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MIWW Chapter 109 Part 1

The two went toward the east once again.

“Seventh sister, what’s wrong? Is there something wrong with this helmet?” Dongfang Minghui looked at the other party’s expression and asked in a low voice. Looking at the Seventh sister’s gaze at the helmet, she couldn’t help but wonder if she had done something that shouldn’t be done again.

“This helmet is quite… sturdy.”

Qian Wanyu teased and nodded appreciatively, her fingers rubbing back and forth on the helmet’s delicate pattern, she endured Qing Mo’s tantrum in the soul sea. To be able to make one generation of patriarchs angry like this… she could not help but smile, looking to be in a very happy mood.

Dongfang Minghui didn’t know that Qing Mo was scolding her in Seventh sister’s soul sea, hearing Seventh sister praise her she immediately smiled and lightly tapped the helmet. The helmet emitted a loud echo, as if in response to her show-off mood.

“Seventh sister, this is little bean sprout, it’ll definitely become a ghost-faced tree spirit in the future.”

Qian Wanyu also patted the helmet, but this patting action was much lighter than Minghui’s, using the golden armored helmet, ranked third on the armoured ranking list, as a pot for plants… Only Ninth Sister could do it, “Definitely.”

Dongfang Minghui was quite satisfied with her masterpiece, since she had this golden finger, she loved to plant all kinds of medicinal plants. The little bean sprouts was a small seed planted by her so naturally she wanted to try raise it properly, no matter how bad it turned out in her eyes it would be very good.


Qian Wanyu was staring at her suspiciously. She’d suddenly stopped while holding the little bean sprout and approached a large tree, leaning towards it to listen.

“Big tree, what do you want to say?”

“Ahead… danger…”

The entire forest was passing this message to each other, tracing it back to the origin, the big trees and grasses were all saying that there was danger ahead. As for what was the source of it… no one knew anymore.

“It’s a bit strange, who would leave this message?”

“Ninth Sister, what’s happening?”

“Seventh sister, the plants in this forest sent me a message that there is danger ahead and that we should not continue.” She racked her brain to think, most likely the people in front of her were Meng Yixiao and Qian Zhuoxi’s people, however these two people would never send them such information, who could it be?

Is it someone’s prank?

“Since you don’t understand, don’t think about it.” Qian Wanyu saw her frowning, as if she thinking very painfully and soothed her. Qian Wanyu wasn’t the kind of person who’d around easily when frightened by a sentence or two. Danger and opportunity have always accompanied each other. The more the danger, the greater the opportunity.

Lu Xing on the other hand was wasting his effort, he didn’t understand the nature of these two people, the message he risked his life to deliver did not persuade them but rather made the two people more way yet eager to dig deeper into the crisis ahead.

Dongfang Minghui nodded in understanding, ahead of them was the Qian Family heritage, the more danger there was the more reward they would get as she broke through the danger with seventh sister.

The two of them sped up, any magic beast they encountered they killed, if they encountered people who blocked them they killed, basically if god comes kill god if buddha comes kill buddha!

“I’ve finally found the origin!”

She had been paying attention to the big tree that had initially dispersed that message on this journey, not expecting to find the source after their two-day chase.

Dongfang Minghui and Qian Wanyu arrived at a big tree, the very place where Lu Xing had first left a message. She walked around the tree, secretly communicating with it using her consciousness, from the tree’s vague description, together with her half-assumed speculation, she finally came up with the identity of the people.

“Seventh sister, Lu Xing was caught by Qian Zhuoxi and Meng Yixiao, what should we do?”

As soon as she heard that Lu Xing was also here, she got a headache, Lu Xing and Uncle Wood should have together, how could the other side avoid Uncle Wood and take him captive?

“They should’ve kidnapped me instead… what’s the point of taking Lu Xing?”

Lu Xing was the most low-profile of the entire squad, he was also relatively calm in dealing with people basically having no chance to make enemies with Meng Yixiao and Qian Zhuoxi.

This statement unintentionally reminded Qian Wanyu about this fact, why did Meng Yixiao and Qian Zhuoxi capture Lu Xing instead of just kill him?

“Ninth Sister, you said before that you suspect Meng Yixiao is from the Elves?” Qian Wanyu reminded.


