head, looking as if he was asleep. He used a little bit of greenish spiritual power to condense at his fingertips, this was a great skill of the elves that was never passed on, it was a method to leave traces through the surrounding flora and fauna to keep behind a message for other people.

He knew that with Minghui’s affinity for plants, she would be able to sense the message he left behind.

The greenish spiritual energy quickly seeped into the tree behind him, after he did all this, he found that everyone still had the same action as before and couldn’t help but secretly sigh in relief. He was completely unaware that Meng Yixiao leaning on the tree had a cold smile at the corner of his mouth. He had seen everything but did not stop it, allowing him to leave a message on the tree.

If Dongfang Minghui were here, she would have seen that Lu Xing’s technique was exactly the same as Meng Ruoyu’s method of leaving a mark back in the mirror world!

Dongfang Minghui was still guarding the outside of the cave daily, looking at the outside world pass by while cultivating she would feed the little bean sprout a drop of her essence blood, the ground has been written all over by her. If she wasn’t that she was anxious about the inheritance of the Qian Family, she felt that such a calm life was quite good.

She stayed beside Seventh sister every day, waiting for her to leave the cave. She occasionally refined pills and briefly cultivated while growing the ghost fruit and raising Toothless. When could she live such a comfortable life forever?

She sensed the situation inside the cave, everything was still calm, and it looked like it was still too early for Seventh sister to leave the cave.

Qian Wanyu didn’t know what was happening in the outside world, she was digesting the spiritual power of those few people, her suppressed spiritual power in her dantian began to grow restless but she continued to suppress them until the rioting spiritual power calmed down. Then, she absorbed the remaining spiritual power from the mirror spirit along with the black bead.

When she had absorbed everything, after removing the miscellaneous parts and leaving only the essence, the power in her body was much purer. She recalled all the battles she had encountered in the last few days and meditated to consolidate her strength. Her level was increasing without her realizing it.

This was probably the most comfortable advancement she had ever had.

When Dongfang Minghui felt a lightning blast off from inside the breaking open the vines and threads, Dongfang Minghui who was loosening the little bean sprout’s soil was shocked enough to jump. She couldn’t ignore such a big sound!

“Seventh sister?!”

As soon as Qian Wanyu came out, her whole body’s spiritual power burst out. She was standing far away but could feel the depth of Seventh sister which was like heaven and earth.

She became more and more uneasy, Seventh sister stood at a higher peak than her, if she wanted to follow Seventh sister’s pace, she had to cultivate desperately to keep up. If she continued to laze around like this she will most likely be unable to keep up with Seventh sister’s pace in the future…

Of course, she wouldn’t be abandoned but it wasn’t possible to always be together with such a large power gap between the two…

Being unable to stay together was like an eternal pain in her heart.

Qian Wanyu’s deep eyes stared at her, seeing her suddenly red eyes, she strolled over raising her hand and gently stroking the other party’s somewhat cool cheek, “Ninth Sister, what are you thinking about?”

Dongfang Minghui shook her head, such a humiliating thing she was not going to say to Seventh sister, “Seventh sister, you seem to have advanced again?”

The five elements spirit body was simply cheating, towards the later stage advancing was like a rocket but the higher the level, the more difficult it was.

“But I didn’t sense you advancing before, huh?”

Seventh sister every time the promotion will make heaven and earth change colour, she was afraid that the other side’s promotion would be too cool, shocking the fourth peak guardians and alarming them to investigate.

“This advancement is quite special.” It was so special that she didn’t know what was going on. Qian Wanyu didn’t want to say too much. She had now been promoted from sixth Great Spiritualist to ninth, she was only one step away from catching up with the Ninth Sister.

However, this rapid advancement made her feel a little insecure, if not for the fact that Qing Mo has been reassuring her that this was an advantage of the five elements spiritual body, she would most likely not be able to rest in peace. It was too unnatural to advance so quickly!

Qian Wanyu’s eyes took a casual glance and ended up catching sight of a delicate helmet, she took it in her hands and turned it over and over again, “Ninth Sister, where did you get this helmet from?”

“Seventh sister, you’re talking about this?” Dongfang Minghui thought it was strange, how could Seventh sister be interested in a helmet, she scratched her hair and twirled a strand of it, “It was found in Night Wolf’s space ring before I couldn’t find an object to plant little bean sprout, I saw this and thought it was good, so I used it.”

The small bean sprout was lazy to move so she simply treated it as a potted plant.

Qian Wanyu jaw was wide open, mainly because Qing Mo in the soul sea was cursing and growling after hearing Ninth Sister’s explanation. “Waste, waste, waste! Simply a massive waste! Truly misuse of heaven’s precious products! ”

Ahahah our cute Minghui using a great artifact to plant a bean sprout!

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