Dongfang Minghui scratched her head, she felt that this question was a little tricky, “Seventh sister, I only suspect it, if he is… catching Lu Xing kinda still makes sense. But once Lu Xing disappears… won’t Uncle Wood go crazy?”

The last sentence she murmured.

Qian Wanyu jerked her eyelids up, “Ninth Sister what did you just say?”

“Seventh sister, I mean if, if Meng Yixiao is a part of the elves and he has a grudge against the elves, it makes sense to grab Lu Xing, but it’s a bit strange, Lu Xing hadn’t had any contact with him before.”

How did the other side know Lu Xing’s true identity?

“I mean the last sentence you just said.”


The last thing she said was, Dongfang Minghui thought about it again, “I said that if Lu Xing disappeared, Uncle Wood would be very anxious, maybe his condition would flare up again, then the whole mountain peak would be besieged by him.”

Previously, Uncle Wood carried her to the fourth peak and seems to have gone the right way… up to the point where the Qian Family even had to use the Ten Thousand Returning Heart Formation.

“That’s it…”

Qian Wanyu had a premonition that things were not as simple as she thought, “Let’s go.”

Less than a hundred meters away from them, Qian Zhuoxi and the others stopped here for three days, for three days, they just sat there. Someone patrolling in shifts would see which poor magical beasts would take the initiative to kill themselves for them to eat. During this time, the people couldn’t help but gossip, they whispered some words, talking about the main topic…Meng Yixiao.

The place where he stood just happened to be a rock about a normal man’s height, he squatted across the rock and looked into the distance, he was facing the high range of the mountain peaks, if someone looked carefully they’d find his sharp gaze shot straight into that last peak… the ninth peak.

Qian Zhuoxi was annoyed, she started squatting in front of Lu Xing, listening to the group of people talking about Meng Yixiao’s first ten years of life story, but after listening, she could not continue. The person in front seemed too good, that long silver-white flowing hair falling on the side of his back, when he turned sideways you could see his exposed face. The expression on the other’s face seemed real and illusory, which made people think it was an illusion. She always fe,t anxious about not being able to control the other party.

“Yixiao, you’ve become very strange lately…”

“Strange?” Meng Yixiao did not move, still maintaining the half crouching posture, he did not even give her a look, his tone was extremely light when he asked.

If she really had to mention what was strange… it was the attitude towards her, usually Meng Yixiao cared about her mood a lot and wouldn’t scold her followers in front of her or just let her wait here stupidly without any explanation…

“Yixiao, didn’t you say that the Qian Family heritage must be opened only after arriving at the sixth peak? In that case, why haven’t we started moving to the sixth peak?” Qian Zhuoxi was somewhat unable to guess the other party’s mind.

Lu Xing also pricked up his ears and listened on the side. The thing out of the ordinary in this whole place was this demon, Meng Yixiao… He’s too treacherous, with his previous thunderbolt approach he managed to completely create momentum for himself and clearly let this group of followers see that he was more ruthless than Qian Zhuoxi. These days, his position in the hearts of the group of people vaguely seemed to surpass Qian Zhuoxi’s position, perhaps he wanted to completely replace Qian Zhuoxi’s position…? Qian Zhuoxi was stupidly used as a fool and didn’t even know yet. But he was happy to see their dog eat dog… neither of them were good people.


“Wait for what? Is there someone else who needs to reach the sixth peak? Yixiao, you’re making things difficult for me if you don’t tell me anything. If my father finds out that I brought so many outsiders to the sixth peak, even if he is the family head, he’ll punish me severely.” Qian Zhuoxi was also slightly annoyed that she, a Qian Family descendant, still needed an outsider to lead the way. If this matter spread out, she would most likely be laughed at and the Qian Family’s face would be swept away.

Speaking of this fact, Qian Zhuoxi became even more upset. Meng Yixiao actually knew the route of the back mountain of the Qian Family better than she, a real Qian Family person. The other party was just a new student of Zilang Academy, even if he was somewhat involved with the Meng Family, he shouldn’t know the mountain like the back of his hand.

It’s too weird!!!

“Yixiao, tell me exactly how you learned about the trails between the peaks of Qian Family, don’t try to fool me, I-”

Before she could finish her sentence, she felt a sticky spiritual force attached to her body then her body fell backwards uncontrollably dozens of meters before hitting the tree hard. She was so shocked she couldn’t even get up.


“Meng Yixiao, you’re crazy!”

Many people tried to go forward to help Qian Zhuoxi up, but at that moment Qian Zhuoxi was still actually lying down on the ground without being able to get up. She herself was also in a state of shock, apparently she never expected Meng Yixiao to make a move on her!

Before that, she kept reassuring herself that Meng Yixiao only made a move against those followers of hers, this could be interpreted as the other party having a high standing and teaching a lesson when encountering voices against her. However, at this moment, all her illusions were shattered.

Strangely enough, for some reason, the spiritual power within her body could not be released…

“Eldest Miss.”

“Meng Yixiao! Come and fight me one on one if you have the ability.”

Meng Yixiao gave a sarcastic smile towards the man and released his spiritual power with his other hand, the person who was just screaming had been choked in mid-air by him.

“Whoever dares to cross one more step, I will crush her in front of you.”

Everyone was anxious, they didn’t know if Meng Yixiao really dared to do it and no one dared to act rashly before rescuing Qian Zhuoxi.

Lu Xing was half a meter away from Qian Zhuoxi, just now when Qian Zhuoxi was fiercely thrown over by Meng Yixiao, he was also confused, he thought that Meng Yixiaoxiao was only using Qian Zhuoxi which implied an even bigger plot. However Meng Yixiao actually went above that and fiercely slapped Qian Zhuoxi making even this group of people sill.

Should he have laughed at this kind of dog eat dog weird scene?

“How strange…”

Lu Xing was the closest to her, he naturally saw that the layer of spiritual energy clinging to the outside of Qian Zhuoxi’s body was actually tinged with a gray spiritual energy, this déjà vu made Lu Xing’s entire body tingle. He was injured in the back before and couldn’t see it but he remembered clearly that this was the devouring thing that sucked his spiritual power and life force making him remember as if it were yesterday…

He took two steps back in fear, the spiritual energy on his fingertips quietly moved when he saw Meng Yixiao with a gentle face stepping over.

A harsh spiritual force blasted the tree behind him, and the tree collapsed to the ground.

Meng Yixiao’s long legs crossed the distance, his whole person leaned forward and he was face to face with Lu Xing, “Lu Xing, are you thinking about it? What kind of message do you want to leave for them this time?”

Looking at his demonic smile, Lu Xing’s pupils tightened, in a flash he suddenly asked, “You… who are you?”

“Want to know? You want to know my identity? Then you have to pay the price, do you want to pay that price?”


Lu Xing shook his head, the man in front of him was clearly a devil, he didn’t want to speculate on his identity at all, much less exchange anything with him. Minghui’s previous bold speculation now however…was like a thorn in his heart, as he learned more and more during this time, he became more and more afraid of Meng Yixiao.

He had a hunch that what Meng Yixiao truly wanted was not to follow Qian Zhuoxi and help her, but probably more to capture the heritage of the Qian Family!

Meng Yixiao’s fingers curled up a strand of his long silver-white hair, mockingly looking at Lu Xing, “Tsk, really timid it, how can the future heir of the Elves be so timid, if I were you, I would try everything to find the answer, don’t you think so?”

Lu Xing stared wide-eyed, watching the other party’s pitch-black eyes transform in front of him before finally completely turning into white eyes.

The characteristics of the elves were very obvious, generally it was based on the color of the eyes to determine the lineage of everyone. For example he was born of the queen of elves so he had the most pure coloured eyes. The elves with white eyes like the one in front of him were from the elven race called the inauspicious people.

No wonder he had never Meng Yixiao in the elven race!

But, Minghui was actually right…the other party was indeed from the Elven race…

“Well? Elf young prince… is there anything you want to say?”

After displaying it, Meng Yixiao stood up indifferently and looked at him from above, as if the king looking at an insignificant commoner during his inspection.

Lu Xing opened his mouth, he thought slightly but quickly put away his sympathy for Meng Yixiao. Since the other party was expelled from the Elf clan, it’s very likely because they had done something that should not be done. Not to mention that layer of spiritual powerwrapped around Qian Zhuoxi’s body emitting a gray luster…

“You captured me to get back at the Elves?” Lu Xing could only think of this and had no idea of Meng Yixiao’s intentions. However he did know that if Wood was to find him missing he’d be very anxious…ah he didn’t know if he’d be alive to see that person again…

As if he had heard a joke, Meng Yixiao laughed out loud before giving Lu Xing a lofty look, “You’ll know soon enough.”

“You’re a madman, what do you want to do?!” Lu Xing looked around in horror at the people being lifted up by Meng Yixiao.

When Dongfang Minghui and Qian Wanyu arrived, the sky was full of blood mist with scattered flesh everywhere. Lu Xing was sitting in the very center of the carnage, his whole body looked numb.

“Lu Xing!”

“Ninth Sister, don’t go.”

As soon as Qian Wanyu arrived at this place, she ran her spiritual power into her eyes, what she saw with her vision was a little different from what was in front of her. She had seen countless formations but the one in front of her had the biggest impact, on the surface, the group of people were all hanging in mid-air by the neck of Meng Yixiao desperately begging for help.

However in reality through her vision… what she saw was a silk thread on the fingers of Meng Yixiao, one end was holding Qian Zhuoxi, who also had a black silk thread holding all of her followers together. It was like the relation of a worm mother and the child worm Qing Mo had mentioned before. She even saw colorful spiritual energy disappearing from the entire group’s body little by little until they became dry corpses.

“Run spiritual power to your eyes and look.”

Dongfang Minghui did it right away and couldn’t help but draw a breath after watching. Just like before when Meng Yixiao had secretly put sticky worms on Bai Rou, she saw countless black threads peeling away from the group.

“You’re weren’t wrong, Qian Zhuoxi is indeed infected with the sticky worm mother.” Qing Mo affirmed her suspicion from before.

The sticky worm on Qian Zhuoxi’s body were definitely placed by Meng Yixiao at some point, however the slimy daughter worms on that group of her own followers were not necessarily the work of Meng Yixiao but rather… herself…

Being used to such an extent, even Qian Wanyu’s heart was cold. She did not sympathize with Qian Zhuoxi’s actions at all. This woman had clearly been punished by heaven. As the saying goes, good work can lead to heaven but self made sins provide no way out.

“Seventh sister, what should we do?”

Dongfang Minghui, who had experience with the worms, shivered as soon as she saw these things. The mother worm had a parasitic function. Meng Yixiao could ompletely make the worm swallow Qian Zhuoxi bit by bit and finally replace her. Would it really be better to be a puppet like this? For what reason did the stupid woman rush into the back mountain of the Qian Family now?

She really couldn’t understand what went on in the head of a madman.

Qian Wanyu was thinking about how to destroy this formation, she wasn’t a saint but this Qian Zhuoxi absolutely couldn’t die in the hands of unrelated people. If she died it would be at her hands!

“This is an evil formation, the person who set up the formation is trying to suck all the spiritual energy and life force from the people around through the person in the center of the formation, Meng Yixiao went to such great lengths to sacrifice the pawns he planted in the Qian Family, surely he has a goal…” Qing Mo always considered things by looking at the big picture and then making further choices.

Qian Wanyu was also influenced by this part of him and could not help but calm down and analyze.

If she didn’t return to Qian Family, Qian Zhuoxi would have likely become the next generation of Qian Family head, Meng Yixiao actually planted the sticky mother worm in her body, obviously he was planning to take over the Qian Family in one fell swoop…

However, her appearance had most likely broken Meng Yixiao’s plan. Also, there was the matter of Bai Rou, the other party may have wanted to kill Bai Rou, or simply wanted to put the sticky worm on her to parasite her as well however this plan was ruined by Ninth Sister…

“If he was really hiding his strength, why did he take the initiative to admit defeat and give me his blood?”

“Wanyu leave!” Lu Xing, who had already gained insight into Meng Yixiao’s insane thoughts, shouted towards them, “Meng Yixiao is crazy, he wants to use your and Qian Zhuoxi’s blood to open the path to the Qian Family’s ninth peak!” Lu Xing’s hair, longer than seaweed, fell behind him, and his wings and ears, the symbols of the elves, were exposed. He resisted the pressure of Meng Yixiao and flew into the air, trying to kill Qian Zhuoxi and sever the bond with Meng Yixiao.


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